Surprise surprise – you can really get paid to talk to lonely men without having to do anything you don’t want to do.

This article reveals how it works, how you can get involved to make money and some of the best companies that really pay you to talk to lonely men.


Can You Really Get Paid to Talk to Lonely Men?

Of course you can.

In today’s world, where we have smart devices like mobile phone connecting us, some persons are still lonely.

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People get lonely for different reasons, and they will need someone to get them out of that mood.

This is an opportunity to have a great job.

These people are willing to pay for your services.

You can make some cool money by talking to lonely men.

But to earn money from this venture, you have to know where to get these jobs and how to access the platforms safely.


Why Get Paid to Talk to Lonely Men?

You can earn money from chatting with lonely people because:

  • You are meeting needs. Generally, people would want to pay to meet their needs. Lonely people will pay you to make them feel better.
  • You are contributing to companies’ mission. These companies are out there to make people feel better. But, they need people to sign-up for these tasks, and there you are.
  • You have a reputation for doing your job well. If you are good at helping lonely men improve their moods, you will get paid to do it more.

If you are a freelancer, your good reviews will work wonders for you.


How to Make Money Talking to Lonely Men

You can make money from chatting with lonely men in several ways.

Here are some of them:


Be A Freelancer

There are several freelancing websites where you can sell your skill.

Talking to lonely men and making them feel better is a skill.

Not everyone is good at talking generally.

And when it comes to making lonely feel good, it is a special skill.


Sign Up With A Company

Several companies will pay you to help get lonely people out of loneliness.

These companies are out there to help society, and you have what it takes to make their companies work.

These companies pay you for your service, and most times, you can decide your work specifics.


Pro Tips For Talking to Lonely Men

Talking to lonely men is a great venture that will earn you some side cash.

However, you have to be careful when going into a business of this sort.

Here are some tips to keep you guided

  • Be careful of the personal information you give. It is advisable to check the website and read some reviews on it before giving out your personal information.
  • Before you commit yourself, ensure that you are comfortable with the offers. Do not accept a task that you are not comfortable with.
  • Before you sign up for a task or website, ensure that you are comfortable with the terms and conditions.


10 Best Companies That Pay You to Talk to Lonely Men


1. Flirtbucks  

Flirtbucks lets you talk with lonely men and get paid for your service.

You can talk about their problems, challenges and help them feel better.

People get better and worry less about their problems when they have people to talk to.

You can be that person.

The platform lets you chat with your virtual friend via video.

If you do not mind putting a face to your service, this is a platform for you.

On this platform, you can earn up to $30 an hour.

Payment is done every two weeks via PayPal.

Click here to read our review about FlirtBucks


2. Rent A Friend 

This is one of the most popular websites for online friendships.

You can meet with lonely men on this website.

You will be paired, and you can start communicating.

You can communicate through instant messaging, mails, or other available messaging channels.

You can also meet in person if you want to.

One exciting thing about this website is that you can keep everything you make to yourself.

The site makes money by charging the renters some amount.

This site serves several cities.

So you can get paired with people from different locations.

Click here to check out Rent A Friend


3. Premium Chat

This website is different from the others in that it lets you work as a professional.

So, aside from chatting with lonely people, you can add a professional angle to it.

You can be a counsellor, or an adviser.

You can make it an informal consultation.

Some lonely people can improve their situation and countenance with the right advice.

You can offer that professional insight, even though it will be informal.

In other words, this platform offers you an opportunity to be a virtual friend as well as an adviser.

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4. FriendPC 

This is another great site where you can talk to lonely men and get paid for it.

This platform helps you go about your job efficiently.

You get to set your schedule to fit your preferences.

You also decide the number of hours you want to work.

On FriendPC, you can be a virtual friend.

You can also work in person.

There are a lot of works you can do on the FriendPC.

On the platform, some persons work as fake girlfriends.

However, you can keep things on the basic friendship level.

Your aim is to help lonely people.

So, talking to them and letting them have someone to talk to is the goal.

You can also work with them as an online gaming buddy.

Click here to check out FriendPC


5. RentaCyberFriend  

This platform lets you talk to lonely people when you sign up to be a member.

Here, you have to pick a paid membership option and sign up.

As part of your signing up process, you have to list your hobbies and other information to let other users know who you are.

You will also upload your picture.

This information will guide renters in choosing the right friend for them.

The membership plan comes in four levels.

You can sign up for the one you prefer.

The platform is less competitive than others like Fiverr.

Click here to check out RentaCyberFriend


6. Chat Recruit 

This is a platform that allows women chat with men and get paid for it.

