The satisfaction we derive from music is beyond fun.

It is unexplainable yet pleasing.

Music is life.

But do you know you could get paid to listen to music?

If you don’t know, now you do.

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This article is specifically tailored to introduce you to how to get paid to review songs and companies that will help you get paid to do so.


Why Should You Get Paid to Review Songs? 

Music is a universal language that brings many people together to share an incredible feeling of joy and happiness.

Other times, music is a friend that sticks with us through the roughest times.

But beyond listening to music, there’s another soul-lifting dimension to listening to music that could help you inspire others and also get paid.

The ability to listen to songs and project them in another light from a personal point of view, also known as “review,” is fantastic.

By reviewing songs, not only will you be helping other listers get a better feel of the songs, but you could also get paid for rendering this service.


6 Best Ways to Get Paid to Review Songs


1. Create a Blog About Music

Blogging is one of the most lucrative careers available at present times.

It is even better when you’re are blogging about music.

However, before you start a music blog, it is essential to know that music blogging requires a lot of time, consistency, capital, and resources.

Another important factor in music blogging is to narrow down the genre and objective of the blog to your music interests.

Once you’re able to get enough subscribers, artists and record labels will pay you to help them promote their song, and you can earn as much as $1,000/month from blogging alone.


2. Get Paid to Rate Songs

Platforms such as Music Xray and Hit Predictor will pay you some cash to rate songs.

These platforms require users to listen to songs by up-and-coming bands and singers to earn points which can be converted to cash, Amazon, gift card, or prices like concert tickets.

Music Xray has songs across all genres, so you can pick a song from any of the genres, listen to the song for 30 seconds and receive $0.10 or listen to the whole album to receive $1.

With hard work and consistency, your pay will accumulate, and you can earn between $100-$200 per month.


3. Participate in Focus Group Discussions

Many online platforms are into music research, and they pay their users to contribute to their research.

Platforms like Nielsen, Music Xray, SurveyJunkie, and Swagbucks have extensive focus groups that encourage discussion on its song’s categories.

The focus group brings together music lovers or people with similar music tastes to chat about different topics relating to music.

The moderator of the group discussion will ask questions like the ones below to get their opinion about some music-related issues

  • What do you like or dislike about the song?
  • Why do you like this genre?
  • Does the artist measure up to your expectations of the genre?


4. Complete Paid Surveys

You can earn as much as $350 per month on online platforms and apps like InboxDollars, LifePoints, and Pinecone Research.

This can be done by listening to a new song or watching a music video and completing the surveys about them.

These platforms will send you different surveys from time to time, so it’s important to always check your mailbox for new surveys.


5. Listen to Certain Radio Stations

Online music companies affiliated with radio stations will pay listeners to listen to their radio shows.

For example, Earnably, an online music company affiliated with RadioLoyalty, an online radio station, rewards listeners in the form of points to stay glued to their radio station.

Besides point accumulation, Earnably offers multiple cash incentives throughout the month to encourage its users to listen to their radio station.


6. Listen to Your Own Playlists

A music playlist is another way of making money via music when you use the right app.

An app like Nielsen is an excellent music research app that compensates users for your participation in their research.

When you download the app, you give Nielsen access to monitor your music activities like:

  • The streaming platforms you use
  • The types of music you play
  • The music marketing schemes that get your attention

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10 Best Companies That Really Pay You to Review Songs


1. Musicxray

Music Xray is an online music platform for songwriters.

This platform also connects music talent hunters with potential talents.

The platform is funded by artists who submit their songs and pay to promote their songs and build follower-ship.

You can sign up on the platform to become a user to listen to any music of your choice and get paid.

The platform will pay you more when you listen to the amateur artist.

The minimum withdrawal is $20, and you will get paid up to 10 cents per song through your PayPal account.

Click here to check out Musicxray


2. Playlist Push

Playlist Push is an online music platform for Indian artists.

The platform is meant to support Indian local artists and help talented singers reach their full potentials through music feedbacks or reviews.

To qualify for the curator program, candidates have to own a playlist with a large number of followers on popular music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, or YouTube music.

This platform offers as much as $12 for every song the candidate reviews, and the payment is made directly into the candidate’s bank account.

No doubt, there is a lot beyond music to be gained from this platform.

Click here to check out Playlist Push


3. is a mobile app that pays music listeners around $600 a year for playing music on its app.

This is one of the most promising and rewarding music platforms for music lovers to generate passive income by listening to music.

The platform works with a point system.

That is, you earn money through the point gathered by being active on the app.

The more active you are, the more you gather and the more money you will make.

In addition, you can earn points while you’re in the office, at home or doing any other thing.

Points gathered can be spent by redeeming gift cards or withdrawing cash through PayPal.

Click here to check out

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4. Radio Earn

RadioEarn is an online platform that pays listeners to listen to the radio.

