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This article shows as many as 25 best such top paying salary jobs after B Sc Zoology.



What do Aristotle, Jean Baptiste Lamarck, Charles Darwin, and Jane Morris Goodall all have in common?

Other than being part of the human race they were all zoologists.

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Of course, Charles Darwin is noted for his study on the Origin of the Species by Means of Natural Selection, Jane Goodall with her dedicated and inspirational work with chimpanzees, and so forth.

Surprisingly is that Aristotle, known for his being a philosopher, was also a zoologist and was the teacher of Alexander the Great.

He was involved with the first-ever classification of the animal kingdom.

Zoology is important because not only does it teach us about the behavior and lives of those that we share the planet with but also in the study of the environment and habitat that they occupy.

It has teaching opportunities for us as human beings as it relates to sharing the environment.

With the importance of zoology, we take a look at significant occupations that fall under this discipline of study.


22 High Salary Jobs After B Sc Zoology


1. Veterinary Nurse

A veterinarian nurse can earn an average of a little over $22,000 per year.

The duties of this employment position are to assist in the area in which surgical procedures are accomplished.

The nurse would also be required to assist in the preparation of the animal for the operating procedure, handling animals, obtaining vital signs as needed, and ensuring that the operating room is sanitary.


2. Zookeeper

The occupational role of a zookeeper is to ensure that all of the animals in a zoo or a wildlife park are properly cared for.

The specific role is to provide oversight for the cleaning up after the animals, ensuring that all of the enclosures are secure not only to keep animals in but people out.

Also, the zookeeper is tasked with monitoring the health of the animals and observing any behavioral changes that may necessitate the involvement of others specifically a veterinarian.

Also, some individuals take on a more personal role at a park in that zookeepers interact with these individuals through presentations and providing tours.

The average salary for this position is $35,000 per year.


3. Animal Nutritionist

As an individual with a zoological degree a particular role that you can be involved in working with animals and providing for their nutrition.

As an animal nutritionist, you will be involved in observing the nutritional needs of animals as well as maintaining their diet and providing the nutrition that is needed.

The average salary for a nutritionist is $35,000 per year.


4. Scientific Technical Writer

An individual with a zoology degree can also be involved in writing a technical narrative to contribute to various agencies and periodicals as it relates to various scientific studies, documents, and reports.

As a scientific technical writer, the requirement is that a specific format is followed that takes on a scientific style to make sure that the narrative is academic in nature and can be utilized by others as a reference.

A scientific technical writer can expect an average salary of $58,000 per year.


5. Marine Scientist

Marine scientist concentrates their study on animal life that lives in the ocean.

Within this document, there may be specific types of marine life that are studied involving specific environments found in the ocean.

The duties of a marine scientist include conducting research, observation of green life, formulating data, and presenting that information on how marine life is flourishing and adapting to their natural habitats.

As a marine scientist, you may work on various sailing vessels as well as possibility of working in a laboratory.

The national average for this salary is $68,606 per year.


6. Environmental Manager

An aspect of occupation as it relates to your degree in zoology is in concert with the environment.

By being an environmental manager you will be called upon to monitor the environment and conduct a series of audits on a frequent basis as it pertains to the environment to determine if there are any issues of contamination, the damage is done to the environment, as well as monitoring of any emissions.

This data is collected, analyzed, and reports are produced to other scientists that utilize collection of data and reports to respond to any negative impact on the environment.

An environmental manager can possibly earn on average $80,460 per year.


7. Research Scientist

The primary duties of the research scientist are to plan and follow through on a variety of experiments.

The purpose of these experiments is to research a specific area by analyzing collected data, recording the data, and offering their reports and other information to others to help with environmental issues.

The average salary for this position is $112,000.


8. Environmental Scientist

The focus of this occupation is monitoring, collecting data, and reporting on any changes that are observed in the environment.

The environmental scientist will analyze any shifts that are occurring, and what may be any impacts ecologically with these changes in the environment.

This scientist will work with other agencies in providing this data and offer solutions on how the ecological area can be restored.

