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An intricate part of any country’s defense system is the dedication of resources toward its military.

The United States is no different, and the different branches of the military each have a storied history of the critical role they played as well as their current role in defending our nation.

Each of the services has a particular role to play and the branches find themselves defending our country in the land and the air, with the Navy being the only branch of the military defending our country by sea.

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Along the same lines, the only branch of the military that adheres strictly to defense in one element of our world is the Air Force, as they dominate the skies.

Let us, therefore then take to the air, figuratively, and survey the best jobs associated with missing in the Air Force.


Personal Story

In 1968 I lost my student deferment, as it relates to eligibility for the draft, and therefore I seriously began to consider joining a branch of the Armed Forces.

This was when the draft was still the law of the land, and the Vietnam War was still in full swing.

Added to the mix were a number of friends of mine who had received their draft notice ordering them to report and a number of friends of mine had received their notice and were ordered to report for a physical exam.

Endeavoring to control my future, I decided to join the military in anticipation of being drafted.

In my estimation, I was not Army or Marine Corps material, and, therefore, I investigated the possibilities of joining the Air Force or the Navy.

When the Air Force said that I could not join their ranks because I was born in Canada, I then looked to the United States Navy, and they simply made me sign a declaration of intent to become a citizen, and just like that, I became a recruit for the United States Navy.

Ironically, in 1969 the draft was modified to become a draft lottery, and according to my birth date, I wouldn’t have been selected for the draft as my lottery number was considerably high.

Despite all of that, joining the United States Navy was one of the best decisions that I made.


25 Best Highest Paying Best Air Force Jobs


1. Pilot

The best job in the Air Force would be that of piloting your own plane.

As a highly trained aviator, you would be able to fly a machine that is capable of significant speeds and has extraordinary maneuverability.

The compensation for a US Air Force pilot is roughly $145,000, which includes:

  • Salary
  • Housing
  • Food allowance
  • And bonus


2. Public Affairs Officer

A public affairs officer is charged with the responsibility of ensuring that individuals who need to know are informed about what goes on in their military.

Obviously, the only information that is non-sensitive can be shared by the public affairs officer, who would be required to make that information available that is non-classified.

A public affairs officer can make a wage hovering around $60,000 per year.


3. Military Intelligence Officer

A military intelligence officer earns a salary of around $87,000 per year.

Their role within the Air Force is to gather intelligence as it relates to military operations and provide that intelligence in briefings, reports, etc., to command leadership so that appropriate decisions can be made in response to the intelligence collected.


4. Doctor

If you have gone to medical school and wish to be part of the Air Force, you can become an Air Force physician and can serve at various medical clinics, Air Force hospitals, etc.

An Air Force physician can make around $159,000 per year.


5. Flight Engineer  

The flight engineer is one of the better paying jobs in the Air Force for enlisted personnel.

A flight engineer is an airman who is called upon to inspect, procure, and maintain all necessary mechanical and instrumentation checks and needed adjustments on their assigned aircraft.

An Air Force engineer can make, on average, an annual salary of $67,000.


6. Security Forces Officer

Another higher-paying job within the Air Force is the job title of security forces officer.

A security forces officer is charged with the protection of high-ranking officers, officials, and various other important dignitaries if they utilize Air Force aircraft.

Potential dignitaries that could be protected by this individual could include the President of the United States, Vice President, Secretary of State, and members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Also, the security forces officer is charged with protecting a variety of United States Air Force equipment, with one being Air Force One.

The average salary for a US Air Force security forces officer is $78,000 per year.


7. Air Traffic Control

An air-traffic controller earns, on average, $84,000 per year.

This individual is charged with maintaining communications with pilots during takeoff and landing, as well as providing communication regarding flight plans, the weather, and terrain.


8. Tactical Aircraft Maintenance

Tactical aircraft maintenance personnel are individuals who maintain a variety of aircraft that are part of the United States Air Force.

Their job is to maintain the readiness of military planes, helicopters, and other vehicles.

The average salary for a US tactical aircraft maintenance Air Force member is $48,000.


9. Aircraft Load Master

A loadmaster has the responsibility of loading and unloading aircraft.

This is done with the latest in cutting-edge technology.

Also, the aircraft loadmaster has the responsibility to ensure the safety of not only the crew of the aircraft but the passengers and the cargo that is being transported.

An aircraft loadmaster can earn an average salary per year of $53,000.


10. Cyber Systems Operations Specialist

The position of cyber systems operations specialist is a high-level functioning employment position, as well as earning a significant wage compensation package.

This individual will be involved with coding new software that is specifically designed to address safety issues.

The average salary for this position within the Air Force is around $52,000 per year.


11. Legal Operations

Within the Armed Forces, there is a separate legal system from the civilian legal system.

The law that they operate under is the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

Within the Air Force, there are Air Force paralegals and judge advocates.

Air Force paralegals are not lawyers but are the military equivalent of civilian paralegals.

A paralegal would be called upon to conduct case research, prepare case files, administrative tasks, etc.

The salary for an Air Force paralegal is roughly $1700 a month and when they increase in rank, so does their pay.


12. Logistics Planners

An Air Force job for civilians is a logistics planner.

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A logistics planner is charged with transporting people and the cargo where they need to be.

