Do you think you can teach English to others?

Some people like to learn English through services with another person.

These are usually done via Skype or Zoom.

If you think you can handle the job, then keep reading on, and here, we’ll go over how you can get paid to teach others English and the best sites that pay you to do this.


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Is it Possible to Get Paid to Teach English on Skype

Yes, it is.

With many facilities still doing remote learning, online tutoring is no exception.

The process is very simple: you meet a student, you connect, and then over Skype, you teach them, all from the comfort of your own office or home.

The cool thing too is that this is an anytime, anywhere sort of job, so you can do this even while you’re out of town.


How to Get Paid to Teach English Over Skype

The process to get started is simple.

Usually, it involves you linking up with someone through a teaching service.

We’ll offer one of those at the end of this, but you do need to have a service as a middleman.

You usually earn anywhere from 10-20 dollars per hour for teaching this.

You do need to have the following in order to earn more money:

  • Higher teacher ratings
  • ETC
  • Qualifications
  • Time teaching others.

You also need a few things to teach English over skype, and they include:

  • A good computer
  • A good internet connection
  • A headset to hear people
  • A webcam for visuals
  • A clear microphone

This can get expensive if you don’t already have it.

You also might want to have a bachelor’s degree in English or languages period.

That does give you an edge over others.

But if you don’t’ have that, don’t fret, instead, you’ll be tested before they allow you to teach, and you can also be put into different kinds of teaching categories.

You can teach basic English to people who barely know the language at all, or you can teach students who have some experience with ESL teaching already but want more complex education from another person.

If you don’t have it, you might want to get a TESOL/TEFL certificate, which can either be gotten through a college course or through online courses, which are cheap and only are about 120 hours.

There is also the EFSET certificate that’s valid too.

With that said, choose the website that you want to work with.

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11 Best Companies That Pay You to Teach English Over Skype to Students

We’ve given you the basics, now let’s talk about the 10 best companies to work with in order to teach skype to students.


1. Ef English First

They’ve been around since 1965, and they have over 580 different schools all around the world.

The average pay is about $12, with the option to earn about $19 an hour.

They have official materials, and you get $30 just for training, and you are continuously trained to ensure that you’re giving them the best education possible.

It also offers a flexible schedule, and the classes are relatively short.

You do need a TEFL to do this, and you need to be available for lessons in China, which means it’s afternoons and evenings for the most part.

Click here to check out Ef Teacher First



This is a platform that’s actually praised by everyone from Forbes to the WSG.

This is basically another platform that connects teachers and students who are Chinese.

You do need to minimally teach 7.5 hours a week to the kids, but you can make p to $2000 a month just from teaching alone.

It’s good if you have a university degree, and it’s a fun freelancing opportunity.

Plus, the application is relatively simple to fill out, and the process to hire is relatively easy too.

Click here to read our detailed review about VIPKID


3. QKids

This is a great one since they have over 300,000 students in China that are learning English right now.

The payment’s a little bit different from the previous ones mentioned.

You get $8 for every lesson, but it’s easy to earn bonuses.

You can only do this if you’re in Canada or America, and you can usually deal with quite a few students for each lesson.

It’s on the lower end of payout per hour, but you shouldn’t rule out this type of option since you can earn up to $15 an hour or sometimes even more if you’re smart with how you run this.

It does require a bachelor’s degree in each subject, and you should be able to teach at least 6 hours a week.

Click here to check out QKids



This is a virtual language tutoring service and is run on an on-demand basis.

It’s simple to get started, and so long as you pass the little exam that they have, you can start teaching today.

The payment is monthly, and usually, it’s about $10 an hour, so a little less than others.

You do minimally need a degree in order to work on this site, but if you have one of those, you’re in luck.

They also need you to teach minimally five hours a week.

Overall, it’s another streamlined tutoring service that can help you.

Click here to check out


5. Verbal Planet

This is a tutoring service that lets you make money online via tutoring, and it can be more than just English, but also French, Chinese, Japanese, and the like.

Pretty much you put out there what you’re able to teach, and then teachers can look to see what’s the best one for them to work with.

The profile creation is very simple, and you can even set your own rates for different lessons too.

The best way to increase the number of students that you teach is to get the best feedback that you can.

They use Skype to teach, and it’s a good way to teach languages if you’re fluent in more than one language.

Click here to check out Verbal Planet


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6. TutorABC

This is a Taiwan company that does have positions for English teachers.

