Who doesn’t want to get paid to travel, right?

This article explains some of the various ways to get paid to travel and the very best companies that really help you achieve this.


Why Get Paid to Travel? 

Why not, right?

Especially when it’s indeed possible to get the best of both worlds – do what you enjoy and get paid while doing it!

If you are considering traveling abroad then it is obvious you would think about the cost.

You will think about the cost of an air ticket, accommodation, feeding, and other costs.

Have you considered the option of getting paid to travel? Yes, this is real, because you will not only get save money, but you can also earn extra money in your travels.

There are things you can do and get paid to travel. These have been highlighted in this article.

Also, the best companies or websites where you can get access to paid travel opportunities are discussed.

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7 Ways to Get Paid to Travel

The different way in which you can get paid to travel include:


1. Take Up a Job Teaching English Abroad

You can take a up teaching job abroad and get paid to travel.

In some countries where English is not the native language, the demand for English language teachers is always high.

This especially in Africa, Latin America, Asia, and Eastern Europe.

You can find such online teaching jobs in one of these countries and even get paid to teach English abroad.

The clients can sponsor your travel and stay while you do your job.

It main thing you need to have is a good English language and teaching certification.

Also, you may be required to have TESOL, TEFL, or CELTA certification. The good thing is that you can speedily obtain this certification online and in one month.

Once you have the necessary qualification and get employed, some clients would dutifully take care of all of your travel expenses including flights, housing, or travel insurance.

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2. Become an Organic Farm Volunteer

You can get paid to travel if you become a volunteer in a foreign land.

Yes, you can volunteer to work in organic farms and help locals in other agricultural jobs.

Your living expenses may be taking care of by those you work for. Where you live, the food you eat, and other expenses would be taken care of.

Although you may pay for your flight,  you still get paid for travel since some of the farms would be paying for your accommodations and food.

The best part is that you will enjoy a better experience as a volunteer.


3. Research and Write for Travel Guidebooks

If you write for a travel guidebook, there is an opportunity for you to get paid to write while you travel.

You can travel from one part of the world to another researching and writing great content that would be published on the guide.

The value of your research and writing will determine how well the guide sells and how much you make.

However, it is usually hectic working as a researcher and writer for a guidebook. You need to meet deadlines and work more than 14 hours a day.

Other ways of making money writing include:


4. Become an Instagram Influencer

If you have a great Instagram followership then you could be an influencer and make money even while traveling.

You can leverage your influence and get paid to travel.

One of the things you can do is to travel to different places and share pictures on your Instagram.

Your influence as an Instagram traveler can attract companies or brands that would like you to help promote their products or services.

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5. Become a Tour Guide

You can get paid to travel by becoming a tour guide.

Your duties will include helping and guiding travels to different places of interest.

Yes, your job may include helping people tour the world’s most iconic and historical places.

You can be hired by some travel companies so can guide their tourists and get paid.

Your travel expenses would be paid for even as you get to meet people from all over the world.

So, become a travel guide and help travelers or tourists understand new places and history behind some locations.


6. Work as an Au Pair

Yes, you can definitely work as an au pair and get paid to travel. This is the dream of many young people around the world!

Your duties may include helping parents take care of their children as they travel from one place to another.

Yes, an Au Pair is an International nanny or babysitter who lives with a family for a set period.

In exchange for your service, you will get paid, provided with accommodation, and will usually also get a free flight ticket to the destination.

You will also get the opportunity to meet with local people and explore different parts of the world.


7. Join the Peace Corps

The Peace Corps is a civilian organization sponsored by the United States government; helps people in developing countries.

If you join this corps you will get paid to travel to developing countries to teach English, build infrastructure, provide healthcare, etc.

At the end of your contract, the program will provide you with stipends.

Joining the Peace Corps is one of the best ways to get paid to travel.

The program takes care of the travel expenses, living expenses, and other expenses.

Other ways you can get paid to travel are:

  • You get to do seasonal jobs abroad.
  • You become work as a flight attendant.
  • You get a job working for a cruise liner.

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17 Best Companies that Pay You to Travel

Some of the best companies that pay you to travel include:


1. Cambly

Cambly is a website where you sign-up and get paid to teach English. You can use this company and get paid to travel.

Cambly will connect you with students all over the world, and you will get paid for teaching others as you travel.

Click here to check out Cambly and get paid to teach while you travel abroad.


2. TeachAway

TeachAway is another legit company that provides you with a platform to teach English to students abroad and get paid.

This company offers the Teach Away Explore program that offers housing, flights, salaries, and other bonuses to teachers who travel abroad.

You can check out TeachAway to start getting paid to travel.


3. Diverbo

Diverbo is another popular and legit company that offers free vacations for English speakers willing to teach and mingle with foreigners.

Diverbo is one of the best companies that pay you to travel.

You spend a week mingling with foreigners in Germany or Spain to help them learn and practice their language skills.

Also, you will enjoy group dinners, parties, and theater performances in the program.

Diverbo may prefer you don’t understand the German nor Spanish language.

Click here to check out Diverbo

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4. HelpX

HelpX is a company that connects travelers with locals around the world looking for volunteer help.

With this company, you can get paid to travel around the world.

You would be offered a wide panel of opportunities to work and make money while you travel.

These opportunities range from sailing in a boat, staying in hostels, ranches, and farms.

Click here to check out HelpX


How to Get Paid to Travel


5. AdventureWork

AdventureWork is another popular website that will allow you to travel get paid while you go on an adventure.

Yes, if you love skiing and snowboarding then you can check out AdventureWork to find a paying job.

This company lists both long-term and vacation jobs you can do while skiing at resorts or other vacation spots across the globe.

You can offer your skills while your food, accommodation, and in-resort expenses are covered by the company hiring you.

In addition, you will get a small stipend of up to $300 by some AdventureWork job offers.

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6. AuPair.com

AuPair.com is a company that can pay you to travel. It does this by connecting you with families that are looking for qualified and trusted Au pairs or nannies.

If you are a nanny then you can consider creating a profile with this company to find a well-paid nanny job abroad.

AuPair.com will connect you with families you can live with to perform your duties.

The job will cover your food, accommodation, and even your medical expenses.

Above all, you will receive a good salary as you perform your duties well.

Click here to sign up with AuPair.com to start looking for such jobs!

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7. Trusted Housesitters

Trusted Housesitters is a company you can sign up with and find a housesitting job that would pay you when you travel.

This company connects people in need of travelers looking for free accommodation with homeowners in need of house sitters and pet sitters.

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You would be connected with a home where the homeowners or families are going to be away for business or vacation.

You will live in the house and take care of the pet, gardens, calls, and small cleaning.

While you live in the house, you are still going to be paid.

Click here to check out Trusted Housesitters to see how you can get paid to travel.



WWOOF is an International organization that connects people to work in organic farms all around the world.

If you fancy being a volunteer that would help out in organic farms, then you should check out WWOOF.

If you are looking for a company where you get paid to travel, then you have to register with WWOOF.

You would be connected with organic farms where you can volunteer as helping hands.

In exchange, you would get free accommodation and food.

You will also get to meet and mingle with new people even as you learn about organic farming.

Click here to check out WWOOF to get paid to travel.

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Other companies you should also check out and get paid to travel to include:

9. One Life Adventures

10. Bus2Alps

11. Au Pair World

12. Workaway.com

13. UShip.com

14. Go Blue

15. JusCollege

16. Peace Corps

17. Superyacht Jobs



As this article has shown, it’s indeed possible and even easy to get paid to travel.

It also revealed some of the best ways and best companies that pay you to travel.

Talk about living the dream – enjoying the joy of travel and getting paid!