How to Know Which Websites Are Using Your Images on Their Pages


We often search the web typing in text, if you need to get an image you type the name or related text to the image you’re looking for but what if don’t know anything about the image and want to see some related images or get some information about any particular picture? In that case you’ll have to search by image and that can be performed easily.

There are some reverse image search engines that will help you perform the job. All of these search engines ask for the photo you want information about and provide you closely related data according to that.

People often ask will that depend on the name/title of the image? No, it won’t. Whatever be the title, you’ll get the same results every time, even if you change the title. You can test that too, download image of any famous personality and rename it to your name, go for a lookup, it will provide you the best possible results which are related to it.


As told above you can use any of below listed tools to perform the photo search, their functioning may differ but the results will be satisfactory up to a great extent. Check out the reverse image search enginesbelow:


It may take some time for these search engines to upload your images depending upon the internet speed you are getting.


Not only for text, Google is one of the biggest search engines for image lookup as well. It gives you 2 features: Either you can paste the URL of any image you have seen on the web or you can upload it from your computer. Visit the page and click on camera icon in the search bar.


For those who don’t know how to get the URL of any image: Right click on the picture and click on “Copy Image Address” or “Copy Image URL”.

But wait if you’re a mobile user, it won’t work for you as Google images is only for desktop not for phones and tablets but don’t get disappointed, we have got the alternatives also.


This overcomes the limitation of Google images, it is the web script which is written to search by image using Google, you’ll get the final results displayed on Google page but there is a plus point of using this tool, it can be used on phones and tablets along with desktop.


So if you have got the image stored in your mobile phone then don’t need to worry about transferring to computer for reverse image search.


Easy to use and effective also. Just visit the website and click on the upload button present to the left of search box. You can also paste the image URL in the search field. You can also save your searches by creating a free account on the site, searches made by non registered users expires the moment user leaves the page.


There is also a feature to notify you if your image gets uploaded/published anywhere on the net.


For those who don’t know Yandex, it is one of the biggest search engines of Russia holding about 60% of shares in that country (as per the date of writing this article) which was founded back in 2000.


You can search by image using this Russian search engine, it will display you some related images and some links to the web page which have got the related images published on them.

It operates in the same manner, either you can upload the image from your machine or paste the image URL.


This is an extension for Mozilla browser, if you see any image and wonder which webpages have got the same image published then just right click on that image and click on “Google Reverse Image Search” option, it will display all the URLs which have that image uploaded.

Extension is completely free to use.


For those who don’t use Mozilla browser, this is an alternative. Right click on any image on the web and click on “Search Image on TinEye”, it will take you to the TinEye website where all the results will be displayed.



This search by image tool is specially created for Reddit users. Although the site is still in beta mode but can do good searches. You can limit to the sub-reddits like /r/pics, /r/funny, /r/wtf to make your search more limited or you can also do a search on “All Reddit” which will search the whole website for related pictures.

You can also paste the URL of that picture or the reddit page you have seen the image on.

Use any of the above reverse search engine and search by image, either on mobile or desktop. Although there are other tools as well but the above mentioned works the best.


  1. Hi karan,
    I never thought that the word “reverse” can be related to images. Hence, it is interesting reading about reverse image search engines. At least, with what they can do, it becomes really easy to access unique and copyright free images online!
    Sunday William recently posted…How Has Repurposed Content Helped In Converting Your Target Audience?My Profile

  2. I have used a couple of these websites to access copyright free images. Google Image being my favorite. I have seen friends recommend Tin Eye but have never taken time to access it!

    Also, the features of CTRLQ and KARMA DECAY are appealing. Surely, I will take time to check them out. Thanks for sharing this awesome tool.

  3. Some people put a lot of time, effort, and strategy into creating the perfect image and it would be a shame to have someone steal it from you, just to claim it as their own.

    You have to protect your intellectual property and get the credit you deserve. There are a lot of people that want to take the shortcut and just take from others, and internet images are one of them. These are some great ways to help someone find their image online.

    Thanks for sharing!
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  4. Hi Karan,

    I’ve heard about this before. It actually is very good in internet dating. When I was using internet dating sites I received emails from women that seemed too good to be true.

    If you reverse search the images on their profiles they turn it up on site listing internet dating scammers. It’s a scary world out there.

    So glad I found someone and no longer have to use the dating sites.

    Take care my friend,