There are many out there who want to have the best resume possible, however, they might not be good at the job.

That’s why hiring someone to write resumes, or even to edit them, can be a great job for those to do and can go from a side hustle to a legitimate full-time job.

Here, we’ll tell you how to get paid to write resumes, along with the top companies that’ll really pay you or help you get paid to write them.


What You Need to Start Getting Paid to Write Resumes

You just need to have good resume writing skills and a reliable computer with a word processor to get started.

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Some places do require certifications in order to get started.

Career Directors International, the National Resume Writers’ Association, and the Certified Professional Resume Writer all offer certification that you can look into to help you begin with this.

It’s good to make sure that you do get certified if you decide to do this for a long time since it can help you stand out from the crowd.


How to Start Getting Paid to Write Resumes

There are some ways to start getting paid to write resumes, but in general, it does fall into two major categories.


1. By Writing the Full Resume

Some people just need their entire resume written.

They don’t want to do it themselves, or perhaps they just feel they don’t communicate it well.

That’s why they hire resume writers.

Resume writers take the different certifications and aspects of a resume, and from there, they write out the full resume for the client.

The best sites to find that are freelancing sites such as Upwork to start with, since you can get some small jobs and, from there, slowly grow it over time.


2. Resume Editing

There are also editing resumes.

Some people have good resumes, but they feel like it’s not “enough” or it lacks the pizzazz that’s needed to stand out from the crowd.

Sometimes, they want someone who can help really spice it up, or maybe the first one they dd had no bites.

In that case, you can get paid to edit resumes, which is basically touching up and making the exiting resume that much better.

If you like editing jobs or want to edit, then you’re in luck because you can get some steady work with this.

A good way to look for editing jobs is Fiverr since usually they’re smaller gigs, but it does slowly accrue over time.


3. Starting Your Own Company

Do you have what it takes to write killer resumes to the point where you want to cut out that middleman?

Well, why not try out your own company?

Some people just want to jump right in and write the resumes for others, and that’s totally fine.

You’ll find some great prospects through this, and it’s a good way to start.

It’s recommended that you join the National Resume Writer’s Association in order to make connections before you start on your own company, and that’ll help you grow to fruition as well.


10 Best Companies That Pay You to Write Resumes

Ready to start making money writing resumes?

Then look no further, as we’re about to touch on the 10 best companies that get you paid to write resumes for other people.


1. WriterBay

If you have a bachelor’s degree, this is probably the best one to start with.

It doesn’t require anything else really, you just need a degree in something and have a strong grasp of the English language and good writing skills.

You also should understand that this is online freelancing, so a good email and a working computer connected to the internet are also recommended.

It’s easy to start and user-friendly, and you can start making some good cash today!

Click here to check out WriterBay


2. ResumeSpice

This is a company that pays you to spice up resumes.

They do pay well too.

It does involve you putting in a little more legwork to discuss the careers and goals, and from there, you will need to have the resume drafted in about 2 business days.

You do have to be open to changes, but it is a pretty good company to work with since you’ll be working with the best.

Knowledge of LinkedIn, interview coaching, and other services are also vital for this.

Click here to check out ResumeSpice


3. RiseSmart

This is a career transition type of service.

You will need about 5 years of experience in professional resume writing, so it’s not ideal for beginners.

It is good, though, if you want to stand out and get paid really good rates for resume writing.

It also requests a certification from one of the organizations mentioned above.

They also do remote writing too and have a lot of open positions, especially for resume writing.

Click here to check out RiseSmart


4. WriteZillas

This is general freelance writing, but they do hire for resumes, copywriters, and generalized content writers.

This is gig working, and there are a lot of good responses to this too.

They’re also entry-level, unlike a couple of the last ones.

You just need good English skills, have a good sense of timelines, and access to computers consistently.

If you feel this is a good one, then, by all means, apply to it.

Click here to check out WriteZillas


5. alent, Inc.

This is another company that offers more than just resume writing, but they also do cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and CVs, and they do offer positions to over 500 different writers.

They do have scheduling that is flexible, along with steady work and really good writing tools.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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They do require three years of experience, but you don’t need to have a degree or certification, but the ideal candidates do include that.

They also like to see on there that the ideal candidates know how to track applicants, have experience with career counseling, or have certifications, but it’s not always required.

Click here to check out Talent Inc



6. ResumeYard

These are professional resumes for different clients, and they hire writers to do the work for them.

