Have you ever thought about teaching English in another country?

While there are a lot of chances, there are actually some programs in Israel.

You can get paid to teach English in Israel to students in middle and high school, with more and more schools beginning this at a younger age.

There is a demand for English teachers, and it’s pretty cool to do! Here’s how to get paid to teach English in Israel, and the 10 best companies that pay or help you get paid.


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Why Get Paid to Teach English in Israel?

If you’re already familiar with English and want to teach it to others, it’s a growing, popular field.

Plus, you’re actually not just a teacher with this, but a friend and mentor.

If you’re young and looking for training along with experience in order to make your teaching skills better, you’ll be able to teach English in Israel.

You also can earn some pretty decent money, and you also are in demand.

They actually heavily fund their teaching programs.


Are Paid-to-Teach English Jobs In Israel Really in Demand?

Yes, they are.

Teaching English to students in Israel is a great way to get started on a career path in Israel, so if you’ve ever wanted to work in one of the holiest cities in the world, you’ll be able to do so.

And it’s very simple to get started.

You need of course the following:

  • A work visa
  • A TEFL certificate
  • Being a native English speaker
  • A bachelor’s degree and a one year course in retraining to get a teacher’s license

But it does pay decently, and you can really get an edge out there if you want to get started.


How to Get Paid to Teach English in Israel

Your best bet for teaching English in Israel is to teach it in a school.


It’s because it’s super in-demand, and usually, they hire people with experience in teaching.

Plus, a lot of times if you’re teaching at a school, you’re getting a monthly stipend, and a salary wage in a few cases.

For a lot of people, the job is simple too, in that you are going to teach them English at a conversational level.

For the most part, you do need some experience with this, and you probably will need to work evenings and weekends.

But, if you’re already teaching, you’re definitely got a good footing for this, and if you already know how to manage a class easily, and effectively, you’re in good hands.

One of the best places to teach in this case, is Burlington Schools since it doesn’t require much to get started, and you can really make a splash in Israel by teaching students out there.


10 Best Companies to Help You Get Paid to Teach English Language in Israel

There are plenty of good ways to get paid, and here are some of the best companies that’ll help you get paid to teach English in Israel.


1. Masa Israel Teaching Fellows

This is a government-funded program that offers a 10-month period for graduates 21-35 to help go to Israel and teach English to others.

The great thing about this is that there is no prior teaching experience needed, and they pretty much pay you to go out there and teach to others out there.

You are allowed to go to Israel and to different parts, and you will be working directly in the schools to have a good, stable position to teach other students English.

This is a great teaching opportunity and considered one of the best, since a lot of resources are put into this.

Click here to check out MITF


2. Walfor Barbour American International School

This is one of the schools that has two campuses, in Yehuda and Jerusalem.

This company pays for Americans to come over to teach students.

It is a private, secular institution that has an American system-based educational system.

This offers international teachers a great environment, and a good way to bridge both sides together into a really fun experience for both.

They also want long-term teachers.

This isn’t just a small opportunity, but they actually do work to offer professional development.

They are a great way to teach in Israel, and you can check out their program to learn more information.

Click here to check out WBAIS


3. Eteacher Group

This is a remote job to teach in Israel, and it is a company that offers online classes that get you into an offline realm.

You can teach this in Israel, and the requirements aren’t that hard to meet.

You do need to be native English, and have some experience in sales, but you also should have a good environment for working.

You do minimally also need to meet for five evening shifts a week.

But if you have good skills in teaching and learning, this is a great job.

Click here to check out ETeacher Group


4. International TEFL Academy

This is a site that actually helps teachers get to places all around the world to teach English to students.

They actually have a whole teaching abroad program for students in Israel, along with really helpful guides.

The cool thing about this, is that they’re an award-winning program, and have teachers in over 20 different locations all throughout the world, including in Israel.

You usually only have to work about 20-25 hours every single week, and they also do offer apartments for the teachers too.

You do need a degree and a TEFl certificate in order to do this, but with more than 25,000 teachers a part of this program, it’s a great opportunity to look into

Click here to check out International TEFL Academy


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5. Destination Israel

This is probably one of the best on the list for a reason, and it lets you work directly with students in Israel.

They reimburse flights, offer a stipend for you to use, provide medical insurance, and even pay you for transportation costs as well.

