You can absolutely get paid to review movies!

This article explains how it works, the various techniques and legit companies that really pay you to review movies!



There are many reasons why we are attracted to movie theaters and enjoy sitting through a two-hour movie.

Sometimes our favorite actor or actress has a starring role in the movie or perhaps it is the latest sequel in a progression of episodes that build on previous movies, or we just attend a movie showing to be entertained.

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There are a variety of genres associated with the movie industry, there can be love stories, science fiction, mysteries, and so forth.

There are many aspects that go into the making of a good movie.

There is the aspect of good or bad acting, the script, the plot, the way the movie was directed, those scenes that made us laugh, cry, or frighten us.

Sometimes movies can be based on real-life incidents.

Through movies we can relate to what is happening on the big screen due to our own personal circumstances or sometimes movies can be based on fantasy and futuristic possibilities.

Movies are a large part of the entertainment landscape.

Most likely, before the credits even start scrolling, we have formulated an opinion of how good or exceptional the movie was.

Reviews are a significant part of how the critics relate to the movie and an exceptional review may attract additional moviegoers which in turn might increase the box office.

As part of that process, there are companies that encourage the average individual to submit reviews so that an unbiased review can be published.

Let us look at ways that an individual can review movies and companies that will pay for those reviews.


15 Best Companies That Pay to Review Movies


1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a website platform that pays individuals for their participation in a variety of activities.

Some of those activities include taking surveys, playing games, and being part of a focus group.

One additional opportunity is to watch movies or videos and provide your opinion.

If selected by this website to watch videos, the pay is not substantial, but the possibilities of doing a number of them will increase your income.

Also, by signing up for this website you receive a $10 bonus.

Click here to check out sites like Swagbucks


2. Taste of Cinema

Taste of Cinema is a popular website that specializes in “list” articles.

A list article is defined as a brief form of writing that uses as its writing basis a list.

The list is usually numbered and is not meant to be a detailed narrative but simply gives a brief listing of items along with a brief description.

They are generally characterized as articles that a reader can just skim over and get the important points from the brief scanning of the article.

With this website, there is no guarantee of payment but if accepted as a contributor you can write as much or as little as you like.

Click here to check out Taste of Cinema


3. Screen Rant

Screen Rant is hiring contributors to write for one or more of their top categories.

Some of those categories include movies and TV, reality TV. comics, gaming, and tech.

If you are able to secure a position as a contributor you will receive credit through a byline in the article.

There is an application form and the applicant needs to submit three writing samples along with a description of any previous experience.

Click here to check out Screen Rant


4. Bustle

This website focuses on providing website content that is directed at women.

Some of their major categories are wellness, style, life, and entertainment.

Occasionally, this website will hire new contributors and you can always check to see if there are any vacancies by accessing Bustle.

When making an application, as part of the requirement, they require that you submit samples of your work.

Click here to check out Bustle


5. Cineaste

Cineaste has an established presence in accepting reviews from freelance writers.

The various reviews that they consider for publication include DVD and Blu-ray reviews, book reviews as well as reviews from moviegoers.

If the reviews are accepted, they pay $18 for a short take, $36 for a book or DVD reviews, $45 for film reviews, and pay $90 for featured articles.

In addition, if your work resonates with the editors of the narratives they may offer formal assignments to you and assign specific topics.

Click here to check out Cineaste


6. Hub Pages

Hub Pages is classified as a revenue-sharing site.

This site is basically a platform where individuals can register and create their own mini-site within this platform.

Content reviews can range anywhere from TV shows to big-screen films.

The value of posting written reviews on Hub Pages is derived for those who do not have their own blog or website.

Money is made through ads that are embedded on your written pages and when readers click on the ads and make a purchase revenue is generated.

That revenue is shared by all those that participate on the website.

Click here to check out Hub Pages


7. PopSugar Voices

This website carries content that focuses on young women.

The articles fall into categories such as fitness, food, fashion, beauty, etc.

They also encourage writers to contribute by providing essays, TV or movie theories, life tips, and more.

By accessing the website, PopSugar Voices, you can access the “join the team” page.

Click here to check out PopSugar Voices


8. Cultured Vultures

Cultured Vultures is a website in which writers are encouraged to submit content.

There are a variety of categories in which an individual can submit writing.

One of those categories is writing a movie review.

Although the pay is minimal, $2.50 for every 200 views, the possibility of more people reviewing your work and increasing your payment is possible.

Click here to check out Cultured Vultures


9. Medium

Medium is a website that encourages those that write and enjoy the sharing of a story to virtually meet and share their experiences and knowledge with others on the platform.

This site is nonrestrictive and is a welcoming platform where anyone is invited to participate and write.

The moneymaking aspect of Medium can be accomplished when you are approved for the partner program.

If approval is offered through this site, you have the opportunity to write movie reviews and earn money in doing so.

Eligibility is contingent upon your having at least one story that has been published and can document over 100 followers.

With this website, there are two ways to earn money.

The first way is contingent upon how many members of the website spend time reading your articles.

The more time that is spent the greater the amount of money that is earned.

The second opportunity to earn money is if a reader upgrades their involvement on the website to a paid status after enjoying one of your stories.

Payment is then given to you which equals half of the membership cost that they paid.

Click here to check out Medium

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10. AnimationArena

AnimationArena is everything animation.

This includes comic books, video games, and animated movies.

With this website, if your review is accepted, you can be paid up to $15 per review at a maximum of 10 reviews submitted each month.

To be considered as a reviewer you would need to send an email along with two samples of your writing.

The contact email address is

The words “Writing for Animation Arena 2022” should be in the subject line.

