You can start and succeed with a home automation business and this article shows you exactly how.

It also contains very powerful tips and guide to help you.



Picture this scenario where you are driving home and it’s been an especially grueling day.

To top it all off, the boss asked you to work late on a special project and now you’re traveling home and it seems that everything has retired for the evening including the sun.

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You are not comfortable with going to an empty dark home and so you use your app or another automated capability to turn the lights on so that you will have a lighted welcome.

There are many arguments for and against having your home automated where you can set up various timers or voice commands and the various systems will respond.

Some will argue that this is the epitome of laziness while others argue the opposite and say that it is efficient.

You may fall into either camp or somewhere in the middle, but having your home automated certainly has some benefits.

Ready or not home automation is the future and one of the ways that you can capitalize on this trend is to start a home automation business.

And so let us issue a command to our automated system of choice and ask how to start and succeed with a home automated business.


25 Best Ways & Tips to Help You Start & Succeed with a Home Automation Business


1. Know All About What Automation is

Automation is the term used to define the limited involvement of humans as it relates to a variety of services and products offered.

Automation infers that there is an automatic process involved through the use of technology and the availability of that technology to be programmed and communicate with a broad number of ecologically smart devices.

A simple example would be a “smart plug” which is connected to a power source and then a simple lamp is plugged into this technology.

Subsequently, by programming the device, the connected light can be turned on and off at set hours, or also a command can be given to a controlling hub to activate or deactivate the light.


2. Know All About What a Home Automation Business is

A home automation business is an enterprise that is skilled and experienced in providing automated services that connect the technology within the home to the internet so that everything is controlled by an authorized user.

This can be accomplished either through an app on their smartphone or through voice recognition.

Examples of this interconnectivity could include engaging the locks of your residence even though you may be traveling, closing your garage door if miles away from your home, managing lights at set times throughout the day, and controlling your environment by adjusting the thermostat remotely, etc.

Added features could include carbon monoxide monitoring, home security, nursery monitoring, and more.


3. Research

Before any significant movement on starting your home automation business, it is important to do your due diligence and conduct research as it relates to other companies providing automated services.

This is important because you will need to know what the demand is for your area of service, who are the competitors, what the competitors offer, etc.?

After conducting your research and determining whether there is a need for what you will offer you may wish to focus on a particular aspect or aspects of what your business can bring.

Your focus on one dimension of automating a home may be indicated.


4. Have a Business Plan

One of the critical components in starting a business is to create a business plan.

A business plan is a detailed outline along with a comprehensive narrative that will provide a focus for you and any potential investors as to what your company will look like, what will provide, and how it will operate to be successful.

A business plan is a reflection of a well-thought-out strategy for your business to succeed.

Some of the components include:

  • Executive summary
  • Budget
  • Employees
  • Marketing strategy
  • Analyzing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats

In addition, you will need to secure the proper certifications and permits as it relates to operating your business, collecting taxes, registering your business name, etc.


5. Specialize

It may be more advantageous than simply providing home automation systems that you focus on one or two aspects of the service so that you can be that particular company that has a reputation for specializing in that unique security or automation system.

Examples of specific home automation systems would include:

  • Baby nurseries
  • Eldercare
  • Fire and safety
  • Pet care
  • Lighting
  • Etc.


6. Business Model

Another important aspect of starting your business is to determine how your business model will be structured.

This involves the creation of your company being a legal entity as it relates to protecting your assets, possible partners that are involved, how you will file your taxes, etc.

Two of the most common business models, as it relates to forming a legal company, would be sole proprietorship or a limited liability company (LLC).


7. Website

Another important component to a successfully run business is a quality website.

The website should be professionally done, and have all of the appropriate links so that individuals can know what services you offer, more about your company, ways to contact you, etc.

The importance of the website is that, in conjunction with your social media platforms, you will be able to invite interested individuals to further view what you have to offer, read about your services and also read the account of satisfied customers.


8. Marketing 

Marketing is also a critical component of accumulating business.

Some of those marketing strategies could include the extensive use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Also, you may consider joining various associations such as the Chamber of Commerce, service clubs (Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions, Soroptimist), and interacting with your business peers.

Another business marketing strategy could be the possibility of offering discounts to gain customers and through word-of-mouth, have these customers recommend your home automated business to others and potentially receive a discount in doing so.


9. Security

An automated phone system that is defined as addressing security would be components that provide security for the residents of the home as well as the home itself.

Some of the installed features that are included in a home automated security system would include:

  • Ability to lock doors,
  • Activate alarms,
  • Engage lighting,
  • Monitor motion detectors
  • Installation and capturing of video through security camera systems


10. Entertainment

Another home automated system that can be installed in a home is an entertainment system.

