Have You Considered LinkedIn For Online Reputation Management?



Online reputation management is something that should be consistent if you must keep winning. It’s not enough using words considered as “credible” to rank in Google when in the real sense of the word you cannot be trusted in simple business relationship. For individuals and businesses, mismanagement of actions or inactions easily harms their online reputation.

The phase of online marketing we are in now embraces social media.   What we do in social media networking has an effect on how others see our business.

One social media platform that can be used to manage online reputation is LinkedIn. It is possible you don’t know the power of this tool in reputation management but it’s a good thing you are reading this now. It hints on ways we can use LinkedIn for reputation management.

First off, let’s be reminded of what online reputation management (ORM) and LinkedIn is.

What is online reputation management?

According to Wikipedia, Online Reputation Management (ORM) is the control of an individual’s or business’ reputation through search results.

What is LinkedIn? – This is a social media platform where

  •  You can build your professional identity online and stay in touch with colleagues and classmates.
  • You can discover professional opportunities, business deals, and new ventures.
  • You get the latest news, inspiration, and insights you need to be great at what you do.


With LinkedIn you can get endorsements, recommendations, recognitions, engagements, and credibility that translate to reputation management success.

How to smartly manage your online reputation with LinkedIn

  * Optimize keywords in high-impact spots

LinkedIn spits out results based on the sets of keywords searched for. Yes, this platform works like search engine and using the right keywords yields the needed result.

If you want to look more credible or professional online then your profile should be optimized with the right keywords.

Sweeten the profile’s high-impact spots like the headlines, company name, job title, skills etc. with keywords that would boost your credibility.

Examples of these keywords may include: “honest“, “trustworthy“, “hardworking“, “experienced“, “reasonable“, “highly-skilled”, “reputable“, etc. So, putting these and related keywords in your profile should help boost your online reputation.

*Be honest and Load your profile with real data

With LinkedIn you are provided with the opportunity to talk about your awards and recognition. There is a section under your profile where you are expected to brag about your recognition. This is cool as you can “blow your own trumpet” by posting sweetest thing about yourself.

However, care must be applied when doing this because your readers and contacts can report any inaccuracies. LinkedIn allows them to fill out a form for inaccuracies.

So, its best you are honest with the list of “achievements” you are including your profile so that those watching for your downfall will not use them to harm your reputation.

*You should connect only with real people

In most social media platforms e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, etc., it is easier to connect with “just anyone”. Many of us do this to increase the number of “followers” or “friends” or “connections”. However, what is the purpose of connecting with those we don’t know or who cannot vouch for our integrity.

LinkedIn helps you to connect with “real people” who can endorse and recommend you for a particular job. This is a highway to reputation management. You should connect with individuals and communities that are very supportive to build your reputable profile.

*Join and interact with professional Groups

You can join reputation reputable professional groups in LinkedIn. This will go a long way to boost your own reputation. Do a search on LinkedIn groups and join any group with members that shares similar interests, passions and skills with you.

After joining a group, ensure you interact and actively participate in the activities so you fully enjoy the “benefits”.

Choose your group wisely so that listed group on your LinkedIn Profile page can easily help boost your reputation online.

* Blog and share accurate contents only

LinkedIn can be used as a blogging platform, and with this you create and share your information and opinion. You can as well share links, posts, or contents written by others via LinkedIn.  Blogging is a good way to boost your reputation online.

You are in control of what you share and you can optimize your posts, share links from personal blogs, via this medium. However, be careful not to share inaccuracies or offensive statements. This can easily hurt your reputation.

In conclusion, these are my smart ways of improving online reputation with LinkedIn. For successful reputation management using LinkedIn, it is important to become proactive. Basically, you should start by filling your profile page with accurate keywords and blog with factual details.

Do you use LinkedIn for online reputation management? What is your experience so far?


  1. Hey Sunday,

    This is good to know. I have an account with LinkedIn but I only use it to share my posts as well as others. I rarely use it for engagment. I only use Facebook, Google+ and Twitter for that.

    But the one thing that makes LinkedIn stand out is that they have more professionals on there than other social sites I’ve been on. You get your more serious, genuine people and if you can build a respectable, accurate reputation then, then your brand is gold.

    Thanks for sharing Sunday! Have a great week!
    Sherman Smith recently posted…My Top 6 Posts For October and NovemberMy Profile

  2. Hi Sunday,
    Online reputation management via LinkedIn is sure a welcome development. At least, LinkedIn is one of the most reputable social media platform with professional instinct.

    There is no better place to ensure that our reputation is built than by starting with LinkedIn.

    One thing I know that can help just about any individual or business to keep their reputation intact is to be real and connect sincerely with clients and customers, what do you think?

  3. LinkedIn’s feature of helping users connect with “Real” people is needful to improve reputation management.

    This is because it is the real people that would make the ‘judgement’ call of voting your reputation.

    So, real connection brings about real reputation management!

  4. Hi Sunday,

    Thanks for sharing these awesome details about building online reputation management with LinkedIn.

    Your explanations on “How to smartly manage your online reputation with LinkedIn” are clear and practical.

    Thanks for providing us with these details as they readily reveal the importance of interacting and engaging with others via LinkedIn successfully!

  5. Hey Sunday,

    Reputation management is not something to wish for, it is must be practical. LinkedIn is a social platform to be reckoned with and its cool having around.

    However, for one to improve his or her online reputation with LinkedIn, he/she must give value with every post and shares.

    How one comports his/her attitude online would determine how others see him/her.