Click here to check out AnimationArena



Additional Opportunities


11. Freelance Websites

There are a number of websites on which writing jobs are offered to individuals who have that talent and skill.

In addition, the jobs can be more specific as often the positions advertised will be asked for a grant writer, technical manual writer, writer, pen someone’s story and write as a ghostwriter, etc.

Another opportunity would be an employment position in writing movie reviews.

Some of those websites include and


12. Blogs

Blogging is always a good writing opportunity and your specific niche could be the offering of movie reviews,

Perhaps with a humorous tone, sarcastic approach, or a serious perspective, you can resonate with your followers and talk about the latest movies that have been released.

Money for providing this movie review service could be obtained by support from your followers through a donation website known as

Other opportunities for earning money would be to find a sponsor, possibly a movie theater chain, or affiliate advertising.

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13. Amazon Affiliate Program

An option for creating money through your movie reviews is to translate your visitors into revenue.

To accomplish this, you could use an Amazon affiliate link and suggest to your readers that they purchase the item that you are talking about.

As it relates to movies, you could participate in the Amazon Affiliate Program and link your narrative to the movies that are for sale or the actual download of the movie in digital format.


14. Website

An option for providing movie reviews would be to build your own website. This can be accomplished by using such website-building platforms as

On your website, you can provide various categories of movie reviews such as classic movies, love stories, action-packed movies, etc.

You could also link various podcasts.

The work could be monetized by offering premium content to those individuals who subscribe to that particular service.


15. YouTube

One other way that you could provide movie reviews is by getting out in front of the camera yourself.

This can be accomplished by setting up a YouTube channel and using that channel to express your opinions about various movies that you have seen.

To be effective you would need some sort of unique perspective in order to differentiate yourself from the other movie reviewers.

Perhaps you could concentrate on the potential of bloopers or movies that didn’t quite capture the authenticity of the timeframe of the movie as to when it was supposed to take place.

Monetization of your YouTube channel could be through subscribers, people who just wish to donate to your channel in appreciation of your creativity, or through ads sponsors.


Elements of a Money Making Movie Review


1. Watch the Movie

The first aspect in writing a movie review, stating the obvious, is that the author of the review should watch the movie.

In fact, to absorb all of the nuances and be completely familiar with all that is being portrayed on the screen is to at least watch the movie twice.


2. Summary

When writing a movie review the first component of that review should be to write a summation of the plot.

The narrative should not be that specific but is a 30,000-foot level view of the movie with an overgeneralization of what you have seen.

The summary should not go into great detail, should capture the reader’s attention, and certainly not disclose any spoilers as to give away any of the twists and turns or ending of the movie.


3. Build Your Case

The purpose of the review is to share your opinion on what you have seen and wish to relate to the readers.

Your purpose is not to necessarily endorse the movie with a thumbs-up or a thumbs down but simply give impartial details of the movie and allow for the reader to come to their own conclusion as to whether there is interest in viewing the movie for themselves.


4. Use Star Power

As part of the review, it is also important to share your perspective about the actors that are involved with the moving and their performance.

You can provide your opinion on whether the actor was perfectly cast for the movie, their believability in the role that they are portraying, and their overall performance.

Again, you are not necessarily being critical or kind but are simply providing your opinion on how the actors resonated with you as a moviegoer and viewer.


5. Rating

Other features of the movie that can be evaluated include the plot of the movie and whether it was predictable or unpredictable, the music that is utilized, etc.

Ultimately, you can provide your opinion by giving it a rating.

A rating could be with a designated number, stars, or another type of feature.


Personal Story

As it relates to movies the craziest thing that I ever did in watching a movie was while stationed in the United States Navy in the city of San Diego.

Having nothing better to do on a Saturday afternoon I decided to attend a movie show.

It was a double feature and one of the featured movies was the Devil’s Brigade.

I watched the first show which to this day I cannot remember what I saw.

I then watched the Devils Brigade and was completely enthralled with the movie especially when the Canadians started marching into the American training camp to the tunes of Scotland the Brave.

I thoroughly enjoyed that scene and decided to sit through the double feature one more time and saw that same movie that I can’t remember what the name of it was and then stayed for the second feature and watched the Devils Brigade once more and left after the Canadians marched into camp.

All that says is that movies can have a tremendous effect on us both motivationally and inspirationally as certain scenes are played out on the big screen.

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Make Money Reviewing Movies FAQs


What is the Greatest Movie of All Time?

If you were to ask that question to a number of people you would get the same number of different responses.

Perhaps, then, the best way to judge the best movie of all time would be to talk in terms of revenue.

If we use that as the basis of the greatest movie of all time the movie would be Avatar with gross revenue of $2,847,246,203.


What is the Cost to Produce a Major Movie?

To produce a major movie the average is around $65 million.

This just covers the production costs but doesn’t cover the distribution or marketing of the film.

That process would cost an additional $35 million.

Therefore, to produce a movie, distribute and market a movie is roughly $100 million.


You Can Do It

Most likely you have seen a movie.

If the movie was effective, it left you experiencing a number of emotions that could range anywhere from being fearful to sad to happy to inspired, etc.

Based on that experience, there are opportunities available in which you can write a review and express your opinion on how the movie story, plot, the authenticity of the actors, and what you felt can be shared.



The production of movies is big business.

Movie studios rise and fall on the impressions that these produced movies leave with the viewers as well as the careers of the actors and actresses.

As a reviewer, you can be part of that process and provide valuable input as you share with other people about the impact that this movie may have had on you in both a positive and a negative manner.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

SurveyJunkie (only USA, Canada, Australia residents allowed). You can earn money sharing your thoughts. They have already paid $25+ million to their 20+ million members just for sharing their thoughts and opinions. Click here to join SurveyJunkie for FREE

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