If you are like me and love to spend most of your free time binge watching Netflix, you absolutely can get paid.

Yes, you can get paid for some or even all of the time you spend binge watching Netflix – you enjoy the experience and still get paid some.

This article tells you exactly how it works.

It especially shows you a simple trick that works to get you paid, even if there are no specific official Netflix job offer or vacancies available.

And don’t worry – this is not one of those scams out there that promise to make you money only to end up costing you money and even wasting your time.

This really works to make you some extra money on the side, while enjoying Netflix.


Apart from how to get paid to watch Netflix or videos, there are many helpful content on this website for those looking for ways to earn money doing simple activities. Below are some of them that might interest you:


How To Get Paid To Watch Netflix Officially

First things first, yes, it’s true that you can get paid officially by Netflix themselves, just for watching films and TV programs.

Yes, officially Netflix pays people to “tag” programs for them.

They hire people who love watching their shows to help them “tag” some of their programming.

These people do what they love doing – binge watching TV programs, TV shows and moves – and getting paid for it 🙂

Officially known as “editorial analysts” or “creative analysts” the more known colloquial title is Netflix taggers.

The job of these editorial analysts, creative analysts or “taggers” includes watching lots of content on Netflix, then “tagging” each of the films and episode with the particular relevant metadata.

In case you don’t previously know, this is one of the ways Netflix uses to put together relevant information about some of the shows or movies you watch.

Metadata provides relevant information about the shows and movies such as:

  • What year the shows and movies were released
  • What type of languages were used
  • Who the directors are
  • Who the cast members are
  • Whether or not there are sex scenes
  • Whether or not profanity is used
  • ETC

It’s also the job of these creative analysts or taggers to label all the Netflix shows and movies with the right tags.

I can’t even begin to imagine how difficult it would be looking for what one needs in Netflix without tagging.

It also involves rating, annotating and writing analysis, for the TV shows, programs and/or movies you watch.

To explain this further, it’s sort of like a personalization process where you watch the movies and shows, then analyze and describe them using particular tags.

These tags then help the Netflix systems or algorithms to recommend the right TV shows and movies to people looking for such.

To find if there are such jobs available, click here to visit the Netflix Jobs section.

When you get there, simply type in the word “editorial analyst”, “creative analyst” or “tagger” in the job search box, to see if there are any jobs available.

Unfortunately there are not always vacancies for these jobs. And when there are, they fill up pretty quickly.

As of the time of writing this article, there are no job vacancies for taggers on the Netflix official jobs page.

But don’t despair – there are still other genuine ways to get paid while watching Netflix films and TV programs, as you will learn from reading the rest of this article 🙂

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How To Still Get Paid To Binge Watch Netflix, even with no tagging job vacancies available

Yes, whether there are job vacancies available at Netflix or not, you can still binge watch Netflix while enjoying your popcorn, and still get paid!

You can do this thanks to an amazing rewards program called Swagbucks!

And no, these are not scam programs like stuffing envelopes or scams related to sending SMS to make money.

Instead, these types of jobs that you do with Swagbucks really earns you money, on the side.

Swagbucks really pays and rewards people like you for performing various activities, including watching videos!

Simply join Swagbucks by clicking here.

By the way, it’s completely free to join Swagbucks, so don’t worry about paying anything.

One of the great things with Swagbucks is that you get bonus of $5 just for signing up.

No, you don’t have to pay anything to sign up.

You simply register by signing up with your email address, confirm your registration and you are good to go… with an extra bonus of $5 to get you started.

After joining Swagbucks, download their app on your mobile device.

And get started!

You can have the videos running in your mobile device while binge watching your favorite shows on Netflix.

This way you still enjoy watching your favorite videos on Netflix.

Of course occasionally you will find very interesting videos to watch with Swagbucks, making it a very good use of your time.

And you also occasionally leave your thoughts on videos or surveys that interest you.

In fact, it can even be like eating your cake and still having it – spending your time watching Netflix TV shows and Swagbucks videos… and getting paid!

And contrary to what some people might think, many of the videos from Swagbucks are not boring videos. They actually show many entertaining videos that you might find interesting.

Click here or the logo below to join Swagbucks and start getting paid watching videos while binge watching Netflix 🙂


Swagbucks Also Pay For Other Activities You Perform

Yes, you can also get paid by Swagbucks for several other activities you do. And all these can still be done in your spare time, from the comfort of your couch.

  • You can earn from shopping online through Swagbucks
  • You can earn from searching the web through Swagbucks
  • You can earn from answering surveys with Swagbucks
  • You can earn from finding great deals through Swagbucks

Click here to join Swagbucks and start earning


Other Ways To Get Paid To Watch TV or Moves

There are still many other programs that have reward programs for those who watch videos.

Some pay you cash while others give you points that can be redeemed for gift cards. Yes, some are like free gift card generators!

For those that pay you straight to your Paypal account, it’s even like you are getting completely free paypal cash without spending any money.

Of course you spend a bit of your time to watch videos and leave your thoughts on some of the videos or on some surveys, it’s still money you get without spending any of your own money.

Inbox Dollars

This is another program that pays those who watch videos and/or perform other activities through them.

They have been around for a long time and have paid a lot of people over the years.

One thing to bear in mind though is that it might take a long time to earn a lot of money though but it’s worth trying them out.

The big difference between Inbox Dollars and others is that they even give a $5 sign up bonus.

They do this to encourage people to get involved after signing up, as one earns more when they complete surveys and/or watch videos.

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MyPoints also pays people who watch videos through them.

They use the same business model as Swagbucks, Inbox Dollars and other such programs.

The way it works with them is you earn points to watch playlists, rather than watching of individual videos.

You simply start the playlist and get your points when it finishes.

Of course you can stop or pause it anytime you want, but to get your points the playlist needs to autoplay until completion.

You can watch videos directly on their site using your desktop computer or laptop. And for mobile lovers out there, you are not left out.

You can download their special MyPoints TV app to view videos on your smartphone or tablet and get paid. Their app is available in Android and iOS as well.

Other ways to earn with MyPoints include conducting some or most of your shopping through them, looking for special deals through them, doing online surveys through them, playing games through them and even trying out some mobile apps that pay users money.


Below are some more of these programs that also pay you to watch films and TV programs:

App Trailers
Nielsen Digital Voice
Creations Rewards
Instant Rewards

You can read a comprehensive article on how to get paid for watching videos by these programs.