There are not too many opportunities where you can give of yourself and earn money in the process.

One of those ways is by donating plasma.

This article reveals as many as 25 of the highest plasma donation centers out there that pay really well.



The importance of plasma and its function within the body allows for the clotting of the blood, fighting diseases, and other critical medical actions.

First, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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Plasma is generally given to patients that have been traumatized, severe burns or have experienced shock

The reason that plasma is in such great demand and is paid to donors is that plasma cannot be artificially created.


What is Plasma?

Plasma is the component of the blood that remains when the platelets, red blood cells, white blood cells, and other components are filtered out of the blood.

Plasma is the medium within the blood system or the fluid transporter that allows the movement of the cells and other important substances to flow through the body.

It is a clear liquid after these components have been removed.



The donation of plasma can occur every two days at a maximum of twice during seven days.

This is due to the reality that the body must be able to replenish itself before the decision is made to donate again.

On average a plasma center will pay $30 or up to $400 a month if the maximum plasma donation is provided

To be a plasma donor, an individual must be in good health, 18 years of age or older, and weigh more than 110 pounds.

A valid photo ID must be presented, proof of residency, and a Social Security number.

The process of donating plasma takes approximately 45 minutes.


25 Highest Plasma Donation Centers


1. BioLife Plasma

This plasma collection center is located in 31 states and has a presence of 120 locations.

When the donor wishes to donate their plasma, they are given a debit card and their compensation is added to that debit card.

The average pay for a donor is anywhere from $30-$50.

If the donor gives eight plasma donations or twice a week for the entire month, they will earn $1000.

Click here to check out BioLife Plasma


2. CSL Plasma

The CSL acronym stands for Commonwealth Serum Laboratories.

It is located in Boca Raton, Florida, and is one of the world’s largest plasma collection networks.

This particular plasma collection center pays up to $400 a month for new donors and the amount is loaded on a prepaid card.

Depending upon which site the donor gives their plasma determines how much they are paid per donation.

Click here to check out CSL Plasma


3. KED Plasma

This particular plasma collection company is a subsidiary of Kedrion Biopharma.

The pay given to donors can be up to the amount of $400 a month.

Similarly, as with other collection companies, this amount is uploaded on a prepaid debit card.

Click here to check out KED Plasma


4. Octapharma Plasma

From the donated plasma, this company produces high-quality human protein.

In terms of a presence in the plasma collection field, it is privately owned and is the largest independent plasma fractionator in the world.

Octavepharma Plasma pays $400 a month to the donor and returning donors can earn an even higher amount.

Also, as an incentive, there’s an opportunity to win prizes and other rewards throughout the year.

Click here to check out Octapharma Plasma


5. BPL Plasma

This plasma collection facility is based in the United Kingdom and on the global stage has been part of the plasma industry for over 25 years.

Although headquartered in the United Kingdom it has over 15 locations across a variety of states in America.

This particular company pays donors up to $300 a month for their plasma donation and also offers added incentives such as promotions, donation fees, referral fees, etc.

Click here to check out BPL Plasma


6. B Positive Plasma (NJ Only)

B Positive Plasma has two locations in the state of New Jersey.

The plasma that is collected provides lifesaving therapies to other individuals.

The donor, every month, can earn up to $500 when donating regularly

Pay is placed on a debit card and the particular amounts provided are dependent upon which of the two locations the donor donates the life-saving plasma.

Click here to check out B Positive Plasma


7. ADMA Bio Center (GA & TN Only);

This plasma collection facility operates only in Georgia and Tennessee.

The maximum allowed that a donor could receive is $400 a month.

Some coupons are provided to an individual so that they can earn additional compensation during certain promotional events.

Compensation to the donor varies from site to site.

Click here to check out ADMA Bio Center


8. Physicians Plasma Alliance (Biological Specialty Company)

This particular company is at the very top and as it relates to giving the most money for a plasma donation.

This company utilizes the donated plasma to help find cures for diseases.

The plasma utilized in the research is purchased from the donor. T

he possible maximum could be $500 per month.

There are qualifications to receive this maximum amount.

Click here to check out Physicians Plasma Alliance


9. GCAM Plasma

Headquartered in South Korea this plasma collection company has a presence in five states.

Within those five states, the 12 locations pay donors between $25 and $30 for their donation of plasma.

There is also a bonus program for individuals who return.

The bonus program consists of prizes and rewards.


10. Scantibodies (CA Only)

Situated only in the state of California is the plasma collection center of Scantibodies.

This company will pay donors $40 for their plasma donation and subsequently $60 on their return.

Cash payment is provided to the individual for their plasma donation.

Click here to check out Scantibodies


11. TrueHealth Plasma (NJ Only)

With one collection site, operational TrueHealth Plasma pays the plasma donor $50. The following four donations of the donor are also paid that same $50 amount.

The maximum amount that a donor is paid per month equals $450.

Click here to check out TrueHealth Plasma


12. Grifols Biomat Plasma

This plasma company has a worldwide presence.

They have been in the health care business since 1909.

Payments made to plasma donors are not available.

