Yes, it’s indeed possible to start making money online by teaching English online or other languages to foreign students.

This article tells you all you need to know, how much you can get paid, what you need to get started and shows you 15 of the best companies that really pay.

No, you don’t even have to travel overseas to do that, thanks to the Internet. You can do this from the comfort of your home and get paid. Many people are doing it successfully and cashing in the money. You can too.

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As for making money teaching English language online and even other foreign languages online, it’s real and can pay big bucks.

You don’t even have to be a native speaker of the particular language you want to teach.

You don’t even have to be especially super proficient in the language.

Just having basic teaching skills and basic language skills and/or fluency can be good enough for some employers.

Thankfully there are many companies where you can apply online.

This article reveals 15 of the best ones.

If accepted, you can get started right afterwards and start getting paid to teach to foreign students… all from the comfort of your home.

And yes, you can teach any language, not just English.

Whether you are proficient in English, Spanish, French, Chinese, or any other language, you can apply with the right company and get paid for your skill.

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How Teaching English Language or Any Language Online To Foreign Students Works

It’s very simply how it works, especially if you are really fluent in the particular language you want to teach.

It usually starts with you signing up with a website or company that will connect you with students from all over the world.

You can do all that needs to be done for the teaching right from the convenience of your home or office.

What’s even more awesome is that you can do this anytime and anywhere you want to, even when travelling.


Things You Need To Start Teaching English Online

To teach English language or other languages online, you will need things to be in place, such as:

  • An above average Computer
  • A fast and reliable Internet connection
  • A Webcam
  • A Headset
  • A microphone

Most of the time, you would be doing live presentations with students, so your Internet connection and equipment must be very reliable.

If your tutoring involves a lot of writing, you might consider checking out some of these best apps for writers or even these best apps for bloggers. Some of them can help you get the best from using your mobile device for planning your lessons on the move.

Also, if you have writing skills, you can always get paid just to write for others or even get paid reviewing products and services online.


Experience You Need To Make Money Teaching English Online

If you have teaching experience and/or a Bachelor’s Degree in Languages, these would be a big plus for you.

However, some companies that connect you to students may not make these compulsorily as long as you pass their application tests.

Yes, you would actually be tested to find out if you actually know English enough to teach it or any other language you claim to, to students.

For those with English as their first language, it’s usually not that difficult to pass the application tests, especially if you are someone who has a good command of English.

And if you can pass the application tests, it shows you can teach others successfully.

But of course you can still make money with many other opportunities without been particularly skillful nor experienced.

For example, you can make money with your feet pics, make money eating food online and offline, you can make money losing weight, you can make money watching TV programs on Netflix, make money going on dates, make money surfing websites, and you can even make money listening to music online.

All these and many other opportunities don’t involve been particularly skilful nor experienced.


How You Get Paid To Teach English Online And How Much

You are usually paid per hour by most of the companies that hire online teachers of languages.

This is one of the online jobs from home that can really be done anywhere and pays very well.

On the average, most teachers online will earn about $10 – $20 per hour and above for teaching languages online.

What each company pays differs and it is determined by various factors that may include:

  • your rating as a teacher
  • your qualification
  • the extra time spent
  • ETC

The beauty with this opportunity is that it can be done by anyone with the right skills and/or experience, whether a stay-at-home mom who wants to make money online or even anyone looking for ways to make money on weekends.


15 Best Companies that Pay to Teach English or Any Language Online

The following are 15 of the companies that will actually pay you to teach just about any language online

1. iTalki

iTalki is a company that facilitates the learning of languages. It is based in Hong Kong and was established in 2007. The fact that it’s not a new company is good proof of its genuineness.

You get started with iTalki by applying as a language teacher and creating a profile.

If you are approved, students can then connect with you. You get to deliver your lessons via VOIP software or Skype and each session can last for at least 30 minutes.

For each completed tutorial, you earn iTalki credits. Ten iTalki credits is equal to $1.

You can set your own rate and charge students.

Most teachers earn about $15 per hour teaching languages via iTalki.

One way of setting the right rate is to take a cue from what other teachers on iTalki are charging.

In terms of getting your money, you can withdraw your iTalki credits for cash twice in a month.

iTalki takes a cut of 15% of your earning, so make sure to factor that in when calculating your earnings.

Most people that work with this company are paid through PayPal or Skrill.

Click here to check out iTalki

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2. offers online tutorial services in different topics, subjects or English language.

You can become a language tutor via this on-demand tutorial service and get paid.

You simply apply and take part in the screening test. If you pass the test, you would be connected to students you can teach to earn money.

You can teach English Language to students and be paid monthly.

The thing with though is that you need to have a college degree.

They also require that teachers must be available to teach at least five hours a week.

You can earn from $10 per hour and above as online English Language teacher.

Click here to check out

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3. Cambly 

Cambly is an online platform where people come to practice language skills. This platform connects teachers with students who pay to learn foreign languages.

If you are a native language speaker or English or Spanish, then working with Cambly would be a great opportunity to earn by teaching Cambly users.

The beauty with Cambly is that you actually don’t need a degree in English to teach English since most of the teachings are mostly done like social chatting.

In others words, teaching via Cambly is more like informal tutoring. This makes the whole process fun and easy to get involved with.

You need a webcam to work from home as a Cambly teacher, and you can set your own schedule. If you want to work in the mornings, afternoons or night, that’s fine. It’s all within your control exactly when you want to work.

