It’s true that you can now get paid to shop and there are genuine companies that really pay.

Keep reading to learn all about how you or anyone can really make money shopping – talk about doing what you love and getting paid for it.

Shopping is a way of relieving stress from a heavy workload and breaking the humdrum of a dreary day – for someone who loves shopping, anyway.

If you have always loved or at least enjoy shopping to the point of spending tons of money, then why not do it as a side hustle to earn extra cash?

Thankfully, it is possible and now emerging under the phrase ‘mystery shopping.’

Although it may only serve as a freelance job, the number of mystery shoppers has increased and raised their love for shopping.

Various companies, programs, and websites are emerging, and they are willing to reward those who commit themselves as ‘mystery or secret shoppers.’

You will find out the details of some of these companies as you read this article.


1. GAPbuster Worldwide (GBW)

GBW is one of the few secret shopping companies having allied shops on over 100+ countries worldwide. Being connected to various nationalities is why some poorly judge the companies’ reputation.

But you’ll never know if it will work well for you if you don’t try, right?

The commendable feature of this program is that you’ll surely receive payments with less hassle through electronic funds transfer. Plus, they provide email updates of available shops in your area.

The downside, however, is that payments are made only once every month.


2. Market Force

Since 1972, the company has won the ‘MSPA Shoppers Choice’ Award for three consecutive years – from 2017 to 2019. That being said, it is unquestionable to feel safe to work as a mystery shopper for the company.

Their program has been running for quite a long time now. It is also in the form of a mobile application for easier access where you can easily report and schedule your shopping activities using your tablet or phone.

There’s no pre-qualification test to pass to get the job, but the age requirement is at least 18 years, and you must have a high school completion certificate.

The payment is sent once every month through direct deposit or check.


3. IntelliShop

IntellilShop provides a secret shopping chance for people who enjoy going out and those who don’t – operating through a wide variety of industries.

Shops include fast foods, automotive services, car maintenance, online and phone shops, and others.

You can choose to receive updates through email about the shops available within your location. The payment ranges from $5 to $10 per shop, plus your purchase reimbursement.

Also, you receive payments every 20th of the month exclusively via PayPal.


4. BestMark

Currently the leading mystery shopping corporation with an A+ review from the ‘Better Business Bureau,’ BestMark has 10,000+ shops every month.

Moreover, it is associated with popular clienteles, including several Fortune 500 establishments.

Working for them, you obtain a fee and reimbursement for every purchase. You can also schedule for available shops and manage your own time.

To start, you need to be 21 years or older, and someone with a reliable source of transport and proper communication skills.


get paid to shop


5. A Closer Look

As the company name implies, close attention to detail and instructions is needed to qualify as a shopper for A Closer Look. Since 1994, A Closer Look has gained a reputation as one among those with the most favored reviews.

They are connected not only with retail shops but with restaurants and motels as well. They also feature the exact amount of reimbursement you can get on your chosen shop to precisely know how much you can have back.

You should be at least 18 years old and pass their pre-qualification test with ten short questions to qualify as a secret shopper.

However, their payment schedule is only every 3rd Friday via check.


6. Perception Strategies

This company is a unique one, as it specializes in the field of healthcare services and industry. For this reason, you have to go through their training course to be a secret shopper under their company.

Besides walk-in and online shops, phone shopping is available whenever you don’t feel like going out of your house. The time frame of one week is given for every phone call job.

They declare very high rates ranging from $12 to $17 per shopping activity, plus a great advantage if you desire to help improve the medical field.

Payment is done every beginning of the month and only through check.


7. Yardi Matrix

Where phone mystery shopping is concerned, Yardi Matrix is one of the good-paying companies you can apply for if you’re interested in making calls as a potential real estate renter.

To be qualified, you must pass their pre-qualification quiz and have at least basic telephone etiquette.

Once you pass, your position is temporary for about six weeks, with an expected current working time of 10 hours per week. Then, you can re-apply for a longer-term work, or the chance to be a regular employee based on your performance.

The payment rate is $10 to $11 per hour, higher among many others, and offers dental and health insurance. But keep in mind that they are connected solely with rental property managers.


Getting paid to shop or Mystery shopping is making its way to being a reasonable way of earning money while enjoying the activity itself.

Doing something that you love while knowing you will have something back provides the feeling of fulfilment and delight.

But as for secret shopping though, it is somehow more than just the pleasure of buying things – keen observation and following instructions are also essential and needed for the job.

As a side hustle, some companies pay well considering the little effort you have to do. Whereas others require laborious procedures and verification, but they come with higher payment rates.

If you find the company that fits you well, keep in mind that you benefit from doing what you love, so do not hesitate to give your full effort and leave commendable feedback.