If you want to know some of the best hobbies for retired men and women, especially those that can make money, this article will prove very helpful.

It reveals some of these retirement hobbies that just about any retired individual can do and make extra money from the process.


Why Hobbies for Retired Men and Women?

So often the concern of people working towards their retirement or retirement swirls around money.

Questions asked could be do I have enough money, do I continue to invest when I retire, or should I still save money?

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Hopefully, these questions were answered before retirement but still, they continue to nag.

It is important to remember that life and retirement, for that matter, are more than money.

It is about quality of life.

Therefore, a discussion offering suggestions on what to do with one’s retirement may be important with a little incentive of earning some extra cash.

I have recently retired and was looking forward to just spending time with the grandchildren, doing some traveling with my wife, and just basically kicking back and letting life take us where it wanted us to go.

However, a medical downturn in my wife’s physical and mental health caused a few changes in plan.

Additionally, the added medical expenses created a little bit more of a concern for us financially.

In the storms of life, there are still rainbows and a blessing in disguise in our retirement detour is my occasional flair to being able to write creatively.

Fortunately, with time on my hands coupled with this gift I have been able to use this hobby to replenish a few of our coffers to meet some of our monthly financial needs.

Sometimes life has a way of changing plans but still, a plan emerges.

In the detours of life, we just simply travel down a different road.


15 Best Retirement Hobbies for Retired That Make Money

Get out of the Rocker…


1. Wood Crafts

Some retirees live for the day that they can be more fully involved or engaged in their woodworking shop.

They enjoy the smell of the wood, the use of woodworking tools, perhaps using some power saws, or various other tools to craft a beautifully designed piece of wood into something creative.

Woodworking could be considered an almost lost art and people would be willing to special order items or buy items that are created.

Given the cost of the wood and the time of the craftsman, good amounts of money can be made through this hobby.

These items can be sold on websites such as Etsy or eBay.

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2. Painting

Another great hobby is painting. If an individual is beyond paint by numbers set and does a lot of scenery or freehand drawing, they may be able to sell some of their paintings at events at various events.

Some of those events would include a farmer’s market, craft fair, bazaar, etc.

Additionally, if the individual just wanted to paint for the enjoyment of the hobby and still sell them, the money could be donated to specific agencies that help out seniors.

Examples of those specific agencies could include Alzheimer’s, the Heart Association, senior citizen centers, etc.

Additionally, the individual could also combine his or her artistic talents and teaching together to provide instruction about the basics of artistry and sketching.

It would seem that it would be a fun outing to go out to a landscape area and capture a mountain range or field of flowers and paint nature onto a canvas.

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3. Pottery

A wonderful hobby that utilizes one’s skills with their hands and allows for the creative juices to flow is through pottery.

If the individual is well-versed in this craft, they may have the needed equipment such as the potter’s wheel and an oven or kiln.

The potter’s creations could be sold through such sites as eBay or Etsy sold at various craft fairs or flea markets.

Also, the retiree could put their skill or craft to good use through teaching.

The individual could advertise classes that could be held once or twice or weekly to fellow retirees or other individuals who may be interested in this hobby.


4. Writing

If an individual enjoys writing, they can put this hobby to good use. This can be accomplished by taking on writing projects or jobs that can be found through a variety of websites.

Some of those websites include Upwork or Fiverr. These websites connect talented individuals with employers who need to employ this talent.

Often at no cost to the individual or perhaps the purchase of a few credits to make an application for the writing position, the writing has little overhead.

Writing jobs could include creative projects or writing a blog for somebody or even doing technical writing.

The retiree can be paid through the website system with only a percentage taken out by the website for facilitating this interaction.

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5. Party Planning

If an individual has a flair for decorating and throwing together a themed party, perhaps a hobby that could turn into a moneymaking opportunity would be a party planner.

A party planner is an individual that leads the partying process from designing the invitations to sending them out to decorating the location of the event to engaging entertainment, etc.

A money making party planner would be an individual who has a great and flair for matching colors together, a great imagination, a gift of organization, and can develop a thematic event.


6. Teaching

Given the fact that the individual is retired, it is safe to assume that they have considerable experience in several areas that would qualify them to teach others.

Therefore, an individual can advertise within their neighborhood about teaching young people about life, telling their life story, or teaching them a hobby that one is proficient at.

Also, an individual regardless of whether they were a teacher or not during their working years can reach out to a community college.

The retiree can teach other people about the older generation of people who are perhaps on the cusp of retiring themselves.

Their insight would be most valuable, and individuals would most likely attend these types of classes or seminars to learn how to proactively engage their life in preparedness for retirement.

