Google Launches Dynamic Remarketing Today!


Re-targeting campaigns is very trendy among PPC marketers right now. Maybe you’ve been one of Google’s competitors: Mediaforge, Adroll, or Retargeter . Today Google decided that it was time to release their own version of re-targeting, called ‘Dynamic Remarketing’.

In order to begin using this, you need to have a Google Merchant Center account. At the moment, Google only allows you with four options:

1. Past buyers – These buyers will be shown popular items as well as items that have commonly been purchased with an item they previously bought. You’ll find that this is similar to what Amazon does.


  1. The launch of the Dynamic Re-marketing system for PPC merchants is a welcomed development. It readily gives PPC marketers additional options to explore and win their target markets. However, the concept may appear ideal at the moment, we still need to watch out for any “hidden” downsides of it!

  2. Cool update! I must say, Google never fails to go with the flow. Knowing that re-targeting campaigns are so hot these days, they released their own version of it.

    I personally think it’s a good one. Although they’re just starting out by allowing 4 options at the moment. I’m pretty sure that will be updated soon too. I hope marketers benefit from it!

  3. Hi Adam,
    Its good to know that Google has launched the “dynamic remarketing”. Its really a very valuable system that ppc marketers can benefit from.

    Using Sierra Trading Post & EMP Merchandising as its pilot program examples readily makes the dynamic concept believable.

    It is logical for many not really accept release because of the uncertainties. However, it is still right to give Google a chance!