Yes, you can really get paid to sleep and there are actual companies that pay you to do just that.

This article tells you all about how it works and how you can get involved… in getting paid to sleep.

This article also reveals the very best and most genuine programs and companies out there that will pay you just to sleep.


How To Get Paid To Sleep (9 Legit Ways)

Below are 9 of the best legit ways people are getting paid to snooze:

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1. Become a Bed and Mattress Tester

You can get paid to sleep when you become a bed or mattress tester.

In this job, a bed, mattress or duvet manufacturer would offer you the opportunity to test their product before it is released to the market.

You will have to sleep on the bed for some time and give your feedback.

The developer or manufacturer would then compensate you for your time and effort.

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2. Become a Sleep Intern for a Company

You can become a sleep intern helping companies that provide sleeping solutions make better products.

You can qualify to sleep anytime and anywhere and under any circumstances.

The company that hires you as a ‘sleep intern’ will provide you with the guidelines which will help you earn the amount you are going to be paid.

Most home and sleep solution companies hire people who are sleep conscious and would give up anything to sleep for hours.

A good example of a company that hires sleep interns is Wakefit.


3. Work for Companies That Offer Nap Time for Employees

You can be paid to sleep if you work with a company that offers nap time.

It would interest you to know that working with some of the Fortune 500 companies like Google, Facebook, Aetna, Huffington Post, and National Wide Planning will provide you with the opportunity to sleep and get paid.

Yes, these companies encourage their employees to take a mid-day nap. They show concern about the impact of sleep deprivation on employee performance,

Some of them have gone the extra mile providing suitable sleeping space for employees.

For instance, Facebook has built energy pods that offer a unique design and allow employees to recline.

These pods are sound and lightproof, thus preventing any disturbance from outside to enter inside.

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4. Become an Environment Sleep Tester in a Sleep Study

You can get paid to sleep when you help some companies test the effect of the environment on the quality of sleep.

You can enroll in the test and sleep in different environmental conditions. in one of the nights, you are going to sleep in a five-star hotel!

You are to sleep in different environments for five nights. After each night, you are to write a report about your sleep experience.

You will specifically mention how the adjustment of each environment affected your quality of sleep.

You will get paid after completing this sleep study. The average salary for completing this study is $2000.

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5. Become an Exhibitionist Sleeper

You can become an exhibitionist sleeper and get paid. Your job would be to sleep in a public place as part of an exhibition.

There are artists or museum curators out there who will hire you to sleep in the middle of the gallery during an art exhibition.

You can take sleeping pills which would allow you to get to sleep for up to six hours stretch.

As you sleep in the middle of the gallery, people can walk around the exhibition and even as they get attracted by your sleep.

On average, it would interest you to know that exhibition sleepers earn about $10 per hour.

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6. Become a Hotel Mystery Shopper

You can get paid to sleep if you become a mystery shopper in a hotel. You are going to pretend to be a guest and book a room where you will lodge and sleep.

After your stay and sleep, you can write a report about your experience and send it to the mystery shopping company.

Most importantly, you are expected to share your customer care experience and satisfaction so that the clients can make better decisions in the hospitality industry.

You will get paid after submitting your report.

How much you earn as a hotel mystery shopper will vary. However, expect to be reimbursed above all the expenses incurred in the course of your duty.

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7. Become a Line Sitter

You can get paid to sleep by becoming a line sitter. A line sitter is someone hired to sit or queue on line on behalf of another person.

This usually takes place when there is a long queue when purchasing a product during the new product launch.

You can negotiate with someone who may not have time to sit or queue because of business, personal, or health reasons.

Line sitting jobs may also involve sleeping over the night.

So, you can be paid for sleeping over.

On average, line sitters may earn $25 for the first hour. Subsequent 30 minutes may attract $10.

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8. Become a Sleep Executive for Interior Companies 

You can participate in studies that aim to discover factors that disrupt sleep.

This is especially as it pertains to the curtains, blinds, and shutters produced by interior specialist companies.

In the study, you will become a “sleep executive” while you sleep, and changes would be introduced in the window blinds, curtains, and shutters.

For instance, different levels of light would be introduced to test blackout curtains and see how each variant impacts your quality of sleep.

Also, in the study, you may wear a sleep monitoring device that helps determine how different variables affect your sleep.

At the end of the study, you are to report about your experience after each experiment.

You would be paid for giving your time and body to sleep in this study.

Most companies will pay you up to $150 per day for this study.

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9. Become a Sleep Research Subject for Clinical Trials

You can get paid to sleep when you become a sleep research subject in sleep studies conducted through clinical trials.

Some universities, hospitals, and medical facilities want participants who can be part of the sleep studies they are conducting.