You can do all this from home and don’t have to travel to distant places. And of course, you certainly won’t have to go looking for cheapest days to fly for cheap airfare.

Cambly teachers earn about 17 cents or $0.17 per minute and this translates to about $10.20 per hour.

Of course, the more students you teach, the more money you earn.

You would be paid via PayPal.

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Click here to check out Cambly

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VIPKID is one of the best companies out there that connects English Language teachers with Chinese students willing to pay for English lessons.

This company is based in China and hires Native English teachers from US and North America to teach 5 to 12 year old Chinese students.

You can work online and make money teaching students with VIPKID.

This company demands that you at least become available 7.5 hours a week teaching students.

VIPKID pays well and some teachers have taken it as a full time job.

You need to pass an interview and have a University degree to qualify.

You can have a 25 minute intensive one-on-one session with a student and earn from $18 to $22 per hour.

VIPKID uses the US Common Core Standards curriculum and also applies the flipped classroom approach. So, you really need about 24-48 yours to master the materials and prepare before teaching students.

You can earn really big with VIPKID as some teachers earn up to $2,000 month after month.

This makes it easy to make 1000 dollars fast with this company, teaching from the comfort of your home.

Yes it’s possible because VIPKID offers lots of incentives and bonuses that are similar to packages in full time jobs.

One of the really awesome advantage of this company is that they help you make the process a lot easier by providing all the resources you need, such as lessons plans.

As you obviously know, having the right lessons plans at the right time make teaching a lot easier, even for those without a lot of teaching experience.

Click learn more about VIPKID

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5. Tutor Vista  

Tutor Vista in another well known online tutorial service. You can apply and get paid to teach English language or any other subject you are familiar with.

You must be available to work at least four hours in a day, though.

You also need to have a computer and a college degree to qualify.

Working with Tutor Vista is rewarding as most online teachers enjoy the following benefits:

  • Working from a convenient place of your choice
  • Attractive compensation package
  • Flexible schedule
  • Breakthrough technology for teaching
  • Ability to improve your communication and tutoring skills

Click here to check out Tutor Vista

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6. Continuum Education Services (CES)  

Continuum Education Services (CES) is more like a marketplace where you can sign up to find online language teaching jobs.

CES will connect you with companies that pay you to teach languages to their students.

To qualify for CES jobs, you need to have TESOL/TEFL certification.

If you don’t have this certification, you must show evidence that you are willing or are in the process of getting the certification in 90 days.

As CES will pair you with students, you can work at your own schedule.

A reliable computer connected with the Internet, Webcam and Headset are needed to make money online teaching languages with Continuum Education Services (CES)

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7. Englishunt  

Englishunt is a platform where teachers can be hired to teach English as A Second Language to foreigners.

You need a degree and teaching or ESL certification to get approved and hired by this company.

Prior experience in teaching is not compulsory with this virtual tutorial platform.

On the average, you can earn $14.50 per hour and you can earn more based on your schedule and hard work.

You should be able to work from 8 – 12 hours a week.

All payments are made via direct deposit.

Click here to check out Englishunt

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8. Tandem

Tandem is an app that matches language tutors with those who are interested in learning languages.

Students can book appointments, take lessons and pay via the Tandem app.

This program should be one of the ways you can make money by the side and just by working from anywhere.

As a Tandem tutor, you must be a certified language tutor that is knowledgeable and professional.

You can earn up to $500 per month depending on your ratings by students, how much time you spent, and how in-demand your language is.

You can apply to teach any language with Tandem app whenever you want.

You may have to undergo an Interview via the app.

Click here to check out Tandem

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9. VerbalPlanet  

VerbalPlanet is a company that will match you with students who want to learn a particular language.

You can apply and teach languages online through this company.

You get paid for maximizing your potential and for teaching language on the web.

According to VerbalPlanet, all you need do is “Simply register for free, create your tutor profile and submit it for approval. Once approved you’ll be listed in our tutor marketplace.”

You can set your own rate and start teaching. As a new applicant, you can set your initial charges from $10 to $20 for a 45 minutes lesson.

Your ratings, charges, and volume of time spent to teach can influence your earning as a language teacher with VerbalPlanet.

You can teach via Skype and get your pay via PayPal.

Click here to check out VerbalPlanet

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10. SameSpeak  

SameSpeak is another genuine platform where you can get paid to teach English language online to foreign students.

You can earn up to $10 per hour.

One unique aspect with this company is that even if you are just 16 years, you can apply to work with them to make money.

Teaching students to learn the English Language with SameSpeak can be pretty profitable for you.

Since the SameSpeak program is designed in a way that would complement formal language learning, registered teachers are provided with necessary coaching materials.

Payments are made via PayPal and you can cash out if you have a minimum $100 in your SameSpeak account.


There are many companies that actually hire individuals to teach language courses online, as you saw from the 10 already discussed above.

Other notable companies you may want to check out include:


12. TutorABC

13. Berlitz

14. ESL Employment

15. ISUS



As you have learned from this article, it’s indeed possible to get paid to teach English or other languages online. You don’t even need to have a fantastic degree or be an expert to teach others online.

Once again, apart from how to get paid to teach English Language and other Foreign languages online, if you want to know my most recommended way to earn very easy money online by spending just couple minutes per day, click here and check out this amazing program.

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Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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