The average salary for an Air Force logistics planner is $61,000 per year.


13. Safety

Safety is a priority in all of the Armed Forces, and the Air Force is no exception.

An employment position designed for civilian staff is Air Force safety personnel.

The safety protocols are evaluated and put into place, with this individual having significant input in the process.

Specifically, the safety protocols revolve around the area of construction, maintenance, event planning and flight line operations.

The average salary for an Air Force safety manager is $81,000 per year.


14. Law Enforcement

Law enforcement officers within the Air Force are charged with providing for the safety of all personnel.

Also, law enforcement officers may be involved in investigating any crimes that occur involving Air Force personnel or on Air Force bases.

The other added value of being a military law enforcement officer with the Air Force is that if and when you choose to leave military service, you are almost guaranteed a job within the civilian police force due to the respect and admiration of military law enforcement personnel.

An Air Force police officer earns approximately $52,000 per year.


15. Medical

Another component of the medical services in the Air Force will need employed individuals ranging from dental technicians to surgeons.

The Air Force relies heavily upon civilian medical personnel, and a US Air Force medical officer in the United States can earn roughly $104,000 per year.


16. Cyber Warfare

A particular cutting-edge employment position is entitled cyber-warfare

This employment role requires that information and data, and servers are protected from computer attacks and malware.

This position is civilian-based, and a US Air Force cyber warfare officer can make an average of $112,000 per year.


17. Military Intelligence

Military intelligence within the Air Force is another employment position that qualifies as a high-paid position.

The military intelligence officer, along with his or her team, collects significant intelligence and data and shares this top-secret information with appropriate leadership.

Informed leadership can make quality decisions that incorporate all of the intelligence gathered and which could possibly have an adverse effect on national security.

A US military intelligence officer can earn roughly $98,000 a year.

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18. Airfield Operations

The employment role of airfield operations is to ensure that aircraft that takes to the air first under the utmost safety policies and procedures and plan accordingly as well.

The purpose is to decrease fatalities and reduce any financial losses due to accidents.


19. Command Post/Control Center

The qualified personnel that is assigned to the command post/control center are civilians, but that does not negate their commitment to inform and keep all involved in the chain of command aware of incidents that may happen.

The command post control center employees can be likened to the emergency dispatch personnel who operate within these centers in the civilian world.

Their interaction with other agencies includes:

  • 911 operators
  • American Red Cross
  • Department of Homeland Security
  • And so forth

Personnel assigned to the command post/control center may earn up to $55,000 per year.


20. Material Management

Another civilian high-paying job within the Air Force is that of being involved with material management.

Material management and flights are charged with stalking, storing, and managing the distribution of supplies.

A material management officer can make an annual salary of around $44,000 per year.


21. Vehicle Operations

Another employment position that utilizes non-Air Force personnel is in vehicle operations.

The purpose of vehicle operations is to ensure that all vehicles are in good working order, mechanically sound, cleaned, and serviced according to set schedules.

A vehicle operations officer can earn around $47,000 per year.


22. Electrical Systems

The employment role of an electrical systems officer calls for these individuals to inspect, provide preventative maintenance, troubleshoot, repair and modify electrical distribution systems on the base.

Individuals that fulfill this role can earn approximately $60,000 per year.


23. Electrical Power Production

A quality job opportunity as nonmilitary personnel is involvement with electrical power production.

The specific duties of this employment position include the installation, removal, and operation of the equipment.

Also, this position will be required to maintain and repair any power generating systems as well as their controlling devices attached to monitor and deliver the power properly.

An electrical power production employee can anticipate earning roughly $63,000 per year.


24. Water and Fuel System Maintenance

Another important component of an Air Force base is the management of the water and fuel system processes.

The specific role of this employment opportunity is for the specialists to provide oversight and management to the plumbing, wastewater collection systems, storage of liquid fuel and the distribution of natural gas.

A water and fuel system maintenance employee can expect to earn, per month, $2,802 to $3300.


25. Engineering

One of the higher-paying employment opportunities that are for civilians is engineering.

The role of those involved in engineering takes on the responsibility of planning and providing oversight on construction projects.

Engineering specialists also need to ensure that the Air Force Base has the appropriate facilities and needed structures to maintain quality Air Force operations.

The average salary for an engineer in the United States Air Force is around $94,000 per year.



How Many Active-duty Military Members Are in the Air Force?

According to www.nap.edu, the Air Force, as of 2020, has 328,255 military personnel. Of those active-duty members, 63,626 are officers, with the remaining number of 264,629 being enlisted.


What is the budget of the United States Air Force?

The budget of the United States Air Force in 2022 was $212.76 billion.


You Can Do It

There are many life-changing choices that we can make.

These life-changing choices can be in the area of relationships, schooling, etc.

One other significant life-changing event can be a choice of career, and if you choose the military and specifically the Air Force, it can revolutionize your life, especially if you are able to obtain one of the better job positions within the Air Force.



Each of the branches of the military in the United States plays an equal and important role in defense of our nation.

Added to the mix of the importance of the military is each individual service member who performs a critical function and role within these branches.

No job within the military is too menial or too important, but like a well-oiled machine, each member and the function that they perform adds to the power and strength in fulfilling the mission of each of these military branches in defending our country.

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