Looking to see if you can get paid to tweet? You definitely can and this article reveals all about how it works.

It also shows you the best companies and websites that actually pay you to tweet!


How Getting Paid to Tweet Works

If you have a vibrant Twitter account then you will want to make money from it. You can get paid in many ways with this extremely popular social media platform.

Amongst others, you can get paid to tweet. Yes, this simply means that you can tweet from your account and earn money.

There are companies you can sign up and they pay you to tweet. These companies offer Twitter users different features that allow them to connect with brands that want to use their influence.

In return for influencer marketing, the Twitter user is paid.

That’s basically how it works.

But of course, to make the most money and get the best from this system, you should have an active Twitter account with lots of active followers… who engage with your tweets.

The more active your Twitter account is and the more followers you have, the more money you will make as your audience will engage more with the brands that are paying.

It’s really another way that brands advertise their services or products – they pay you to tweet and they get results in terms of brand awareness or even sales or their products or services.

Yes, this is very similar to getting paid to post sponsored ads online, but this is specific for Twitter.

Twitter is a great social media platform where you can send and receive messages from followers. The message is known as tweets. These are messages written in 140 characters.

You can set up your Twitter account for free. If you grow your following, then you can easily attract brands that would like to advertise with you.

If you are interested in getting paid to tweet, there are genuine companies you can sign up with.

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11 Best Companies that Pay You to Tweet

The following are some of the best companies you can checkout and get paid to tweet.

These companies offer Twitter users different features that allow them to connect with brands that want to use their influence. In return for influencer marketing, the Twitter user is paid.

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1. PaidPerTweet

PaidPerTweet is a popular company that allows Twitter users to get paid for tweets.

If you have a large Twitter following or you are an influencer then you can make money on the Internet easily with this platform.

You can now sign up with PaidPerTweet and get paid to tweet for brands and advertisers.

With PaidPerTweet you can make up to $5 per tweet.

Click here to check out PaidPerTweet


2. SponsoredTweets

SponsoredTweets is another popular website that allows Twitter users to get paid for their tweets.

If you are an influencer then it means you command a large Twitter following. Your tweets can make great impacts on brands that seek to advertise the products or services.

You can sign up with SponsoredTweets and get paid when you tweet advertisements for brands. Become a Twitter influencer and get paid by brands in their marketing campaigns.

To begin using SponsoredTweets, you must have at least 50 followers. Besides, you must also have 100 tweets and your account must be at least 60 days old.

SponsoredTweets allows you to set your price for the price-per-click for ads that you tweet.

SponsoredTweets also offers a referral link where you can get paid when other influencers join their network through you.

Click here to check out SponsoredTweets

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3. Ad.ly

Ad.ly is another genuine and popular website that allows you to advertise in your tweets and get paid.

You can create a profile of your interests, and advertisers can choose your account to publish their campaign.

If you connect with an advertiser, you can agree to send out a specific number of tweets. You send these tweets on a specific schedul3es and you get paid a lump sum.

Click here to check out Ad.ly

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4. Twittad

Twittad is another reputable and well known platform that allows you to make money from tweeting with your Twitter account. You get paid for rendering sponsored tweeting service.

If you have a strong Twitter following then you should definitely consider using Twittad to make money online without having to spend any money to get started.

You can sign up as a user and select your interests in terms of the marketing niche or business category you love.

Then you can start to create ad campaigns. You would be notified when the campaign becomes ready for launching. You can start sending tweets once the campaign gets started.

On daily basis, you send one or 2 tweets per 3 days.

You can request payment only after you have earned up to $30 in your account. With Twittad, you can be paid via PayPal, making it one of the easy ways of making money with PayPal.

Click here to check out Twittad

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5. TwitPub

TwitPub is another well known company that allows you to get paid to Tweet.

If you have a strong Twitter following then you can make money as you tweet. You will get rewarded with as high as 80% payout on the income you have received.

TwitPub.com has many advantages for users. You can buy or sell tweets on this platform. You get automatic access to your private Twitter account or even Direct Messages for all your subscriptions.

With TwitPub.com, your tweets are equal to cool money. Twit publisher helps you get paid by simply posting on Twitter!

Click here to sign up with TwitPub

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6. Twivert

Twivert is another platform that allows you to earn money for tweeting adverts for brands.

You can also make money by referring other users to the site.

Twivert.com is a good place to sign up with and make money if you are an influencer.

All you need do is check out the platform and obey the terms and conditions, to ensure you get started right – and earn the most you can.

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7. Use Pay Per Click advertising

This is a strategy that most big companies use. You get paid for each click you made by followers on your tweet.

You can earn a lot of money on the campaigns you embark on, especially if you have an active account with active followers who always engage with your tweets.

It is important to know that on average, you earn more than $200 in a single day per campaign.

Of cours you can earn more if you do more campaigns. It’s definitely not impossible to make as much as 1000 dollars quickly and easily doing these with various companies.


More Sites That Pay You To Tweet

Aside from the above-named companies, other platforms that will pay you to tweet include:

8. Pay Per Tweet

9. Pay Per Sign Up

10. Pay Per Sale

11. Pay Per Party


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As you can see from reading this article, it’s not only possible to get paid to tweet, there are many websites where you can get paid to tweet.

Don’t forget though that you need to build a strong Twitter following to get the best from getting paid to tweet.

Yes, with a strong Twitter following you can attract brands that will pay you very good money to publish tweets on your platform.

You can choose any of the above options and can get started quickly to making money sending tweets.