Yes, you can get paid to write essays for students!

This article reveals the best ways and best companies that really pay you to write essays for students.


Why Get Paid to Write Essays for Students?    

Remember our school days?

On the first day of class, we would enter the room survey the surroundings, and take our place along with the other students.

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Either the teacher was already there or would walk in once we were settled.

She/he would welcome us to the name of the class and then during the first day or first week, we would either receive our syllabus electronically or in hard copy.

The teacher would go through the syllabus, highlight the important parts and then get to the point where they would share how our grades would be calculated.

It was the usual fare such as tests, participation in class, quizzes, and then there would be the dreaded essay that would be due at the end of the course.

The essay was always an important part of some of the classes as it not only would capture our understanding of the subject matter but also our ability to utilize our writing skills, our ability to conduct research, and then intelligently capture what the assigned theme of the essay was all about.

Additionally, there would be instructions about spacing, font, footnotes, etc.

We would always vow that we would stay on top of that and pace ourselves so that we didn’t wait till the last moment.

Unfortunately, for some of us, we forgot our vows, and the X amount of words that needed to comprise the essay was given attention within the last few days before its due date.

There are options for the student.

They can be disciplined and pace themselves to ensure that the deadline is met, they can cram their writing in the days before the deadline, they can get someone else to write the essay for them, or they can take advantage of Internet companies that utilize writers to write essays.

As a writer yourself you may wish to investigate essay-producing websites that will pay you to write essays for students.


Personal Story

I had been out of school for 12 years and after my 10-year stint in the Navy decided to go back to school and take advantage of the G.I. Bill.

While serving overseas I had a religious experience, and I felt the call of God upon my life and ended up going to seminary.

The first semester was the usual refresher course as it related to English, business courses, Psychology 101, etc.

However, the challenging class for me was Pneumatology.

What added to the difficulty was that we were required to turn in four essays throughout the semester.

I found it difficult in writing the essays as it required me to do some significant study, use several resources, write the paper, make my argument, and cite my sources.

I poured a considerable amount of time and myself into the paper and, I confess, demonstrating my lack of spirituality, was proud of what I had done.

Imagine my disappointment when the graded paper was returned with the letter B-. Not just a B but an added minus.

I was heartsick and fortunately, God forgave me for the few choice words I remembered from my sailor days.


10 Best Tips & Ways to Get Paid to Write Essays for Students


1. Writing Essays  

As a writer, there are many ways that you can utilize your skills and talents.

If you enjoy research and take great pride in creating a logical and well-argued writing paper, then perhaps writing essays would be a good opportunity for you to pursue.

There are many reasons why essays need to be written other than by the student. Sometimes the student procrastinates, is uncertain about how to proceed, wants to get the best grade possible, or is just too lazy.

In either case, writing essays can be a great opportunity for the writer to earn some quality money.


2. Freelance

One of the ways that you can write essays is by being involved in freelancing websites.

These websites link a writer, and other skills, together with individuals needing those skills and talents.

Often, on these freelancing websites will be a job posting asking for a writer to consider writing an essay on their behalf.

To take advantage of such opportunities, the writer needs to register with the website, create their profile, and start looking for such opportunities through the job search engine.

Two such freelance websites are and


3. Websites  

Also, available to the writer who wishes to be involved with writing essays are many essay writing services dedicated to helping the students out with their research paper and the writing of an essay.

To be involved with some of these websites is an extensive process in that you are interviewed, submit samples of your work, and other factors to ensure that the student is linked with a quality writer.


4. Internet  

As a writer, certain tools or tips should be considered when thinking about taking on the opportunity of writing essays.

Specifically, the essay writer should have a good Internet connection and the ability to open up multiple browsers to do the needed research to provide a comprehensive essay citing the proper resources and various quotes that may be cited in the paper.


5. Computer  

It is also important to have a quality computer with enough processing power to ensure that the job is well done and completed to everybody’s satisfaction.


6. Grammar Check  

Another important tip or tool to utilize when writing a research paper is to have for your use is quality software that will check your grammar, sentence structure, spelling, etc.

One such grammar-checking website can be found online at


7. Word Processor  

Also, what is needed is a quality word processing software package that can capture the writing and have all the available formatting options that are needed to submit a good research paper.

Some of the formatting options that will be utilized should include the ability to create footnotes, headers, footers, etc.


