If you want to know how to run a successful business with God helping you or a business that honors or serves God, this is the perfect article to read.

It contains 25 very powerfully effective ways and tips to help you run a business with God at the back of your mind and/or God helping you to succeed.


Why God and Business Success?

There are many reasons as to why people go into business.

Some of those reasons could include:

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  • Wanting to be your own boss
  • Having a great idea for a product or service
  • The challenge that a business represents
  • Seeing it as a way to get rich
  • And so forth

There is nothing wrong with these goals in motivating you to start a business.

Another reason or purpose in starting a business can be due to the motivational factor of wanting to honor or serve God.

There are those entrepreneurs who see all of the benefits of starting a business but want to have the business be so much more purposeful in its operation.

Therefore, they bring their faith and relationship with God into the business world and provide the product or service based solely on their intent of knowing that this is God’s will for their lives.

Often, people wish to separate matters of faith from the harsh and cold realities of operating a business.

There may be those who think that these two dynamics should be separate when in fact, many believe that they should not be separate components but blended together to ensure the success of the business.

Therefore, let us look at the spiritual and realistic world of business and see how the two can work together in concert to operate a successful business.


Personal Story

When I was working as a Pastor in the ministry, I would sometimes be called upon to do premarital counseling for a couple prior to their marriage ceremony.

I would always emphasize to them that in order for their marriage to be successful there needed to be three involved in the relationship.

They would always look at me in bewilderment as to what I was referring to and what sort of pastor had they chosen to conduct their counseling.

I would then go on to explain that there was the bride, the groom, and God.

I would then go on to explain that for their relationship to be strong and nurturing to each other they needed to make sure that that third partner in the relationship was God Who was to be their focal point.

So, it can be argued that in the business world today, having God in the center of any business venture is important to realize success.


25 Powerfully Effective Ways and Tips to Achieve Business Success with God


1. Scriptures

When an entrepreneur wants to start a business there are many resources that they can go to and seek counsel and advice.

Example, a startup business can go to the Small Business Association and utilize an experienced counselor, read several books on how to start a business, attend classes, seminars, etc.

All of these resources have their place and are an important component of being successful at business as it relates to knowing what you’re doing and how to get off to a foundational good start.

The added caveat when looking to God to be successful in business is to be firmly grounded in the Scriptures and the promises that God offers as it relates to your success.

Two such Scriptures can be found in Proverbs 35-6 that affirms, “Trust in the Lord with all my heart and lean not on thine own understanding.

In all thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct your paths.


2. Purpose

As previously stated, there are many reasons why an individual wants to go into business.

It is always good to have a purpose.

For the start-up business owner, the purpose should be definitive, attainable, provide direction, be the main focus, meaningful, and inspirational, etc.

A simple purpose for being successful in business and incorporating a relationship with God is that God should be your purpose.

Specifically, the purpose of the products or services that you offer to your customers with the motivation being to honor God with those services or products provided.


3. Prayer

Another important component of being successful in your business and depending upon God is to pray constantly for wisdom, direction, strength, etc.

The economic winds can blow in either direction and can sometimes be gentle or destructive.

Therefore, prayer will get you through those winds that are contrary to economic success and therefore by whispering prayers from your heart these wins can be navigated and sometimes calmed.


4. Partnership

When incorporating your faith-based relationship with God in order to achieve business success it is important that the relationship is defined as a partnership.

In fact, the partnership can be strong and dynamic if the thinking of the partnership has God being the controlling member of the company with the greater portion of shares.


5. Promise

A relationship with God to attain business success also depends upon the promises that God has made to you as the business owner.

Sometimes it may not seem that things are going well and that circumstances in life run contrary to what God has promised.

In those estimations it is important to stand firm on your foundational belief that God is in control of the situation, has promised not to leave you nor forsake you and that includes the business that you have given over to Him to run.


6. Success Defined

Of course, God wants you to succeed, but it is important to define success from God’s perspective.

