There are a lot of things you can do to get money, including saving your own money.

You not only get to keep your money when you save it, but you can also earn more money for saving it.

Many companies are out there to promote positive financial habits.

They will give you an incentive for saving your money with them.

Keep reading to learn exactly how all of this works and some of the best companies that really pay you to save money!

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Why Get Paid To Save Money?

Listed below are some of the reasons you will get paid for saving money:

  • You are getting a reward for saving. Companies reward you for saving money. These companies can help you to build a saving habit.
  • You are patronizing the companies. Some companies give you an incentive for opening an account with them. Some investment companies will appreciate your patronage by giving you bonuses when you sign up.

Some of these bonuses are one-off while some are recurring.


How To Get Paid To Save Money


Use Your Company’s Matching Funds

Some companies will match your voluntary contributions.

These matches may be made towards your retirement plan.

You can save and maximize your money with this method.

You can enjoy this service in different companies. If you have not been using your company’ matching fund, you should consider it.


Use Your Tax Deductions

You can get tax deductions when you contribute to a health savings account or a retirement plan.

Taking advantage of any of these can earn you some earnings as you save.

You can make savings on state taxes and federal taxes as well.

Your earnings on your taxes depend on your income and the amount you contribute to your health savings account.

Whatever the amount, this is an excellent way to get some money while you save.


Open an Investment Account With a Brokerage Firm

Many brokerage firms offer sign-up bonuses when you open an account with them.

This is meant to encourage you to invest.

These firms have some conditions that you will have to meet.

For most of them, you have to make a minimum investment amount before you can qualify for the incentives.

So, if you want to start saving some money, you can make investments and get paid for doing so.


10 Best Companies That Really Pay or Help You Get Paid to Save Money


1. SaverLife 

SaverLife is a program run by EARN.

It rewards you for saving money in your savings account.

To enjoy this offer from EARN, you have to save at least $20 in your savings account every month, and you earn $10 per month for 6 months.

EARN created these match incentives to build the habit of saving in people.

To get started on this platform, you have to provide your savings account details and your email address.

Click here to check out SaverLife


2. SmartyPig

SmartyPig is a savings account that lets you save successfully to achieve your goals.

As you save with SmartyPig, you get an interest in all your money.

To get started on this platform, you have to create a savings account.

Creating an account on this platform is completely free.

After this, you create the savings goal for which you intend to save.

Then you contribute money to the account; this can be done manually or automatically.

With each contribution, you will earn 1.05% interest. When you reach your goal, you can make withdrawals.

Click here to check out SmartyPig


3. Internal Revenue Service 

Internal revenue service will pay you some money for saving in a retirement account.

You can earn $2000 if you are married and filing jointly.

This is called Retirement Savings Contribution Credit or Saver’s Credit.

This saving plan comes with some terms and conditions.

If you are single, you cannot get an adjusted gross income of $28,750, and if you are married and apply jointly, yours cannot be above $57,500.

Despite these restrictions, the bonus you get makes it a smart option to pick.

Click here to check out Internal Revenue Service


4. ShareBuilder 

Many brokerage firms will offer you bonuses for opening an investment account with them.

One of such firms is ShareBuilder.

ShareBuilder makes retirement plans easy to make.

If you want to save towards retirement, this is one of the best platforms to use.

For opening an account with ShareBuilder, you are entitled to bonuses that can amount to $600.

Click here to check out ShareBuilder


5. BBVA Compass 

BBVA Compass Build My Savings account lets your earn bonuses as you save.

Depending on the transfers you make from your checking account into the savings account, you can earn bonuses worth your efforts.

The goal of this plan is to encourage people to save.

So, with the incentive, you can add a significant amount to your balance at the end of the year.

For a year, you can earn up to $250.

Click here to check out BBVA Compass


6. Wise 

Wise offers business banking solutions.

If you sign up, you will receive $100.

You can use the services for checking accounts and other operations.

To qualify for this bonus, you have to use your Wise Card after signing up.

The White Card is included in the account.

You have to make transactions worth $1000 within the first 30 days of signing up to earn a $100 bonus.

Click here to check out Wise


7. PNC Bank 

If you open a PNC Performance Spend account and make deposits to the account up to $2000 and above, you will receive a $200 bonus.

But you can get up to a $400 bonus if the deposit you make to your PNC Performance Select account is up to $5000.

When you open an account with PNC bank, it is advisable to start making deposits that will accumulate to the specific amount that will qualify you for the bonuses.

This way, it will drive you to make savings and reward you for your efforts.

Click here to check out PNC Bank


get paid to save


8. Aspiration Bank

You will get extra money if you open an account and start saving with Aspiration Bank.