8. Samples  

Another critical component to being a successful essay writer is to demonstrate your essay writing ability.

You can create a portfolio that reflects your work.

Several samples should be well done and significantly showcase the capability and outstanding work that you are capable of providing.

There should be a variety of essays that could capture essays addressing topics such as social issues, scientific studies, history, etc.


9. Free Time  

Writing a quality essay is not simply done in a few short hours.

Writing an essay takes a considerable amount of time as there is the research that needs to be conducted, and then the actual writing out of the document which includes the various cited resources, appropriate quotations, etc.

Therefore, before taking an essay writing assignment, you must have the time available that you can carve out of your busy schedule to devote to completing the project.

Also, it is important that when taking an assignment everybody is clear as to what the deadlines are and the milestones that need to be reached.


10. Benefits  

There are many benefits associated with writing an essay.

These benefits are not only to the customer but the individual writing the essay.

The benefit to the customer is receiving a quality essay that can be submitted and will earn a good grade for the individual or what the goal of the written essay is.

The other important benefits to the writer are not only the payment that they will receive but the additional benefits of learning about a subject that they may not have had prior knowledge of as well as taking pride in a job well done.


10 Best Companies That Pay or Help You Get Paid to Write Essays for Students


1. Write essays  

Write essays allows for an individual to be considered as a freelance writer by following this link.

They will be asked for their email address, provide the captcha, and then an automated message will be sent to their email address providing further instructions.

This website takes requests from students to provide quality essays, term papers, and research papers.

For the writer to start, they need the title of the essay, instructions, type of paper, deadline, and the number of pages that are required.

Click here to check out Write essays


2. Essay Shark  

Essay Shark is an essay writing website devoted to meeting the needs of students in writing research papers, essays, etc.

For an individual to be considered to be a writer for this website they must register and fill out their profile, take a grammar test, pass an evaluation which can extend anywhere from 2 to 5 days, and if accepted then they can begin their writing for pay.

The process involves bidding on a project, getting paid twice a month, setting your price, possibly receiving bonuses, and a flexible schedule according to your own needs.

Also, the writer can chat directly with the customer.

Click here to check out Essay Shark


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3. Essaypro  

With Essaypro you can take as many writing opportunities as you wish.

The writing can be done on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis.

The site indicates that the average writer can manage three orders per day

Payment is made on the 15th and the last day of each month.

Payment is made through Payoneer but the option of sending your earnings directly to your bank account is available.

This website also allows the writer to work with their assigned personal manager who offers answers, assistance, and provide direction.

Also, a CRM system is available which allows the writer to manage their orders, provide oversight for their earnings, and the ability to chat with their manager.

To write for this site requires proof of identity, verification of any diploma, writing samples, text assignment, and then a trial period.

The trial period extends over one month and upon satisfactory work completed you will be officially welcomed as a permanent member of the team.

Click here to check out Essaypro


4. Academic Writers Online

Academic Writers Online has been in operation for five years and currently has 315 active writers as part of the team.

As a writer, you maintain control over your schedule and can write according to your time availability.

There is no assignment of writing and duties but is completely within the control of the writer as to what topics they would like to take per their skill set.

Pay is twice a month.

In addition, the pay structure for writing falls within the range of nine dollars to $15 per page, the position of editing is seven dollars to $12 per page and proofreading is five dollars to $11 per page.

Click here to check out Academic Writers Online


5. Edubirdie  

Edubirdie is a website that concentrates on academic writing.

The accepted writer places bids, win orders, provides high-quality essays, and then can earn money.

To begin writing on this website requires registering, taking a writing test, being tested as it relates to writing essays, and then having the documents verified.

The process begins by filling out the form that is found in the above link.

Click here to check out Edubirdie


6. Custom Writings  

Custom Writings has strict writer standards and indicates that since its inception in 2006 17,000 writers have applied and only 25% of them have been hired.

The hiring process begins with an application and taking a battery of tests to demonstrate their command of the English language.

The next step involves a quick script and reviewing your writing sample to ensure that the skills and formatting styles are appropriate

If you pass the first two stages, then you complete a test and send it in for review to see if you can work under pressure.

Also, plagiarism is unacceptable.

The final step for hire is that any accreditations or diplomas need to be verified.

A native English writer can earn up to $26 per page and has the opportunity to only take those orders that they are comfortable with and match their qualifications and comfort level.