On this platform, you can make your choice.

You have the option to decide whether or not you want to use the webcam option.

On Chat Recruit, you do not have to make calls with your personal phone.

You get to use the “chat and earn money” app.

Also, you can decide when to work and how long you want to work.

Chat Recruit pays $2 per minute of chatting.

Signing up on this platform is easy.

You can only sign up if you are up to 18 years.

Click here to check out Chat Recruit




7. RentALocalFriend 

RentALocalFriend will let you chat with lonely men and pay you for it.

It is a platform where people who want to tell stories about their locality can find a voice.

If you like traveling and want to talk, you can use this platform to link up with lonely men who want company.

This platform requires you to subscribe to an annual membership for $100.

To get started, you have to sign-up and supply your personal information.

You can earn between $50 and $200 for an hour.

The more time you work, the more you earn.

Click here to check out Rent a Local Friend


8. JoinPapa

JoinPapa is a platform where you can talk to lonely men and do more.

Here, you will be connected to older people who can use some conversation and assistance like car rides, learning a skill, watching movies, and so on.

On this platform, you can earn up to $1,000 weekly, including car allowances.

To get started, you will have to sign-up and download the app.

To start earning, you have to see the visits available, make a choice on the one to respond to, and connect with the member.

Click here to check out Join Papa


9. ChatOperatorJobs 

ChatOperatorJobs is a company that lets you talk with lonely men via text messages.

The company will pay you $0.20 for a message.

Payments are made through PayPal.

On this platform, you can decide how much or less you want to work.

ChatOperatorJobs only allows adults.

To sign up on this platform, you have to be up to 23 years.

Click here to check out ChatOperatorJobs


10. Fiverr

Fiverr is a platform for freelancers. You can create a profile there and start making money.

On the Fiverr platform, you can check ‘friendships’ and read others’ pages to know how best to set up yours.

Going by the reviews on this website, you might not get many clients on Fiverr.

However, it can bring in some gigs.

If you do your job well with a client or two, you can get that person coming again and even becoming a recurrent client.

Also, you can get recommendations from your virtual friends if they are satisfied with your job.

To thrive on Fiverr, you have to get impressive reviews.

Many people use Fiverr, so you have to be exceptional to get ahead of the competitors.

Click here to check out Fiverr

Other interesting ways of making money to consider:


Making Money Talking to Lonely Men FAQs


How Much Can You Earn Talking to Lonely Men?

The amount of money you can earn from talking to lonely men depends on a number of factors.

Your payment can depend on the payment option.

Some platforms pay a fixed amount for every session.

Some other platforms pay per hour, while some pay according to the service rendered.

The platform you sign up with will determine the amount you can make.

For a friendship conversation, Rent A Friend will pay you up to $20 for an hour.

If you multiply this amount by the number of hours you work and the number of weeks you work, it will amount to something impressive.

You can earn much more than you can with a single platform if you sign up with different platforms.

For each platform, you can increase the number of hours you work to earn more.


What Do I Note When Talking to Lonely Men?

When talking to lonely men, you should take note of the situation.

You are there to meet your client’s needs.

Be professional but informal enough to achieve the goal.

Also, note your clients’ preferences.

Some people will want to vent; some will like to relate with someone else.

Be sensitive to their needs and meet them accordingly.

As much as you are meeting needs, take charge of the situation.

Whatever conversation you have should be okay with you as well.


How Social Do I Need to Get to Talk to Lonely People?

Talking to lonely people and making money from it does not require you to be social as such.

You are a virtual friend.

So, you do not need to be a social spot.

You do not need to like outings and clubbing.

In this job, you can be in your house and work.

This job does not place a social demand on you.

The topic of discussion has to be comfortable for you and the lonely man.

You can talk about movies or anything else that interests you.

You may play online games as well.


How Do I Qualify to Talk to Lonely People?

Talking to lonely people does not require any qualification.

Once you know how to hold a conversation, you are okay.

What matters is how you are able to sustain a conversation, and it will remain interesting to you and the interlocutor.


Can I Make Up to $1,000 Talking to Lonely Men?

It is possible to make $1,000 from chatting with lonely men.

You will have to sign up with a platform that pays high.

Rent A Friend pay impressively per hour.

If you can work for some hours, you can earn more.

Signing up with different platforms will also improve your chances of earning much more.



Talking to lonely men is a business venture you can harness as a side hustle.

Many people out there are lonely and would want to have a listening ear and a kind heart to speak to.

Accordingly, many companies will pay you to meet these needs.

You can earn a lot of money from talking to lonely men if you work many hours.

You may also choose to freelance and make cool cash.