Yes, you can get paid to write fortune cookies!

This article reveals the best ways and best companies that really pay you to write fortune cookies.


Why Get Paid to Write Fortune Cookies?  

Usually, with the expression, “That’s the way the cookie crumbles,” that is all you usually get and when the cookie is broken apart you just usually get crumbs.

However, with the Chinese fortune cookie, when the cookie crumbles you receive food for thought, lucky numbers, or some sort of positive perspective or outlook on life.

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These wise expressions are small pieces of paper that are carefully placed in a fortune cookie and when opened up everyone delights in reading what the message in the cookie is saying.

In regards to fortune cookies, some claim that the fortune cookie began in the 14th century in China when rebels use to exchange secret messages to their fellow rebels that were stuffed in a desert.

Another baked idea is that the fortune cookie had its origins in Japan with the traditional tsujiura senbei.

A tsujiura senbei is a Japanese cracker with a written fortune inside.

Then there is the story about David Jung an immigrant who founded the Hong Kong Noodle Company.

This company was founded in 1918 and it is said that he was the first in America to make the fortune cookies that we have come to know today.

Whatever story you would like to believe, the reality is that enjoying a fortune cookie after a nice Chinese meal is a wonderful way to cap off the evening’s pleasurable meal as each takes their turn reading each other’s fortune.

The reality is the fortunes are pretty positive and we want to believe that there is some truth as to their prospects becoming real.

So, having a curious mind, you may have wondered who writes these fortunes.

Let us open up the cookies to see how an individual can write those fortune cookie sayings and companies that may pay to have these fortunes written.


Personal Story

In days gone by there were a variety of ways in which messages were delivered.

Messages were sometimes carried by pigeons, couriers, even the exotic and mysterious messages sometimes found in bottles floating in bodies of water.

For me, while stationed aboard a helicopter carrier with the United States Navy, we would be out at sea for weeks on end.

However, the Navy always found a way to get mail delivered to the sailors.

A treat for me was always receiving a care package from my wife.

In the care package, she would individually wrap items that usually covered the number of days in the month.

On each day I would open up the labeled package and be surprised as to what she had sent which also included a love note.

Sometimes the item would be a practical gift like a bar of soap, a chocolate bar, a book, etc.

However, it was the messages that I received in the care package that was the most precious as she would tell me that she loved me, talk about the kids, count down the number of days until we’d be together, etc.

This monthly care package was my fortune cookie that contained the beautiful messages of love and commitment.


10 Best Tips & Ways to Get Paid to Write Fortune Cookies


1. Know What a Fortune Cookie Writer Is  

A fortune cookie writer is an individual with a creative flair who can come up with one-line statements that seem almost philosophical and meditative.

These writings are placed on a piece of paper that is inserted into a fortune cookie.

Although it appears on the surface to be a simple task, the need to have a unique and creative message can be a daunting task.

The more well-received the fortunes found in these cookies, the greater will be the demand for your services resulting in added revenue.


2. Know the Qualities Needed

The desired qualities that will prove successful for a fortune cookie writer would be the ability to utilize the words that will resonate with the reader and provide the desired impact.

Also, the writer should be creative, imaginative, and limit their writing to around 20 characters.


3. Write For Others  

A way that you can get paid to write fortune cookies is to find a job that requires the use of your writing skills to capture a fortune cookie message.

This employment can be obtained through a hired position with a fortune cookie company or by utilizing freelance websites that post the need for a fortune cookie writer.

Possibilities of freelancing as a fortune cookie writer could include accessing sites such as or


4. Start Your Own Business  

Another way that you can get paid as a fortune cookie writer would be to start your own business.

The recipe for making fortune cookies can be found online and a small business operation could be set up with you making the cookies, creating the fortunes, and packaging the cookies for sale.


5. Work On Your Writing  

To be a good writer of fortune to be inserted into the cookies you would need to be a skilled writer.

Therefore, to earn top dollar, it would be important to hone your craft.

This can be accomplished by researching, practicing, and reading several inspirational quotes to start your creative juices flowing and keep you on the task of creating your fortunes.


6. Create a Portfolio  

Another tip to get paid to write fortune cookies is to create your portfolio.

A portfolio is a compilation of your writing that has been gathered together and can be displayed or utilized to present to individuals looking for written fortunes.

A comprehensive portfolio will be a collection of some of your best sayings so that these fortunes can be shared with others to reflect your talent and skill as a fortune cookie writer.

Also, your portfolio should be organized with various subjects written about that reflect your writings.

Some of those subjects could include the philosophical type of writings, humorous antidotes, things that reflect the truth, etc.


7. Upload  

To get maximum exposure, it would be a good idea to create your webpage and market yourself as a writer and indicate to visitors that you also are talented in the area of providing fortune cookie writings.

Some of your portfolio samples could be uploaded to give the potential customer an idea of the level of your skills.


8. Blog  

Another way to get exposure and to showcase your writing talents as it relates to fortune cookies is to start a blog,

Your blog could be everything about fortune cookies.

You could present yourself as an expert as it relates to fortune cookies.

Also, your particular work can be highlighted, provide a fortune cookie saying for the day or when you’re writing is done, find unusual stories about people’s interaction with fortune cookies, etc.

The blog writing could be very entertaining as well as educational and is certainly possible that many followers would read your blog and support you.

Other possibilities of financial support could include gaining affiliate advertising and even a fortune cookie company sponsor.


