Giveaways 5 Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100 White


Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100 (White)

Android v4.1 (Jelly Bean) OS
8 MP Primary Camera
5.55-inch Super AMOLED Capacitive Touchscreen
Wi-Fi Enabled
Android v4.1 (Jelly Bean) OS
1.9 MP Secondary Camera
1.6 GHz Quad Core Processor
Full HD Recording
Expandable Storage Capacity of 64 GB
SUPC: 1522358

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  1. I won a WordPress Company theme, but i have no company to run – hence i can’t use it. I never thought i would win back then 🙂

    Second, i won a WordPress Magazine theme. If i was a full time blogger then i would have used it.

    He has been lucky for me, i wonder if ill win that phone?

    I didn’t do much, they had a tweet option which you can use to tweet everyday for extra points which probably did it for me.

    Rafflecopter seems to be the most popular giveaway website out of the list i gave you.

    • I am sure now you wish you didn’t win the others and only win this phone, 😀

      Anyway, if you were lucky twice, who knows… you may be lucky again, especially if you actually do some of the tasks required, which helped you the last times.

      Yes, it does seem Rafflecopter may be the most popular giveaway site. I am yet to check them all out. I should soon.

      Thanks for sending the list by PM. Got it!


  2. Yup, you read my mind! But, its ok even if i don’t get to win. I am just having fun here. I don’t have a smart phone, i could buy one but i don’t really need it.

    I am a typical introvert writer who rarely talks to any one. I just do my job, and go back home kinda guy. I have a very basic phone, and i actually prefer it 🙂

    My mum, and sister are like…Hey! why don’t you buy a better phone!! Stop carrying such a common phone!

    And i am like.. I like my phone… look it even has a torch! ( I say that just to irritate them 😛 )

    • Hahaha, you are funny about your basic phone, but you are right – you should only buy it IF and WHEN you really need it.

      More so, with the extremely fast rate at which the smartphone folks are coming up with new models, it’s getting very frustrating to keep up. Buy the Samsung Galaxy 2 and before you get the hang of it, they have released version 3. Buy the Samsung Tab 2 and within few months, bang, another version. ETC.

      But hey, some people love their toys and who can stop them, 🙂


      • The manufacturers are driven by greed, plus they have such huge organizations that they need to constantly make money to sustain them. But the bottom line is greed alone. Profit maximization using an indirect technique.

        What do you need a mobile phone for in normal conditions? Just a phone cal or an SMS. For me, that is it. I don’t need to access e-mail or surf the internet on my mobile.

        I will never give them the pleasure by buying their super expensive crap, hey if i win one, then its ok, but i will never buy one just for this reason 🙂

        If i don’t win, its still ok! 🙂

        Most people are fools, and they don’t realize that they are actually paying their hard earned money for nothing.

        These manufacturers know how to play with human ego 🙂

        • Hahaha, pretty strong points, Piyush!

          You are right, but people just love new things. And the sad part is that most of them are buying such at credit, further increasing their already heavy debts.

          But then again, like I said earlier, some people love their toys and who can stop them, 🙂


  3. Btw, take your time with the giveaway sites, i am sure it must be harder to organize it rather than just be a participant like me :P, but i am sure you would love to try out all the platforms.

    Give yourself time so every thing goes right, and we are able to bring in all the bloggers and writers of the world to Kingged 🙂