If you’re a regular weed smoker, you could make some cash while enjoying your smoke.

As it turns out, you can make a lucrative career out of smoking weed.

I know it sounds too good to be true.

This article will introduce you to how to get paid to smoke weed and companies that will pay you to do so.


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Why Get Paid to Smoke Weed?

We can all agree the world is gradually moving towards a point where weed smoking is no longer taboo.

The weed industry is expanding, and governments across the world are gradually accepting this reality.

People are more educated about the benefits of cannabis than ever, and the job opening in the industry are more likely to be more plentiful.

Many companies worldwide are trying to capitalize on the wave to include weed variety products in their chain of production.

These companies are ready to pay thousands of dollars for anyone with a deep knowledge of weed which can help them exploit the value in weed.


5 Best Ways to Get Paid to Smoke Weed


1. Write Reviews

Cannabis companies send out products from time to time, and they employ people to review the product.

An average marijuana review writer is expected to earn around $3000 a month to smoke, write, and review marijuana-related products.

In addition, you will get free marijuana products and samples of the latest products of the company that employs you every month.

Attend cannabis promoting events and become a canna-influencer with thousands of followers across all your social media accounts.

In conclusion, your job description as a reviewer is to

  • Have a general review of a marijuana product
  • Test the texture and smell of the product
  • Write about the effects of the flavor on the product
  • Describe how your body reacted to the product


2. A Cannabis Connoisseur

Depending on the company’s requirements, a cannabis connoisseur needs to possess passion and excellent knowledge of the matter relating to cannabis to interpret the results of the tested product in the best way possible.

Besides testing the product, the connoisseur must understand where the product came from, who cultivated the marijuana, and the used stain.

Was the weed-grown outdoor or indoors? These are interesting questions that the connoisseur has to provide answers to.

An average connoisseur makes close to $60,000 a year to

  1. Judge the product look
  1. Test and inspect the smell, texture, and flavor
  2. Describe the trichomes and terpenes inside the plant


3. Apply for a Trial for a Marijuana Research

Cannabis has been available for a long time, but the understanding of its usage and health functions are relatively new, and this is due to the several kinds of research going on in the field.

Many researchers need subjects to conduct their research.

By serving as the research subject, you will be helping humanity and also getting paid to enjoy a good smoke.

This is probably the easiest way to get paid but requires a lot of discipline from the subject. As a subject of research, you need to

  • Adhering to the research guidelines.
  • Make yourself available when your services are needed
  • Be honest with your feedback and opinions


4. Weed Ambassador

Marijuana ambassadors are among the most desirable jobs in the industry.

When all you have to do is travel, smoke, and get paid.

There little hardly any cannabis smoker who doesn’t want this life.

As an ambassador, you are paid to represent your company across the world.

You will be the face of the company and represent the company at events.

A weed ambassador may earn between $28,000 and 39,000 a year and may also be given a special discount on the company’s merchandise.


5. Weed Models

Weed models are people or influencers employed by weed manufacturing companies to promote their products.

A weed model work is pretty similar to a weed ambassador’s work; however, unlike ambassadors, a weed model’s influence is limited, and they hardly get the same lucrative deals as a weed ambassador.

A weed model may earn between $12,000 and 18,000 a year and may also be given a special discount on the company’s merchandise.

This job description looks fun but could be a bit stressful, especially if you’re new to the limelight.

10 Best Companies That Really Pay or Help You Get Paid to Smoke Weed


1. Health Canal

Health canal company is one of the best organizations in the health industry.

They are specialized in exploring diseases, child health, CBD oil, cannabis, and the uses of medical marijuana cannabis.

Health canal is an innovative company that plans to introduce multiple cannabis products and enhance the application of cannabis into medicine.

They are currently looking for experienced marijuana users to help them test their products and post their thought on the company’s website.

They will send the selected candidates’ products, and these candidates will write informative and constructive reviews about the products sent to them.

Click here to check out Health Canal


2. Flower and Freedom   

Flower and Freedom is a website that specializes in cannabis news and advocacy.

This company is looking for honest Cannabis Specialists who would participate in a study on the effects of smoking cannabis.

The Flower and Freedom study is an advocacy approach that is meant to create more awareness for the medicinal benefits of cannabis and the impact of cannabis on daily motivation, appetite, and sleep cycles.

Each participant receives $1,500, and the study will last for 30 days.

The participants will be provided with different varieties of cannabis to be consumed every 3 to 5 days.

The participants are expected to engage staff from flowers and Freedom via a video call to discuss their experiences.

Click here to check out Flower and Freedom


3. American Marijuana

American marijuana is a medical marijuana resource company based in New York.

They are looking for work-at-home cannabis users to test and provide an honest review of various cannabis products.

The company’s online magazine focuses on cannabis product research.

They are looking for experts with extensive knowledge of cannabis to review their product for $3,000 a month.

Each month, successful candidates will get a box of products for them.

All he/she has to do is to cannabis products in the box and give an unbiased opinion of the product.

The job is flexible and involves many free marijuana products.

Click here to check out American Marijuana


4. My Marijuana

This company offers lucrative jobs to product testers.

My marijuana currently offers marijuana experts above 18 years old $3,000 per month and free cannabis products to provide a marijuana product review.

To be successful at this job, you have to be 18, educated, and have a foregrounded knowledge about CBD and other cannabis forms for medical purposes.

Monthly, successful candidates get a new box of cannabis products that include edibles, flowers extracts, CBD oils, and much more.