As a businessperson you most likely would define success as people taking advantage and utilizing your services and product and that your bottom line or balance sheet is always in the black, your budget balances, and that growth continually happens quarter after quarter, year after year.

It’s important to remember, however, that this may not be God’s definition of success for you and your business.

There may be challenges, downward trends, losses recorded for a certain period of time, etc.

If you are faithful and continue trusting in the Lord despite any things that happen contrary within the business this may be the definition of success as God may be testing and strengthening, you to develop your character.

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7. Planning

God is not capricious and always has a plan even though it may seem that things are in turmoil.

Keeping this in mind, to be operating a successful business with God it is important to also develop a plan that includes a variety of steps.

Some of those steps or elements of a business plan include:

  • Executive summary
  • Marketing analysis
  • Marketing plan
  • Budgeting
  • Staffing
  • SWOT analysis
  • And so forth.

Also, when developing your plan, it is important that it has God’s stamp of approval and that you have sought his wisdom in the development of this business plan


8. Others

In developing a business with God and to be successful is not just about money, profits, the bottom line, the stakeholders, etc.

God is always about service and caring about others.

Therefore, within your successful business there should be a line item that is budgeted in giving back to the community.

This money can be in support of local charitable groups, helping other businesses to succeed, and so forth.


9. Light

A successful business with God at the helm is also a business that is a shining light in the community.

In the Scripture, God refers to us as being a candle that is not covered and is set on a hill for all to see.

Your business, in order to be successful, it, is again, more than profits but can be a standard or a light to other businesses on how to achieve success by partnering with God.

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10. Principles

Many companies when they form their business model abide by a set of principles that they endeavor to follow.

Typically, these principles pertain to how they conduct business in relationship to their community, customers, their employees, and so forth.

A good idea for business success with a foundational faith in God is to compose such a set of principles that are based on or surround the focus of one’s service on our loving God and doing unto others as you would wish to have done unto you.


11. Family

Often an enterprising businessperson will spend countless hours to achieve business success.

On the surface there is nothing wrong with this.

In fact, many hard-working business executives and owners of businesses are applauded and admired for their dedication to working long before staff arrives and long after staff leaves.

The only challenge in being so driven and consumed is that the time that is remaining for yourself and your family is often nonexistent.

The Scriptures are clear that you have a responsibility to your spouse and any family members to love and care for them which can equate to the investment of time in their lives and building relationships.

Therefore, as a precaution, to have a successful business is defined as a quality relationship with God and a subsequent relationship that is meaningful with family.

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12. Vision

The Scripture is clear as it relates to our personal as well as business lives.

That Scripture says that without there being a vision the people will perish.

This can be true in the same sense for a business if there is no vision as to what they are all about and maintaining that vision as they see themselves serving and working within their community, if that vision is lost, the company will decline.

13. Goals

A business wishing to be successful and honoring God does not just simply rest on their laurels and expect God to bring multitudes of customers to your business doorstep.

As with any other business, goals and milestones need to be set to ensure that success is being realized.

God does not work alone but in concert with the business owner and staff to set those goals and work towards their achievement.


14. Faith

God honors people and businesses that honor Him.

The Scripture (Hebrews 116) reflecting this promise states, “Without faith it is impossible to please God.”

A successful business, empowered by God, believes and has faith in God.

That faith will be bold, daring, and vibrant to realize great things.


15. Employees

One of the challenges in operating a business is employees.

Your company can have one employee or several.

The Scripture, the Word of God, is clear that the workman is worthy of their hire.

Therefore, as the business owner you should treat your employees accordingly with respect and appreciation for the job they do and being paid a wage that is fair.

The treating of employees is an important part of business success centered on God.


16. Customers

The critical success to any business is the customers.

The customers are those individuals who support the business by purchasing a product or services.

A successful business grounded in a relationship with God will be fair to their customers and not be satisfied in their business dealings till the customer is satisfied.

Satisfaction can be defined as providing a quality product, relationship building, guaranteeing the product, etc.


17. Other Businesses

The business or marketplace is designed to be competitive.

The understanding is that businesses are competing for limited customer dollars.

