Apart from keeping you updated about the daily developments worldwide, reading news can also benefit you in terms of income generation.

Making money from doing random activities online isn’t new, and the culture is fast being adopted.

Learn all you need to know about this unconventional source of income in this article.


How to Get Paid to Read the News

Various platforms have read-news-and-get-paid programs, where you can earn while keeping yourself updated.

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Asides this, there are also opportunities you can explore to earn from reading news.

Below are possible ways to make money from reading news:


Work as a Freelance News Editor

As an editor, you get paid to read news that are ready for publishing, to correct the punctuation and spelling errors, as well as the grammar errors.

All these can’t be achieved without reading the news publication.

This makes it a job that pays you to read news, albeit the purpose of reading may be different for you.

The downside is that you rarely get to choose a particular niche to work on, and it’s time-consuming, making it more appropriate as a full-time job rather than part-time.


Join Earning Platforms

Numerous platforms pay you to perform various activities — watching videos, reading news, taking surveys, etc.

These sites partner with brands to increase their campaign reach, audience, engagements, and awareness.

Survey platforms like Inbox Dollar and Swagbucks are popular examples of such platforms.


Be a News Content Reviewer

While this is somewhat similar to being an editor, the duty they perform differs greatly.

A reviewer is more concerned with in-depth analysis of how your news publications can yield better results.

This can be in terms of demography targeted, medium of dissemination, best headline to use, how potent the topic of discussion can arouse intended reactions, etc.

Working as a content reviewer (especially for needed publications) requires expertise in the field and reading and reviewing numerous news within the shortest time possible.


Be an Editor-in-chief

See  this as the full-time version of being a freelance news editor.

As an editor-in-chief, you work with a particular press/news agency, and you’re responsible for ensuring error-free publications, and well optimized news content.

The role requires you to read a lot of news, and you get paid for the effort.


10 Best Companies That Help You Get Paid to Read News

Earning from reading news requires leveraging top-earning sites and freelance platforms.

Here are some of the top ones you’ll find beneficial:


1. Upwork

Millions of clients (Individuals & companies) visit this site daily in search of different services — one of which is editing & proofreading.

You can set up a gig and earn as a freelance news editor.

This is a lucrative and certain way of making money from reading news, and the income from it is usually higher in contrast to other means.

Start your journey as a News editor on Upwork here.


2. Fiverr

This freelance platform puts you in an excellent position to earn from reading news.

Its modus operandi is the same as Upwork, and it exposes you to millions of people in need of your service.

Beyond providing editing and proofreading services for news outlets, you can also work as a content reviewer to help optimize news content and ensure they meet their purpose.

Click here to check out Fiverr


3. OperaNews

The news platform is an initiative of the popular browser company Opera Mini.

It’s one of the leading news platforms where you can earn by writing/posting news and reading them.

Apart from being one of the  foremost, the platform boasts a streamlined verification process for users to ensure authenticity and reliability of posts.

This makes it one of the top sites for genuine news.

Click here to check out OperaNews


4. Buzz Break

This is a reliable platform to stay updated about the latest events and occurrences around you.

However, beyond providing you with updated information that helps you make informed decisions, it’s also an avenue to make money on the side.

You can earn up to $0.02, on every news you read on the platform.

Your money gets paid into your PayPal account after it has accumulated to a substantial amount.

To leverage this platform, sign up here and follow the prompts to register.


5. Kirkus Media

Kirkus is a popular book review and reading site, where you can get paid to read and review books, magazines, and News.

The platform provides you different options of earning either as a reviewer, reader, or sometimes writer.

Kirkus comes with a strict onboarding process, which involves resume review, sample vetting, etc.

Although it is mostly renowned for book review and reading, you can also get paid reading and reviewing news articles and magazines.

Click here to check out Kirkus Media


6. Cash Crate

This earning site provides opportunities for individuals actively searching for side hustles to earn online by performing numerous activities on the website.

These activities usually include reading the news.

The amount you can earn as a user is heavily dependent on your activeness and the number of activities you complete over a time period.

Check Cash crate to learn more about the site and how they can help you get paid to read the news.



7. Inbox Dollar

Inbox Dollar is a top-earning site that rewards you as a user when you complete some of its paid activities — including playing games, watching the news, reading newsletters or emails, etc.

You get a $5 sign-up fee as a newbie, and there are other earning opportunities like referral bonuses for you, apart from your earning from completing tasks on the platform.

The platform has been existing for quite a while, and various users have attested that it keeps to payment promises.

Click here to check out Inbox Dollar


8. Hike News & Comment

This news app is based on a reward system. You get an

incentive as a user for every hour you spend on the app.

It’s majorly for getting news updates, making it beneficial in two ways. It is available on most app stores, and you can click here to start using the app.

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Click here to check out Hike News & Comment app


9. Fusion Cash

This is another platform where you can review news articles, read news mails, and get paid.