They also want you to experience Israel, so they will give you free Hebrew lessons too, and different trips.

You do need to live in a country that speaks English, have a bachelor’s degree, can speak in front of other people, and ideally have a teaching background, but this is a great opportunity for you to check out.

Click here to check out Destination Israel


6. Gan Yankuta

This is a school that has a focus on teaching both Hebrew along with English to students.

They do need nursery schoolteachers, so you’ll be working with children as young as 3 months and as old as 4 years of age.

They offer both full-time and part time chances, and if you love to work with small children or babies, this has a lot of opportunity to grow.

You do need to have a degree in teaching, and are native English speaking, but you can check out the website as well to learn more about this chance, and if it’s right for you.

Click here to check out Gan Yankuta



7. Ramat Gan

This is another school that does teach English, and it’s both online and offline.

The goal of this is to teach students how to talk over the phone in short conversations.

You will also want to correct any English that needs to be corrected and track the programs too.

The biggest requirement of this one is that you should know basic Hebrew, while also being a native English speaker, and are willing to grow and learn, and are more open.

They mostly offer remote jobs, but you can get paid to teach English in Israel through them, since they do want someone who is familiar with the language to be the ones teaching.

Click here to check out Ramat Gan


8. Speak Up

This is a program based in Haifa, and right now, they have about 25-ish teachers, and they want to hire a few more people.

They want to have you teach English, and you should be a native English speaker, who also is experienced with working with children.

You will either be working in Haifa, Krayot, or Nesher, or in that area, and it will be for at least 12 months.

You also need a work visa too.

Usually, it’s about 3-5 lessons during the afternoon, and you can get paid pretty decently, for a small group lesson.

Click here to check out Speak Up


9. Tiny Toes Play School

This is a nature and play-based type of preschool, and they want teachers that can teach in the mornings very early, usually beginning at 8 am to 12 pm.

So, for those morning people, this is a great job.

You do need experience in working with toddlers in the classroom and are a native English speaker as well.

You also must be able to know how to handle children and are energetic and are willing to work together as a teach with others.

The school does have a variety of different jobs, so if you want to find more ways to teach English to them, you can check their site to find out information.

Click here to check out Tiny toes Play School


10. CityKids

Then we have CityKids, which is a teaching facility that works mostly with students between the ages of 4 and 6 years old, and they want educators who can offer ways to bring their stories to the forefront.

Minimally, you must know how to speak English, have a degree in education, earl child development, or other fields, have experience in working with children, and relevant experience.

They are a bit strict on the type of people they hire, so you should make sure that you put on your V the experience that you have, so that you’re not ignored when they review teachers.

Click here to check out Citykids

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Make Money Teaching English in Israel FAQs


What Are the Requirements for Teaching English in Israel

You do minimally need to be a native English speaker, and a TEFL certificate to show that you are qualified.

But you also will need to have a visa, and probably will want to make sure that you do have a little bit saved up in a lot of cases.

Overall, it’s similar to other traveling abroad jobs, in that the requirements are virtually the same, just the place you’re teaching is a bit different.


What’s the Average Salary for Those Who Teach English in Israel?

English teachers usually don’t get one specific salary, but they usually are given stipend on your flight or housing, and also a monthly allowance of a couple thousand dollars.

Sometimes, they offer a retraining course where you take it and they cover your stay here, so that you’ve got a good reference for you to go off of.

If you do not find a good job by that point, you might need to pay for the housing, so be mindful of that when you start.


Is It Hard to Teach English to Students in Israel?

Probably about as hard as any other teaching job.

This is a job for those who are already versed and familiar with teaching.

If you know how to teach and are good with kids, this can be a great opportunity for you to try.

If you don’t really work with kids very well, this may not be a good opportunity, but there are tons of other jobs for you to check out in Israel that’ll pay you to go there.


What Attitude Should I Have for Teaching Students English in Israel?

You should be ready and willing to be ambitious and a go-getter when it comes to teaching English to students in Israel.

It is a bit of a different opportunity than others, and for a lot of people, this can be a little bit unfamiliar, but there are a lot of great different ways to teach, so you can get your foot in the door.



Yes, you can get paid to teach students English in Israel.

It does require ea bachelor’s degree for the most part, but if you have it, there is a wealth of opportunities waiting for you.

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