Click here to check out Grifols Biomat Plasma

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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13. Immuno Tek Bio Centers

This plasma collecting company is located in the southeastern part of America.

In the eleven states that it operates it has 13 locations.

Payment to donors is not available.

Click here to check out Immuno Tek Bio Centers


14. The Interstate Blood Bank

With a presence of 36 locations in 15 states, this company is headquartered in Tennessee.

In addition to operating in some states situated on the east coast, the company also has a presence in Florida and Texas.

It began in 1949 and collects whole blood from donors as well as plasma.

It is unknown about payments to plasma donors.


15. New York Blood Center

Operating in the state of New York, this company collects plasma from donors.

The plasma is used as part of the treatment process for individuals involved in accidents, burn victims, patients being treated for cancer, and more.

The company does not publicly reveal any compensation amounts paid to donors.


16. Nuvance Health

There are three physical locations with this company that collects plasma.

Those three locations are situated in the state of Connecticut.

Any compensation paid to donors is unknown.

Potential donors should call the centers to gain more information as to the collection and possible payment.

Click here to check out Nuvance Health


17. Hemarus Plasma

This plasma collection company has one operational site located in the state of Florida.

It is unknown as it relates to any payment specifics.

Click here to check out Hemarus Plasma


18. Saturn Bio

This plasma center is located in the state of Indiana.

The one collection site in Indianapolis does not reveal any payments for blood plasma that is offered.

Click here to check out Saturn Bio


19. Southern Blood Services

Southern Blood Services collects plasma.

The collecting lab concentrates or focuses on specific plasma donations from a set group of individuals.

In their quest for plasma donors with certain antibodies, they focus on pregnancy-related contributors, blood transfusion recipients, and those with certain types of vaccines.

Click here to check out Southern Blood Services


20. Prometic Plasma Resources, Inc.

Prometic Plasma Resources, Inc. is located in the state of New York and collects plasma to process in the creation of other medical products.

Any amount of money paid to donors is unknown, but it does appear that the receiving of a bonus is part of any remuneration.

That bonus is received when a referred friend provides a plasma donation twice.

Click here to check out Prometic Plasma Resources


21. Blood and Plasma Research

This site is located in the state of Texas.

Any payments offered to donors are unknown.

This research facility is owned and operated locally.

The lab collects donated plasma and from that donation draws out aspects of the plasma to make other products.

Click here to check out Blood and Plasma Research


22. Vitalant Blood Donations

Vitalent operates within the parameters of 19 states with a total of 125 locations.

It is recognized as one of the most established medicine organizations that specialize in transfusion medicine.

There are a variety of donations collected from donors of which plasma is one.

This medical company does engage in a reward program for its donors which allows for the collection of points.

These points collected can be exchanged for gifts.

Click here to check out Vitalant Blood Donations


23. Carter BloodCare

With 20 locations or more, this medical company operates in the state of Texas.

It began operation in 1951.

The collection of blood and blood products are transported in support of 200 or more medical facilities.

Any payment to donors is not disclosed.

Click here to check out Carter BloodCare


24. American Red Cross

The American Red Cross is synonymous with the collection of blood.

They also, in the light of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, accept plasma because of the special antibodies present in recovering COVID-19 victims.

Any payment for donations is not revealed.


25. Biotest Plasma Center

This particular plasma collecting center is only found within the states of Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Texas.

An individual can make up to $400 a month by contributing plasma twice a week.

Also, this particular center has in place a referral program where an individual can receive money if a relative or friend also donates plasma

As a particular caveat, this center offers a mystery shopper program in which an individual can earn more cash by shopping incognito.


Best Plasma Donation Centers FAQs


Are There Any Side Effects to the Human Body From Donating Plasma?

Plasma is an essential part of the bloodstream.

Plasma is comprised of various nutrients and salts.

Its role in the overall function of the body is to keep the person alert and maintain their health.

The loss of plasma, through donation, can create an electrolyte imbalance in the body.

This in turn will cause the body to feel dizzy, lightheaded, and possibly feel like fainting.


What Are Some Interesting Facts About Plasma Donations?

Plasma is a pale-yellow mixture of water comprised of proteins and salts.

Plasma is 90% water which makes up 55% of the blood volume and frozen plasma can only be stored over one year.


Are There Are Different Types of Plasma Donations?


The two types of plasma donations are recovered plasma and source plasma.

Recovered plasma is derived from a whole blood donation and the individual components of the blood are separated.

Source plasma is the plasma that is donated through a process called plasmapheresis.

The process entails the blood being drawn from the donor and the plasma separated from the blood and the remaining red blood cells and platelets are returned to the donor’s body.


You Can Do It

Often, we talk about the investment of money and the rewards that we received back from that investment.

As it relates to giving plasma, the literal investment of a part of a person’s blood is invested in the lives of others and is certainly the most dramatic return on one’s investment that can be realized.



We often talk about precious commodities and investing in these valuable items.

However, nothing quite matches the investment, literally, of giving one’s self to help another individual.

In this instance, although the money earned through the giving of plasma is appreciated, the greater reward is helping out an individual who is in medical need.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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