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It reveals as many as 25 such jobs to consider.


Why Best Highest Paying Military Jobs?

Men and women that served in the military and were involved in the Vietnam War were not treated well when they returned home.

Certainly, Vietnam was an unpopular war, and a variety of opinions as to whether we should have been involved, what the purpose was, and so forth were expressed by many.

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Despite the reality that many service members took part in that conflict in Southeast Asia, upon their return, they were often treated with disdain and disrespect.

Today, however, the honor given to those who served or who are now serving are treated completely differently.

They are honored, they are respected and often, when an individual says that they served in the military or are in the military, the response, more often than not, is “thank you for your service.”

That appreciation is sometimes extended into the workplace.

When it comes to job opportunities when you hire a veteran, you are hiring an individual who knows about duty, is well-trained, disciplined, etc.

Therefore, the hiring of a military individual who is either on active duty or has recently retired or been honorably discharged is a good investment not only in that person but in the company that is hiring that individual.


My Personal Military Story

In 1969, I enlisted in the U.S. Navy.

Of course, there was the boot camp experience, the issuing of uniforms, the shaving of the head, and so forth.

All of these actions were designed to strip away as much of the civilian in me and bring me into the structured and disciplined environment of the US military.

Also, I was given a battery of aptitude tests to find out what would be the best placement for me as a naval recruit.

The other added dimension to where I would be best qualified to serve as a sailor and what was happening in the world.

In particular, the Vietnam war was raging, and the need for medical personnel was great because of the conflict and the number of Marines coming back that were injured.

I was therefore asked if I wanted to become a Hospital Corpsman.

Unbeknownst to me was that a hospital corpsman is a medic trained by the Navy that not only provides medic assistance for sailors but also for Marines, especially when they go out into the field.

Despite the possibility of me being assigned to a Marine unit and going out into the field with them, in retrospect, it was the perfect rating for me that matched my personality and skill set.


25 Highest Paying Military Jobs


1. Defense Analyst

The role and responsibility of the defense analyst involve public safety and security.

As a defense analyst, there is required experience in the police force or criminal justice as well as experience with national security and/or cybersecurity.

You could see a position as a defense analyst either with the military, the Defense Department, or maybe the Transportation Safety Administration.


2. Weapons Engineer

A weapons engineer is trained to analyze, test, and update weapon systems as utilized by the military.

The weapon systems that the engineer would be involved with could include conventional weapons, missile defense systems, fighter jets, as well as the use of body armor.


3. Launch Manager

The occupational role of a launch manager involves the implementation of various plans designed to market various new types of products or services.

As a launch manager, the job also would entail collaboration in working with marketing teams and sales teams and developing various plans to promote the items.


4. Drone Operator

The vital role of the drone operator requires interaction with aircraft that are unmanned or without personnel aboard.

The operation of a drone is accomplished through technology and specifically a computer.

As a drone operator, you would plan out ordered missions, be involved in flight operations, achieve your mission, and once the mission has been completed, then be involved in debriefing.

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5. Battalion Chief

A battalion chief is associated with the fire department that may be generally assigned or operates in an armed forces facility.

The primary position of the battalion chief is to provide public safety.

This is accomplished by managing the firefighters that are assigned under their command.

Also involved with the job description would be the handling of administrative duties and overseeing the training of the various crews to prepare them in the event of any fire emergencies.


6. Imagery Analyst

An imagery analyst is charged with taking various photographs that reveal pictorially any strategic information as it relates to the moving of equipment, personnel, etc.

  • Photos
  • Screenshots
  • Satellite photographs
  • Infrared
  • Or anything else

The actual areas that the image analyst can work in include the healthcare industry, geographic surfaces, scientific analysis, and many others.

Often the pictures are analyzed because it relates to the collection of intelligence information.


7. Combat Engineer

A combat engineer is part of the army staff that is associated with demolition as well as construction.

The combat engineer might discover themselves associated with building roads, utilizing temporary bridges, and so forth.

A combat engineer may also, as part of their job description, be involved in the detonation of explosions in a controlled manner as well as clearing an area of any explosive devices.


8. Military Analyst

This military analyst employment position provides information so that policymakers and military leaders can utilize that analysis to develop a strategy.

A military analyst, upon the collection of the intelligence, may be involved in examining the details as reflected in the data, and the analyst may be called upon to give a recommendation on how to proceed.


9. Mission Support Consultant

A mission support consultant’s support role is to present strategic intelligence that has been obtained.

The intelligence is shared with military members, leadership as well as the possibility of contractors with clearance.

The data is analyzed, and then you can make recommendations on how the data should be perceived and possibly utilized.


10. Control Room Operator

A control room operator is involved in different facets of operations, but all are associated with your position of being in the control room.

An example of a facility in which you would be involved as a control room operator could be an industrial facility or a power plant.

As a control room operator, you are also charged with providing oversight to the different types of equipment and machines that are operating or installed within the facility.



11. Master Control Manager

A master control supervisor provides leadership within the communication aspect of military operations.

Their dedicated role is to maintain the communication software, share appropriately any video or audio messaging, utilize recorders, manage the servers, etc.

The master control supervisor also has the responsibility of putting on the air various programs and maintaining those broadcasts within the parameters of policies and procedures.

They are also required to maintain logs and reports and file the same appropriately.