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The candidates are expected to test, record, and provide an in-depth review of their experience with the product on a blog, essentially documenting their experience with the products from unboxing to finish.

Click here to check out My Marijuana


5. Emjay

Emjay is a California innovative marijuana company that is dedicated to creating the best cannabis delivery service.

This company currently needs intern testers and will place its testers on a $15 per hour, 16 hours a week contract to write a review for its product for 3 months.

The selected candidates will try over 600 different CBD products.

The products range from edibles, vapes, CBD oils, and flowers.

The interns are then expected to provide an honest and unbiased review of the products.

The review will include a blog post and film video to enhance the company’s marijuana product research.

The flexibility and pay make this job look highly desirable.

Click here to check out Emjay



6. Area 52

Area 52 is raving and making big headlines in the delta 8 marijuana space due to the uniqueness of their delta 8 THC vape cartridges.

Area 52 featured a safe premium selection of products extracted from organic hemp and tested for better transparency.

This company is dedicated to having a bigger and better marijuana selection available at faster delivery at a cost-efficient price.

They are looking for experienced testers to help with the review of their delta 8 THC vape cartridges.

This is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss if you think you qualify.

Click here to check out Area52


7. Vaped

Vaped is an innovative marijuana company taking a new approach to the marketing and distribution of its product.

The company recently announced it is looking to hire a full-time remote vaporizer tester to help with its product reviews.

The contract comes with a lucrative salary of $42,000 a year and three weeks’ vacation.

Sound too good to be true? Then visit their page to see if you qualify for this position.

The flexibility and benefits package that comes with this contract has made this position look like it could be a position for only the extremely few people.

There will be no pre-employment test before you are employed.

Click here to check out Vaped

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8. YouTube

YouTube is a platform that pays you to upload your content, and people who post about marijuana on this platform are called Weedtuber.

Just like the popular That High Couple YouTube cannabis channels.

You can monetize your content and get paid to orientate people about the effects and benefits of marijuana by sampling different marijuana products.

To make money via this route, you have to first get a quality camera for firming, sign up with YouTube and open a YouTube channel.

Make creative videos and post-educative constants about marijuana.

People love to watch these things.

With a bit of luck and hard work, you could become a professional Weedtuber with a lot of money.


9. Finest Labs

Finest Labs offers high standards strain.

Finest labs better selection vape works on the other spectrum of delta 8 marijuana properties and produces;

  • A calmer state of mind,
  • Jolt of creativity
  • Physical relaxation.

Due to the elimination of middlemen, Finest Labs company has been able to help consumers buy from the source and at a better price.

If you’re above 18 and have the necessary documents, you can work with them as a distributor in states where marijuana sales and distribution are allowed.

Providing efficient logistics is one of the best ways to get paid in the marijuana industry.

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10. Instagram

Cannabis manufactures are interested in connecting with their customers, and one of the easiest ways these companies connect with there is through social media platforms like Instagram.

Cannabis companies employ social media influencers to help the company better interact with its customers.

As a Canna-influencer (cannabis influencer) on Instagram, you are expected to influence Instagram users by using and promoting various marijuana products through your content.

To qualify as a Canna-influencer, you need:

  • A smartphone with an excellent camera
  • To open an Instagram account
  • To constantly generate creative cannabis hashtags to stay on top of trends
  • To constantly post unique and creative cannabis-related contents

Click here to see how to earn from Instagram sponsorship


How to Make Money Smoking Weed FAQs


What Are the Legal Requirements for Smoking Weed?

  1. In most states or regions, you have to be 18 years or older before being allowed to smoke, vape, or eat cannabis products.
  2. You must purchase your cannabis product from a licensed establishment.
  3. Cannabis smoking isn’t allowed in public places, including locations where smoking isn’t allowed.
  4. It is illegal to consume cannabis on federal property.


How to Get a Good Job if You Smoke Weed?

The breakthrough in medical research has made most governments worldwide accept and legalize weed-smoking, especially for medical functions.

The legalization has paved the way for new opportunities in the industry for weed enthusiasts to secure jobs as weed smokers.

You could also qualify as a weed influencer or model.


Which Companies Pay to Smoke and Review Weed?

  • Health canal
  • Flower and freedom
  • American Marijuana
  • My marijuana
  • Emjay
  • Area 52


Can I Smoke Weed and Do Nothing?

Yes, you can enjoy smoking weed while doing nothing but still get freebies from cannabis companies.

You can look for free samples on the internet like cannabis seeds, CBD gift baskets, and strong stain samples.

However, some companies may require you to pay for the shipping.


What Are the Best Cannabis Industry Jobs I Can Apply For?

Based on the available review, the companies are the best in the cannabis industry, and you will be fulfilled working with them.

  • Health canal
  • Flower and freedom
  • American Marijuana
  • My marijuana
  • Emjay
  • Area 52

While you get paid to smoke weed from home, you are also greatly contributing to humanity by rendering excellent services that are changing the way the world view cannabis and its associated product across the world.


Is Smoking Weed Now Legal?

Medical research has changed the world view about cannabis, and there are more acceptable ways of consuming cannabis.

In the United States smoking weed for medical purposes is legalized in 29 states,

while smoking week for recreational purposes has been legalized in just 9 states.

However, you smoke weed for recreational purpose until your 18 years or older, and in some countries, you have to be 21 years or older.



The legalization of weed has opened the market for cannabis products and created more jobs for weed enthusiasts.

This article has comprehensively explained how to get paid to smoke weed and companies that can help you get paid while at it.

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