Yes, you can really get paid to visit websites!

This article reveals exactly how and some of the best websites that pay you to visit.


Why Get Paid to Visit Websites?

When we open up our Internet browser a whole new world is revealed to us.

We are treated to a variety of websites that can run the gamut from news, global happenings, educational sites, economic sites, personal-finance sites, etc.

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Through the Internet, the world is our oyster and we have only so little time to discover all that it has in store for us.

If you’re like most people, you enjoy browsing on the website to find out about all of the new and interesting things that can be learned and be involved with.

For many, a great job would be able to go to a variety of websites and get paid in doing so.

Therefore, let us use our touchscreens or employ our computer mouse and take a look at some websites that will pay you to search the Internet, access a number of websites, and get paid in the process.


Personal Story

I was slow to get on board the Internet train.

In fact, even when I began to access the various websites it wasn’t until the beginning of the 21st century and prior to the big Y2K scare.

I always thought that the Internet was an intrusion on our lives and that our dependence upon it would ultimately be devastating to us as individuals, families, and as a society.

I eventually came off of my high horse and soapbox as I realized the power of the Internet for informational, educational, and spiritual advantages in my life.

Adding to my ignorance, it wasn’t until 1998 or 1999 that I realized that you could put attachments into an email and send a document electronically.

Talk about getting on board the train after it already left the station.


How to Get Paid to Visit Websites


Know What Paid-To-Click Is

Paid-to-click or pay-per-click is an Internet-based advertising process in which every time an advertisement is accessed or “clicked”, an advertiser pays the publisher a set amount.

The model is often utilized by search engines such as Google and social media sites with an example being Facebook.

Other significant platforms that utilize the pay-per-click system include Google Ads, Twitter Ads, and Facebook Ads.


Know How It Works

The system of analyzing the visits and working towards higher profits because of an increased number of clicks relies on the keyword process.

When someone is searching the Internet and uses particular words or keywords this will trigger an online ad to appear on the user’s screen.

The pay-per-click provides benefits for both the publisher and the advertiser.

For the advertiser, it offers the opportunity to advertise their product through the Internet browser due to the user’s input of the words in their search.

The entire process is designed and allows the advertising company to save money as there is a value placed on each visit from a potential customer which is greater than the cost of the click paid to the publisher.

The financial benefit to the publisher is that it provides a source of income.

Typically, sites such as Google and Facebook can be accessed at no charge to their customers.

However, there needs to be monetization of this service and so online advertising is how the revenue is generated and optimized through the pay-per-click model.


How How Much You Get Paid to Visit Websites

In reality, you will earn money but the amount that you earn or collect is a modest amount.

Even though the pay-per-click may be minimal, if you are able to click a number of ads during the course of the day that small amount will add up and over time you will find that you have accumulated a nice amount of money.

The amount of money that you earn in a month could range from a few dollars extra up to $100 a month for simply clicking on website ads.



Another way to earn money through these paid-to-click websites is by engaging in various surveys, watching movies, and other tasks that are offered that when conducted can earn the individual money or other rewards.

These websites gather the information and provide the data to their clients to help market their products.

The surveys provide information that is key and valuable to a marketing firm so that they can better connect with current and potential customers.


Avoid Scams

As with all things, it is buyer beware and so it is when looking to increase your monthly income by getting paid to visit websites.

The reality is that there are sites out in the vast domain of the Internet that indicate that they will pay you to click ads and the payment never comes.

To mitigate this and make sure that the website is legitimate and follows through on its promise is to research the company before you sign up to be an active user.


Search Engine Evaluator

An opportunity to get paid to visit websites is by involving yourself in online companies that have you be an evaluator on search engines.

Some of those search engines would include Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

The role of the Search Engine Evaluator conduct searches on various search engines and analyzes and reports what types of errors may be returned.

As an evaluator, you are judging the search engines for their relevancy, usefulness, and quality of return on the words that are searched.

A search engine evaluator can earn anywhere from eight dollars to $15 per hour.

In order to find positions available as a search engine evaluator, you can look at such job posting websites as or


Set Your Default Search Engine

A suggestion as it relates to searching online and evaluating a particular search engine is to set your default browser as that particular search engine.

For example, if evaluating the Bing search engine set your default browser to Bing.


Search and Test Websites

An opportunity to sit at your computer and browse the Internet and get paid in doing so is through the opportunity of searching and testing websites.

In this role, you are hired by a company that has been engaged to test their website.

The purpose is to gain feedback, evaluate the “user-friendliness” of the site, look for broken links, provide a better experience for the individual, etc.

Most tests take up to 20 minutes and you could get paid $10 per test.

Honest feedback is paramount.



There are a variety of online companies that hire freelance researchers.

The researcher is tasked with searching the website and researching a variety of topics for the businesses and individuals that they represent.

Researching is time-consuming and that is the primary reason why the job is outsourced.

The ideal candidate is detail-oriented, enjoys learning and researching, and has the ability to multi-task.

A good extension to add-on to your browser as it relates to researching online is Qmee.



Track Website Use

Data is like gold to a marketing firm.

To mine this gold there are marketing firms that will pay you for the option of capturing your online searches.

By downloading the app or registering through the website, they will pay up to $50 per year.

