If you need help with your rent, you absolutely should read this article.

It shows you several ways you can pay your rent, even if things are bad for you right now.

Apart from ways to pay your rent, it also shows you some ways to prevent falling into issues with your rent, in the future.

It can be a really daunting feeling to know that your rent is due and you don’t have the money to pay.

Maybe this isn’t the problem for you.

Maybe you can pay your rent, but the amount you pay is so much that it really put a lot of stress on you.

What you need are some methods to either make money fast or just find the money you need, in order to help you get things under control.

The fear of being kicked out on the streets is a very real one and it’s something no one should have to experience.

Having trouble with your rent doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. It just likely means you did one of the following things in order to bring about your situation:

  • Took on an apartment that cost too much money and didn’t know at the time that it was going to be tough to pay when money got tight.
  • Took on other expenses thinking it wouldn’t impact you too much, but now the total cost is making it hard for you to pay the rent.
  • Lost a job or were out of work for a certain period of time and because of this you’ve fallen behind in your rent and are struggling to get back to good.
  • Made some mistakes with how you managed money and fell behind on rent, which is an honest mistake some people make.

Regardless, you need money now or need ways to get things under control with paying your rent. Don’t worry – keep reading and you will find helpful tips in the rest of this article.


17 Best Ways To Get Help With Your Rent Now


1. Determine Just How Bad Your Rent Situation Is

There are obvious situations you might be in where you need rent money right away.

In this case you have to focus on getting out of an immediate bad situation first.

The best thing you can do is take out a short term loan from the right loan places, in order to pay your rent.

We’re not talking about a conventional instant payday loans, but a true short term loan in order to get out of an immediate bad situation.

After you can be sure your rent is paid, now the focus will be on finding ways to help paying your rent easier.

That’s what the next few methods will focus on.


2. Rent Out Sections of Your Apartment or House

We know that for some this might not be practical, but at least consider if this is something you’re willing to do.

You don’t even have to go out there looking for people who will rent, thanks to Airbnb.

With Airbnb, you can immediately list the particular section(s) you want to rent out, for a period of time and can get interested people quickly.

If you don’t want to use Airbnb, you can just advertise in various online marketplaces or sites like Craigslist that you’re willing to rent a room out of your house or a certain area in order to help make rent.

If you live in an actual house consider every area if possible. This would include attics and basements, especially if they’re suitable for someone to be in.

If your rent situation is dire enough and you don’t have other sections of your apartment or house to rent out, why not rent the whole place for a little while…. to get the money you need right now?

Depending on where you live, you could even get someone within hours or days, after listing on Airbnb.

Of course you should first ensure you have the rights to do this, especially if you live in an apartment.


3. Look Into Emergency Assistance Programs in Your Area

Usually there are state programs in your area that will help you with rent if you’re in need.

Some of these are from governments programs that give free money, free food, free Internet, free accommodation and other benefits to people in need.

The chance of being approved for such assistance is higher if you’re a woman and have a child.

These programs usually can only be used once or twice, but if you qualify it can help you right away.

Emergency rent assistance programs should only be used if you absolutely need it, not as a means to avoid giving money you actually do have to your landlord.


4. Rent a Cheaper Apartment Before Things Get Too Bad

If you’re not in a really bad situation right now, then why not consider checking if you can get a cheaper apartment now.

Maybe you might have to settle for less space or maybe you might have to move to an area where things aren’t so nice.

If you’re willing to make a few sacrifices, the savings in rent can be tremendous.

You can even try asking your landlord or property manager if they have lower cost options available before things get out of hand.


5. Negotiate a Cheaper Rent With Your Landlord

If things are very dire and your landlord is threatening to kick you out… don’t worry – it’s still not the end of the world.

need help with rent

You can always try to negotiate things with your landlord, directly.

In many cases this isn’t going to be all that successful, but it doesn’t mean that you might not have a landlord who is willing to listen.

Negotiating the rent down even just a little can help a lot.

The problem with this approach is that most landlords won’t care to listen if you aren’t already someone who is consistent with rent payment.

Assuming that you are, then most of the time they’ll see if the previous option is open, meaning getting you into a cheaper apartment.


6. See What You Can Sell in Order to Pay the Rent

If you need emergency help, then you don’t have the time to be picky about the options you’ll use to come up with the money.

Whether it is to sell your shoes or even your used clothes if there’s anything you can sell, then sell it.

You can simply look around for things that you no longer want that others can pay for. Even things like consumer electronics, gift cards and anything else you feel someone would want.

Talking about electronics though, it’s also a good idea to click here for ways of saving money on electricity as money saved is obviously extra money you can put towards your rent!

Should you find that a particular thing sells really well or for a nice amount, focus on using whatever money you have to purchase more and scale things up in order to generate a nice second income to help with the rent.

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7. Don’t Be Afraid to Donate Plasma

Donating plasma is one of those weird things that some people are against, but if you can do it consistently then this can greatly help you with rent.

In the case that you need money right away it can be used to maybe buy you a little more time to come up with the rest of the rent.

Of course you don’t have to go to extremes like donating sperm for money (as a male), donating eggs for money (as a female) or even selling your feet videos or pictures.

With donating plasma, most places offer about $200-250 per month if you donate consistently, but in some cases it might be more.