Through the installation of a controlled entertainment system, the homeowners and the residents will be able to manage all of their entertainment devices within the home.

These entertainment devices would include:

  • TV speakers
  • Satellite radio
  • Lighting
  • Other sound devices



11. Lighting

An additional component to the home automated system would be the control of the lighting.

By automating the lighting system in your home you can control whether the lights are on or off, activated at certain times of the day, dim the lights, as well as control outdoor lighting around the home and in the garden.


12. Wi-Fi

The use of Wi-Fi is a critical component in the home automated business setup.

It is through the Internet or Wi-Fi that everything is interconnected and provides the ability for one device to communicate with another.

As a business operator of automated systems, you will be called upon to assess the Wi-Fi needs of the homeowner and determine whether they are adequate or whether a dedicated Wi-Fi line needs to be set up to interact with all of the smart devices.


13. Flood Detectors

As part of a home automated system, an individual may also choose to monitor their home for water leaks or potential flooding of water within the home or garage.

Such a smart device that can be part of the home automated system is a water sensor that has “smart” capabilities that can alert you to any water that is being leaked or it’s flowing in an area where this should not be happening.

A prime example would be monitoring the water heater and avoiding any potential flooding if there was a water heater malfunction.


14. Window Dressing

Another smart system that can be set up as part of the home automation dynamic is known as window dressing.

Through window dressing, you can schedule the closing of the shades or blinds at a specific time or through your command, cause the shades to be drawn at your convenience.

Also, there is nothing more annoying than watching a television show and experiencing the glare of light coming through the window.

Without having to get up, you can access the control of closing the blinds or adjusting as necessary to reduce any glare.

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15. Thermostats

Another smart feature of a home’s automated system is the control of the climate within the home.

There are smart devices in which you can program the thermostat to provide heat or air conditioning as needed but if there is a change in your schedule or you are away, the heating and cooling system can be activated remotely.

There are several devices in which you can accomplish this and also can be an integral part of the smart home setup in automating your home.

The advantages of a smart thermostat system could be cost savings as well as managing the impact on the environment.


16. Nursery

As parents, one of our utmost safety concerns and roles that we take seriously is the protection of our children.

There are a variety of baby monitoring systems that are closed circuits and involve a sound device that monitors the nursery with a receiver and a portable receiver that parents can take with them to the home.

Also, there are closed-circuit cameras that can be utilized to monitor the activities of the nursery.

Also, there are smart devices that can be installed in the nursery with extreme security as it relates to the system not being hacked which provides peace of mind for the parents if they are at home or away and the child is in the care of a sitter.

Some of these smart devices can detect motion and trigger video recording, and can be programmed to activate if the child is distressed by soothing the baby with calming sounds, controlling the temperature of the nursery, and providing details about the baby’s sleep patterns, smart nightlights, baby formula feeding processes, and significant other smart features to monitor the baby’s health and well-being.


17. Elderly Care

As our senior population ages with each passing day, many individuals in caring for family members have chosen to keep those family members within their own home or take up residence with a family member.

As part of the loving care for a senior within the home, many smart devices can be installed as part of a home automated system.

Some of those smart devices could include:

  • Detecting accidents within the home
  • A communication method for the senior to interact with the outside world
  • Smart pill dispenser
  • A smart device designed to provide the location of a wandering adult
  • And more


18. Pet

Another important member of the family can be a pet.

As it relates to automating the home another potential niche that you as an automated home business entrepreneur can consider is the installation of smart features designed to enhance the care of these important members of the home.

For example, there is a smart device that will help to control the hydrating needs of your animal, automatic pet feeders, cat doors, and even a smart pet dog leash.


19. Customers

As part of your business startup strategy, you will need to identify where your customers will be and what will be your marketing focus to reach these identified potential customers.

Your customers would need to be homeowners and may have discretionary income where they can upgrade their homes to incorporate some of these smart features within their residences.

The focus may be on individuals who are in certain economic groupings such as middle class or upper class or you could offer package deals or discounts to individuals who wish to have these smart features within their home but have difficulty meeting the financial requirements.

You could work with a bank or other financial institution to work out installment payments.


20. Pricing

Another important component to consider when starting your home automated business is your pricing.

The pricing is that dynamic that speaks to your profitability as a business.

When considering pricing, it is important to take into consideration the cost for the various devices that will be part of the system, the passing on of that price along with shipping, tax, etc., your time involved with the ordering of the items, and what will be your hourly rate as it equates to your expertise and actual commitment of time in installing the various features.

