Yes, you can get paid to stay off your phone!

This article reveals the best ways and best companies that really pay you to stay off your phone.



There are no two ways about it.

Technology has revolutionized our lives.

First, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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Those particular areas of our life include business, employment, entertainment, financial, global awareness, etc.

Through technology, we have never been more connected with the matters of life except in one particular aspect of our life.

That disconnect seemingly is our interaction socially with each other.

Often, our whole world literally revolves around what we are holding in our hands and these technology devices are figuratively chained to us wherever we go.

Whether we are at the dinner table, driving a car, working at our jobs, even in the privacy of our bathroom, these technology devices are with us and, without an over-exaggeration, rule us.

Others have noticed this and so there are companies and apps that will either pay you or reward you to stay off of your phone.


Personal Story

I’m probably just as bad as anybody else when it comes to being on the phone and researching, playing an occasional game, checking my finances, and texting.

However, in the midst of my confession, I must admit that I’m astounded that individuals can be in the same room and have the ability to communicate with their voices and yet will talk to one another while in the same room via a text.

Such was the occasion when a relative of mine came to help with the caring of my wife.

Throughout the course of the day rather than ask me direct questions in a conversation, she would text me as to what I thought about this, that, or other possibilities of interacting with my wife.

It certainly begs the question as to whether we didn’t get along and she would rather use this non-personal way of interacting or simply because it had become a habit and an easy way of communicating.

For the sake of my self-esteem, I will assume the latter.


10 Tips for Getting Paid to Stay Off Your Phone


1. The Concern

The reality is that we have become more and more isolated from each other due to our growing relationship with our technology devices.

Our compulsion to be involved with technology and the variety of sites and social platforms that can be accessed has gotten to the point where our social skills are suffering.

In addition, the other adverse effects of being so tied to technology are that it can be a safety issue when on our phone while driving, can be a distraction during classroom settings when teaching is taking place, or even walking the street can be a major issue if we are not focused on hazards.


2. The Purpose

Many individuals both in the technological world as well as the non-technological world are taking notice of this and have become increasingly alarmed over the social challenges and the safety concerns of individuals who are focused on their phones.


3. Family  

A tip or an idea to get paid to stay off of the phone would be to work out a family arrangement.

Perhaps, the family could all agree to say that at certain times during the day, entertainment time or mealtime, no phones are allowed.

Additionally, there could be a curfew or a set amount of hours that an individual could spend on their phone.

There are apps that can track the phone’s usage.

If a family member doesn’t adhere to the guidelines or the agreed-upon actions, they would have to pay a penalty by paying with that money going into a family jar that could be set aside for a vacation.


4. Apps  

There are a number of apps that are available that can be downloaded on a person’s phone.

If an individual is willing and wants to cut back on their technology use, they could work out an agreement with a family member that if they committed to cutting back a certain percentage of time on the phone over a period of time that they would get a reward of some sort.

The reward could be a gift card, new clothing, money, etc.

The apps tracking the phone’s usage would need to be revealed to the family member that is providing the accountability to ensure that the individual committed to their wanting to stay off of the phone.


5. Competition  

Another way to get paid to stay off the phone could be involved in a competition.

The competition could be amongst the other family members, a friend or relative.

The competition would be who can stay off of their phone the longest, as reflected in an app that monitors the usage and at the end of a specific time period the comparison would be made to see who stayed off the phone the longest.

The payment could come in the form of a friendly wager or the loser preparing a meal for the other individual or even a number of carwashes provided to the winner as a reward.


6. One Step at a Time 

A tip-in realizing your goal of decreasing your time on your technological devices, all the not a physical reward, would be a personal reward that would help you to realize your goal.

It is important to remember that your use of technology and being quite involved did not happen overnight.

Therefore, to decrease the hold that technology has on you it is important to take little steps and celebrate little victories as they come.

Your plan of action could be a decrease your usage in small increments during the day and then start building on those small increments to larger chunks of time being off of the technology devices.


7. Passenger Carry It  

While driving your vehicle, in most states, it is against the law to be on your mobile device while driving.

Therefore, a tip to get paid would be to hand your cell phone over to a passenger or place your cell phone in the trunk of the car while driving.

You will not receive a monetary award for this but the possibilities of not getting fined or it causing a safety driving issue will be minimized and that in itself will be a reward.


8. Sponsors  

Another tip to get paid to decrease your usage of your phone would be to go on a sort of crusade and approach various businesses in the community to a contest.

The guidelines could possibly entail the registration of 100 willing participants who would download an app that would track their usage and at the end of a time would then bring their phones back to record how much time they spent on their phone.

The winners would be those individuals, possibly the top three, who had the least amount of hours recorded on their devices.

The awards could be cash prizes or from businesses the giving of their products or services.

Your payment would come in that you recognize that phone usage was becoming more frequent and was becoming a safety concern for others and the community.

Therefore, your reward would be that you had done significant community service.


9. Companies

There are many companies that will have a competition or offer a contest in which they invite applicants to take the Turn Off The Technology Challenge.

Therefore, a good idea is to continually search the internet to see if these contests are being held again with the purpose being involvement.


10. Incentives

In addition to other people offering to pay or provide incentives to stay off your phone, this is something that you can do yourself and reward your behavior.

By keeping track of your reduction in phone usage you can reward yourself by taking that special trip to the spa, buying a videogame, going on a shopping spree, etc.

This is not a bad way to invest in yourself and reward yourself in achieving your goal of cutting down your phone usage.


10 Best Companies That Pay You to Stay Off Your Phone


1. On My Way 

On My Way is an app that you can download onto your phone and literally pays you to put your phone down while driving.

