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Importance of Outdoor Jobs

Many things in this world are classified as indoor/outdoor.

There are indoor and outdoor carpeting, indoor and outdoor pools, indoor and outdoor plants, etc.

Typically, indoor or outdoor products or objects, whether they are indoor or outdoor, are based on how they are manufactured, size, usefulness, etc.

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Another area of our lives that can be categorized as indoor or outdoor can be the jobs that we have chosen as our careers.

Both types of jobs are needed and often are intertwined together to satisfy the entire performance of the job or service provided.

With all of this in mind, let us step outdoors and look at some of those outdoor jobs that can be very high paying for qualified individuals.


25 High Paying Outdoor Jobs to Earn Money


1. Astronomer

An astronomer observes and conducts research by gazing into the heavens and observing the planets, stars, various galaxies and other celestial fixtures.

They typically conduct their observation outside.


2. Photographer  

A photographer is an artist, and their tapestry is typically focused on the outdoors.

Rather than an easel, paintbrush, and paint, they use a digital camera and focus on flowers, landscapes, and wildlife, as well as taking photographs of people both indoors and outdoors.

A quality photographer can command their salary based on their experiences and ability to capture that unique photograph against a stunning landscape.


3. Viticulturist  

A viticulturist is a career choice that will take the individual outside into a vineyard.

Specifically, a viticulturist is involved with the cultivation of grapes, especially in the area of cultivating those grapes in the use of winemaking.

The opportunities for employment usually find a viticulturist involved with a winery or employed in a vineyard.


4. Surveyor

A surveyor is an individual that takes exact measurements of property in order to determine what the boundaries are of the various areas of land.

A surveyor can work at a construction site or with a property department of the local community.

A surveyor will work outside but also inside as they capture the specifics of the measurements and put them either in a software program or on paper.


5. Park Ranger

A park ranger is a federal employee and works for the National Park Service.

Their role as park rangers is to protect and preserve the natural resources of the park that they have been assigned.

There are over 400 national parks and related offices, and being a park ranger is a perfect opportunity to work at a high-paying job that requires the individual to be outdoors.


6. Environment Engineer 

The function of an environmentally friendly engineer is usually to provide remedies that can help to lessen the pollutants which can be emitted into the air and also the environment.

This is a critical employment role since the expert will improve the usage of these natural resources.

This placement integrates the principles of soil science research, biochemistry, technology, and biology.


7. Hydrologists

Hydro is defined as water.

A hydrologist is given the job of studying water and how it is utilized and preserved worldwide.

A significant amount of their function is within the field where they research the circulation of rivers and take into consideration many different elements which may affect the grade of drinking water and also the volume of normal water on the planet.

They do this by gathering water and dirt examples.

Additionally, through technology, they may accurately foresee what kind of challenges may be encountered in the future as it concerns drinking water.


8. Agriculture and Food Items Researchers

The principal reason for an agriculture and food item researcher and food items scientist is to research and provide oversight on agricultural operations and recommend and locate methods to provide advancement as it relates to professional farming.

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9. Zoologist

A zoologist is a scientist whose area of research involves the study of animals.

Additionally, a zoologist is involved in scientific research with domesticated animals and is sure that the environment is conducive to their health and expansion of the species.

These are often engaged in scientific studies that require observation of animal communities and offer oversight and insight.


10. Environmental Health Officer

An environmental health officer is charged with understanding the various laws enacted by legislative bodies that pertain to the health and hygiene of the environment.

Also, in addition to understanding the laws, their duty is also to enforce those laws by inspecting and reporting where there are policies not followed.

If there are situations or incidences that occur and the environment can possibly be adversely affected, the health officer will arrive on the scene and make a determination.

That determination will involve what sort of accidents occurred and their possible effect on the surrounding environmental area.

The basis of concern for the environmental health officer surrounds the potential of pollution, toxic contamination and possible past infections.


11. Chief Sustainability Officer

The primary function of a chief sustainability officer is the monitoring and concentration on existing and potential challenges as it relates to the environment.

Their primary focus is on companies and the possible negative implications of the company’s services and products that they manufacture pertaining to the environment.

This officer will partner with companies to develop a strategy that is both sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Specifically, they will endeavor to implement programs and utilize ideas on how to maximize energy consumption and in the process, minimize pollution.


12. Soil and Plant Scientists

The primary role of a soil and plant scientist is to analyze collected soil samples and analyze the soil to determine the potential of growing food and the production of crops.

The samples are analyzed in a lab that determines the chemical properties and provides reports and solutions for any land that needs enrichment to be conducive to crop growth.


13. Microbiologist

A microbiologist concerns themselves with the study of microbes.

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This process is accomplished through the use of electron microscopes.

The microbes that are evaluated and placed under scrutiny include bacteria, algae, and fungi.

The purpose of studying these microbes is to determine their involvement and interaction with ecological and climate change.


14. Atmospheric Scientist

Climate is the primary focus of an atmospheric scientist.

By analyzing large amounts of data, they are able to gain a better understanding of possible climate change and, with that change, determine and report on any potential global warming issues.

Through the data, the scientists are able to understand the possibilities of negative global forecasts by analyzing humidity, temperature, barometric readings and windspeed.


