Goldmines of Free Traffic: How to Get Free Traffic


If you plug the phrase ‘free traffic’ in Google keyword tool, it will show you that this phrase has been searched over a million times in June 2016. For some of you this might not be a big number but considering the fact that most people use a variety of closely related phrases to search google, which may seem different but have the same meaning, this is a huge number for just a single version of this search term. People are also searching for the similar phrases like ‘free website traffic’, ‘free traffic for website’, ‘where to get free traffic’ etc. All these search terms have over a million searches just in the month of June.

This shows the desperation of the website owners to get free traffic to their sites. And it is justified, without traffic, a website has no purpose for the owner, unless of course, it is a non-commercial website.

First of all let’s be clear that there is no ‘free traffic’. There is always an investment of time and you know, a wise man once said: “Time is money”. So following the transitive property, there is no free traffic if you are not ready to invest some time.

Yes you can get free traffic for your website without any real effort but believe me, such traffic is worse than no traffic. It’ll do more harm to your website than good. Such traffic sources are not in the good books of Google and once it comes to know, which it eventually will, the ranking of your website will hit the rock bottom.

So if you want to get free quality traffic, you should be ready to put in some real effort. You can get free targeted traffic for your website easily with the sources I am going to share in this post.

Mighty Google:

Free-TrafficGoogle has monopoly over the search engine market. It occupies over 80% of the market share. Organic traffic coming from google is the highest quality traffic you can get. It is targeted and the customers reaching your website will definitely convert.

Getting free traffic from google is not everyone’s cup of tea and if you are unfamiliar with the concepts of SEO, you won’t get any significant traffic from google. BUT if you know some SEO basics you can easily rank your website for low competition keywords that will bring decent amount of free traffic to your website.


Social Media: 

free traffic with social media

Social media is the second highest provider of quality free traffic. According to a study there are more than 3 billion active social media accounts at present, so virtually you have 3 billion potential visitors.

You can tap into this internet traffic goldmine with ease if you play your cards right.

People love good content. A Facebook page, a Twitter handle or an Instagram account sharing quality content won’t go unnoticed.

Create your website’s social media accounts and then share the quality content with your users. Social media creates a chain, good content is shared again and again and again. Take the example of 9gag which gets its traffic mostly from social media.

So instead of working on traffic exchange and link exchanges which only get you a few stray visitors, focus your energies on the creation of quality content for social media. 

social media


Create Android and iOS Apps of Your Website:

According to google there are currently 2.08 billion smartphone users. Creating an android or iOS app for your website will just take a day or two but it will definitely get you massive amount of free trafficfrom the smartphone users.

Team up with a developer and design a user friendly and fun app for your website and see the magic as your traffic counter hits new highs. 

Guest Posts on a Quality Website:

Guest Post is quite an old way of getting backlinks to your website. Most of the website owners forget that a quality guest post can drive huge amount of traffic to your website. And it is not just a one-time thing, once you are on the map, those visitors will keep coming back to your site if your content is of premium quality.

While we are on the topic of guest posts, keep in mind that guest posting also hurts your website if done wrong. Guest post on a substandard site for a mere backlink will certainly hurt the reputation of your site.

I know how difficult it is to get a guest post on a top quality site receiving millions of visitors per day but trust me, it is possible. I personally know quite a few small time bloggers, who were able to get guest posts on websites like TechCrunch. They are just about quality content.

Sites like TechCrunch encourage people for guest posts and columns. So visit these sites regularly, share and give a regular feedback to their posts by comments, email and their social media accounts. Once you have share-worthy content, you can apply for a guest post. If your content is top-notch, bingo!! A guest post, a free backlink and tons of free traffic to your website. 

You must have noticed a common point that in order to get quality traffic, that is targeted and converts you have to create top-notch content. Without quality content you can’t even capitalize on paid traffic. You may be able to drive a few visitors by paying some bucks but once they get to know the low quality of your content, they will leave and leave for good. 

Back to the free traffic resources, till now we have discussed some of the popular ways to get free traffic. Here are some underrated resources of free traffic.


EBooks have taken over the paper. Nowadays people move with entire libraries in their kindle devices, smart phones and iPads.

Writing short helpful niche related books can also drive a constant stream of visitors to your website. You don’t have to be a great author but the content must be helpful.

In-between content you can embed links to the related pages of your website. Writing a short book, once a month is enough, but the key is to be consistent and in no time you’ll see how small number of visitors coming from one book turn into a massive audience coming from multiple books. 


Forums can bring you insane amounts of free traffic. If you know your niche well enough, join related forums and be as much helpful as you can.

Forums let you place a link in your signature. You can put a link to your site there. It is completely legal and everyone and their mom does it for backlinks. As they just do it for a backlink, they only get a backlink. The lesser known fact is, if you are genuinely helpful you will definitely drive targeted visitors to your website for free.


Slideshare has a huge number of regular visitors that are looking for short PowerPoint presentations related to their problems, research or study. You can get your share of free traffic from slideshare just by creating a short and helpful PowerPoint presentation and uploading it on slideshare. At the end of slides just put in a link to your website as a reference or resource.

The resources shared above are free traffic goldmines and if you use them correctly you won’t have to spend a dime to get traffic to your website or blog. That being said avoid any shady way of getting free traffic that can get you in trouble.

 Posting to random directories, answering outdated yahoo answers and commenting on blogs in hopes of getting traffic will only get you a few visitors that will be of no use as they will never convert. So create exceptional content and getting free traffic won’t be a problem.

free traffic