If you open a standard Aspiration Spend & Save account, you will make a deposit of at least $10 and use your debit card for an accumulated transaction of $1000.

You will have to do this within the first 60 days of opening the account to earn some bonus.

You can earn more bonuses with The Aspiration Plus account, meeting some criteria within the first 60 days of opening the account.

You must deposit up to $10 and make accumulative transactions up to $1,000.

Click here to check out Aspiration Bank


9. Chase 

Chase bank will give you money to save your money with them.

When you open an account with Chase, you will get a $200 bonus.

To qualify, you have to open a Chase Total Checking account.

Then you have to make an electronic direct deposit of your earnings from your employer or the government.

These include paychecks, social security, and so on.

Through Chase, you can develop a positive saving habit.

Click here to check out Chase

Talking about savings, below are some helpful guide to saving money:


10. TD Bank 

This is another bank that gives you money for saving your money with them.

Depending on the account you open with TD bank, you can get a $150 or $300 bonus.

If you open a TD convenience checking account and deposit $500 and above in your account within the first 60 days of opening it, you will get a $150 bonus.

You can earn more with a TD Beyond Checking account.

In this account, you can get a bonus of $300 if you get a deposit of $2500 within the first 60 days of opening the account.

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Making Money Saving Money FAQs


Why Is Saving Essential?

Saving some money from your paycheck is essential for several reasons, including:

  • It makes you extra comfortable. You may be comfortable with your earnings because you can meet your needs.
  • You have a financial cushion when you have some money kept aside for needs that might demand them.
  • It meets specific needs. Some needs might arise when you have spent what you have in your hand.
  • When you have exhausted your budget and some needs arise, savings make you capable of meeting those needs.
  • It makes you achieve your goals. If you have a saving target, taking some money from your paycheck to keep aside will make you achieve your target.
  • It builds a positive spending habit in you. If you save money consistently, you will be compelled to spend wisely and avoid impulse buying.


When to Start Saving Money From Your Salary?

There is no specific time for you to start saving from your salary.

Whenever you feel comfortable taking out some amount without suffering, you can choose to save.

Some people save just for saving sake.

They want to have some amount left somewhere in case of emergencies.

Some people save when the need arises, while some people save to meet specific long-term goals.

Usually, it is advisable to keep some money aside for when you will need it.

So, saving is a positive financial habit that everyone should have.


How Can I Save Money From My Salary?

Many tips will help you in saving some money from your salary.

Here are some of them:

Get a budget for your paycheck

Before you receive your paycheck, draw up a budget that captures your top priorities, and your needs.

When you receive the paycheck, stick to these needs

If you want to get anything outside of your priority list, you should have gotten everything on the list and still have some change left.

Whatever money you budgeted for keeping, do not touch it.

Cut costs wherever possible

If there is any area you can cut costs, please do. Consider energy, groceries, entertainment, and other relevant areas for you.

Practice discipline

Any strategy you imbibe to save money from your salary will be upheld by discipline. Have some financial rules for yourself and stick to them.

For more tips about savings, below are some helpful guide to saving money:


How Much Money Do I Have to Save Per Paycheck?

There is no fixed amount you have to save from your paycheck.

Whatever amount you save depends on:

Your income

Your income will determine how much you will save for every paycheck you receive.

If your pay is relatively high, you can take out a reasonable chunk and still be comfortable.

If, however, you earn on average, you may not be able to save much.

Your financial responsibilities

Your financial responsibilities will also determine the amount you will save from your paycheck. If you pay all your bills yourself, you may end up saving little.

If your bills are high, you may end up saving little as well.

You have to meet up with your financial responsibilities and have a comfortable life while you strive towards saving.

Your saving goal

What you are saving for will also determine the amount you put aside from every paycheck.

If you are saving for college or buying a new house, you have to make significant contributions from every paycheck to achieve that goal.

If you are saving to buy a dress or a pair of shoes, you can achieve that with little contributions from your paychecks.

The time you have to meet your goal

If you have a time frame to achieve your goal, you have to save accordingly.

The amount of money you removed from your paycheck if you have a 1-year timeframe to achieve your goal is not the same as what you will remove if you have a 6-month timeframe.

You will have to remove big chunks if you have a short time to achieve a goal that requires a lot of money.

Whatever you want to save from your paycheck, ensure that you are comfortable after saving.



It is possible to earn money from saving.

Many companies will pay you to save your money.

You can try all the companies listed here and start earning money when you save your money.

The amount of money you make depends on the company.

Some will give you bonuses when you take specific actions.