Yes, you can indeed get paid to surf the web, thanks to companies that really pay.

This article reveals the secrets to how this works and the very best and genuine companies that really pay you to browse the web.

It’s indeed the best of both worlds for those who enjoy browsing the web – you enjoy the content you browse and you get rewarded for your efforts.

Yes, you can surf the web and also make money. Many companies will allow you to surf the Internet and still make money from it… as you can see from reading the rest of this article.


How Getting Paid To Surf The Web Works

The Internet has provided users with opportunities to share and receive information.

You can browse from one website to another seeking information that will help you as an individual or as a business.

Many people use their past time to surf the web. They share and watch videos, send messages, chat with others, play games, and do other things to entertain themselves

Popular search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo! are often used to search for products and tasks.

There are marketing companies with search engines that you can access to find tasks or products.

If you use the search engine through these companies, you can be paid directly or you can be redirected to websites of third-party sites that would pay you to complete specific tasks or buy some products.

These companies pay you to surf or browse the web because they are able to conduct surveys and market research for the companies they partner with, and provide the necessary feedback for the companies.


Best Companies That Really Pay You To Surf The Web

While there are many companies out there offering to pay those who surf the web through them, not all can be trusted. Many don’t even pay and are a waste of time.

Thankfully we have taken the time to research and provide only the best paying market research and paid focus companies. These best paying companies include:


1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is easily one of the best paid survey websites that is known for rewarding users for carrying out various tasks.

On this platform, you can indeed surf the web and get paid.

Yes, you can use the search box on this site to browse for products or websites and get paid in return.

Genuine and well paying websites like Swagbucks rewards users with points known as SBs. These points can later be converted for gift cards or PayPal cash.

Surfing the web through Swagbucks can earn you up to $100 or more in a month.

Swagbucks’ earning is not only about using this platform as your primary search engine. You can also earn money by playing games through Swagbucks, watching videos, taking surveys, and so.

Click here to start earning with Swagbucks.


2. InboxDollars

InboxDollars is another genuine and well-paying website that rewards members for completing different tasks.

You can use Inboxdollars and other genuine websites like it, if you want to get paid to surf the web.

Yes, at InboxDollars, you can use its search engine to browse for deals and products. When you complete offers through your search you will earn cash.

InboxDollars also reward you when you complete surveys and play games. Inboxdollars can also you pay just to shop online, they also pay you just to read emails, and much more.

To make the most with Inboxdollars, you can set it as your homepage or set it as your search engine in the Chrome browser.

You get real cash (and not points) as a reward for surfing the web. When you reach a threshold of $30 you can request cash out. You will be paid by check or PayPal.

Click here to check out Inboxdollars.

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3. iRazoo

iRazoo is another website where you can get paid to complete different fun tasks. You can also sign up with this website and get paid to surf the web.

Yes, you can also use the iRazoo website to search the Internet.

Apart from earning points when you surf the web, you can also earn points and get paid to complete offers, you can get paid for watching videos, etc.

iRazoo also pays you for simply answering questions online, completing online surveys, and playing games.

So, you can surf the web to make money in different ways.

The points you have received from iRazoo can be exchanged for gift cards and cash payable through PayPal.

Click here to check out iRazoo


4. MobileXpression

MobileXpression is another genuine and good paying company that can pay you to surf the web.

This research company will allow you to install its app and earn points when you partake in browsing activities.

You can also earn points for answering an array of questions.

The points you earn from using the app can be redeemed for gift cards.

You can take advantage of Amazon gift cards and other forms of rewards.

Although you don’t get much from the points shared on this site, it is still one of the ways you can get paid to surf the web.

Click here to check out MobileXpression

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5. SquishyCash

SquishyCash is another well known company you can sign up with and get paid to surf the web.

You can use this site to get rewarded when you surf the web for deals and products.

You not only earn from browsing the Internet, but you can also earn by completing free offers, taking surveys, shopping online, clicking on ads, signing up for free trials, and referring friends.

On this platform, you can also access different contests and promotions which will help you earn money.

Once you have earned money from SquishyCash, you can then get paid instantly.

Click here to check out SquishyCash

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get paid to surf the web internet


6. instaGC

instaGC is another genuine website you can also check out if you want to make money browsing the web.

On this platform, you can make money when you surf the web, watch videos, complete surveys, shop online, search the web, play games, etc.

This company is also one of those genuine companies that pay you just to test out products online.

It would interest you to know that this platform mainly works with third-party sites which provide offer walls.

This site also has its offer walls which you can be browsed by users to make money.

There are different options to which you can get paid via instaGC. These include PayPal, Direct Deposit, Gift card, Direct Deposit, and Cryptocurrencies.

Click here to check out instaGC

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7. Qmee

Qmee is one of the best money making and best paying mobile apps and browser extensions you can use to make money while surfing the web.

The app shows you select ads on brand or products which you can engage with to make money.

You can use it as your regular search engine and click on the ads to get paid.

Qmee provides you other ways to make money and this includes using your mobile phone to take surveys.

Click here to check out Qmee

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8. Leapforce

Leapforce is another reputable website that will pay you to surf the web. You can perform searches via this platform and share details about your findings.

If you are interested in becoming a search engine evaluator then you should take advantage of Leapforce and get paid to surf the web.

You can earn up to $13 per hour when you use Leapforce to browse.

Click here to check out Leapforce

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9. MyPoints

MyPoints is another popular and genuine website where you can get paid to surf the web. You will earn points for using this site and app to browse for deals and promotions.

You can also earn points to take surveys, read emails, complete offers, and so on.

If you accumulate enough points, you can redeem them for different rewards like gift cards or cash.

MyPoints gives you a $10 signup bonus, and you also earn for coupons you get through its search engine.

Click here to check out MyPoints.

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Other platforms you can also use to surf the web for money include:

10. UpVoice

11. Bing Rewards


Review of Other Companies That Pay You For Different Fun Activities

Below are review of some more companies that pay you for doing different fun activities that you would even do for free. With these companies you join for free and get paid to view ads, watch videos, listen to music, share your thoughts and opinions, etc.



As you have seen from reading this article, surfing the web for money is a business model that most get-paid-to or GPT websites offer.

This article also revealed the very best companies and websites that really pay those who surf the web using their special programs.

You can definitely be one of those who gets paid when you use the search engines through the above-named companies to surf the Internet.

Yes, you will earn money when you browse the sites mentioned to watch videos, play games, complete surveys, and so on.