Have You Tried Landing Page Templates to Boost Your Email List?


It may be old, but it is definitely not dead.

Email marketing has proven to be one of the all-time promotion pillars for successful online businesses.

It is the best way to maintain awareness of the people who’ve expressed interest in your brand.

Although, the technology is older than the internet itself, it remains one of the most efficient ways of establishing an almost personal connection with people across the globe.

For online businesses, email marketing is ahead of social media when it comes to converting followers into paying customers.

It is also the most efficient source of analytics data for digital marketers.

However, before you unlock the incredible potential of your email marketing, you need one piece of the puzzle first – converting visitors into subscribers.

Using Landing Pages to Build an Email List

You just cannot launch an email marketing campaign without subscribers.

Online marketers today utilize different methods of building an email list.

One particular “outbound” strategy is to purchase an email list so you could be the one to reach your audience first.

However, it should not be hard to see why this is not an efficient solution especially for the long-term.

This is why successful marketers deploy inbound strategies that grow an email list naturally over time.

This is done by optimizing lead acquisition channels such as social media and blogs before directing them to a landing page.

This is where conversions occur.

Apart from inbound channels, landing pages are also crucial for paid ad campaigns.

A landing page works by offering something of value in exchange for the audience’s contact information.

In this case, it should be the audience’s email address.

However, maximizing the conversion rate for your landing pages can be tricky.

The usual route is to build everything from scratch, evaluate its performance over time, and roll out the necessary changes based on the data.

However, that does not guarantee those changes will make improvements.

Without an effective landing page, you could be wasting all your inbound marketing efforts – letting all your potential customers go down the drain.

The hard fact is that it takes the time to develop a highly converting landing page on your own.

Gathering the required analytics data may take weeks, if not months. This is where landing page builders and templates come in.

Using Landing Page Templates

A landing page template cuts to the chase and gives your email marketing campaign a head start.

Being designed by professionals, most landing page templates are already laid out and pre-configured for optimal conversions.

This means you can just focus more on writing your email content and developing your lead acquisition channels.

The best part is you no longer have to pay to gain access to effective landing page templates.

With platforms like GetResponse and sites like JustFreeThemes, you can choose from hundreds of beautiful landing page templates made by professionals.

Since these templates already use conversion-friendly layouts, you can focus solely on creating your copy.


One advantage of using GetResponse is that you can build specific landing pages for different purposes.

This includes opt-in pages, “Thank You” pages, newsletters, sales pages, and so on.

It also has integrated analytics and A/B testing tools to help you boost the performance of your pages even more.

It is an all-in-one platform that will also assist you in other areas of your email marketing campaigns as well.

The drag-and-drop editor allows you to build landing pages using “blocks” in place of visual elements.

This includes backgrounds, input fields, buttons, and text blocks.

You can organize and customize your page’s layout by moving, resizing, cropping, or re-shaping these objects.

Finally, you can also use the integrated image editor to apply filters, add stickers, or edit images with various brushes.

Optimizing Landing Pages

Make sure you look for responsive landing pages when browsing for templates.

These are themes that will automatically adjust to the smaller displays of handheld devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

This has never been more important now that more users are using their mobile devices to access the internet.

They also rely more on their phones for accessing essential online services such as email, social media, and even search engines.

If you want to maximize conversions, you should ensure that the experience is streamlined across all platforms.

Although there is already an enormous range of landing page templates available in the market, you still need your modifications to incorporate uniqueness and establish your brand’s identity.

GetResponse along with tools like Instapage and Lander can help speed up this process with their drag-and-drop landing page builders.


Both Instapage and Lander are landing page creation tools that work similarly as GetResponse.

Lander also has an A/B testing tool to help you find the best version of your landing page much faster.

You may choose to start with a blank template or edit any of the existing templates to create a highly converting landing page.

You can add buttons, input fields, headlines, paragraphs, videos, and other visual elements using the drag-and-drop editor.


Using effective landing pages is the key to boosting your email list.

You can browse resources such as JustFreeThemes or use tools like Instapage and Lander to help you build high-performing landing pages.

However, if you need this done along with email marketing management and analytics, then opt for an all-in-one platform such as GetResponse.


** Written by Christopher Jan Benitez at IM-Blog101


  1. Yes, I have tried free landing page templates and I can say they have worked pretty well in converting prospects.

    As long as there is a quality content and proper promotion, the template for email will easily help the user boost the email list.

    My best takeaway from this post is the revelation of Instapage and Lander tools as landing page creation tools.

    For every blogger and email marketer, making the most of landing page means choosing responsive templates that can be easily optimized!
    Sunday William recently posted…What Can We Do To Improve Content That Is Not Yielding Results?My Profile

  2. Hi Freddie,
    Landing page optimization readily helps to boost email marketing. If the marketer is conversant with responsive and well optimized landing pages, it becomes easier to use a template to achieve marketing goals.

    I have a friend who is very conversant with GetResponse as all-in-one platform for email marketing. This platform is surely working for me. So, I am not surprise to know that the platform is mentioned, reviewed and recommended here.

    Nevertheless, there are free landing page templates offered by different brand, it becomes necessary research and try some of them to see how conversion can be effected!
    Celine recently posted…What Can We Do To Improve Content That Is Not Yielding Results?My Profile

    • Hi Celine!

      That is right! 😉

      Using the right templates, the right layouts, and the right designs – can make a huge difference in your results when building an email list with capture pages.

