If you want to know some of the very best high salary jobs to do after BSc Maths to make money, this article is perfect for you.

It reveals as many as 25 such jobs to consider.


When we studied Shakespeare and read aloud the words “to be or not to be, that is the question,” perhaps going through our minds; we may have wondered what the relevance of reading Shakespeare as it pertains to my future.

Other classes that we may have questioned as to what their implications were for our future could have included:

  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry
  • French
  • And so on

We may have even questioned Algebra in trying to find the unknown as it related to adding X and Y and all of those types of equations.

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Fortunately, we persevered, stuck with the subject, and passed and perhaps realized that there were certain elements of the classes taught that we utilize today.

Most likely, this is proven to be very true as it relates to the subject of math as we calculate our wages, keep track of our investments, and balance our checking accounts.

However, some individuals took a specific appreciation of mathematics and now their interest has earned them a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics and has brought them to a point where there are a number of career choices.

Let us take a moment and calculate some of those career choices.


Personal Story

Mathematics has never been my strong suit.

In fact, in 10th Grade, I was in one of the most confusing and distressing High School classes that I had ever been involved with up to this point.

I believe the name of the course was Integral Math.

I can even remember the teacher’s name and how he was a very no-nonsense teacher and expected the students to learn, perform well, and pass his course.

I did not meet his expectations, and added to the negative experience was that it was discovered I needed glasses, and sitting in the back of the classroom did not help my understanding of what was being taught.

When I tried to use this as part of an excuse for not learning, the teacher simply said to me that I should have moved closer to the front of the room.


25 High Salary Jobs After B Sc Maths


1. Physicist

One of the significant occupational roles that an individual who has a degree in mathematics can be involved with is that of a physicist.

A physicist is an individual who takes in the various laws and observations within the natural world and modifies and transforms those observations into extremely complex mathematical calculations.

Occupational roles that are conducive to an individual who is a physicist and has a strong mathematical acumen would include teaching, being in research, involvement in space and astronomy, etc.


2. Mathematician

Another high-paying salary position for an individual who has strong mathematical skills and has a degree in Bachelor of Science of Math can be as a mathematician.

As a mathematician, you would be able to work in various segments of the occupational community, such as:

  • Business
  • Government
  • Engineering

Also, you could pursue being a mathematics teacher or professor at a university.


3. Aerospace Engineer

An aerospace engineer is an individual that devises new systems with the purpose being to maintaining those objects in the air in an efficient and longer amount of time.

Aerospace engineers are also looked to create brand new ideas from nothing, and to do so would require a heavy dependence upon mathematics.


4. Economist

As an economist, your primary focus is on the economy, which requires a heavy understanding of mathematics as it relates to the economics of a company or community or country.


5. Actuary

An actuary is an individual that typically works for an insurance company.

Their role or job description calls for them to manage risk as it relates to their insurance customers and, through a series of calculations and projections, set the appropriate rate for the customer and the insurance policy that they are purchasing.

Being an actuary is a good professional occupation for a mathematician because the process is all about calculations and number crunching.


6. Statistician

The employment role of a statistician is to analyze data with the purpose being of improving services or products.

Also, through numbers, the statistician can interpret those numbers and predict trends.


7. Cryptographer

A cryptographer is an individual who is able to encrypt and decrypt data so that it can be securely communicated to different entities.

The power of a mathematical brain and their experience allows this to be a good match because the process is purely data analysis.

Therefore, the role of a cryptographer relies heavily upon creativity which often a mathematician exhibits.


8. Financial Analyst

The occupational role of a financial analyst is charged to work within a finance company to help them reduce its risks and also increase its net profits.

The financial analyst would be called upon to devise various mathematical models that will enhance the banking’s operation or other types of institution that is financially based.


9. Neuropsychologist

A mathematician who has earned a Bachelor of Science degree in this field of endeavor would not go right into neuropsychology but could be a good stepping stone into this field.

