This article provides very helpful guide to goal setting for kids.

It also reveals some very helpful tips for kids to implement by themselves or with the help of parents.

You can definitely help kids to set goals so they can be their best in they can be in their lives.

If a child is well-grounded in the art of goal setting then it would be easiest for him or her to achieve success in life.

The truth remains that goal setting for adults may look similar to goal setting for kids. However, there is a huge difference between the two.

So, if you are interested in helping kids set goals, there are the best ways to accomplish that, as you will see from the rest of this article.

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12 Tips to Help With Goal Setting For Kids


1. Let your kid Choose their “Big Goal”

You should allow your kid to have a genuine desire for her big goal.

She is more likely to be motivated with her personal goal than a goal you force on here.

Help the kid to truly understand what she wants to accomplish at a specific point.

You can start by asking her about something she wishes you can achieve.

Ask her what she would do if she knows you couldn’t fail, etc.

So, it’s best to let your kid decide what she wants to achieve.

Once a choice is made, then you can help her set a plan to achieve the goal.


2. Discuss the Purpose of Your Child’s Goal

If a child understands why she is pursuing a goal, it would be easier for her to get motivated.

Help her to understand the “Why” of the goal.

Studies have revealed that people tend to pursue a course if they are clear about the purpose of doing it.


3. Break the Big Goal into Smaller Steps

You can help a child set and achieve a goal by breaking down the goals into smaller steps.

An effective goal must be within reach. It should not be overwhelming nor too easy.

You can help a child break a long-term goal into more manageable shorter steps.

If the goal set by a kid is huge and massive, then there is a tendency for it to be unrealistic.

However, you can help her achieve the goal by setting small, manageable, and incremental goals that are more realistic.

An unrealistic goal will discourage both the kid and the adult.

So, to stay motivated, help the kid set a realistic goal.

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4. Encourage kids to start by setting small goals

You can encourage kids to set small goals.

This will help them to achieve big goals. A small goal can be achieved within a short time.

Once it is achieved it can be fun and motivating for the child to do more.


5. Brainstorm Potential Obstacles to goals with kids

When helping a child set and achieve goals, don’t neglect potentials obstacles and unforeseen challenges that could derail the effort.

Help the kid to understand the possible obstacles that could stand in the way of achieving their goals.

Also, help the kid to plan a method for overcoming the obstacles beforehand.

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6. Choose an Area for Improvement

You can help a child understand his role in life.

Take note of the strength and weaknesses across the board.

If you discover he or she is lacking in a specific role, then you can make improvement plans.


Goal Setting For Kids


7. Pick an Achievable Goal

Help a child pick an achievable goal.

Some goals are just too bogus and unattainable.

If a child picks an achievable goal then he or she would be easily motivated to achieve it.

If a child comes up with the ambition of getting admitted into one of the best universities in the world, you can advise the child to focus his goals on getting more grades in classes.

Also, you can help the kid to understand how the goal connects with their dreams.

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8. Develop a Plan to Achieve

Every goal will not run on its own. Develop a plan of action to attain the goal.

Help the child to understand that it is one thing to have a goal but it is a different ball game developing a plan to achieve that goal.

Once a kid has set a realistic goal, you can help them set up a plan to achieve that goal.

One of the ways of helping them out is by listing the steps one by one.

A plan is a process of doing things, and the kid will understand better that way.

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9. Get the Idea Across effectively

You can help a child to attain goals quickly by explaining the process of achieving goals easily.

Kids learn well with examples, and so, give as many clear examples as possible.

Create a scenario that children can relate to and creating imagery often helps to explain an abstract concept.

You can use a goal-setting technique that the child is familiar with to buttress your point.

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10. Build on the Excitement and celebrate wins

You can help kids achieve their goals faster when you remind them that every goal attained has its reward.

Yes, rewarding little victories along the way will motivate a kid to set goals and take the course of action towards the achievement of that goal.

You should tell your child that goal setting is an exciting and rewarding event.

Every small victory in the road to progress brings rewards until the major goal is attained.


11. Get the Whole Family Involved

You can help kids set goals when you get the whole family involved.

Ask the child to discuss his goals and how intends to achieve them in the presence of other members of the family.

He will be excited to state his goals and plans to the public.

Also, for the fact the other member of the family is aware of the goals, they can show their support.

The kid would be motivated to accomplish his dreams and desires when other members hold him accountable.

When families make kids’ goal-setting a family effort, they learn to support each other.

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12. Set up checkpoints

When setting goals, we should not be unmindful of the fact that understand and creating a checkpoint is equally necessary.

A checkpoint is a point of reflection and it is important to encourage your child to establish his checkpoint system.

You can help a kid with goal setting by teaching them to develop and use a specific checkpoint.

This is like a review point where they check to see if the goals they have set have been achieved or not.

You should encourage kids to set up a checkpoint system that is suitable for them.

Some kids may like to review their goals every week, while others prefer longer periods to work on the steps.

Whatever works for them, we should help them achieve it.



As this article has revealed, goal setting for kids is feasible and practical.

A lot of kids who live their lives being “goal-minded” are fast achievers.

At least, a goal will point to a specific direction you are headed.

If you teach a kid goal setting in their physical, mental, social, and financial life then you have helped that child on the path of success.

Nevertheless, guiding a kid towards goal setting is not an easy task.

With the tips and ideas shared above, you will be on the path to successfully helping your child achieve success.