The types of students vary from very beginner to advanced level students.

You don’t need to know Chinese, since the students are those who already know a bit of English.

It does offer virtual classrooms to log in before you teach the session.

You do need a degree in order to work for this company, though, but it doesn’t have to be in English itself.

However, it does give you an edge.

Click here to check out TutorABC


make money and get paid to teach english on skype


7. GoGoKid

This site helps connect you with Chinese students that want to learn English.

The rate can be up to $25 an hour, with the average being about $16 or so.

This is usually pretty easy to get feedback on, and the parents who give you higher feedback will beef up the pay, so do give them good lessons if you choose to work with this site.

The students usually can encourage their parents to hire you again and again, increasing your pay as well.

They pay you on the 15th of each month, sometimes sooner, and for the most part, you don’t need to live in the US to qualify for this, and they don’t have strict requirements for a bachelor’s degree.

You can just apply and see if they find you qualified enough to teach for the most part.

Click here to check out GoGoKid


8. Cambly

Cambly is another platform for learning languages that offers teachers and students a way to connect.

If you know English or Spanish, this is a good site for you.

The other good thing is that you don’t need an English degree in order to teach on this platform.

Most of the meetings are a chatting sort of tutoring, so It’s a bit of a fun sort of way to teach others.

It does require a webcam and a way to set your own schedule, and you can do this all from your home.

Usually, you get paid 17 cents a minute, so about $10.20 an hour.

Of course, if you want to make more money, you can do so by finding more students.

Click here to check out Cambly


9. Amazing Talker

This is an online platform to learn and was founded in 2016.

This is a very active platform with over a thousand different teachers.

They don’t just teach English, but other languages too, however, English is the most demanding.

Students can find specific teachers for this, and usually, the lessons are about 50 minutes, with a 25-minute trial lesson.

You can earn almost $120 an hour if you’re teaching a $100 lesson, but on average, you usually are making about $21.96 an hour, but this can vary, of course, based on the types of students that you get from this.

Click here to check out Amazing Talker


10. Lingoda

This is a famous platform that does teach students of all kinds English and other types of languages too.

You can either do a skype virtual classroom or a one-on-one service with the teacher.

They do offer completion certificates when a student completes this, and they can add that to their CV to showcase their English skills too.

This is great for those who want to work part-time as a teacher, and they usually use Skype and PowerPoint.

The salary does vary based on experience and qualifications that you have, but if you also know how to use Zoom or WebRTC, this also is beneficial since it can give you an edge over the others that are there.

Click here to check out Lingoda


11. Italki

Italki is an online website that lets students connect with teachers and has over 2 million students there and over 3000 language teachers.

It offers a flexible schedule, and skype is how they do this.

You basically get paid through credits, with each credit being about a dollar, and you can then take them out via PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer, or a bank transfer.

Ready to start? Check out Italki here.

Below are some helpful articles on making money tutoring:


Making Money Teaching English on Skype FAQs


Are Lessons All Done Over Skype?

For the most part, all lessons are done either over skype or zoom.

You do need a webcam and a mic to get started.

They are cheap these days, for less than $5, and you can start teaching immediately.


How Do I Get More Students?

You do this with good feedback.

Students and parents look for those teachers that have feedback that they want to see.

You also should make sure that the profile that you have and any introductions you make are unique and interesting.

Don’t be afraid to take a bit of time to fill out the profile, listing the skills that you have and possibly any testimonials.

If you’ve taught before, ask for the student to leave you some feedback.

If they like you already, you want to definitely do this since it gives you that beneficial feedback that boosts you in the algorithm.


How Much Money Can I Make Teaching English on Skype?

It varies.

Some of the more basic sites that don’t ask for a degree can net you about $10-15 an hour for doing this, so it’s an alright side hustle.

If you’re good at your job, you can earn up to $100 a lesson, sometimes more if you have a lot of students all paying in the classroom.


How Can I Get Paid to Teach English on Skype? 

For the most part, payments are made through either PayPal or a bank transfer.

They usually have a minimum payout that you need to meet or a minimum day for them to send it out.

It’s best if you check every site you’re planning to use to see how they make their payments.



If you like to teach English to students, both beginner and advanced, over skype, there’s a ton of options for you.

You can get started today helping students learn English, and with the convenience of Skype, you’ll start getting students today to learn English right now!

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