      I also use GetResponse and they do have many email marketing tools. They also have webinars and training – which makes GetResponse a complete email marketing tool and service for everyone!

      I also use another tool to build good landing pages and capture pages, but it is just a WordPress Plugin called Profit Builder. This is for people who love to build their own landing pages with a Drag & Drop interface.

      Either way, using the best tools and the right tools – to get the best results with your email marketing strategies is very very important! 😉

      Thank you for coming by and leaving a comment, Celine!

      Keep up the great work my friend!

      Have a wonderful week! 😀
      Freddy G. Cabrera recently posted…The One Weird Thing You Need to Know About Storytelling and Blogging!My Profile

  3. Hello Freddy, I do have Get Response and have set up a few landing pages in the past, it is a super easy system to use. Oh Yeh if I can do it anyone can! I am in NO WAY a Techy Person.

    I am curious to learn more about this Instapage and Lander that you have talked about here to build high-performing landing pages.

    Curious? Does this work along with Get Response?

    Well I am off to check each of these out.
    Thanks for sharing
    Chery :))
    Chery recently posted…Where Does Your Money Go?My Profile

    • hey hey Chery!!

      I also use GetResponse and love it! 🙂

      They do have a complete arsenal of email marketing tools – and even offer great email marketing training!

      They just released some new features too. THey now have more Automation Tools to help you save some time 😉 … I’m sure you probably got an email from GetResponse letting you know about it.

      These other Landing Page Builders work with most Email Autoreponders. I highly recommend you to check them out and see which one you would like to play with! 😉

      Making sure you have the most efficient and high-converting landing pages can really boost up your numbers!

      Thank you for coming by and leaving a comment, Chery!

      Keep up the great work

      Have a fantastic week! 😀
      Freddy G. Cabrera recently posted…The One Weird Thing You Need to Know About Storytelling and Blogging!My Profile

  4. Hey Freddie,

    Landing page templates to boost email list? That sounds interesting but I have not really tried it. My reason is that I am still growing my email list.

    However, with the details shared here, I think I have idea of what to do next while building my list. I guess using a responsive landing page template can go hand-in-hand with list building, right?

    I love the idea of using platforms like GetResponse and Lander to build and optimize a landing page template. It is an enticing combination for high performance landing page.

    Thanks for sharing this piece!

  5. Hey Freddy,

    I have used landing pages in the past and they work tremendously.

    I was using paid advertising (PPC and Solo Ads) and I was getting a lot of leads every day between the two.

    My only problem was that I wasn’t using paid ads in moderation and I was only making a couple of sales a week.

    So now I’ve wised up and more cognizant towards who I market to and how to stay in control of my paid ads.

    Unfortunately I’m still paying for it, but I will look into the free landing pages you mentioned here. I’ll have to play with them until I get comfortable and on my feet to use paid advertisement again.

    Thanks for sharing! Have a good one!
    Sherman Smith recently posted…Diversify Your Shares With The Social Warfare WordPress PluginMy Profile

    • Hey Sherman!

      Oh man, you gotta be very careful with Paid Advertisement!

      You can easily spend a few thousands and get very low ROI – if you don’t every single thing right (I’m talking from own experiences here).

      One of the keys to be successful with Paid Ads to capture leads – is Split Testing and Data Analyzing.

      The best tool, out of the ones mentioned here, that offers you great analytic data and split testing – is Instapage.

      It is so critical to see how many clicks you get, how many convert into leads, and finally, how many actually buy. It all really comes down to a science.

      I have learned my fair share of lessons from Paid Ads myself! lol 😉

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment man!

      Have a great week, and keep on moving forward! 😀
      Freddy G. Cabrera recently posted…Important Guidelines To Effectively Market To College StudentsMy Profile

  6. I’m glad you wrote this article because so many people use their lack of tech skills to convince themselves that they can’t create landing pages.

    Landing pages are an important element to email marketing but many marketers give up when they can’t create one and it severely effects their business. There are so many free landing page templates and software available today, that there’s no excuse for not having a landing page.

    The secret to a highly effective landing page that converts is the narrative. Keep your narrative focused on the benefits the customer will receive and include a call to action in your narrative and your landing page will convert.

    I use landing page templates in all my PPC campaigns and test dozens of them for the best conversions. Like I always say: There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel when it works so well, and templates do work well.

    I personally believe you should use as many free templates as you can test to create an arsenal of highly optimized landing pages.

    Thanks again for writing this article Freddie, I’m sure it will help a lot of marketers to overcome their fears and finally start building their list.
    Gordie Chase recently posted…How to Boost Your Page Ranking With A Small Piece Of Code?My Profile

  7. Hi Freedom Blogger

    Yes, I believe a good optimized landing page is a very essential part of building a targeted email mailing list. I also think you are correct on the notion that optimizing a landing page can be very tricky so I think it is important to always try to split test and improve your landing pages as well as opt in rate.

    Thanks for writing this very useful content!

  8. Hi Freddy,

    I am just starting out with my blogging. Your posts here on Kingged have helped me out greatly.

    I use instabuilder to build my optin-pages. I also am considering offering different lead magnets for the different topics on my blog.

    For example a copywriting lead magnet for copywriting and a twitter lead magnet for twitter…

    I haven’t tested my opt-in pages yet since I am new and I figure I should work on getting consistent traffic first before tweaking. You need enough views for the testing to be accurate.

    Take care Freddie, have a great week!