Parking in most cities can be frustrating and expensive, especially if you’re traveling out of town.

Considering the abundance of streets with nearly no parking spaces.

The viable option is to store your vehicle with a professional storage company.

This article explores how to get paid to store a vehicle and companies that help you get paid.


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Why Should You Get Paid to Store a Vehicle?

Vehicle storage units are specially designed units that house any kind of vehicle.

It is a form of a garage or parking space that you rent within a self-storage facility that comes with security, gated access, and climate control.

Vehicle storage units come in handy when you have more than a car, or you’re traveling out of town, and you don’t have a space in your driveway or garage to park your cars.

In addition, vehicle theft occurs every day, and the negative list goes on and on.

But by offering vehicle storage services, you will get paid and help vehicle owners solve their problems.


How to Get Paid to Store a Vehicle


Start A Vehicle Storage Business 

Once upon a time, all you needed to start a vehicle storage business was an open dirt field with a fence around.

However, that has changed, and things will continue to get better as the vehicle-storage industry evolves.

Starting a vehicle storage business is the fastest way to get paid to store vehicles.

But your vehicle storage business has to meet the industry-standard before you can start making money.

Your business must be licensed, accessible, visible, secured, and located in a busy area.

These are the important factors to consider if you want to make money from running a storage business.


Take Advantage of the Bonus and First-time Package Offer 

Another way to get paid to store vehicles is to take advantage of the bonus and first-time package offer from the vehicle storage company of your choice.

Most storage companies offer bonuses to existing and new customers.

The most popular bonus for new customers is the welcome package, also known as the First Month Free package.

These bonus packages help you get paid by saving you some money.

Visit the website of your desired storage company and speak with the customer representatives on how you can benefit from their bonuses.

You will be shocked at how much you have been missing.


Make Use of Platforms That Let You Rent Out Your Free Space for Cash

Apps and websites like Extraspace allow you to let out your free space as car storage and reward you with cash.

Many car owners are looking for cheaper short-term ways to store their cars, especially when they don’t plan on leaving the car for long.

If you have a free secured space where people can park their vehicle, then you might just be in for some real money business by joining these platforms


Provide Security Services at Car Storage Company 

Security remains the most important factor for customers looking to store their vehicles.

Customers will only store their cars at a storage facility that provides 24-hours security.

Therefore, if you’re good with security camera operation or work as a security officer, you can apply to fill these two positions at any vehicle storage establishment.

This is an indirect way to get paid to store vehicles.


10 Best Companies That Really Pay You to Store a Vehicle


1. Easy Parking

Easypark is an online platform that rewards people for renting out their driveway or garage as car storage.

On this platform, you can offer secure indoor or outdoor storage for the long term or short term, and you could make as much as $100s a week by offering your garage or driveway for vehicle storage.

Once the team approves your short or long-term car storage space, you can start getting booked.

Easyparking will notify you when you get a booking.

To get paid, follow the steps below:

  • Go on the platform to list your car storage space for free
  • Identify as the host
  • Connect your Stripe account to your profile.

Click here to check out Easy Parking


2. Extraspace

Extraspace is a car storage company that offers both short-term and long-term secure car storage services.

They have storage facilities across the nation that have enhanced their ability over the years.

With video surveillance, electronic gate access, and on-site managers to attend to questions at every location, you can be confident your car is secure.

The Extra Space Storage on the platform provides the required insight to help you find the best auto storage in your city.

In addition to the basic services, Extraspace offers extended services to their customers to ease their convenience for accessing their cars.

Click here to check out Extraspace


3. Spare Foot

SpareFoot is an online market platform that helps users find and compare local self-storage facilities in New York.

Finding budget-friendly car storage near you can be a hassle, so this platform helps users save money by comparing available car storage facilities at the best price.

With over twenty thousand facilities, you can’t find a larger up-to-date selection of storage units in one convenient place elsewhere.

To use SpareFoot advanced search filters, type in your address, zip code, and city to see the available units in your area.

Then you can compare available unit sizes, prices, amenities, customer reviews, and exclusive storage deals.

Reservation on this platform is free.

Click here to check out Spare Foot


4. Self Storage

As the cost of doing business and competition increases, businesses must find a way to provide quality services without hurting the pocket of their customers.

One of the businesses that have maintained its integrity while helping its customers save money is Self Storage.

Self Storage is a self-storage comparison platform that helps its customers find great deals on storage units.

Customers can go on this platform to search for the cheapest storage facility, compare prices, unit sizes, and reserve the storage unit for free in minutes.

With over twenty thousand storage facilities across the united states, customers get the privilege to save money by going for the best deals.

In addition, the platform doesn’t require commitment or a credit card.

Click here to check out Self Storage


5. Nyc Mini Storage

Nycministorage is a car storage company that offers incredible services.

They are well equipped to handle all of your vehicle storage needs.

Storing your vehicles with this company will guarantee your car 24-hours security.

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However, when storing a vehicle for long-term storage, it’s important to perform routine vehicle maintenance on the car before you drop the key.

Clean the car, replace the lubricant, Disconnect the battery, Change the oil and filter, Cover the vehicle.

An exclusive description of the services they offer include:

  • A conducive area
  • 24-hour surveillance
  • Outdoor parking spaces
  • Easy access all year round
  • Fully insured vehicle storage

Click here to check out Nyc Mini Storage


6. Imperial Self Storage

Imperial Self Storage offers long-term classic vehicle storage in a secure environment.

Vintage cars are significant collections, however, since you wouldn’t be driving them often.

It’s a good idea to keep them at a safe storage facility that grants you 24-hours access to the car at any time you need to drive it.