The reason why a neuropsychologist would be a good profession for a mathematician is that the neuropsychologist is called upon to analyze copious amounts of statistics and data.

The mathematician would use their skill and acumen to create models to help with their knowledge of the way the brain is created and thinks as well as delving into learning about a patient’s emotions and other aspects of the human psyche.


10. Astronomer

A mathematician with a degree would make for a good astronomer.

The reality is that astronomy is not just about gazing into the heavens and observing stars, constellations, galaxies, etc.

The role of an astronomer is also involved complicated mathematical calculations that help the scientific individual and world to understand more clearly the relationships between the various components of the universe.


11. Accountant

A certified public accountant is an individual who relies heavily upon their mathematic acumen as demonstrated through their receiving of their Bachelor of Science degree in math.

To be a CPA requires that the individual pass the certified public accountant exam in order to be registered.

A CPA helps the various clients and organizations that utilize their services by assessing the corporate’s or businesses’ finances, helping them to record the financial data, performing audits as it relates to being accountable and a good steward of the monies, filing taxes, etc.

A CPA may work within the firm or may have their own private practice.


12. Teacher

A math teacher is an educational professional who utilizes their experience and education to teach students about basic and advanced math concepts.

The teacher can take on an educational role in the elementary school setting, middle school or high school.

With the proper accreditation and further education, they could also pursue a teaching position in a post-secondary school.

Their specific role as a teacher would be to teach the lesson plan, demonstrate mixed to the students how the math is solved, administer tests, grade exams and correct homework.


13. Treasurer

A treasurer is an individual in the business world whose job description requires the overall supervision and proper recording and reporting of short-term and long-term budgets, as well as providing other reports.

The role of the treasurer is to make sure that the finances are properly documented according to generally accepted accounting principles.

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In addition, the treasurer may be called upon to analyze the reports, crunch the numbers, and provide looks as it relates to the financial health and trends that the company can anticipate with their sales.


14. Purchasing Manager

A purchasing manager has the responsibility of making sure that the proper supplies are ordered in the proper amounts so that there is a continual flow and availability of the items needed to effectively run the business.

A purchasing manager also is called upon to work with various vendors and suppliers and negotiate contracts to obtain the best pricing possible.

The purchasing manager they also are responsible for maintaining the inventory and ensuring that proper protocol is followed, and minimizing any loss.


15. Chemist

A chemist is a scientist who utilizes their education, experience, and skill set to combine and observe and report various reactions that occur when chemicals are combined.

A chemist may work in food production, the development of medicine, the creation of energy, and so forth.

As a mathematician, this may be a good career move, and a step up as chemistry lies heavily upon mathematics to apply the various principles in mixing the chemicals.

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16. Civil Engineer  

The role of a civil engineer is to work with their client or with as a city employee to design various major public work projects.

The construction and oversight of building projects can run the gamut, and the civil engineer is required to adhere to the local, state, and national regulations as well as work within the budget that has been provided.

To be a civil engineer requires a significant understanding and practical demonstration of geometrical and engineering math principles in the designing of various buildings, bridges, etc.

As a mathematician, you may choose to build on the skills and move into the role of being an architect to fully utilize your mathematical ability.

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17. Investment Analyst

An investment analyst is an individual who is called upon to fully research investment opportunities.

The data that they collect and study is obtained from the market, and with this data, the investment analyst will develop financial models, create reports, and provide recommendations on different stocks that are poised to provide quality investment, bonds, etc. as a mathematician this would be a great match due to the reality that there are a number of mathematical formulas, projections, trends, that can be derived from the mathematical knowledge.


18. Mechanical Engineer

The job function of a mechanical engineer involves mechanical devices and designing them, building and testing these creations, as well as solving issues and working on any glitches.

The mechanical engineer relies heavily on computer design software as well as mathematical modeling and utilizing advanced or sophisticated engineering mathematics.

Their use of mathematics is to test the hypothesis, develop prototypes and oversee revisions in design.