This also isn’t just resumes, but also thank-you letters, CVs, cover letters, and also LinkedIn profiles.

They give you a date that you need to get this done.

They also have no shortage of work, with dozens of tasks to get done every month.

You do need at least 2 years of professional resume writing, But otherwise, the requirements aren’t very hard to achieve.

They do have a preference for candidates experienced with HR or those who have certification from one of the organizations that were mentioned earlier.

Click here to check out ResumeYard


7. PeoplePerHour

This is another platform that offers freelance jobs of all different kinds, but they have some good resume writing jobs as well.

It’s simple, to begin within that, you sign up, begin the profile, and then start the bids and the proposals.

You also get reviewed for your work, and it’s good if you want good feedback, along with great testimonials that’ll help you stand out in the crowd.

Click here to check out PeoplePerHour


8. Resume Writing Lab

This is another company that handles writing resumes, along with editing resumes and LinkedIn profiles for those who need it.

They also do offer cover letter services too, and they make sure that they are properly communicating with not just the writers but the clients as well.

The requirements for this are also more entry-level than other companies mentioned here.

They simply want you to be able to write well, have good customer service, and also are good at organizing in order to ensure that the job gets done.

If you’re looking to get started in the resume writing world, this is a good one since the requirements are far less than the others on the list.

Click here to check out Resume Writing Lab


9. Boardroom Resumes

This is another company that offers business writing for people, and they also include resumes, but also writing LinkedIn profiles, bios, and about pages, along with cover letters.

They have writers that have spent over 100,000 hours doing resumes for their clients.

They also work on a “per assignment” basis, so if you want to take a lot of clients, you can, or as little as you want, offering great flexibility.

They don’t have qualifications specifically on their page, but they simply ask for you to talk about the position, any certifications needed, a good email or phone number, and also a cover letter and resume of your own.

They also ask for sample resumes too, to see if you’re a good fit.

They are a bit more entry-level than others, but they do require proof that you’ve written business content such as this before.

Click here to check out Boardroom Resumes


10. Sound Advice 

Sound Advice is a consulting and recruiting firm offering a variety of different services to clients since 2006.

They are Colorado-based, and they do offer virtual positions.

They do offer a 6-12 month contract on all of this, and the cool thing about this is despite the contract, you can take as many or as little as you want.

This one does require a Bachelor’s degree and experience with writing resumes, along with job coaching and recruitment.

They also want good writing, editing skills, and good time management skills.

They do give you a trial task where you need to make a resume based on the details given, but the application is pretty easy to do and shouldn’t take more than 90 minutes to complete.

Click here to check out Sound advice

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Get Paid to Write Resumes FAQs


How Can I Stand Out When Applying for Resume Jobs?

You can do so by getting an organization certification since many of these companies do require it.

Another good thing to create is a “before” and “after” resume, showcasing what you did.

It’s a good example that gets people to see your skills.

Also, don’t be afraid to branch out into CVs, bios, cover letters, and other pages to showcase your experience with this type of content.


Can I Make a Career Out of Resume Writing?

You sure can! It does, however, require a little more legwork than just doing gigs.

You’ll need to consider certifications if you plan to go into it seriously.

Some people can make $20-ish dollars an hour as a resume writer, while others can get paid thousands a month for writing resumes.

It all depends, and it varies based on how much experience you have and where you’re hired.


What Skills Should I Work on When Getting Paid to Write Resumés?

It’s good to have strong customer service skills since you are working with people.

You also should make sure that you have good writing skills, too, since that’s what most of the job entails.

A niche focus is also recommended if you’re not sure where, to begin with, this.


What Types of Resumes Can I Offer?

There are plenty of resume types you can offer and work on.

Some of them include:

  • Chronological resumes which show your entire work history
  • Functional resume which shows the job skills and categories
  • Combination resume, which is a mixture of both
  • Targeted resume, which addresses specific fields or client needs, often including keywords
  • Infographic resume which uses visuals and other parts to showcase the unique details on a profile
  • Non-traditional resumes such as videos, websites, and portfolios

Considering each of these fields is recommended since it does give you more pitons to work with, and if you’re stumped on what to focus on, trying one of these helps.

It also helps you stand out if you have experience in some of these since it might be what clients are working for.


Is Resume Writing for Me?

If you’re good at business writing and want to help people get jobs while also being versed in employment and positions, then this is a promising job!

If you expand your skills to include other areas such as bios, CVs, and more, you also will stand out and get more work in this field as well.

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