Yes, you can really get paid to visit Malta!

This article reveals exactly how and some of the best companies and/or programs that pay you to visit Malta.


Why Get Paid to Visit Malta

What do the movies Gladiator, Troy, Pirates of the Caribbean and the hit series the Game of Throne have in common?

They were all film productions that utilized the backdrop landscape of the country of Malta.

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Lying almost mid-point in the Mediterranean Sea is this island nation of 122 square miles with a population of 516,000.

Malta is also known for its breathtaking coastlines, pristine waters, extraordinary diving opportunities, and a gigantic step back in time with its marvelous historical architecture.

Malta beckons and they are willing to pay you to come and visit.

Due to the recent pandemic, Covid-19 has impacted all industries around the world.

One of those important industries is tourism and Malta relied heavily on tourism dollars.

As a plan of action, Malta is offering incentives to lure tourists back out of the shadows of the pandemic and into the brilliance of the sunlight of Malta.

Let us pack our bags and explore ways to visit Malta and take advantage of their incentives and get paid.


Personal Story

Taking a 2 1/2 hour trip to the beach and escaping for a weekend was always a pleasurable experience for my wife and me.

Not only did we enjoy our trip but while there a satisfying seafood dinner, sipping delicious wine, and watching the sunset over the Pacific Ocean was always a memorable experience.

On one particular weekend, we took advantage of a special offer provided by a newly built semi-luxurious hotel.

To attract guests with the hopes of the guests returning for future visits, the offer was a discounted $75 per night.

The room was beautiful, had a gorgeous view of the Pacific Ocean, and our own personal fireplace along with other wonderful amenities.

There is nothing like adding the beauty of saving money to the beauty of enjoying a wonderful trip to the coast.


10 Ways to Get Paid to Travel to Malta


1. Know More About Malta

The population around the globe has been trapped by the recent pandemic and travel has been restricted.

However, as of this writing, many nations are lifting their tourism restrictions, and once again the opportunity to travel, with few limitations, is being made available.

One of those nations that are swinging wide the doors of its tourism industry open in Malta.


2. Why Visit

Malta has a rich and historic culture and is known for its beautiful architectural buildings and limestone walls.

The island boasts of having the oldest stone structures in the world and even out dates other significant stone-created structures such as the pyramids and even older than Stonehenge.

Added to the beauty of this island nation is the pristine water that engulfs the land and due to the warmth of the area provides a tropical-like paradise for scuba divers to interact with colorful life in the water.

The nation is also known for its limestone cliffs.


3. Have a Plan

As with any activity, it is always important to have a plan.

If considering a trip to Malta and taking advantage of some of their enticing offers, it is important to plan out your excursion.

The current plan for visiting Malta as outlined by the country needs to be taken into consideration for your planning purposes.

Specifically, the government is requiring proof of vaccination in order to enter the country.

For those unvaccinated tourists, they need to submit a negative PCR Covid 19 test that is administered prior to their entering the country.


4. Vouchers

To lure tourists back to this island nation, the process involves the receiving of a voucher up to €200 ($240) per person.

There are varying amounts provided to tourists and is dependent upon the quality of the hotel that they engage.

Specifically, if you stay at a five-star hotel you will receive a reimbursement of €200, a four-star hotel will present a €175 rebate per person, and a three-star hotel will earn an individual €125 in discounts.

In addition, to be eligible, the visitors must stay for three nights in order to qualify.

Ultimately, a typical night’s lodging for two people in Malta generally averages €1400.

Through the use of these vouchers, there could be a realization of almost a discount of 33%.

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5. Diving

To sweeten the incentive, there is a voucher provided for tourists who wish to enjoy the scuba diving experience.

The incentive is in the amount of €100 and can be redeemed at various licensed dive centers in the country.

This is a significant enticement as the islands are known for their crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea and the exploration of an abundance of reefs, shipwrecks, and caves.


6. Extra Trip

Because the country of Malta is classified as an archipelago, a number of islands comprise the country, an additional 10% incentive discount for staying at hotel properties on the island of Gozo will also be part of the benefits package.


7. Au Pair

A possibility of getting paid to visit Malta could also be through the employment position of being an AuPair.

Many families employ the services of an Au Pair to care for the children in their family.

If you are able to get a position with a family that would take the AuPair with them on their vacation or excursions, with the possibility of visiting Malta, you would be able to realize a visit to this country while getting paid.

Ways that you can look for positions of Au Pair include researching such job posting sites as or


8. Blogging

A possibility of getting paid to take a trip to Malta and incorporating your writing skills would be to start a travel blog.

You could begin to start your blog months prior to your journey and start writing about your anticipated adventure.

