How will you like to know some of the best high paying jobs no one wants that you can get started with.

Some are even easy to get involved in.

This article reveals 25 of such high paying jobs others don’t want that you can earn a lot of money with.



Every day, there are people that go to work and perform their job admirably that we don’t know about or what they do.

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Not only do we not know what jobs they do that typically enhance our life, but if we knew what they did we would be appreciative and quickly move on our way.

We would not want anything to do with what they do as it, most likely, would not be very appealing to us.

Nevertheless, these jobs need to be done and thank heaven that there are individuals who work at these occupations and in return receive monetary benefits for their sacrifice.

Let us, therefore, pull away the shroud of these high paying jobs that the average person would not want and see what these unique jobs entail.


25 Best High Paying Jobs No One Wants


1. Crime Scene Cleaner

After a crime has been committed and there are casualties, the job of the crime scene cleaner is to clean up the area after the investigators have gathered all of their evidence.

As one can imagine a crime scene can be sometimes gruesome and therefore this job is not for the faint of heart.

Depending upon how horrific the crime was the cleanup can range anywhere from five hours to covering a number of days.

Also, the employment role of a crime scene cleaner can be dangerous as there may be infections, possibility of contracting diseases due to the involvement with a deceased person’s bodily fluids.


2. Embalmer

An embalmer is an individual that treats the body of a deceased individual.

The treatment could involve infusing the body embalming fluids, gluing the islands shut, etc. The purpose of the embalmer is to make the body presentable if the family chooses to pay their last respects by having the deceased in an open casket.

To become an embalmer, an associates or bachelor’s degree is required with the education being in mortuary science


3. Coal Miner

Being a coal miner is a hazardous occupation.

The hazards that a coal miner may encounter are potential chemical and gaseous hazards.

A coal miner, with their work being done primarily underground, is not a conducive work environment and as one can imagine is dirty, dark and suffocating.

A coal miner must be physically fit, have good strength, and great stamina as it relates to performing the job


4. Garbage Collectors

The old standby of a job that needs to get done but nobody wants to do is that of a picking up trash or garbage collector.

There still may be garbage routes in which the trash collector actually rolls out the garbage container for the hydraulic device on the garbage truck to pick up the can and empty the contents.

What makes the collection of garbage so distasteful is that it being trash can range from a number of items being thrown away from rotting food to baby diapers, etc.

In addition, the garbage collector does not have the luxury of working when the weather is pleasant but must perform their job in all types of weather.


5. Animal Urine Farmer

One seemingly unpleasant occupation is an occupation known as animal urine farmer.

The purpose of collecting the waste product from animals is in the creation of products designed to create odors for animals that are hunted by hunters.

A primary example is the collection of urine from a female deer in order to attract the male of the species so that the manufactured product will act as a lure for bucks.

The job entails the deer being kept in particular designated rooms with holes in the floor and the excretement is captured in containers and then packaged, kept refrigerated, and then shipped to be sold.


6. Sanitary Landfill

An individual who works at a landfill that is used to place the collected garbage from the community is known as a sanitary landfill operator.

These dedicated and hard-working individuals must again deal with the various contents of collected garbage and ensure that the garbage is properly placed in the different designated areas of the landfill.

This also can be a hazardous job as garbage can attract various types of insects which may be vehicles for carrying different types of diseases or pathogens.


7. Exterminator

The occupation of an exterminator is an individual that does preventative work and extermination of various types of insects as well as other pests.

Some of the less popular pests that can make our skin crawl include:

  • Cockroaches
  • Hornets
  • Rats
  • Termites
  • And so forth.


8. Oil Well

A labor intensive and isolated job that pays well but few individuals enter into this occupational role is an oil-rig worker.

This labor-intensive job generally is accomplished in 12 hours shifts with a variety of labor-intensive and dangerous jobs that are accomplished.

The salary is high but requires a significant tradeoff for one’s time, away from their family, and aboard an oil rig out located on the water over a considerable amount of time.

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9 Crab Fisher

When we go to our favorite restaurant that serves seafood one of the popular menu items is crab.

However, the crab doesn’t just simply crawl onto the dinner plate but requires an individual to work months on a fishing vessel, in the cold, during harsh seasons of the year and endure some of the more dangerous storms that arise.