The writers are paid twice a month and a support team is available 24 hours a day seven days a week

The individual can pick and choose work within their schedule as to what writing assignments they wish to take.

Click here to check out Custom Writings


7. Writing Creek  

To write for Writing Creek requires that the potential writer goes through an application process that is fairly straightforward and uncomplicated.

The application process involves the individual going through a skill survey assessment, submitting a qualification test, providing a sample essay, and having their identification verified.

Also, the writing required covers a broad range of subjects which include the humanities, applied sciences, social sciences, formal sciences, natural sciences, and other academic fields.

This site offers compensation of four dollars per page for beginners and when an individual is classified as an expert, they have the opportunity of earning $12 per page.

Payments are twice a month with a variety of services such as PayPal or Payoneer.

Click here to check out Writing Creek


8. Freelancer is a website that connects individuals or businesses needing a job done with freelancers that have the skill and acumen to complete those jobs.

There is no cost for the freelancer to register and upon registration, they can create their bio and begin looking for online employment opportunities.

The website offers a variety of opportunities that could include writing, graphic design, virtual assistant, etc.

Upon successful completion of the job, funds are released, Freelancer takes a portion of that money as their service fee, and the remainder of the money is provided to the freelancer.

The freelancer can set their hourly rate and when they submit a proposal to a potential employer, they provide all of this needed information.

Click here to check out


9. Fiverr  

Another freelance opportunity in which freelancers can look for job opportunities is through

This website also allows freelancers to search for specific employment opportunities that correspond to the skills and talents that they bring to the job table.

Once a particular employment opportunity is selected, the freelancer indicates their ability to perform its function and offers a bid as to what their payment would be.

If accepted, the freelancer goes to work and when the job has been completed the employer will pay the website who in turn will take out their percentage of 20% with the remaining 80% being sent to the freelancer.

Click here to check out


10. Upwork allows individuals representing all types of talents and skills to register on the website. Once registered, they can begin their search for online job opportunities.

There is a robust search engine in which the individual simply puts in the job, or the skills needed and conducts a search.

The search will offer several jobs displayed on the computer screen.

Applications can then be submitted.

With this website, credits are needed to make an application for the job and those credits can be purchased once an initial amount of credits provided has been utilized.

The freelancer will write the potential employer a cover letter, template provided by Upwork, and if the employer needs other information, they will ask for it at this time.

It then is processed through a bidding action in which the employer can choose which individual they wish to utilize to complete the job is selected based on many factors.

If you are chosen to complete the job it is accomplished in the determined timeframe, payment is made through Upwork and 80% of the cost for the project is provided to you through your banking information.

Click here to check out


Making Money Writing Essays for Students FAQs


What Are the Basic Components of an Essay?

The basic components of an essay are:

  • Your thesis or main idea
  • The introduction – designed to capture the reader’s attention
  • Body – highlights the topics and ideas, provides evidence, continually springboards off of the topic, logical arguments, transitional statements, presents evidence, and data
  • Conclusion – wraps up the entire writing, emphasizes major takeaways, summarizes, restates the arguments, and challenges the reader


Is Having Someone Write Your Essay Considered to Be Cheating?

According to this is not considered cheating.

It is best to think in terms of someone else writing your essay, through a legitimate service, as a service that can relieve your academic stress and help you with your academic worries.

Also, it can be considered as a teaching or tutoring moment in which the qualified writer demonstrates to the customer practically how the essay should be structured and presented.

Check out the following related articles for more ways of making money writing:


You Can Do It

Essays are more than just writing.

Creating a quality essay requires the essayist to think through their writing, formulate an outline, conduct their research utilizing several resources, actually write out the document arguing your point of view, and ensure that the argument presented in the document flows logically and clearly.

Of course, there are the drafts, possible rewrites, additional drafts, and then perhaps the essay is ready to be submitted.

It’s a document that when well written and researched, one can take great pride in accomplishing this feat.



In this day and age of outsourcing, you can work with an online website that has available to them quality writers who write essays for students.

For the customer, there is no shame in proceeding down this path as sometimes, things get away from us, events happen in our lives, or we just run out of time.

Besides, more than likely the customer will not make it a continual habit but possibly learn from you the writer who pens the essay.

Additionally, the customer can add their thoughts and ideas as the finishing touch to take possession of the document.

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