9. Viritual Fortune Cookie  

In our world of virtual reality, one does not need to purchase a fortune cookie to receive their fortune.

Perhaps, if you have the technical know-how or know of an individual who can create an app you can do a virtual Chinese fortune cookie app.

The app could be animated that when the individual touches the cookie, the fortune is revealed as written by you.

The fortune cookie could be delivered to the individual daily and reveal their fortune for the day.

The app could be made available to individuals who purchase a monthly subscription in which the fortune cookie is delivered daily.

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10. Learn  

Of course, as with all things, it is important to continually learn.

This can be accomplished by reading, immersing yourself in memorable quotations, etc.

Also, you can be your best salesperson and advertise your ability by frequenting various Chinese restaurants, talking to the owners, and sharing about your passion for writing fortune cookies.

Perhaps some sort of business partnership could be developed with the Chinese restaurant owner.


10 Best Companies That Pay or Help You Get Paid to Write Fortune Cookies


1. Wonton Food, Inc.  

Wonton Food Company has multiple locations within the continental United States which include the states of New York, Texas, and Tennessee.

They have been in business since 1973 and their continued success has allowed them to expand.

A possibility of obtaining employment as a fortune cookie writer may be a possibility with your resume being sent to

Click here to check out Wontoon Food


2. SugarWish  

The career opportunities page with Sugarwish does not reflect the need at this time for a writer for fortune cookies.

However, it certainly would be a possibility to send in your resume along with some samples so that your inquiry can be placed on file with the company.

This company is based in Denver, Colorado, and offers a variety of food products.

Click here to check out Sugarwish



3. Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory  

The infamous Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory is located in San Francisco, California.

This company has been in business for over 50 years and specializes strictly in fortune cookies but provides a variety of different flavored fortune cookies including cookies that are dipped.

The above link will direct you to their contact page and the possibility of reaching out to them and offering your services as a fortune cookie writer may be a possibility you wish to pursue.

Click here to check out Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory


4. Online Companies 

Another option for you to approach companies that may need your services as a fortune cookie writer is to research the Internet for possible companies that manufacture fortune cookies.


5. Indeed  

Indeed is a job posting website that might provide an opportunity if you utilize their search engine features which would include looking for employment options anywhere in the country or globally, and searching for this particular position.

A possible keyword phrase that could be utilized is fortune cookie writer which may prove to be successful and display any potential job openings for this particular talent.

Click here to check out Indeed


6. Simply Hired  

Another job posting website is Simply Hired.

By utilizing the filters that are provided you can focus on the position of fortune cookie writer and see what jobs might present themselves to you.

It is important to remember that there may be nothing available at the current moment but you can also sign up for any job alerts that meet your employment search needs.

Click here to check out Simply Hired


7. Bailey International  

Bailey International is an international food company that specializes in providing high-quality Asian foods.

They are located in Granite City, Illinois and they are a major supplier of Asian food to a significant number of restaurants.

Click here to check out Bailey International


8. Peking Noodle  

Peking Noodle has been in business since 1924.

They are located in Los Angeles, California.

The above link will take you to their contact site in which you could reach out and offer your services as a fortune cookie writer.

Click here to check out Peking Noodle


9. Would You Like This Tsue Chong Company  

Tsue Chong Company is a Seattle-based company that is a wholesaler and retailer of Asian cuisine.

On their webpage, they indicate that they market a 10-pound box of fortune cookies.

That is a significant number of fortunes and perhaps by reaching out to the company there may be an available opportunity to provide that service.

Click here to check out Tsue Chong Company


10. Keefer Court Food  

Keefer Court Food is an Asian bakery and Café located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

They proudly bill themselves as the only Chinese bakery in the Twin City area.

Their cuisine is both Chinese and Hong Kong.

Perhaps, a letter of inquiry can be sent to them for your services as a Chinese fortune cookie writer.

Click here to check out Keefer Court Food


Making Money Writing Fortune Cookies FAQs


What Are the Ingredients in a Fortune Cookie?

To make six servings or six fortune cookies you would take one egg white, 1/8 of a teaspoon of vanilla extract, a pinch of salt, a quarter cup of unbleached flour, and 1/4 cup of white sugar.

Of course, add a fortune.


How Many Fortune Cookies Are Made Every Year?

According to a New York Times article written about the origin of the fortune cookie, it was estimated that 3 billion fortune cookies are made each year, and all made in the United States.

Other ways of making money writing include:


You Can Do It

If you have a flair for writing and can in a few words capture a pithy or wise piece of advice, then perhaps you would be an ideal candidate to write fortunes to be placed in fortune cookies.

The beauty is that no degree is required but just simply the ability to wordsmith words to make them meaningful and grab an individual’s attention with just a few creative words capturing original thoughts.



Fortune cookies are more than a little tasty morsel of unique flavor following the eating of Chinese food.

Chinese fortune cookies are served in a Chinese restaurant following a wonderful meal or if the cookie is received from a Chinese franchise, the expectation is still the same.

That expectation is that the enjoyment of the cookie goes beyond the taste but the entertainment value that reading one’s fortune brings to an individual.

Oddly enough, there have been documented instances where individuals have utilized the numbers found in a fortune cookie and have won fairly decent-sized lotteries.

Perhaps, there is more to advise, and numbers found in a fortune cookie.

Maybe a fortune awaits.

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