Imperial Self Storage facilities are secure with 24/7 monitoring, and their monthly rates are a fraction of what you will pay to park on the driveway or street.

This is an affordable and convenient package for your NYC vehicle storage needs.

The advantages of using their services include:

  • Low monthly rates
  • Secure facilities with 24/7 monitoring
  • Cheaper than parking in the City
  • Convenient to all five NYC boroughs
  • 24-hours update via client’s portal

Click here to check out Imperial Self Storage


Get Paid to Store a Vehicle


7. US Self Storage

Located in Manhattan, New York. US Self Storage helps you find vehicles storage near you that offers great discounts to their customers.

On this platform, you can compare car storage unit sizes, view amenities, pictures, prices, deals, and read customer reviews to help you make the best choice when looking for a car storage facility in New York.

To save money and time on this platform, reserve a vehicle storage space that best fits your needs for free and lock in your car storage price.

A detailed confirmation e-mail will be sent to your mail, and your reserved unit will be available at the self-storage facility on the move-in date.

You can also call in to make your bookings.

Click here to check out US Self Storage

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8. Garage and Social

Garage and Social is a car storage company that takes car culture seriously.

Their storage facilities are purpose-built dedicated to the preservation and storage of classic, collector, and exotic cars.

They specialize in handling all aspects of collection management for members.

Their car storage facilities feature climate-controlled, dust-free garages with 24/7 security and a premium social gathering for car enthusiasts.

Members have access to private facilities and social events such as track days, test drive reviews, car test rallies, and other exclusive events co-sponsored with renowned brands.

The experienced staff handling schedule and logistics will make your experience at Garage and Social home away from home.

Click here to check out Garage and Social


9. Ben Hur

Ben Hur is a moving and storage company in the USA that offers long-term or short-term vehicle storage facilities for cars, motorcycles, RV’s, and trucks.

This is a convenient and affordable vehicle storage facility that offers solutions to your vehicle storage space needs.

Their competitive rates help customers save on prime vehicle storage real estate.

The Bronx storage facility is close to Manhattan and all NYC major highways and public transportation.

This strategic location gives the company an edge over the others.

In addition, the fenced lot is well guarded; you shouldn’t have to worry about the safety of your valuables.

What are the car storage plan you’re looking for? Ben Hur has the most convenient solution for you at the right price.

Click here to check out Ben Hur


10. Alternative Self Storage Inc

Alternative Vehicle Storage Inc. is a vehicle storage company that aims to simplify the vehicle storage process by offering clean, secure, and accessible storage to everyone.

They offer climate-controlled units and secure property to help you protect your vehicle at the best price.

When you partner with Alternative Self Storage Agency, you won’t have to worry about safety and weather damage on your vehicle.

Security cameras monitor their indoor and outdoor units, and customers have 24/7 access to their vehicles.

Whether you require an outside space or an indoor climate-controlled atmosphere, you can relax knowing that you will get the best price and save a lot of money by storing your vehicles at Alternative Storage.

Click here to check out Alternative Self Storage Inc


Making Money Storing Vehicles FAQs


What Is the Importance of Storing a Vehicle?

For most people living in busy cities, parking can be frustrating and expensive, especially if you’re traveling out of town.

For others, it’s the lack of driveway space or garage to park their car(s). regardless of the motive, storing a vehicle is essential for people who want to park the vehicle in a secure space.

Storing a vehicle prevents thieves and damage from falling limbs, hail, and other debris that could damage it on the driveway.


What Are the Three Main Types of Storage Facilities?

  • Indoor Car Storage: This is a garage-like storage unit that comes in varying compact sizes for different types of vehicles, including Sedans, SUVs, vans, pickups, Large pickup trucks, vans, and more
  • Outdoor Car Storage: This is a storage arrangement for areas with amazing weather and a cost-friendly self-storage solution for their vehicles. Outdoor car storage offers bigger outdoor space that can contain cars of all sizes.
  • Covered Car Storage: This storage facility falls between indoor and outdoor storage. Covered car storage protects from the sun, snow, hail, and other elements that could damage the car.


Where Can I Store My Car for Free? 

You wouldn’t find any good vehicle storage anywhere for free.

Like everything in life, you have to pay for a good service.

However, the Chances are that you might get a good offer and save a lot of money by visiting platforms that let you compare different storage companies before making a decision.

By comparing, you get to save money and get the best offer.

In addition, most vehicle storage facilities offer a discount such as” First Month Free” for new customers.

You can also take advantage of this offer.

Don’t forget to change the oil, keep the gas tank full and remove the battery before making the drop at the storage facility.


How Much Does Vehicle Storage Cost?

An average car or RV will cost between $45 to $450 a month.

However, this cost may vary depending on the arrangement, type of vehicle storage unit selected, and the size of the unit required.

If you rent climate-controlled vehicles storage unit, you may spend an additional $50 a month or more.


How Much Space Do I Need to Store A Vehicle?

Generally, smaller vehicles will fit perfectly in a 5×10 storage box, while average-length cars and small trucks will fit perfectly into a 10×20 storage box.

Large vehicles like trailers, RVs, and other transport vehicles may require anywhere from 10×40 to 20×60 spaces.

The sizes may vary depending on the size of the vehicle and the size of the storage box.

Therefore, it’s advisable to measure the vehicle before approaching the vehicle storage management to get an accurate idea of the service you will get.



There are a few ways to get paid to store a vehicle, including using the discount packages and bonuses from establishing a storage company or starting a vehicle storage business.

This article has explained the various ways you can get paid to store vehicles and organizations that will pay you to do so.

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