It is an earning site similar in operation to Inbox Dollar and cash crate.

The platform is also reputable and ensures that freelancers looking to earn by reading or reviewing get jobs.

While the money you can earn from this platform is low compared to top freelancing site platforms, making extra cash on the side won’t be a bad idea.

Click here to check out Fusion Cash


10. Press/News Agencies

Most press agencies hire an Editor-in-chief that vets all publications before releasing them.

Being an editor-in-chief to these agencies is a profitable way of earning by reading news.

You get to work for a stipulated hour daily and can afford yourself time for other side hustles.

The pay from doing this can be as high as being a freelance editor or even higher.

CNBC, Al Jazeera, New York Times, etc., are some of the press agencies that can offer you employment in that role.


Tips to Improve Your Chances of Getting Paid to Read News

You’ll always find a way or two to do things better and achieve optimal results.

Here are tips to help you explore getting paid to read news with ease:


Effective Research

Unlike other means of getting paid online, reading news isn’t much widespread.

Hence, the reason why you need in-depth research inquiring on platforms that can help, and how they work.

Some of these platforms are contained in our list of companies that can help you get paid to read the news.


Focus on a Niche

This is more applicable if you intend to work as an editor or content reviewer.

By focusing on a niche, you can familiarize yourself with the keywords in that industry using the tone most appropriate to pass information across to the predominant demographics.

Doing this makes news publications more effective.


Double-check Requirements

Checking and cross-checking the criteria for getting paid on a platform is essential.

Some platforms are region-specific (i.e., you can’t earn if you’re not from the country).

Others put age and language restrictions into consideration.

Beyond this, considering whether the payment platform or method of payment adopted on a website is functional in your location is also important.


Requirements to Get Paid to Read News

Making money online generally doesn’t require much effort other than your dedication and time.

The same goes for getting paid to read the news.

Apart from the basics of having a functioning device to access earning platforms, strong internet connections, and functioning payment methods, other things are secondary.


Types of News You Can Make Money Reading

News is an informative piece about ongoing occurrences or past events in your immediate environment or beyond.

They are of different types, depending on the niche each news stem from.

Here are some of the news types you can get paid to read:

Entertainment news

These are types of news that stem from the entertainment industry.

They can be about a particular celebrity or the release of movie/musical projects.

Entertainment news is mainly about happenings around the showbiz world.


Political news

These news types deal with the happenings and developments in the political scenes. Laws, reforms, elections, and everything related to politics are mostly the core of such news.


Crypto-related news

We live in a world where HODL, FUD, and other related slang are gradually replacing our everyday language.

This news type helps you get informed about the booming crypto industry and all you need to know about it.


Business news

Apart from the general economy report of a particular state, this news type can also contain company-specific information.

Whether vacancies, the launch of new products, revenue generated, or total net loss in the fiscal year, business news does not fail to keep you informed.


Sport News

These are news related to every sport activity around the world.

From the most popular to the less popular, sports news revolves around all kinds of leisure engagement and activities.

There are also other types of news, including Tech news, Fashion news, etc.

One liberty you get from getting paid to read news is that you can decide which type of news you prefer to read.

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Making Money Reading the News FAQs


How Much Money Can I Earn From Reading News?

Making money from reading news can be very lucrative when you work as a Freelance news editor or an editor-in-chief for a press agency.

You can earn $100/hr and above.

Opting for earning sites might not bring you this much income.


Do I Need Any Skills or Certification to Get Paid for Reading News?

Most times, all that’s required of you is proficiency in English language (or any language the opportunity demands).

Understanding grammar and content flow might also help as a reviewer, and most press agencies might demand a certificate to qualify you for a role as an editor-in-chief.

Thus, the skill requirements depend upon the method you choose to explore.

Most earning sites do not require any special skills or certification.


Which Platform Is the Best to Get Paid for Reading News?

Different platforms come with varying policies and incentives for users.

In terms of reputation for earning online, Inbox Dollar is one of the leading platforms.

However, when it comes to earning from reading news specifically, Buzz Breaks edges others.

You can always check out some of the listed sites and settle for the site that aligns with your needs better.



Provided the time and dedication aren’t lacking, making money online through any means is possible.

While opportunities to get paid for reading news aren’t widespread, we’ve compiled the various means you can explore to achieve it in this article.

Succeeding in this means of income generation requires you to have the requirements in place and adhere to essential tips that can guide you and make it easier.

Also, it’s essential to check out each platform and ensure their professionalism.

Always remember that any platform that demands financial commitments before you can start earning is most likely a scam site.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

SurveyJunkie (only USA, Canada, Australia residents allowed). You can earn money sharing your thoughts. They have already paid $25+ million to their 20+ million members just for sharing their thoughts and opinions. Click here to join SurveyJunkie for FREE