It rewards users, while they’re driving, to leave their phones locked.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

SurveyJunkie (only USA, Canada, Australia residents allowed). You can earn money sharing your thoughts. They have already paid $25+ million to their 20+ million members just for sharing their thoughts and opinions. Click here to join SurveyJunkie for FREE

The payment that is provided to the driver with the locked phone is five cents per mile driven.

Click here to check out On My Way



According to KMBC, back in 2021, a company by the name of reviews dock board laid out a challenge for individuals to stop using their phones over a period of 24 hours.

The challenge was named the Digital Detox Challenge.

One selected recipient was given the opportunity to accept this challenge and go a whole day without the utilization of technology and the associated devices.

The grand prize was $2400.


How to Get Paid to Stay Off Your Phone


3. Pocket Points  

Pocket Points is a nap that was specially designed in 2014.

The app rewarded students for not utilizing their phones during class time.

The rewards were points earned that could be redeemed for various steals from local businesses and retailers online.

Click here to check out Pocket Points


4. Wyndham Grand  

By consensus, the general managers of the Wyndham Grand hotel chain noticed a disturbing trend amongst their family guests.

They and their staff observed that a greater percentage of the younger guests indicated that their parents were on their cell phones too frequently and as a result, the children became neglected due to missed meals or scheduled activities.

Subsequently, an app was launched that lured cellular phone families to move away from their screens so that concentrated family time could be taken.

In exchange, a 5% discount was offered during their stay at this hotel chain.

Click here to check out Wyndham Grand


5. Lock and Stock  

Lock and Stock is a free app that provides a reward for students to stay off of their phones during classroom periods.

The reward system comes into play when for each minute that their phone is locked, they earn a currency called “keys”.

These keys can be turned in for a variety of discounts, offers, and prizes.

Click here to check out Lock and Stock


6. Forest Stay Focused  

The idea behind Forest  Stay Focused is the planting of a virtual seed and watching the tree grow in the forest on the cell phone screen.

The interesting dynamic of this app is that if you leave the screen, to check your social media sites, the tree will wither away.

Therefore, the purpose of the app is to stay on that screen, away from your social media websites and other apps, and stay focused and motivated in accomplishing other items away from the use of your phone.

Also, there is a feature in which certain apps can be placed in the white list which will affect the tree’s growth if you need to utilize those other features of the phone.

The reward offered with this app is that you can unlock additional tree species when your tree grows to maturity.

Click here to check out Forest Stay Focused


7. AppDetox  

AppDetox is similar to cleansing your body through diet.

In this case, the app allows you to establish your usage rate on the phone and set your own guidelines as to the use of your tech device.

The idea is to put you in control, set your own rules, and when those rules are infringed upon you will be encouraged to take a break and cut back on your app usage.

The reward for using this app is that it puts you in control of the use of the phone rather than the other way around.

Click here to check out AppDetox

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8. Flipd  

Flipd is an app that can be downloaded that in essence cloaks all of your media apps and games so that you can stay laser-focused and on point.

A built-in reminder within the app will encourage you to stay on task, set reminders whenever you need to hide the apps or switch them off as well as other features for you to stay concentrated and on task.

There are no rewards, points, or cash given but just simply the help in being less engaged with your device and focusing on more important things.

Click here to check out Flipd


9. One Second  

The premise behind One Second provides a positive opportunity or “one second” before people access an app.

Specifically, when you press on an application, a positive screen shows up on your phone and encourages you to pause or to take a deep breath.

The idea behind the pause is to break the circuitry of the dopamine flow into the brain.

The pause feature in this app breaks the unconscious action of just opening up apps by habit.

The reward for utilizing this app is the payment for good mental health.

Click here to check out One Second


10. QualityTime

Quality Time is a tracking app that accounts for your phone usage, times the screen when unlocked, and presents a summary of the usage of the individual app on the phone.

The app also allows you the option of being in control by setting your own features and scheduling breaks.

Click here to check out QualityTime


How to Make Money Staying Off Your Phone FAQs


How Much Are the Fines Imposed if the Police Catch You Using Your Phone While Driving?

As of this writing, 21 states out of the 50 do not prohibit talking on phones while behind the wheel.

In those states that do ban the use of cell phones, the penalties cover a broad spectrum of fines.

It appears that Oregon is the most stringent as a fine can be up to $500 for a first-time offense while in California, the first-time offense maybe $20.


How Many Accidents Are Caused in a Year by Individuals Who Are on Their Phones?

It is estimated by the National Safety Council that using a cell phone while driving leads to 1.6 million crashes each year.

This can result in 390,000 injuries.

Another way of capturing this statistic is that one out of every four car accidents in the United States can be attributed to texting and driving.

The general phone statistics, as it relates to driving, can be found here.


You Can Do It

We can do whatever we set our minds out to do.

Therefore, if an individual wants to decrease their phone usage, they will take the needed actions to make that happen.

Additionally, if they need some sort of reward or pay to satisfy that action that is a great plan of action but remember that whether you get a reward or not it is something that you are capable of doing.



When we are in the same room with another individual are to text the individual rather than speak directly, most likely something is amiss.

Therefore, whether we make a plan of action into our own hands or whether we utilize an app to receive a reward, ultimately it would seem that we need to regain and polish our social skills by putting down our technology devices and disconnecting to reconnect.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

SurveyJunkie (only USA, Canada, Australia residents allowed). You can earn money sharing your thoughts. They have already paid $25+ million to their 20+ million members just for sharing their thoughts and opinions. Click here to join SurveyJunkie for FREE

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