The purpose is to determine what sites you visit and the length of stay on those sites.

One such site is Nielsen.


10 Best Companies That Really Pay You to Visit Websites


1. Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk will pay the individual user for taking on tasks that only require a few seconds or minutes of the individual’s time.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

SurveyJunkie (only USA, Canada, Australia residents allowed). You can earn money sharing your thoughts. They have already paid $25+ million to their 20+ million members just for sharing their thoughts and opinions. Click here to join SurveyJunkie for FREE

In exchange, the individual earns money quickly without too much time involvement.

The tasks generally include ad-related items such as observing ads and providing your opinion or simply clicking on ads on a website.

Click here to check out Amazon Mechanical Turk


2. GPT Planet

GPT Planet offers a variety of activities and options in which you can participate to earn cash.

To cash out utilizing this website the user has to earn a minimum of one dollar.

This makes this particular site a little bit more attractive to the average user.

Click here to check out GPT Planet


3. Bux Inc

This particular site provides to the user a public posting board in which members search to find tasks that do not take much time in order to make money.

Many of the tasks involve clicking the postings to arrive at the landing page.

Pay can be measured in cents per click.

Also, through this website, you can get money to complete sign-up forms, make referrals, purchase items, and more.

You can register to be involved with this site by clicking here.


4. BuxInside

This website, is fairly straightforward.

The interested individual registers on the site.

Registration is at no charge and the individual can begin browsing the ads offered by the advertiser.

These ads are clicked which takes the individual to the landing page.

That completes the actions required and there is no obligation to purchase,

In order to cash out any money, there needs to be a minimum of $2.00 in the account.


5. Donkey Mails

Donkey Mails provides another opportunity to visit websites and get paid.

Registration is provided at no charge and the variety of paid to click actions include playing games, browser websites, and more.

Also, this website offers a referral contest.

The monthly grand prize is $350.

Click here to check out Donkey Mails


6. EasyHits 4U

This particular site does not offer cash rewards or gift cards.

What it does offer is the opportunity to have website traffic brought back to your website.

When you visit the sites posted on EasyHits 4U your site will get the same benefit.

Indirectly, your site, through increased traffic, equates to cash when people discover your site and buy products.


7. Fusion Cash

The length of time that this site has been in operation makes it a leader in the GPT (Get Paid To) world.

Some of the activities you get paid to do include playing games, involvement with surveys, viewing videos, etc.

This site also has a paid-to-click segment as well and provides payment when you click on ads.


8. UserTesting

User Testing pays you $10 per 20-minute video.

The video contains instructions on helping you to know where to interact with the site or the app that is being tested.

Upon completing your task this website will send your payment via PayPal within a week’s time.

Click here to check out User Testing


9. Bing

Bing pays individuals when searches are conducted through their search engine.

Credits are earned as a registered user and searches are conducted.

The credits are counted through a credit counter on your browser.

This appears on the top right corner of any page that you visit.

Also available is the Bing Bar which reflects a rewards button and credit counter.

There are different levels of awards based on usage.

For more information click here.


10. Testing Time

The time commitment for completing an online test or through Skyping ranges from 30 to 90 minutes.

Payment is roughly $60 per test.

The tests involve the involvement of new products, testing apps, and reviewing websites.

A live moderator is involved who facilitates the process of running through and checking off a variety of associated tasks.

This is an international website located in Switzerland but there are no geographical barriers to participating.

Testing Time can be accessed here.


Make Money Visiting Websites FAQs


What Is the Purpose of Someone Paying an Internet User to Visit a Website?

In the world of marketing it is all about being recognized.

In order to do that, people need to know that you’re there.

In order for that discovery to be made, there are companies that will pay you to visit those websites in order to increase the website traffic.

Consequently, an agreement is made between a business website and a paid-to-visit website or PVW.

When you as a user sign on as a registered participant with the PBW (Play By Web) and visit the business website pays the PBW a set amount of money.

In turn, the PBW pays you an agreed-upon amount for visiting that website.

It’s all about getting recognized and getting traffic directed to the business’s website.


How Is Traffic to a Business Website Tracked?

Traffic to individual business websites can be monitored and calculated by Google Analytics.

The software is provided by Google at no charge and needs to be installed on the business website.

A report can be generated that captures the percentage of visitors who do in organic search, a direct search, involve email, whether it was a paid search, or referral, amongst other analytics.

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You Can Do It

The Internet is a powerful tool and can ultimately provide an enriching experience for those who take advantage of the mounds of information that can be accessed.

The use of the Internet is a significant aspect of each of our lives.

The Internet can be classified as one of those things where we asked the question, as the use of the microwave, how did we ever get along without it?

Today, the added dimension of using the Internet is that it is possible to earn money by visiting websites that are doing something that you probably do already and enjoy.



Through the Internet, we are connected.

We can conduct all sorts of business transactions, monitor our personal finances, converse with people around the world, do virtual presentations, stream entertainment to our heart’s content, and more.

Now, adding to the enrichment of what the Internet brings us the possibility of earning some extra cash by visiting various websites.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

SurveyJunkie (only USA, Canada, Australia residents allowed). You can earn money sharing your thoughts. They have already paid $25+ million to their 20+ million members just for sharing their thoughts and opinions. Click here to join SurveyJunkie for FREE

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