The average salary for this position is $72,000.


9. Wildlife Biologist

At an average salary of $72,860 per year, a wildlife biologist is charged with studying a variety of animal species while in their natural habitat.

As part of their observation, they may watch animal interactions, capture their findings, analyze samples collected and provide incentive research to learn more about a particular species and its habitats while in its natural environments and observe the animal’s behavior.


10. Conservation Scientist

The primary role or function of this employment position is to protect the habitat of animals.

This employment role requires additional education beyond the zoology degree.

A conservation scientist can earn an annual salary of $95,000 a year.

Their duties would include the protection of animal habitats as mandated by regulations enacted by various governments.

In addition, the role of this employment position may call upon the individual to work out contract agreements as it relates to land use and management of forests, and protection of natural resources.

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11. Animal Behaviorist

An animal behaviorist is focused on studying the way animals behave and endeavor to understand what triggers the types of behavior that are demonstrated.

Animal behaviorists generally specialize in observing different types of animals which can include marine life, large animals, birds, livestock, and wild or domesticated pets.

The average salary for an animal behaviorist is $47,768 a year.


12. Ecologist

As part of zoology, discipline is the employment of an ecologist.

An ecologist studies and monitors the delicate balance between organisms and their habitat.

Their focus is to report their findings and offer reasons why particular environmental changes are occurring and possible solutions on how to regain the balance.

Depending upon your state of residency the average salary for an ecologist can be above or a little bit below $60,000 per year.


13. Marine Biologist

A marine biologist is a zoology major that is specializing in animal life as it pertains to the ocean.

The average salary of a marine biologist, annually, is roughly $64,000 per year.

As a marine biologist, you will be required to study certain plants found in the ocean as well as animals.

Specifically, a marine biologist will work with all types of marine life along with the study of mammals such as whales, involvement with algae, plankton, and other specific areas.

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A marine biologist will not only be involved in research but may be asked or given a component of teaching as well.

In addition, there may be writing requirements as it involves the formulation of research reports after analyzing certain samples from the sea.


14. Wildlife Rehabilitator

The occupational role of a wildlife rehabilitator is an important employment role as it involves the care of animals that have been sick or injured.

They also care for wildlife in which the animal parent has been killed or has abandoned their offspring.

These wildlife rehabilitators provided compassionate care for the animals by helping them recover from their own illness or injury and eventually restore them back to their natural habitat.

Depending upon where you reside your average salary for a wildlife rehabilitator can fall between $30,000 to $41,000 per year.


15. Animal Trainer

A zoologist may also desire to be employed in a specific “hands-on” job opportunity.

The availability of these types of employment positions could include training animals such as:

  • Racehorses
  • Family pets
  • Service dogs

As a zoologist, you have more intense knowledge of animal behavior that would be conducive to these types of jobs.

An animal trainer can earn between $30,000 to $67,000 per year.

The range of salary is dependent upon your state of residency.


16. Sustainability Officer

A sustainability officer is a position with the company or facility in which they monitor the impact of the company on its negative or positive impact on ecology and environmental resources.

Strategies that may be presented as it relates to a company’s impact on the environment could include reduction in the use of water, managing energy use, recycling programs, etc.

The sustainability officer is charged with ensuring that local, regional, and national regulations are adhered to as it relates to the environment and the company’s involvement.

The average salary for a sustainability officer is roughly $180,000 per year.


17. Veterinary Assistant

A veterinarian assistant is an individual with a zoology degree but whose career path wants to take them to become a veterinarian.

Therefore, a veterinarian assistant is an individual that assists a degreed veterinarian with animal care which includes immunization, use of preventive medicine, surgical procedures, etc.

The base salary of a veterinarian assistant can range from $25,000 to $38,707 per year.


18. Park Naturalist

A park naturalist, with an annual salary range of $67,000 to $68000, is an employment opportunity where the professional is involved in enhancing parks and recreational sites.

They draw upon their education and knowledge of the natural world to educate visitors but also teach about the balance between animals, plant life, and the ecosystem.


19. Aquarist

A field of endeavor that a zoology major can move into is the area of aquatics.

