Yes, you can really get paid to wear clothes.

This article reveals exactly how it works and the best ways you, or anyone else, can get involved in the get-paid-to-wear-clothes venture.

Most importantly, this article shows the best companies and programs out there that really pay people to wear clothes.


How Getting Paid to Wear Clothes Work

It’s simple really…

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You usually wear clothes for brands or companies that help them advertise a product, service, or the brand itself.

The companies get exposure and you get rewarded – win win for both parties.

What you are doing is simply promoting an idea or product for the particular company or brand.

When you wear an item of clothing you are invariably using your body as a human billboard.

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7 Best Ways to Get Paid to Wear Clothes

Below are the different ways you can really get paid or rewarded to wear clothes:


1. Become A Brand Ambassador for a Clothing Brand

You can get paid to wear clothes when you become a brand ambassador.

You would be paid to promote specific products or services.

On the shirt or clothing, you wear, an inscription about the product is seen.

You are an ambassador when you wear this clothing to various places including fairs, trade shows, conventions, concerts, college campuses, bars, nightclubs, festivals, and so on.

Most companies will pay you to promote their products through their shirts.

They can draw up a financial contract in which you get paid money based on agreed terms.


2. Become An Influencer on Social Media

If you have a huge following on social media, then you wear clothes and get paid by companies.

Yes, some companies will pay you to share pictures of you putting on clothes with an inscription of the brand.

You can mention the brand to your followers on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

You get paid by companies based on the contract or the level of exposure.

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3. Engage In Affiliate Marketing to Promote Clothes

Affiliate marketing is another way you get paid to wear clothes.

As an affiliate marketer, you can promote the shirts or clothes from fashion companies or designers through your website, blog, or social media platform.

You would be provided with an affiliate link or code which visitors can click on to buy the clothes you promoting from the fashion designer’s landing page.

Becoming an affiliate marketer is a strategic way to partner with those who produce clothes you can wear.

You will earn a commission once visitors follow your link or use your code to purchase clothes from merchants.

The good news is that there are many affiliate marketing programs for clothing.

A simple search on Google using this term would give you valuable results.

If you are new to Affiliate marketing, the following articles right on this website will help a lot:


4. Join Fashion Box Referral Programs

You can join the referral programs of fashion boxes. These programs demand that you wear clothes from a subscription box that contains clothing items.

You can then refer others and earn money when they sign up.

To make the most of using a fashion box to make money, all you need do is create a video of yourself unboxing the clothing and also putting on the clothes.

Share this video to boost your referral’s motivation.

If you have a huge following online, then this way of getting paid to wear clothes would be highly rewarding.

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5. Get Sponsored Posts

If you have a blog or website then you can post sponsored posts on it and make money.

You can create a video or share a picture of you putting on the cloth of the brand you are promoting.

With a sponsored post, you can decide how much you want to be paid by the fashion company for creating a post about their product on your website.

There are some blogging networks out there that would connect you with companies that want you to create sponsored posts for clothing companies.

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6. Work As A Runway Model

You get paid to wear clothes by becoming a runway model.

Yes, this is one of the best ways that fashion designers utilize to exhibit and promote their design creations.

As a model, you will get paid to wear specific clothes or design, a fashion show, or to grace the cover of magazines.

How much you will earn as a runway model will depend on several factors including your rating, the brand you work for, etc.

You can check out modeling agencies online and those near you to find runway modeling jobs.

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7. Become A Product Tester

Some clothing companies will pay you to test their clothes for a reward.

You get a sample to test and after you are done, you will send feedback to the brand.

The feedback can help the company improve on the design, texture, or demand of the clothing to the target market.

There are many product-testing sites for clothes. You should check them out today.


10 Best Companies that Pay to Wear clothes

Some of the best companies and websites that pay to wear clothes include:


1. OpenSponsorship

OpenSponsorship is a platform and a database of athletes, teams, and events.

Brands can view athletes or teams on this platform and make them a sponsorship offer if they can fit into their advert campaigns.

If you are an athlete with an online presence then you can sign up and get hired to wear clothes for brands.

Brands can contact your agent and negotiate a sponsorship deal that allows you to wear their clothes in a promotional campaign period.

OpenSponsorship is used by most clothing designers and other businesses to connect with athletes.

Joining this platform is free, and you can take a few minutes to add your name to the database.

Click here to check out OpenSponsorship and get paid to wear clothes for brands.


make money wearing clothes


2. Happy Earth

Happy Earth is a company that sells clothes to raise awareness about environmental issues.

You can become an ambassador to this brand and get paid to wear clothes.

Happy Earth ambassadors are expected to be a voice for environmental clean up.

You too can promote the environment by picking up trash, planting trees, and doing something to sustain the planet.

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Also, as an ambassador to this brand, you receive personal discounts for shopping and to share on social networks.

Click here to check out Happy Earth to get involved in the paid-to-wear-clothes gig.

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3. Izzy and Liv

Izzy and Liv is a company that promotes black culture, skin, and fashion.

You can become a brand ambassador to this company and get paid to wear their clothes.

To be accepted as a brand ambassador, you need to have an active social media presence on popular platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and so on.

You should also have a huge following on your blog.

Izzy and Liv brand ambassadors will do everything to promote the product and ideas of this company In turn, you will earn free products and discounts.

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It’s very easy to get started with Izzy and Liv.

Step 1 is to upload a picture or video which shows you wearing or enjoying any of their Izzy & Liv product.

Then tag them on social media using any of their hashtags @izzyandliv #brownsugarbabe

Step 2 is to then submit an application to them telling them more about yourself as well as the links to your social media page.

Of course make sure to follow them on social media to see when they announce those who are winners.

Click here to check out Izzy and Liv and get paid to wear their clothes.

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TeesPay is a website that pays you to wear T-shirts.

This company matches brands that design clothes with people that want to wear and advertise for the brand.

The T-shirt offered by TeesPay is free. However, as at the time of writing this piece, it is not clear how pays people to wear T-shirts for others.

You can still sign up for this platform with your email.

Click here to check out TeesPay and get paid to wear free T-Shirts.

Click here for companies that pay you just to share links.


5. Unemployed Denim

Unemployed Denim is a clothing brand that can pay you to wear their clothes as a brand ambassador.

They design and produce different types of comfy-cozy clothes and denim.

You can become an ambassador to this company as they always like to expand their team.

Unemployed Denim ambassadors will wear their clothes for free and also enjoy other privileges.

You can apply to be an Unemployed Denim ambassador by first filling out an application.

Click here to check out Unemployed Denim and see how you get paid to wear clothes as an ambassador.

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6. Enjoy Leggings

Enjoy Leggings is a brand that produces and sells leggings.

You can become a potential brand ambassador of this company and enjoy many privileges when you wear and promote their clothes.

To become a brand ambassador here, you will need to have a huge following on social media.

This is important so you can easily spread the word about the products on it.

More so, as an ambassador, you will get free leggings, get sneak peeks at new products, and get the chance to be featured on their social networks.

Click here to check out Enjoy Leggings and start getting paid just to wear their clothes.

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Other platforms that also reward or even pay you to wear clothes are:

7. Farai

8. Breezy Swim

9. One Tribe

10. Amazing Lace



As this helpful article has shown, it’s indeed possible to get paid to wear clothes.

The article showed the different ways anyone can get involved in this and the really genuine companies that pay.

You can definitely become a brand ambassador to a clothing company, you can promote a clothe and get rewarded through your blog, and you can model clothes and get paid, etc.

The options are endless, if you truly want to get paid and rewarded to wear clothes.