15. Green Data Analyst

Through the accumulation variety of statistics related to the environment, a green data analyst group position will be able to create and disseminate a variety of reports.

These reports will be used by other scientists and researchers to present the analytical data to those in power to possibly enact legislation to mitigate the issues.

This career role is extremely critical as it relates to the potential of global warming and associated climate change.


16. Landscaping Architect

A high-paying outdoor job would be to take on the role of a landscape architect.

Through a variety of designs that are designed to maximize the use of outdoor areas for such items as:

  • Parks
  • Playgrounds
  • Campuses
  • Gardens
  • And so forth

In addition to maximizing the space that is available to create a feeling landscaped area, they also maximize the land by matching the plant life with what is conducive to the environment and the particular area.

To be a quality landscape architect would require an outstanding knowledge of wildlife, ecosystems, and xeriscaping.


17. Geoscientists

Geoscientists work primarily outdoors, with their job duties being the collection of numerous samples of rocks and land.

These samples are then taken back to the laboratory, where a variety of tests are performed.

The purpose of a geoscientist is to determine the availability of natural resources as well as create geological maps and charts.


18. Urban Planner

An urban planner is a profession in which the goal is to maximize the use of land as it relates to urban development.

The urban developer or planner is quite familiar with various factors related to this planning, with those factors being:

  • Population growth
  • Revitalization of the community
  • Recreational facilities such as parks
  • And so forth


19. Environment Lawyer

An environmental lawyer is an individual who is an expert as it relates to legislation and laws pertaining to the environment.

Their clientele is businesses and individuals that are concerned about clean technology and land management.

They also advise their clients on climate laws and help the client to navigate the various laws that are enacted that pertain to protecting the environment and the land.


20. Climbing Arborist

A climbing arborist also has the job description of being a tree doctor.

These professionals are acutely aware of the value of trees in a community and around the world and are committed to properly diagnosing any diseases or potential diseases of trees and forests.

Two successfully fulfill the job description they are often called upon to climb or skill the trees to fully conduct their research and provide a proper health diagnosis for the trees.


21. Solar Panel Installer

A solar panel installer is a high-paying outdoor job in which the individual harnesses the power of the sun by properly installing solar panels.

This is one of the more robust employment opportunities available today due to the quest of individuals to find different forms of energy.

A solar panel installer is also known as a PV installer.

Their specific role in the outdoors and as part of preserving the environment is to maintain photovoltaic systems that have been properly assembled and installed by these individuals.


22. Wind Turbine Professional

Another form of green energy is through when turbines.

A wind turbine technician is a profession that installs these huge windmills structures and therefore requires that the individual be comfortable working at great heights.

The wind turbine professional not only may be called upon to install these units but also provide inspection and maintenance of the wind turbines.


23. Energy Engineer

An energy engineer does not concentrate on one specific natural resource.

Your focus is on all natural resources with the purpose being to create different types of energy possibilities which could also include the use of oil and gas.

Sustainable and renewable energy sources are also part of the energy engineers’ focus, with these types of energy being wind, solar panels, and biofuels.


24. Conservation Scientist

A conservation scientist is dedicated to monitoring the quality of the land that is designated as “green” areas.

Possible examples of those green areas could include:

  • Parks
  • Rangelands
  • Forests

A conservation scientist will often partner and work with our farmers to develop ideas and potential strategies for improving the quality of the land for the growth of crops and food.


25. Agriculture Engineer

The main focus of an agricultural engineer is to investigate and find answers to challenges that are often affiliated with land that is used for agricultural growth.

An agriculture engineer is also concerned about environmental issues as it relates to the impact of livestock on the environment.

An agriculture engineer, therefore, may address some of these concerns through the potential solution of designing proper buildings that are specifically designed to hold livestock and therefore decrease the impact of livestock on the environment or climate.


Personal Story

When living in the Northwest part of the country, the weather was always a factor as to whether we chose to exercise indoors or out.

If it rained, and often it did, we would try to get our exercise by walking the mall and doing the required rounds as per the mileage indicated on the walls.

However, when the weather was nice and not inclement, we would take our exercise regimen outdoors and take advantage of the sun, the fresh air, etc., and do our exercising outside.

Preferably, for me, it was to exercise or walk outside, but when it was hot or rainy, then we certainly appreciated the opportunity to do our exercising within a mall setting.



What Are Some Benefits of Working Outdoors?

Some of the benefits of working outdoors include:

  • Taking advantage of sunlight and receiving vitamin D
  • Working outdoors can relieve stress
  • Increase one’s mood and enjoy being happy
  • Increase energy levels
  • Enhances the memory


Why Do People Enjoy Working Indoors?

Some of the advantages of working indoors include:

  • Personal space
  • Privacy
  • Better concentration
  • Possibly being more efficient and productive
  • Interpersonal skill improvement


You Can Do It

If you enjoy the fresh air, are not restrained by walls, offices or cubicles, but enjoy being out in the elements the good news is there are a variety of outdoor jobs that are just about as vast as the wide open spaces and ones that will provide a quality salary.



The one common denominator about humanity that joins us together is that we are all different and unique.

This uniqueness is reflected in our likes and dislikes or opinions, even as far as our working environment as to whether we enjoy working indoors or outdoors.

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