Yes, you can really get paid to write reviews. I am not even talking about boring reviews but exciting reviews that you enjoy doing… and getting paid.

This article not only explains how it works but also reveals the very best companies out there that pay you to write reviews.

Note that while there are many companies out there offering to pay for feedback and reviews, most are scams and don’t pay a dime. Others are just time-wasters and not worth the time you put into reviewing for them.

Thankfully we have spent time to research and put together the very best companies out there, that really pay you to write reviews.

First things first…

Firstly, below is the Best Company to Earn $5 to $50 Daily:

SurveyJunkie (only USA, Canada, Australia residents allowed). You can earn $5 to $50 per day. They have already paid million of dollars to their 10+ million members just for sharing their thoughts and opinions. Click here to join SurveyJunkie for FREE


How Getting Paid To Write Reviews Work

It’s as simple as writing reviews about a product or service that you have used or know a lot about.

You don’t even need particular writing skills to start making money doing reviews.

As a  review writer, you simply give your critical evaluation of a product or service.

Your opinion can help developers and other people make a better judgment to develop new products or improve on an existing one.

The good news is that some companies would pay you to write reviews. These companies may be contracted by brands to get the opinions of targeted users.

You can sign up with these companies and get paid to write reviews on your terms.

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7 Best Companies That Pay You For Writing Reviews

Below are some of the very best that really pay you to write reviews:


1. Kirkus Reviews

Kirkus Reviews is a book review magazine that really pays those who review books with them.

It frequently offers opportunities to readers who have experience in reviewing books.

You are expected to review books in English or Spanish. The review must be contain at least 350 words.

If you are a trusted reader of this magazine then join them as a book reviewer and start getting paid reviewing.

You should expect to review books under different genres like teen books, biography & memoir, mystery & detective, thriller & suspense, non-fiction, romance, science fiction, fantasy, children, and so on.

For each book review you make, you can expect to be paid at least $50.

Click here to check out Kirkus


2. Software Judge

Software Judge is one of the genuine websites that pay you to test and review software.

If you have a strong opinion about specific software, based on your experience using it, you can get paid to write a review with this company.

It doesn’t matter whether your opinion is positive or negative, as long as you are objective with the review, that’s good enough for them.

The software you review won’t just be any type of software but those listed on their page.

Software Judge can pay you up to $50 for a single review. However, you must comply with the rules put in place to be accepted and make money testing and reviewing from this company.

The rules include – you submit only original reviews that you wrote personally, you must submit a maximum of three reviews in one day, you must make your reviews in good English, and you review software that you have tried, etc.

Click here to check out Software Judge

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3. Capterra

Capterra is another genuine and reputable companies that pay you to review software. It is one of the best software review companies around.

You can make money from sharing your thoughts and opinions and making different reviews on various software like accounting software, cloud computing programs, CRM software, eCommerce Software, and so on.

Capterra pays with gift cards as payment for your time and reviews. You will receive $10 worth of gift card.

Don’t forget that with Capterra, only qualified reviews get approved and published. You can share your software experience to help others make great choices.

Click here to check out Capterra

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4. Listverse

Listverse is a unique book review platform that you can join to start getting paid writing reviews. It’s one of the reputable sites out there that reviewers are really making money with.

It allows you to submit the “Top 10” list articles and get paid when published. You can write on topics you are familiar with.

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You may title your article this way “10 Ways to Use [your product]”. Besides, your list should be at least one or two paragraphs per entry.

This list-form article or post is expected to be interesting and fun. Your creativity is expected to show in the review, for it to be accepted and published.

Listverse can pay you at least $100 if your post is considered worthy of their standards. This is definitely one of the legit ways of making 500 dollars fast working with sites like these.

Click here to check out Listverse

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5. Blogsvertise

Blogsvertise is another reputable platform that you can sign up with to write reviews and get paid, even as you help advertise products for brands.

To participate with this company though, you must have an active blog wthat you can monetize in many ways.

You can accept or decline advertisements sent your way. Yes, you would be assigned a writing task that includes keywords or topics to be mentioned within your blog post.

Yes, it’s similar to websites that pay you money to post ads online or even those websites that pay you money to read ads, but a bit different.

Blogsvertise is a great way to write product reviews. Once your register, you will be auto-assigned with review tasks.

You don’t have to endorse the product or service as you write.

With this company, you can earn extra income online easily as you review and advertise products on your blog.

Your earnings are paid via PayPal. You will also be able to earn revenue via affiliate links, referrals, clicks ads, and so on.

Click here to check out Blogsvertise

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6. Cooperatize 

Cooperatize is another genuine and well known company that connects you with advertisers to get paid for writing reviews.

It is a paid review site from where you can earn between $150 and $800 or more for each review or sponsored post opportunity.

According to Cooperatize, “You will earn more on your next opportunity assuming you exceed your visitor target!

This platform is a cool platform to make money from your blog.

Cooperatize allows you to choose from a variety of opportunities that match your profile.

You can get paid to write 500 words or more on each review. You are also expected to write something unique, engaging, and creative!

Click here to check out Coperatize

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7. Get Reviewed

Get Reviewed is another reputable website that will pay you to write blog posts and blog reviews about products or services.

You must have an authority blog to use and benefit from the money making system of this platform.

So, even if you don’t have a ton of visitors, you can make cash as long as your website has some sort of authority.

You can write as many reviews as you want with this platform. Yes, there is no limit to the number of reviews you can write on your blog.

Your payment is made via PayPal.

Click here to check out GetReviewed

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More Survey and Reward Sites To Consider for Making Money:



As you have learned from reading this article, it’s indeed possible to get paid just to write reviews for companies.

This article not only explained how it works but also revealed the very best companies out there that pay you to write reviews.

There are indeed really good companies out there that help you make money doing fun things such as writing reviews.

Whether you are writing a book review, blog reviews, sponsored posts, and other forms of reviews, the sites mentioned in this article can help you get paid.

But of course, spend some time learning about each of these companies and read their guidelines, to know what they want and don’t want.

Knowing what each company wants and doesn’t want will help you make the most from getting paid writing reviews.