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7. Pet Walking

A hobby/love of individuals, whether they are retirees or not, is for the caring of pets.

As it relates to retirees, a retiree can use this hobby as a way to earn money.

They can offer to walk and care for the pets of their neighbors and charge a minimal fee to provide this service.

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A bonus, not financially, is that the individual when walking the animal will enjoy the benefits of exercising and the mental health benefits of having a companion animal with them.


Hobbies for Retired Men & Women That Make Money


8. Gardening

Many individuals enjoy working out in their garden. They enjoy the entire care of the plant from planting the seeds to the growth of the plant through to its natural life expectancy.

An individual can use this meaningful and almost spiritual hobby to teach others how to garden.


9. Baking

With the extra time on one’s hand, this coupled with a love for baking is a perfect recipe for earning money.

Perhaps a special cake recipe would be in high demand that could be sold to others. Additionally, the baked goods could be sold at farmer’s markets or craft fairs.

Of course, if planning on this type of activity to raise or earn additional dollars, it is important to check with local city ordinances and the health department to ensure that it is permissible.

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10. Metal Detector

How does the life of the beachcomber sound?

However, instead of using a rake of some sort and looking for treasures in parks, recreational areas, or the beach itself, about the use of a metal detector.

Often an individual will go on this treasure hunt and find jewelry, coins, or other miscellaneous metallic items.

Of course, let your conscience be your guide if you find some expensive jewelry.

It would be best to turn those items in but there’s always the possibility that the owner of those items may provide a reward.


11. Dancing

Many retirees are proficient at dancing.

Not the type of dancing that is on display today, but dances like waltzing, foxtrot, tango, etc.

The individual can teach others about the classic dancing steps and receive pay for their dancing instruction.


12. Crochet

Another hobby that is popular amongst individuals is the hobby of crocheting.

As a senior continued with this hobby, they could sell their crocheted items online using the website of eBay or Etsy.

Also, a crochet class could be set up with interested participants learning how to crochet.

This could be billed as a culturally rich opportunity for multi-generational individuals to gather together, learn how to crochet, and share life’s experiences.

Imagine how enriching that would be for a young person to hear the stories of days gone by.

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13. Golfing

One of the favorite hobbies of retirees is to take to the golf links.

Consequently, an ideal way to make money off of one of the favorite hobbies or pastimes of a retiree is to get a job at the golf course.

Some of these positions could include working in the pro shop or help at the driving range if one is available.

Additionally, if the retiree is pretty good at this hobby, they could work with individuals in providing private lessons on how to improve an individual’s golf game.

Additionally, in place of any payment for working at the golf course, the retiree could be paid in free rounds of golf.


14. Yoga

One of the great exercises that incorporate the mind, spirit, and body is through the movement of yoga.

If an individual is proficient at this meditative and exercise regimen, they can offer classes to others for a small fee in leading and instructing the class.


15. Knitting

One of the standard hobbies that a senior may be proficient at is knitting.

Today there are mechanical knitting looms and ways to speed up the process of knitting.

For the senior who is learned in the old ways, could teach others and new generations how to knit the standard way with knitting needles.

The class of instruction could be advertised as a knitting circle for generations to learn the old art of knitting.

For a modest fee, men and women can sit and learn from each other through discussions and exchange of opinions.

The beauty of this idea would be that it could be intergenerational which would include seniors, middle-aged individuals as well as young people.

Also, an individual who is proficient at knitting can sell their creations on the internet or a variety of craft fairs.

Also, the knitter could take special orders and create specifically designed knitted items for the customer.

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Hobbies for retired FAQs


What Is the Hobby Income Limit?

There is no set dollar limit on what an individual can earn through a hobby.

This is because a hobby is not thought of as a business and therefore the assumption is that most hobbies don’t generate a significant amount of revenue.

However, as usual, it’s always important to seek counsel from tax experts.


What Are Some of the Higher-paying Hobbies?

Some of the higher-paying hobbies include writing, music, cooking, gardening, and photography to name a few.


You Can Do It

As a retiree, the individual still has a considerable amount of energy, talent, and wisdom to share with others.

Also, the individual is most likely proficient at several hobbies as well.

Therefore, why not put these hobbies to good use by capitalizing on them monetarily but also teach others and pass on these skills to the next generation.

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A retirees’ world is not confined to a rocking chair.

Today’s retirees are vibrant, energetic, and still young at heart.

Additionally, retirees have extensive knowledge of a variety of things.

Some of those things include their proficiency at the hobbies that they have most likely been involved with for years.

Why not share that wealth with others and perhaps receive a little wealth and return?

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