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12. Military Technician

A military technician is a federally employed civilian but, in some cases, can also be a member of their particular reserve.

The employment role of a military technician is to work alongside soldiers in order to make an uneventful transition from their service in the military into civilian life.


13. Special Forces Officer

A special forces officer provides leadership for their team in the United States Army.

Typically, the composition of the team has a membership of 12 individuals who are extremely qualified and highly trained.

The role of the special forces officer is to mentally and physically prepare their team for whatever mission is ordered and brought their way.

When the team has successfully completed the mission, the leadership leader will then share with command leadership and those who need to know and are properly cleared how the objectives were realized and any issues that were successfully handled.


14. Control Tower Operator

The control tower operator has the authority to manage and directing air traffic.

Their primary goal is to keep the airways safe, and this requires that the air traffic or the control tower operator directed aircraft on when they can take to the air and where they can land.

Also, the position of the control tower operator is responsible for flight plans and verifying the plans that are filed.


15. Military Cook

An important aspect of military life and keeping the “troops” happy is the serving of quality food.

Therefore, one of the significant employment roles within the military is that of a military cook.

The cook’s responsibility is to make sure that they order food in proper quantities and nutritionally based and make sure that the food is safely prepared for the military member’s consumption.

Also, the military cook is charged with the preparation of meals as well as managing the overall operation of the kitchen staff and equipment.


16. Ammunition Specialist

An ammunition specialist is a munitions expert as it relates to explosives, weaponry, ammunition, etc.

Their critical role is to make sure that the ordinance is stored safely and secured in a guarded area.

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17. Armorer

The employment position of an armorer involves the maintenance and training of personnel utilizing firearms.

In addition, if there are any needed repairs, inspections that need to be conducted or test firing of weapons as needed is one of the primary roles of the armorer.


18. Command Center Analyst

The paramount role of a command center analyst is to focus on the security systems within the command center and ensure that they are properly secured and monitored.

In addition, the maintenance of those security systems would fall within this individual’s job description.

Also, the command center analyst would be required to protect software, provide any “debugging” of the software packages and also address any challenges that may arise due to computer issues.


19. Parachute Rigger

A parachute rigger has the important role of making sure that paratroopers have a secure parachute that will allow them to descend to earth safely.

The parachute rigger is charged with inspecting the lines, observing any defects in the fabric and taking appropriate action, and ultimately making sure that the parachutes deploy properly.


20. Military Police

A member of the military police force is the equivalent of a police officer or deputy sheriff.

They are the peacekeepers and enforcers of the law within the military.

The role of the military police, in addition to maintaining orderliness and peace, is to investigate minor crimes, provide needed security, patrol the base and know the ins and outs of military law.


21. Aviator

An aviator or a pilot is a trained navigator that can fly most types of military aircraft.

Examples of military aircraft could include jet planes, helicopters, carriers, etc.

The role of the pilot is not only to fly missions but also may be called upon to transport troops and equipment.


22. Drone Pilot

An important part of the intelligence gathering and weapon-delivering part of the aircraft force is a drone.

An individual who navigates a drone remotely is a drone pilot.

A drone pilot is called upon to navigate these drones remotely and utilize their unique service in a variety of ways.

Some of those ways include the gathering of intelligence, pitcher surveillance, and even delivering a payload of weapons to a designated target.


23. Interpreter

An interpreter is an important part of military service, especially as it relates to the interrogation of individuals captured during combat.

Also, an interpreter can be utilized to provide communication between local citizens of a country or with the enemy in a foreign land.


24. Translator

The critical role of a translator is an individual who is able to translate, through written communication means, messages that need to be transmitted.

The messages can be either technical or non-technical, top-secret or for general consumption.

A translator may be involved in combat zones as they may be ordered to deliver documents or be involved in special communications that require their translating abilities.


25. Intelligence Specialist

An intelligence specialist collects, oversees, develops, and analyzes intelligence that is gathered.

Once the information is collected, it is then passed on in a secretive way to high-ranking military officials or government officials so that they can use the information to make critical decisions as it relates to countermoves, troop movements, etc.


Best Paying Army Jobs FAQs


How Many Men and Women Are in the U.S. Military?

As of this writing, the total members of the armed forces are 1.3 million active-duty personnel.


What is the Oldest Branch of the Military?

The oldest branch of the military is the Army which dates back to the American Revolutionary War.

Soon after, the Continental Navy and the Marine Corps were created to fight the British at sea.

Following the creation of the Navy and Marine Corps came the Coast Guard, which was followed in 1907 by the establishment of the United States Air Force.

The last branch of the military was created in 2020 and is known as the United States Space Force.


You Can Do It

If you are thinking about joining the military, there are five branches that you can consider.

Each branch has its own various types of jobs, and typically an aptitude test is taken to determine what your skills are and what would be a good match for your skill set and a military job.

The reward for joining the military is not only the possibility of a high-paying job but also the privilege of serving your country.



Those that served in the military, although receiving benefits and a wonderful experience, still sacrificed.

Their sacrifice can be possibly measured in wounds that they may have experienced, mental anguish, and so forth.

Certainly, their sacrifice can be measured in the time that they spent in service as well as time spent away from their families.

They most likely would not tell you this, but certainly, their commitment and sense of duty should be rewarded, and possible rewards could include being part of the best military jobs available both as active-duty or veterans.

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