To be a crab fisher requires a great deal of physical strength as a significant number of crabs are caught at a time utilizing heavy-duty crab traps.


10. Elevator

An occupation that is not often thought about even when taking the elevator rather than the stairs is an elevator installer and repair person.

The job may require the inspection of the various cables and internal workings of the elevator, inspect the moving parts, and require a high degree of strength and attention to the safe operation of the elevator.


11. Portable Toilet

If you have ever frequented a portable toilet, you know how different toilet habits are exhibited by individuals.

These toilets are a convenient way for the public, generally utilized at a community event, and are important so that individuals can address normal bodily functions.

However, portable potties do not have a flushing mechanism and therefore the waste is collected in a tank and when scheduled, is picked up and removed for dumping and for cleaning.

Individuals that work at a portable toilet cleaning company can average anywhere from 50 to 60 portable toilets cleaned in a day.

Without going into explicit detail this can be a job that not only bombards the human senses but the possibility of being exposed to different types of diseases, if the waste products are not handled properly, can be a factor.


12. Sewage Inspector

The unenviable employment position of sewage inspector requires that the individual actually walk the sewage line looking for leaks, clogs, cracks, etc.

The job requires them to work underground, which can be claustrophobic, scarcity of oxygen, and natural light.

In addition, added to the mix, are all sorts of underground creatures that an individual may have to contend with.


13. Adult Entertainer

An unspeakable occupation that nobody wants but, quite possibly, has a large viewing audience is in the area of adult entertainment.

Suffice it to say that most individuals would find this work to be repulsive but nevertheless there are those individuals that are involved and can earn a good wage.



14. Gastroenterologist

A gastroenterologist is a doctor that specializes in the gastrointestinal tract of a human being.

The reality of the digestive system is that it supplies the body with the various nutrients needed through the ingestion of food but is also part of the process of eliminating that waste through the network of the stomach, small intestine, large intestine, etc.

In particular specific ailments that a gastroenterologist may be involved with could include blockage in this system, doing colonoscopies, talking about the appearance of our stools, and so forth.


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15. Sewer Flusher

An important role within a community and is critical to the health of the community and hygiene is the professional job or occupation of a sewer flusher.

The ultimate job description of the sewer flusher is to make sure that the sewer system is not blocked by unwanted items that can accumulate in the sewer system.

Some of those items include:

  • Non-soluble fats
  • Oils
  • Non-biodegradable waste
  • And so forth

The job requires that the individual have a strong constitution as it relates to working in less than pristine conditions as well as not being claustrophobic and being able to perform labor in a cramped area.

The occupational role of sewer flusher is literally a dirty job but is one that has to be accomplished and payment is commensurate with this position.


16. Truck Driver

Being a truck driver is not a job that deals with nasty materials or doing something that could be classified as repulsive.

In fact, it is a job that is often romanticized with the truck driver being an individual who keeps the supply chain moving as it relates to the transportation of goods that we need on a regular basis.

What makes this a high-paying job is few want the long hours, being away from the family, and dedication required being on the road to ensure that the products are delivered efficiently and in a safe manner.

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17. Toll Booth

The employment position of a tollbooth operator is generally not a job that people dream about as a career move.

The reality for a toll booth operator is that they are restricted to a small area, interact with customers that may be in different types of moods and collect money from these drivers in their vehicles to use certain facilities.

A toll booth operator can be found on toll ways, parking lots, at airports, etc.


18. Sales

An unenviable job that the average person may not be interested in working at is in the area of sales.

First of all, salespeople have a bad reputation, through no fault of their own, as individuals will stereotype them as certain types of unscrupulous and non-honest people.

The role of an individual in sales is to present a product, engage in persuasive conversation, and endeavor to try to get the individual to buy something that they may not necessarily want.

Being in sales can be a high-paying position as not only will the individual receive a wage, but they also may work on a commission.


19. Podiatrist

Some would say that one of the least attractive features of the human body is the feet.

The feet take a lot of abuse during the course of the day and are sometimes neglected.

This neglect results in calluses, bunions, dry skin, toenails that may be susceptible to certain types of fungus, athlete’s feet, etc.

A non-glamorous medical profession is the role of a podiatrist who is called upon to care for an individual’s feet.