Consequently, as a mathematician, you could expand your career path and take on the role of a mechanical engineer with further education.

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19. Financial Modeler

A financial modeler is an individual that creates a variety of pictorial representations based on the financial data that has been collected.

Additionally, their role entails the presentation of various scenarios that could happen based on decisive action that may or may not is taken.

Also, with this analytical and modeling approach, the financial analyst would be able to track the history of an asset account or within the company and project its growth over a period of time.

The financial modeler fully utilizes financial goals, strategies, investment opportunities, budgets, etc. As a mathematician, this would be a quality match for the role of a financial modeler.


20. Robotics Engineer

Specializing in designing, testing, and creating robotics, the role of the robotics engineer is to put together all of these activities to replicate or supplement human activity within the workplace.

Some would see this as a threat to current job positions, but in actuality, the robots can conduct tasks that may be dangerous to human work as well as the more effective if the task is repetitive or unhealthy.

The robotics engineer relies heavily upon geometric design and mathematical equations and outcomes, and as a mathematician, this might be a good match for you, especially if you have an interest in robotics.


21. Insurance Underwriter

The primary role of an insurance underwriter is to run scenarios as it relates to providing insurance policies for potential clients.

Taking into consideration are dynamics such as:

  • The customer’s age
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Their lifestyle
  • Where they live
  • Likelihood of any natural disasters
  • And so forth

The insurance underwriter uses their mathematical acumen to calculate how much coverage a policyholder can qualify for and what the premiums will be.

Also, if there is a claim filed, what would be the obligation of the insurance company as it pertains to payouts?


22. Controller

A controller is a high administrative employment opportunity within a corporation or business.

The role of the controller is to manage, monitor, and supervise the financial activities of the entity.

In addition to being responsible for the finances, they are called upon to generate financial reports, analyze those reports and give a health update on the financial condition of the business.

The controller is also involved with budgets, hiring of staff, filing of federal reports, etc.


23. Algorithm Engineer

An algorithm engineer, with their specific mathematical expertise, tests, refines and designs various algorithms as it relates to computer software.

Paragraph the purpose of the algorithms is to maximize the software, web application and management of data.

This employment position will collaborate with a variety of decision-makers in the company and collaborate with clients based on the goals of the system and continual review of algorithms that are used to mathematically determine the outcomes.


24. Data Scientist

There are many skills needed to be a data scientist, with one of the primary skills being expertise in mathematics.

Data scientist plays an increasingly important role in organizations as they collect and interpret data which is all utilized to make decisions as to the company’s direction and the delivery of product or services.


25. Investment Banker

An investment banker is an extremely high-paying job as these bankers utilize their mathematical expertise to serve clients by helping them raise needed capital to reach their business goals.

In order to be successful in investment, bankers must have strong analytical skills as they are continually using their mathematical skills to create financial projections.


Highest Paying Salary Jobs After B Sc Maths FAQs


What is an Example of a Tough Mathematical Question?

An example of a tough mathematical question was famously called the holy grail of mathematics.

It was also titled the Ryman hypothesis.


Who is Known as the Father of Mathematics?

The dubious title of being the father of mathematics is given to Archimedes.

He was Greek by nationality, with the years of his life being 287 to 212 B.C.


You Can Do It

The bad news is that mathematics is a difficult subject, and many individuals struggle with a variety of mathematical equations.

The good news is that you have a propensity and understanding of mathematics and are able to work through challenging problems and still teach others in the process.

This is a perfect blend for you to help others and earn money in the process.



There are many concepts in the world of mathematics that, for some, are difficult to grasp and comprehend.

Although some of the more challenging questions posed by math teachers may not necessarily be something that we need in our chosen profession, the reality is that it is still part of the curriculum, and the concepts need to be understood and knowledge demonstrated.

Fortunately, there are individuals who excel in the field of mathematics and are able and willing to help individuals who need a little guidance.

In the grand scheme of things, what are a few dollars here and there if it will help us to understand and up taint our degrees necessary to move on in our careers?

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