The competition can be demonstrated through price reductions, marketing ploys, and so forth.

However, a successful business with God in the center does not deal in underhanded measures as it relates to business.

Consequently, a business does not bait and switch, make false claims, and does not make disparaging remarks about their competitors.


18. Attitude

The natural tendency of others and as part of our humanness is that one individual makes a declaration about their life or business, they immediately come under the scrutiny of a magnifying glass and people and other businesses look for chinks in their armor.

Therefore, it is critical to the success of your business and honoring God, to know your attitude and commitment will be on full display and needs to be consistent.

That attitude being displayed relates to business dealings and interaction with others even when it seems no one is looking.


19. Integrity

Integrity is defined as being honest, having strong moral principles, and being morally upright.

This sterling quality should not only be in businesspeople but should be reflected in their business dealings as well.

God is the epitome of integrity and with God in the center of your business dealings, that quality will be displayed, and will resonate with others and prove to be part of your successful formula for your business.


20. Honesty

Another basic foundational quality of being successful in a partnership with God, is conducting business honestly.

Your business should not make false claims to customers and transact business in an open and fair manner.

Also, your business should interact with your vendors in a fair and equitable manner as well.


21. Humility

The Scripture is clear that pride cometh before a fall.

Your business may be experiencing tremendous success.

Your profit graph keeps going up and up and you may be tempted to pat yourself on your back on what a great businessperson you are.


It is important to remember who the author of your success is and if you develop amnesia God may remind in certain ways.


22. Foundation

When starting any endeavor in your life, it is important to build and invest in that endeavor or dream starting with a strong foundation.

It is no different in the business world in wishing to be successful.

There needs to be a foundation that will provide the strength needed so that the efforts and that which is being built will be able to uphold those efforts.

For the individual of faith, for their business to be successful, their foundation is God.


23. Difficulty

A business can be likened to a ship on the open seas.

There may be smooth sailing and the course that has been charted is coming closer and closer to actuality.

However, like the open seas, there are storms that can suddenly appear and can toss the ship and possibly create setbacks.

God has not promised that you will always experience smooth sailing, but He has promised to be with us in the storms of life even if they are business related storms.

Therefore, it is a matter of trusting Him through those storms to keep the ship afloat and reach your destination.


24. Strength

Starting a business can be an exhausting process.

There are so many applications that need to be filed, payment of fees, creating a business plan, doing research, analyzing the competition, and so forth.

If your business is centered on God, it is important to realize that God is all-powerful and can bring to you and working towards the success of your business his power, strength, and peace in the midst of all of these anxious moments.


25. Time Management

For any business and successful entrepreneur, time management is essential.

The scripture talks about redeeming the time and God wants to make sure that in order for your business to be success that you are utilizing your time wisely and devoted to the things that matter and not the mundane or trivial.

Ways that you can manage your time can include:

  • To do lists
  • Business planner
  • Prioritizing
  • Delegate


Success in Business and God FAQs


What Would Be a Good Scripture Verse Reflecting God Involvement and Promise in Business?

Proverbs 163 states, “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.” (NIV).


What Are Some Examples of Faith Based Successful Businesses?

Some of those companies that testify to being God and faith-based business include:

  • In-N-Out Burger
  • Chick-fil-A
  • Covenant Transport (Trucking Company)
  • Forever 21
  • Hobby Lobby
  • To name a few


You Can Do It

In today’s competitive marketplace there are many companies that are all competing to sell their products, essential services, and be successful in obtaining the customer’s dollar.

If God is at the center of your life, you will be successful.

It may not be how God defines success, but in His eyes and through His heart, you will be successful.



Business ownership is not only important to the economy of America, but is a dream come true for many enterprising individuals.

However, to be successful in starting a business is not a given.

There is a lot of planning, strategizing, investment of time and money, and so forth.

God wants to be a part of that business success.

In fact, He wants to be the driving force behind that success.

He is not used as a good luck charm or a rabbit’s foot but wants to be brought into the business as a major partner.

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