Getting Links is Not EASY, Deal With It


I finally have enough time to blog again.

This time, I’ll be telling a story that I’ve experienced recently.

It’s about how most people view SEO & link building. It’s annoying but hey, I need to deal with it, too. πŸ˜€


  1. Hi Dennis,

    Thanks for sharing your post. It was interesting to read as I’m working with SEO as well.

    However, I got a question to you while reading your post. You are writing about being open to paid links.

    I usually prefer to stay away from it as there are many other ways to get links without spending money on it.

    But I’m truly interested in getting to know if it is worth to pay for links. What is your personal opinion? Have you ever paid for links by yourself?

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  2. Hi Dennis:

    Getting backlinks requires knowledge and discipline but is not particularly hard.

    There are so many social media linking opportunities available like:
    –social networking sites
    –blogging communities (build your authority status while you’re at it)
    –social bookmarking sites

    . . .that producing quality links is, relatively speaking, quite easy.

    But is does require discipline, because there is no such thing as ONE MAGIC BACKLINK that will cure all of a site’s SEO and backlink problems.

    Multiple backlinks with a varied profile are the order of the day.

    Try this list of 83 Social Bookmarking sites with strong Alexa rank:

    Link to or create QUALITY content (from multiple sources) and not only will you create valuable SEO backlinks but will also attract TARGETED TRAFFIC.
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  3. Hi Dennis,

    While I would not say that getting backlinks is difficult, I would say that it will typically take two things: time, money, or both.

    If you want free backlinks, then as Robert said above, you’re going to have to spend some time on forums and social bookmarking sites. You will have to find communities in your niche and engage with them. You may have to create some Youtube videos and an active Facebook, Twitter, etc.

    All of this takes time and can be tedious, but it can be done pretty easily.

    Now, if you want instant backlinks, then you will have to invest some money. This may go towards paid guest posts, sponsored posts, paid listings, etc.

    There’s always a trade-off. Of course, you can pursue both of these avenues, but your time and dollar investment will be greater.

    It’s all about figuring out your strengths, your capabilities, and what you are willing to invest in.
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