They perform a critical function for the health of this important part of the anatomy despite the reality that it may not be appealing to others.


20. Underwater Welder

An underwater Welder makes a significant salary due to the risks that they take in performing welding that is beneath the sea.

An underwater welder may be called upon to work in areas such as offshore oil rigs, pipelines, ships, etc.

It is a dangerous job and in fact is considerably more dangerous than the work of a corrections officer.

The dangers of this job and the possibility of serious injury make this a job that is not pursued by a number of individuals.


21. Snake Milker

A dangerous job for an individual who is highly trained and knows what their doing is the milking of a snake for their venom.

The venom is typically used for medical research and is part of the process in making drugs that help treat high blood pressure and address blood clots.

What makes this an extremely difficult job for people to think about going into may be their hatred of snakes for one thing and the possibility of being bitten.


22. Death Row Executioner

A repulsive job that many would find difficult to be involved with would be the taking of another person’s life.

The reality is that capital punishment is legal in some states and does require an individual to administer the lethal injection or be involved in strapping a felon to the electric chair.

Given the action of this job would require an individual who would have the fortitude and mental capacity to take another individual’s life and therefore is not an employment position that is, quite frankly, sought after by individuals.


23. Head Lice Technician

One of the realities, especially in the lives of young people as they share combs and brushes with each other, is the delicing of these young people from this insect.

It would require that the children are observed by inspecting their hair and if the presence of lice is there providing the treatment that is needed as well as educating the family about how a louse transfers between individuals.


24. Bovine Semen Collector

Another non-glamorous job is the collection of fertility fluids from bulls.

The sample is collected by using an electrical device that is inserted in the rectum of the bull which causes the animal to provide the sample for the technician.

This certainly is a unique employment opportunity and one that most people would not find very comfortable in performing.

Typically, the specimen is collected and preserved by freezing and is utilized for artificial insemination of female bulls.


25. Butcher

As part of the food supply system an important occupation, but one that individuals would not particularly enjoy, is the butchering of animals.

In addition to this high-salaried position, working in a slaughterhouse is the opportunity of cutting different types of meat and being involved in the occupation of a butcher.

Obviously, this is not a job for the squeamish or for an individual who has a sensitive stomach.


Personal Story

When I was without a job my stepdaughter pulled some strings and got me an appointment for a job interview with the county.

Out of respect for her and not really knowing what the job entailed I went anyway and interviewed for the position.

When I arrived for the interview, I found out the employment position was for a corrections officer.

Being completely ignorant, I had no idea what that was all about and so the job interview proceeded and a number of questions were asked.

One of the questions asked by the interviewer was what I would do if an individual in custody spit on me and how I would handle it.

My response was that I would follow the policies and most likely would call the guard in charge to handle the situation.

It was a pretty dumb answer as, if I had gotten the job, would have been calling myself because that was my role.

Of course, a few days later, I contacted the corrections department and thanked them for the time, but I withdrew my application.

That was a job that I was not cut out for and certainly didn’t want regardless of what the pay was.


High Money Making Jobs Others Don’t Want FAQs


If It is Difficult to Hire People for These Jobs, Why Would Anyone Do It?

First of all, these employment positions need to be accomplished.

They are not glamorous, it’s hard work, and often requires being involved in something that could be defined as repulsive.

However, not all people are the same and some have a tolerance for performing these types of jobs and if so, they can be paid well for their efforts.


What is the Highest Paying Job That Nobody Else Wants That Doesn’t Require Extensive Education?

Three of the top highest paying jobs that nobody wants include:

Animal Urine Farmer – $93,000 and up

Coal Miner – $76,000

Elevator Installer – $88,540


You Can Do It

If you are looking for a unique job in this world and one that certainly would be an icebreaker at various get-togethers, you can look into some of these opportunities to work at a job that can be defined as something else that no one would want to do.

The reality is however, they need to be done and if you have the necessary requirements and the constitution to perform these jobs there certainly would not be a waiting line.



There are many jobs that individuals do in this world that are run-of-the-mills jobs and not often heard about.

Often, these jobs deal in areas that are critical to the health and well-being of most of the community that they serve and yet due to the requirements of the employment position we would find them to be jobs that you couldn’t pay us enough to perform.

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