These studies will demand that you sleep while your brain waves, heart rate, respiration, and so on are monitored and studied.

The studies aim to help discover sleeping issues and providing solutions for them.

The pay as a sleep research subject is high. Some participants are paid incremental based on the number of days the studies are going to last.

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how to get paid to sleep


Best Companies and Programs That Pay You To Sleep

Below are some of the very best and genuine companies out there that really pay you to sleep:



Yes, good old NASA is one of the government bodies that have programs for those who want to get paid to sleep.

For the uninformed, NASA refers to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

It is an independent agency of the U.S. federal government responsible for the civilian space program.

NASA also provides aeronautics and space research studies.

From time to time, this agency accepts and pays volunteers who can participate in its bedrest study.

This study is aimed at learning how artificial gravity can affect the human body.

The agency often requests people who are between 24 and 55 years.

The volunteers are going to spend  60 days in the beds. These beds would be angled downwards towards the head by six degrees.

If you are interested in this way of getting paid to sleep then you must apply.

Also, all meals, leisure activities, experiments, etc will take place while you are lying down.

Nasa pays up to $5000 per month for the bedrest study. Yes, as much as five thousand dollars monthly!

Click here to check out NASA to find out when its next bedrest study would be available so you can get paid to sleep.


2. Aetna

Aetna is an international health insurance provider based in the United States. This company pays its staff good money to sleep.

Since 2014, the staff of the company is urged to participate in a sleep program where they can get at least seven hours of shut-eye per night.

The essence of this scheme is to help the staff improve performance. The decision was based on the concern that lack of adequate sleep affects employee performance.

Aetna pays each staff $25 per night for sleeping. The employee will be earning this for 20 nights as long as they sleep seven hours or more each night.

So, in a year,  Aetna gives out $500 for employees to sleep.

Click here to check out Aetna.

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3. Same Old Line Dudes

Same Old Line Dudes is a professional line sitting company based in New York. If you are interested in making money as a line sitter then you can be hired by this company.

You can be hired to queue in line when there are new releases for products like iPhone, Hamilton tickets, Nintendo games,  and  Jordans sneakers, etc.

Click here to check out how you will get paid to sleep as a line sitter with Same Old Line Dudes.

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Sleepstandards is a company that provides its readers with practical, impartial advice, and updated research findings to always improve their sleeping endeavors.

It aims to inspire better sleep by providing sleep studies, actionable sleep tips, and mattress reviews.

This company conducts regular sleep studies including those that test mattresses, blankets, pillows, and sheets on the market.

If you are interested in getting paid to sleep then you can apply to this site and for the opportunity to earn good money. You will have to sleep in different sleep environments for nights.

The study aims to find out how a specific sleep environment affects sleep quality.

During the studies, you will be asked to rate the environment on a scale of 1 to 10 ( with 10 being the best sleep environment)

It would interest you to know that one of the environments is a five-star resort.

If you apply and win this competition, you will be paid $2000 and all expenses would be taken care of.

Click here to check out

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5. Wakefit

Wakefit is a company that provides sleep solutions to the home and family.

It provides comfortable home environments that are ergonomic in feature and cozy in nature.

This company regularly conducts sleep studies so that the sleep patterns of individuals are studied.

Also, Wakefit aims to create intuitive products that enhance the sleep quality of customers.

You can take part in a study and get paid to test a Wakefit mattress.

In this study, you are hired as a Sleep Intern and get paid to sleep for 9 hours.

According to the site, the requirements for selection include:

  • Sleep for 9 hours every night, for 100 nights.
  • Compete with other applicants to be the Sleep Champion of India.
  • Be engaged throughout the internship, taking part in challenges thrown your way.
  • Track your sleep every night.

With Wakefit, you earn 10 Lakhs (app. $13400) for 9 hours of sleep for 100 days.

Click here to check out Wakefit and start exploring the get paid to sleep concept.


6. is a database of privately and publicly funded clinical studies conducted around the world.

It is a resource provided by the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

You can use this website to find sleep studies that pay.

Yes, if you would like to be paid to sleep then you should use the features of this site to find a clinical trial near you to make good money. will not pay you directly but will guide you to any available clinical trials about sleep and other conditions.

You simply need to use their search windows to complete your search.

Click here to check out to find clinical trials that would pay you to sleep.



As you have seen from reading this very helpful article, it’s indeed possible to get paid to sleep, thanks to paid clinical trials you can be a part of.

This article also revealed the exact programs and companies you can join to explore this legit get-paid-to-sleep concept.

Remember though, not all the programs and companies work the same way, so make sure you read the guidelines of each of them, to know what to do and what not to do.

The more you know about each of the programs and companies, the better and the more money you will earn.