Don’t be afraid to utilize this option.

It’s extra money and your contribution is used for a good cause on top of things.


8. Use the Services of 2-1-1 to See if Help Is Available

Once again this files under the emergency assistance category, but it doesn’t have to necessarily do with a state program to help you with rent.

There are local charities that might be able to help you with your rent, but you have to have the courage to ask.

Calling 2-1-1 in order to see if help is available might just be the lifeline you’re looking for.

It’s not easy to take the first step, but if have no money and are in desperate need of money, you can’t rule it out.


9. Reduce Certain Debt Obligations to Free Up Money for Rent

Take a look at all of your monthly expenses.

Now do your best to determine which ones you can cut back on, reduce in some way or put off completely.

We believe this is one of the best methods for getting help with your rent.

An example would be for those who have a lot of credit card debt or even payday loans from loan companies that are draining you every month.

If you can someone negotiate something to lower the payment you have to make, then this can be a life saver.

Debt such as credit cards, student loans and even car loans would all be things to look into reducing or stalling.

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10. Use Sites Such as Taskrabbit to Make Extra Money

Taskrabbit is a good way to find some good local odd jobs in order to earn cash.

If this is something you’re willing to do in order to earn extra money, then download the app and get started ASAP.

It’s one of the best money making apps for those who are ready to do some quick work.

Unlike those apps that pay you just for installing or playing games, you need to do some work to get with Taskrabbit though.

If you need another option, then look into some day labor agencies in your area.

We know this certainly isn’t for everyone, but these types of agencies will pay you at the end of the day.

And if you’re a good worker you’ll certainly get consistent work.

If you just need emergency cash to help with the rent, then what could it hurt?

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11. Cut Back on Groceries in Order to Help With the Rent

how to get help with rent

You have options in terms of what you do in order to feed yourself.

You can choose to shop at discount stores.

You can choose to utilize coupon websites in order to save money.

For example there are many places to get KFC coupons and many other food coupons out there.

You can also look for one day sales or other specials to help you get a lot for less money.

You can even decide to go to food pantries or go college style (meaning just eating soups or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches).

The money you save on food can go towards rent.

It might be a sacrifice you only have to make for a short while.

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12. Ask Around to See if You Can Borrow the Money

When we say ask around we don’t mean beg on the street or anything.

It also doesn’t always mean going out there to get loans such as unsecured loans for people with bad credit which might end up getting you deeper into trouble.

We mean asking people who might really be in a position to help you with rent.

Asking for help from anyone who can help you isn’t something to be ashamed of, but you certainly want to make sure that you take measures to payback what you borrow.

You want to have integrity after all.


13. Use Your Credit Card(s) to Pay the Rent

Of course you can always use your credit card(s) if you can.

We know this can be deadly for most people with the high interest rates of credit cards but if all else fails, it can be a life-saver.

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14. Sell All Your Old DVDs to Raise the Rent Money

The reason why we mention doing this is because although these days you have a lot of online content platforms, there’s still a market for DVDs.

Chances are you have a nice collection and if you sell it then the money you raise can really help with paying the rent.

Don’t stop at DVDs, be willing to sell old music CDs and books.

Ask other people you know if they have these items and don’t mind giving some or all of them to you.


15. Be Willing to Give Up Your Apartment and Room With Someone Else

One of the best options for those who feel their rent burden is just too much would be just giving up their apartment and rooming with someone else.

The amount you pay is going to depend on how many other people live in the house and where the house is.

It will be easy cash for them but life-saver for you.

The nicer the accommodations and better the area, then the pricier it might be.

Taking this option before things can get too bad can be a great way to cut back on expenses until you were financially stable again.

16. Don’t Forget This Critical Tip

Getting your rent cost down is probably the most practical piece of advice offered in this article.

High rent simply requires too much of your income and there are always going to be instances where if you make one bad choice, then it will make it tough for you to come up with the rent.

It puts you at the mercy of circumstances way too much and you don’t want this.

What you want is some breathing room.

You want some room to make a mistake.

Getting your cost of rent down, however you do it, is the best way to do this.

Yes, you might have to make sacrifices you don’t want to make, but ask yourself just how worth it is it to you in order to have peace of mind and a nice warm roof over your head.


17. Look for Extra Ways To Make Money Online and Offline

This is a given, isn’t it? The more money you can bring in, the less of a problem you will have with rent.

Even if you already have a job, there are now online jobs or even night jobs you can do, on the side, to bring in extra money.

In fact even if you don’t want other jobs, there are other ways to make extra money on the side, while still having fun.


get help with your rent

We know that for most people who really need help with their rent now, most of these methods won’t be applicable.

However, you have to focus on getting your situation stable at least.

Whatever you do, if you can just get things stable then you can take a lot of the stress away from yourself.

Falling behind in rent and having to pay late fees is a stress.

Your landlord threatening to evict you can put stress on you.

Having to worry about where you’ll live should this happen will put stress on you.

Not taking some form of action to alleviate your situation will put stress on you.

We feel the bottom line is that for people who are being overwhelmed with their rent situation, they have to focus on getting things stable first.

Just this one thing will help you out tremendously and will enable you to start thinking clearer about your situation.


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