Listeners will earn points after every 15 minutes.

First, listeners have to sign up to create a profile on the platform and share the radio on other social media platforms to get other people to listen.

The more other people click on the shared link, the more you earn points, and your passive income increases.

Points gathered are converted to US dollars, and payments are made through PayPal.

Click here to check out Radio Earn



Research.FM is an American music research company that pays listeners to provide feedback or suggestions to radio stations regarding the music to play.

The company distributes a survey via mail or other social media outlets, and users are required to fill these forms to get paid.

The users are expected to listen to a music sample and fill the form based on their opinions about the music sample.

Users can redeem their earnings through an Amazon gift card.

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6. Hitpredictor

Like Research.FM, HitPredictor is also a music research company that allows users to rate songs through their pre-tests program before airing them.

This company rewards users with points to listen to any kind of music and share their opinion about the music in the form of rating.

Candidates have to sign up on the platform to create a profile and choose their type of music, listen to the music sample, and rate the music.

For every rated song, a user gets 3 points equivalent to $1, which can be exchanged for an Amazon gift card and prizes.

In addition, the platform also lets users rate artists and get points.

Click here to check out Hitpredictor


get paid to review songs


7. Cash4minutes

Cash4minutes is an innovative online platform that rewards its users to listen to call and listen to the radio.

To qualify, users have to create a profile on the platform and fill in their contact information, including their mail address and mobile number.

Then, they will send emails with corresponding tasks that need to be carried out from time to time.

In addition, users can listen to any available radio station at the time to get paid roughly $0.08 per minute.

Payments can be received through PayPal, Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Amazon Gift Cards.

Click here to check out Cash4Minutes


8. Kollect.FM

This is a Netherlands-based startup that connects artists with curators worldwide.

You can register on this platform to join the global music community and earn money.

As a music curator, you will give feedback, reviews, and comment on the music.

In addition, you may also be required to give recommendations and provide your expert opinions on matters relating to music and music productions.

To qualify, the candidate needs to have suitable industry experience and verse knowledge about music production.

This is a professional offer, and you may not qualify if you lack the needed experience.

Click here to check out Kollect.FM

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9. Earnably

Earnably is an online paid-to-do platform that rewards its users for completing various small tasks.

Users get points for completing tasks like taking surveys, listening to the radio, and watching paid ads/music videos.

Besides the direct income you get from the complete task, Earnably also offers a referral program to users.

Through the referral program, users can get 10% of his/her referral earnings for life.

The minimum withdrawal limit is 225 points which when converted to dollars equals $2, and withdrawal can be collected through PayPal, Bitcoin, and Amazon Gift Cards.

Click here to check out Earnably


10. SliceThePie

SliceThePie is one of the most popular music platforms that provides many opportunities for music lovers.

Users are expected to listen to new music for at least 60 seconds, rate it, and write a short review about the song.

The platform pays around $0.02 per song review, and potential earning can scale up to as high as $0.2 per view if you are hard-working and consistent.

The longer you stay on the platform, the more reviews you will get.

The minimum withdrawal is $10, and users can withdraw or transfer earnings twice per week.

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Make Money Reviewing Songs FAQs


Can I Get Paid for Listening to and Reviewing Songs?

Of course, you can.

This is even more interesting if you love music, then this becomes your side hustle and a legitimate way to earn money online.

Platforms such as Spotify and internet radio let you monetize your playlist.

There are a lot of other platforms that will pay you to listen to songs and then write a review about the song.

Regardless of wherever you are in the world, you will get paid on these platforms, and all you need for this type of job is a laptop and a good internet connection.


How to Get Paid to Review Songs on Spotify?

Spotify is a music streaming platform that gives music listeners access to millions of songs.

Whether you’re using a computer, mobile, tablet, or internet-enabled TV to access the platform, you can stream anything you like, from old school to the latest smashing hits.

But what’s more enticing about this platform is the ability to make its users richer while they enjoy an unlimited access to music.

When you build a note-worthy Spotify playlist featuring an emerging artist’s track, if the playlist can get thousands of daily streams, other artists may reach out to you to feature their songs on your playlist, and they will pay you.


Can You Make Money From Reviewing Music?

Yes, you can make a lot of money from reviewing music.

There are a lot of music apps like Slicethepie that pay music listeners to review songs.

If you love listening to songs and are good at writing, these platforms will pay you to share your opinions on unreleased songs.

Your opinions are then sent to the music production team to help the artist improve on the project.


How to Get Paid to Review Songs?

    1. Create a Blog About Music
    2. Rate Songs
    3. Participate in Focus Groups
    4. Complete Paid Surveys
    5. Listen to Certain Radio Stations



As you can see, music is beautiful.

It lifts souls and inspires listeners.

But beyond listening to music, the ability to project songs in another light through reviews is greater.

This article has explained the various ways you can get paid to review songs and organizations that help you get paid to do so.