You could capture the steps that you are taking in preparation for your travel, the excitement, and anticipation you are experiencing, the various processes involved with your travel arrangements, etc.

Also, when you arrive you could continue to write about your journey and share with your readers and followers about the country and the real experience of being on this island nation.

The possibility of getting paid through blogging would be the support of your followers, affiliate advertising, and possibly gaining a sponsor, perhaps from a travel agent or travel magazine, etc.

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9. Travel Agent

The discounts provided to tourists are only made available to individuals who make their own personal arrangements and not through a travel agency.

This may present an opportunity for you to gather a group of your friends or family members together and act as a travel agent for this group of travelers and make the arrangements.

To provide this service for your friends or family you could just suggest a payment of 10% or so for your efforts in planning out the trip and the itinerary.


10. Photographer/Writer

If you are a creative individual with writing skills or have a good perspective as it relates to photography, you might possibly get paid for being a contributing writer to a travel magazine.

You could contact these travel magazines, provide a sample of your work, and float the idea of traveling and providing articles and photographs for the magazine.

The possible terms of the contract could include reimbursement of expenses or a set fee.

A website that offers a variety of potential travel magazines that pay for travel writing can be found at


10 Best Companies That Pay or Help You Get Paid to Visit Malta


1. Malta Tourism Authority

The total allocated budget for providing this incentive to attract tourists is capped at €3.5 million.

The goal is to bring in 35,000 tourists to help support the businesses of Malta and provide a significant “shot in the arm” as it relates to rebuilding the tourism industry.

The shared expense is between the Malta Tourism Authority and the participating hotels. That shared percentage is at 50-50.

Click here to check out the Malta Tourism Authority


2. Gozo

The island of Gozo, as part of the island network of Malta, is also participating in this incentive program.

In addition to joining the bigger island of the nation of Malta, is an added incentive offered to individuals aged 65 years of or older.

That incentive is €100.


3. Corinthia Palace

Corinthia Palace is a five-star hotel and the brand was founded by the Pisani family of Malta in 1962.

The Corinthia Palace in Malta is the first, now of nine, such hotels located in various parts of the world.

It is part of the incentive sponsorship provided by the country of Malta to attract tourists.


4. Hilton Malta

Hilton Malta is part of the Hilton franchise and is located just 15 minutes from the capital city of Valletta.

The Hilton Malta is classified as a five-star hotel and with the incentive, a €200 discount is provided.



5. Palace Hotel

The Palace Hotel, a five-star hotel, has been providing luxury hotel accommodations for 35 years in the country of Malta.

This hotel is part of a chain known as AX Group and is one of three properties located in the heart of Sliema all in close proximity to each other.


6. Hotel Juliani

Hotel Juliani is a four-star hotel and is described as a small design boutique hotel.

Its unique lodging experience prides itself on the decor, ambiance, and personalized service that is provided to its guests.

As a four-star hotel, this particular hotel offers the visitor to Malta a €175 discount as part of the incentive of visiting Malta.


7. Hotel Gozo

The Grand Hotel Gozo is located on the island of Gozo and is classified as a four-star hotel.

As part of their incentive to visitors to Malta, they offer a 10% discount on their lodging accommodations.

The hotel offers a spectacular view of the Mediterranean Sea and Gozo channel as it is located at the Mgarr Harbour.


8. Hotel Santana

Hotel Santana is also a four-star hotel and is located in Qawra at St. Pauls Bay.

Their participation in attracting visitors to the country of Malta is the offering of a €175 discount per person per night.

Qawra is located on the northern end of the island of Malta.


9. Topaz Hotel

The Topaz Hotel is rated as a three-star hotel and began operation in 1987.

As part of the incentive program to attack tourists, and being a three-star hotel, the provided incentive is €100 per night per guest.


10. Ulysses Hotel

Ulysses Hotel is also classified as a three-star lodging facility.

It is specifically classified as an aparthotel.

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Make Money Visiting Malta FAQs


Which Island Lies Between the Island of Malta and Gozo?

The island that lies between these two larger islands is known as Comino. It is 1.4 mi.² in landmass.


What Is Considered to Be the Most Important Day in Each Maltese Village?

That day is September 8 and is known as victory day and commemorates the victories in the sieges of Malta of the years 1565, 1800, and 1943.


You Can Do It

Traveling can be expensive.

The two major factors that contribute to that expense are transportation and lodging.

If you can reduce your lodging expenses by 30% that would seem to be a pretty good deal and that is what is being offered to you from the nation of Malta.



It appears that travel restrictions are lifting and individuals, once again, can venture out and begin traveling to faraway and exotic places.

One of those faraway places is located right in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea and they want to see you.

To encourage you they are offering incentives that will provide a significant discount on your stay.

The archipelago island nation of Malta awaits.

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