Here’s Why Customer Service Courage is the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread


It takes much to be successful in the customer service industry. Today’s shoppers are a hardened bunch.  More than ever before they are knowledgeable, deliberate in their price negotiations and not afraid to uphold their expectations.

Customer Service Courage

Do you have customer service courage?  

It takes courage to speak with an upset customer hell bent on seeking out the manager to vent their frustrations on.

How do you succeed when faced with a disillusioned customer that will not shy away from stating their displeasure?

“You did this”, “You promised that” or my personal favorite “I’m paying a lot of money and don’t want to be nickel & dimed for…”  Ever been on the receiving end of statements like these?

One of the most difficult aspects of customer service is keeping your cool while those around you lose theirs.

Told that an upset customer demands to speak with you sends the hairs on your neck straight up. “What do I do?” “What happened?” “What do I say?” “Who screwed-up this time?” “What am I going to tell them?” These are the thoughts that rattle through our minds as we take the walk of shame towards the customer.

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But why are you in this situation in the first place? What have you done wrong or possibly overlooked that has created this negative situation and gave your customer a reason to complain?

Have you staffed enough employees for the intended business? Have you ordered the right amount of supplies or materials? Have you trained your staff well enough and provided them with all the tools necessary to be successful so they may properly service your customers? Have you planned for the unexpected?

If you can answer questions like these with a yes that’s great! If you answered no to these questions, you will need much more than just customer service courage!

You will need to reevaluate your way of doing business.

You need courage to plan, courage to anticipate, and courage to get out of your office and lend a hand to fix whatever is wrong – before the customer receives anything less than your best!

That is what customer service courage really is.

You must have full faith and peace of mind that your business will meet and surpass all the needs, wants and desires of your customers.

When you prepare well calmness will take over. You can take on any battle, take on any obstacle, and take on any challenge that stands in front of you.

Courage will guide your principles to do what’s in the best interest in your customer.  No short-cuts or half-hearted attempts to serve.

Your customers will appreciate your efforts when they know your intent is true.

You will be rewarded with repeat business, increased positive word of mouth and be able to build a foundation for success.  No need to fear the troubled times because you have planned for all contingencies.

Be confident in your abilities.  Let your skill set determine your future and behold your adaptability to handle any situation that comes your way.

Customer service courage? I don’t think you need it…


  1. Dealing with angry customers is not an easy thing. Displaying courage will only be effective if the marketer has done what is required.

    Some customers are naturally trouble makers so wisdom demands that dealing with such people must be carried out revealing their flaws.

  2. Hey Steve,

    This is my first time of learning about customer service courage. I am of the opinion that every marketer must find a way to be courageous in facing dissatisfied customers. It will not always be easy but why worry if there is nothing to hide?

  3. Hey Steve,

    Indeed, one must “have full faith and peace of mind that your business will meet and surpass all the needs, wants and desires of your customers.”

    It is important sincerely face the customer to address the problem. The skill to handle difficult customers should be developed with learning and experience.

    Thus, I agree with all you have discussed here!

  4. Hi Steve,

    Courage is definitely needed in the customer service field. You almost have to treat this position like you own it, like you love it, in order to succeed in this area of a business. In certain situations where you have exceeded the customer’s expectations, the customer then tell others how great your business is and; thus, free referral marketing for the company. Great post, Steve and thank you for sharing. 🙂
    Artice Upchurch (A.D. Upchurch) recently posted…How Clean Is Your Office, Really?My Profile

    • That’s one of the most difficult parts of the customer service industry. We must direct a customer’s inconsiderate actions towards what is needed for the business.

      I have no problem with “firing a customer” and refusing to do business with them if they create more problems than we are willing to deal with.

      Sure, there will be a short term headache, and maybe even bad social media posts, but in the long run we will be much better off.

      Thanks Deangelo.
      Steve DiGioia recently posted…The Great Leader Right Under Your NoseMy Profile

  5. Great customer service is one of the things that people love when they go shopping. It is the foundation of any business, no matter the product. Poor customer service can make the best of products look terrible.

    Preparing well to best meet the clients needs is all you really have to do. You have to always remember that customer is first priority. Without them, you wouldnt have a business.

    Lawrence Berry recently posted…6 Habits of Extremely Happy PeopleMy Profile

  6. Hi Steve,

    I enjoyed this post and agree with you.

    But when a business has done what they should and have full faith and peace of mind as you said that the business will meet and surpass all the needs, wants and desires of its customers, what about that special “customer from hell”?

    You know that customer who is never satisfied and who will always complain, no matter what.

    How do you deal with such customer?

  7. Hello!

    Fantastic Article! I agree that consumers today are more informed that ever before and they have more platforms to voice their concerns than ever before. Anyone who offers a product or service absolutely needs to have courage (and confidence!) in customer service. It is naive to think that knowing your service or product and methods will be enough.

    When it comes to customer service, I view negative situations as an opportunity to learn and improve what I’m doing. Is there something that is misleading? What something difficult to implement? What part of this ISN’T working? Resolution requires thinking outside of the box, which is an ability that marketing professionals have in abundance. Each time we get the opportunity to do this, we get the opportunity to improve on what we have. Even complaints are feedback!

    I agree it’s fine to ‘fire’ a customer when you determine a business relationship won’t work; however, I love resolutions. I have asked customers in the past, “What can I do to make this right for you?” If it is within reason, I deliver. If it isn’t, I look for a happy medium. These people often become my most loyal customers because the question let them know I was interested and fair.

    If you haven’t seen Bob Farrell’s ‘Give’em the Pickle’, check it out. It’s all about going out of your way to do that little bit extra to make someone happy.