True crime are documentaries that recount the stories of past criminal events like serial killing, true justice, heists, human trafficking, and other vices.

If you’re a lover of these kinds of series, you must have been called weird a lot of times.

However, we believe your bold and daring interest should be beneficial to you.

If you agree, this article can help you explore ways to make sure of that.

Here, we look into ways you can get paid to watch true crime and companies that pay you or help you get paid.

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Eligibility Criteria to Get Paid to Watch True Crime

True crime documentaries are special, which means it’s not everyone that will find them pleasant to watch.

Most platforms that offer earning opportunities put this into consideration, and it forms part of their eligibility criteria along with other basic requirements.

Here are some of the things you should consider before trying to get paid to watch true crime:

Age Restriction

Most True Crime Documentaries come with an 18+ or sometimes 21+ rating. This is due to the nature of the series.

True Crime usually recounts occurrences of criminal events, and most times, it contains Violence, Profane languages, Nudity, and strong content that are not suitable for viewers within the age.

Thus, you should consider if you’re permissible to watch such content at your age before proceeding.

Mental Health 

If you’re someone that cringes at the sight of blood, violence, and other strong graphic content, true crime isn’t suitable for you to watch.

You need to be certain that at the end of binge-watching the series, it won’t affect both your physical and mental health.

If you also suffer from anxiety, you might not want to consider it, as most true crimes are suspense-filled.

Access To Streaming Platforms

Devices (Smartphones, PCs, or tabs) with strong internet connections are needed to access most streaming platforms. They’re basic requirements you need to have in place before you can get paid to watch true crime.

Your time is another important factor to consider.

As a binge-watcher, generally, you need a lot of time dedicated to the side hustle.

Hence, efficient planning of your day is required to strike a balance.


7 Ways to Get Paid to Watch True Crime

While there are not numerous opportunities available for you to explore to earn from watching True Crime, here are some of the possible means:


1. Be a Binge-watcher

Over the years, some streaming platforms have liked to pay lucky individuals to binge-watch series on their site and share their experience on social media platforms.

Magellan TV is  one such streaming platform.

The company offered $2400 to three lucky individuals who could watch their actual crime playlist for 24hrs.

The playlist, which included six true crime documentaries including Jack the Ripper, the Manson, etc. were to be binge-watched on their platform within the allotted period.

Apart from the monetary reward, a year membership subscription on the platform was also added to the reward.


2. Work As A Critic/Reviewer

Like other movie types and genres, you can also get paid when you watch true crime documentaries and review them.

Ensure that your reviews are detailed, honest, and reflect an in-depth understanding of the documentary.

Being a critic/reviewer, you can work as a Freelancer on freelancing platforms like Upwork and Fiverr or work with review sites.


3. Be A Content Creator

Some companies recruit individuals (freelancers) to watch true crime and create content around it.

Your content may be in text form, podcast, and sometimes short skirts.

Content creation provides you leverage to get paid to watch true crime.


4. Work As Netflix Editorial Analyst

When it comes to getting paid to watch a  movie or TV show, this job role will always be an option.

As a Netflix Editorial Analyst, you’re paid to watch numerous true crimes and tag them with the necessary metadata, including language, rating, cast, release date, amongst others.

It’s another feasible option to explore and get paid to watch true crime.


5. Blogging

Creating periodic blogs about true crime can help you build a fanbase of true crime lovers.

Generated traffic on your blog helps earn money either through ads, affiliate marketing, or other blogging monetization strategies.

This can’t be possible if you don’t watch the true crime documentaries you blog about.

Also, ensuring that your blog offers a fresh perspective to the documentaries can help make your blogs unique and attract more visitors.


6. Vlogging

The major difference between a Blog and a Vlog is that the former is written content and the latter is video content.

Platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook live can help you earn money when you Vlog about true crime documentaries you watch.


7. Join Earning Sites

Platforms like MyPoint, Inbox Dollar, and SwagBucks pay you to watch videos and binge-watch series on streaming platforms.

You earn points on every true crime you complete, and the points are converted to real money or gift cards and paid to you once it’s up to the threshold of withdrawal.


10 Best Companies That Can Help You Get Paid to Watch True Crime 

Certain Companies and Platforms do pay you or help you get paid to watch true crime documentaries.

In this section, we’ve curated a list of the top ones you can consider.

They include:


1. Magellan TV

Magellan TV is a popular streaming platform well known for its offers of paying individuals to binge-watch true crime documentaries on their platform.

The streaming platform offers true fanatics thousands of dollars to complete these activities, including other incentives like an annual subscription.

They have no stringent eligibility criteria apart from the basic ones mentioned earlier in the article.

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2. FreeUp

This FreeUp platform is a freelance site that helps companies scout freelancers capable of carrying out any required task.

The platform has been reported to help clients scout content creators that are willing to binge-watch true crime and research on it in-depth to create compelling and creative content around it.

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3. MyPoints

MyPoints is one of the earning sites that pays you to watch videos and binge-watch series.