It is also important to add in overhead costs which could include any office-related expenses, travel, staffing expenses, etc.

In other words, everything that it takes cost-wise to run the operation needs to be recouped along with an added percentage of your profit.

To get an idea of what some of those variable costs could be it is important to do your research using the Internet as well as find out what other businesses in the area are charging for their services.


21. Suppliers

To maximize your earnings, you must buy the products needed at the most reasonable price that you can find.

Therefore, you will need to do your homework as it relates to the suppliers that are available for businesses such as yours and ensure that the option of competing for your business is maximized.

This can be accomplished by getting a price list from the suppliers and comparing apples to apples as it relates to the product, specifications, features, etc., and obtaining the best price.

As part of the supply chain, it is also important that the supplier can sell you the products within a reasonable timeframe and have everything that you need to complete the various jobs.

Some of those suppliers could include:

  • Nest
  • Ring by Amazon
  • Apple
  • Belkin
  • Panasonic
  • Arlo Technologies
  • And many more


22. Employees 

Another consideration on how to start and succeed with the home automation business will be your determination on utilizing employees.

At first, you may be able to handle the workload as it relates to getting the jobs done.

As your business succeeds however you may need to bring on an employee to help with the added work that will be coming your way due to your professionalism and quality service.

Also, when considering employees, it is important to determine what benefits you may be offering, the rate of pay, your process of recruiting, etc.


23. Area of Service

Another consideration is the area of your community that you will serve.

There would likely be no issue with your immediate vicinity of where your business is located but if beyond a certain radius, other considerations need to take place.

For example, if a potential customer is located at a radius of 50 miles or beyond the considerations would be the added transportation fees, time on the road for you or your employee, etc.

If your area of service expands beyond a certain point there needs to be an adjustment made as it relates to pricing and for that job to be accomplished.

Also, you will need to establish a policy in regards to estimates.

Specifically, will you provide free estimates or will you charge a customer a fee, and then if they decide to employ you then that fee would be refunded.


24. Business Logistics

The consideration of business logistics also needs to be considered.

Questions that need to be asked would include:

  • Are you working out of your home?
  • How will you store your inventory?
  • Need of vehicles?
  • Business phone line


25. Home Automation Trends

The business trends as it relates to home automation and owning a business seemingly appear to be on the rise for demand.

The combination of new technology, smart devices constantly being manufactured and evolving and an individual’s concern for the safety of themselves and their family is a combination for growth in this industry.


Personal Story

My wife has been diagnosed with an illness and it is progressively getting worse.

I decided to clear out the dining room and place a hospital bed where she would not have to navigate the stairs and hopefully would bring much-needed rest for her as it relates to her care.

Not wanting to be away from her, I inflate our air mattress and place it beside her to bring some sense of comfort to myself and hopefully to her.

One particular day had been extremely stressful for me and most likely for her as well.

It was very late in the evening and I finally got her to bed, did a little bit of tidying up, and then gave in to meeting my own physical needs by crawling between the sheets on the air mattress.

Moments later I realized that I had left the living room light on and not looking forward to leaving the comfort of the air mattress to turn the light off and then go back to bed, I simply voiced a command to our keeper of the automated system and requested that the lights be turned off.

The response was immediate, the room went dark, I did not have to get out of bed, and allowed a slight smile to cross my face.


Home Automation Business FAQs


In Starting a Home Automation Business Wouldn’t the Tendency of People Be Just to Purchase a Do-it-yourself System?

Do-it-yourself systems have their place but often are not as reliable as systems that utilize specific hardware and software devices.

When it comes to being confident it is always best to depend on the reliability of the systems that are specifically designed to help secure your safety and the safety of your family over the less than secure do-it-yourself systems.


What Are the Best Selling Points to a Potential Customer About a Home Automated System?

The best selling points for a customer to consider if contemplating the installation of an automated home system would be:

  • Provide security and safety for your family
  • The ability to secure your home remotely
  • Save energy
  • Help the environment


You Can Do It

You enjoy the world of automated technology and perhaps have recently upgraded your own home to include these advancements.

You are struck with the thought that this would be a good business opportunity and are now considering the pursuit of starting your own home automated system business.

Based on your business savvy and knowledge of automated systems, you have researched this business option and know that you can be successful.



A home automated business appears to be a business that has a “smart” future.

The reality is that the newer appliances of today are considered “smart” technology products and are built and designed to be interconnected within a household through a smart automated system.

The purpose of all of these advancements is not only the intent of keeping the families safe and secure but also to reduce energy consumption as well as have less of an impact on the environment.

Starting a home automated business seems like a “smart” move.

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