Marine zoologists bring their expertise as it relates to fish and other sea creatures living in aquariums.

An aquarist will ensure that the marine life is properly nourished, monitor and maintain their habitats, etc.

Also, an aquarist may be called upon to provide presentations to visitors to increase their awareness of marine life.

An aquarist can earn up to $34,000 annually.


20. Zoologist

The occupation of a zoologist with an annual salary of $78,000 is an individual who conducts research in a variety of laboratories.

A zoologist will study animals that are in captivity or study them in their natural environment.

The purpose of the research is to observe the animals in their natural environment and study and record their behavior and their development as a species.

A zoologist will reflect their study and present their findings in research reports, possible publications in academic journals, share their findings at conferences, etc.


21. Veterinarian

A natural job progression from a zoologist, with added training, is the professional occupation of a veterinarian.

A veterinarian is a doctor of veterinarian medicine and treats animals that have been injured, have illnesses, etc.

A veterinarian is also called upon to provide preventative care for animals which includes physical exams, immunizations, and so forth.

A veterinarian can early a salary of $130,000 per annum.


22. Zoo Educator

The occupational role of the zoo educator with a degree in zoology is not only interacting with animals but interacting with people as well.

A zoo educator is called upon to convey in presentations teachings and insights about the world of animals.

This employment position can earn a little less than $40,000 per year.


Personal Story

When I was in 10th grade one of the more enjoyable classes for me was biology.

In this class, we would talk about reproduction and how we became either female or male through the illustration of flipping coins, swabbing our cheeks to obtain representative cells from our body and putting them under the microscope, and so forth.

However, the dreaded day came when, in those days, we actually dissected frogs.

Seeing those poor creatures euthanized and then for us as students to do what we did to them seemed rather gruesome and barbaric and something that I did not enjoy at all.

From that moment forward, biology never held the same attention for me that it once did.


Highest Paying Salary Jobs After B Sc Zoology FAQs


What is Zoology?

The purest definition of zoology is the study of animals.

The discipline involves the study of animals as it relates to their behavior, structure, physiology, classification, and distribution.

In addition, zoology can entail the study of the animal’s habitat, the impact of their species on the environment, and vice versa.


What Education do you Need?

The education required to become a zoologist includes graduation from high school, and the potential of volunteering at wildlife parks, zoos, animal sanctuaries, aquariums, etc.

If it is determined that this is a career pursuit that you wish to follow a bachelor’s degree is required.

The core courses to become a zoology major include biology, mathematics, chemistry, and physics.

Also, an individual can take specialization courses as it relates to a particular field within the overall zoology category.

Specialization could include:

  • Marine biology
  • Ecology
  • Animal physiology
  • Genetics


What is B Sc Zoology?

A bachelor’s degree in zoology can either be in the area of earning a Bachelor of Arts Degree or a Bachelor of Science (BSc).

The Bachelor of Science Degree in Zoology is generally the preferred degree.


Where to Look for Jobs?

The best employment opportunities available for individuals with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Zoology would be in the government.

Those areas would include:

  • Federal
  • State
  • Local

Other options could include the private sector which would include:

  • Science Consulting Companies
  • Research Firms
  • Development Service Companies


Is Zoology a Good Career?

If you enjoy animals, have an interest in their environment, the study their behavior and habits then zoology may be a good match for your professional career.


Is There a Great Demand for the Employment of Zoologists?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, it is anticipated that the employment of biologists will grow by 5% during the next decade.


You Can Do It

If you enjoy the world of animals and see them as more than just pets or fellow residents of this planet, then perhaps the world of zoology is for you.

There are many related occupations within this broad field of service and study and earning a degree of Bachelor Science in Zoology or utilizing your degree in these various occupations is a strong possibility.



A zoologist is almost like an ambassador between the world of humanity and the animal kingdom both on land and sea.

Through their education, experience, and employment roles they utilize their involvement to study and care for the needs of animals, be a sentinel as it relates to the environment, and then use this data and information to better the world of humanity and for the animals.

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