You can get paid to watch true crime by leveraging the site and accumulating points each time you completely watch a true-crime documentary or other types of movies.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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4. Netflix

The No.1 streaming platform ensures you can get paid to watch any video content on their platform.

Provided you’re lucky enough to work as an Editorial analyst for them, you’re entitled to a consistent salary which is usually not disclosed.

Check out the following articles for more apps and websites that pay you for watching TV shows, movies, videos, etc:


5. YouTube

YouTube is the best platform to leverage for vlogging.

Creating video content around true crime documentaries can help you earn huge revenue via views, ads, and affiliate marketing.

Months of consistently creating content and promoting your page usually precede the stage of monetization, as you have to build a large audience to ensure your revenue is substantial.

From dropping reviews about the documentaries to creating funny content (like their epic fails), you can explore different means to earn, leveraging the time spent watching true crime.

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make money and get paid to watch true crime


6. Inbox Dollar

Inbox Dollar is one of the top-earning Sites you can leverage as a true-crime fanatic to get paid.

Apart from your earnings from watching videos on the site, you get a signup fee once you register on the platform.

You can access Inbox Dollar here.


7. Social Platforms

Create video content around true crime documentaries.

Posting them on social platforms like Facebook and Instagram can help you increase your audience and influence on these social platforms.

You can become a top influencer for brands on the platforms, leveraging the audience and influence you’ve built with true crime-related content.


8. Fiverr

You can land a gig to review true-crime series on Fiverr.

The freelance platform boasts thousands of services, and writing reviews on true crime-related docuseries is one.

Checking out similar profiles can help you structure and optimize your gig to land clients.


9. SwagTV

There’s no mentioning of earning platforms without mentioning Swagbucks or its affiliate.

The SwagTV is a section of Swagbucks that focuses on giving individuals incentives to watch videos, movies, and docuseries.

It allocated points on a fair scale, and your point accumulates as a Swagbuck coin.

A 100 Swagbuck coin is equivalent to $1, and the more true crime docuseries you watch, the more you earn.

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10. Upwork

Upwork is another freelance platform you can explore to get a review gig on true crime docuseries.

All you have to do is sign up on the platform and create a profile showcasing the service you’re willing to offer.

While these might be a hard gig to come by, it’s not impossible to land such a gig.

You can always check if there are top sellers offering the same service and learn from them.

Click here to check out UpWork


Other Ways to Earn Money From Watching True Crime

Beyond getting paid to watch true-crime docuseries, you can earn from it through the following ways:


Be a Video Editor

You can work as a freelance video editor or work with companies to edit and optimize true crime-related video content.


Voice Over/Podcasting

You can work as a voice-over artist on true crime docuseries projects and earn handsomely from it.

Podcasting is another voice content you can use to earn from true crime.

Creating a paid podcast can help you generate extra income on the side.


Be a Production Assistant

Working as a production assistant on sets of true crime docuseries is another means of earning from it.

The role requires you to carry out activities directed by the producer(s)/director(s).

It may include distributing scripts amongst casts and relaying messages to other crew members.

However, in this role, your physical presence is more valued.

Being a virtual production assistant is rarely accepted.


Ways to Enjoy Watching True Crime Docuseries

True crime docuseries arouse different feelings in us — melancholy, fear, surprise, anxiety, etc.

Some are scared to watch it, while others find it boring.

Irrespective of the side you fall, these simple tricks can help you enjoy it:

  • Watch with a friend or amidst company.
  • Have your bucket of popcorn and drinks or any snack with you while watching.
  • Watch to write a review
  • Take breaks at intervals — either take a pee or scroll through your phone for a while. This helps you prevent getting bored.


Making Money Watching True Crime FAQs


What Are the Most Popular True Crime Docuseries on Netflix?

Netflix has some of the best documentaries.

Eleven of its original documentaries have received nominations at the Oscars for Best Documentary Feature in the past 7 years, winning twice.

Here are some of the best true crime docuseries you can watch on the streaming platform:

  • The Confession killer (2019)
  • American Murder: The Family Next Door (2019)
  • Night Stalker: The Hunt for a serial killer (2021)
  • Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes (2019)


Which Streaming Service Has the Best True Crime Docuseries?

Inarguably, Netflix has the best collection of true crime Docuseries.

It is the best streaming service for true crime docuseries.

However, unlike other platforms that offer you money to binge-watch on their platform once in a while, such an offer isn’t available on Netflix.


Can I Get Paid to Watch True Crime Docuseries?


We’ve highlighted several ways you can leverage to earn from watching the true-crime docuseries above.

From getting paid by streaming platforms to binge-watching to being a reviewer, vlogging, and blogging, there are numerous opportunities available for you to explore.



You must be a lover of true crime docuseries before considering earning from it.

This is due to the sensitivity of the contents it may contain.

However, if you’re certain that you’re capable of watching it without this risk of paranoia or any other effects, you can apply the knowledge you’ve gained in this article.

Getting paid to watch true crime documentaries isn’t a common opportunity, but you can utilize other means at your disposal to achieve this.

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