Yes, you can indeed get paid to read emails and this article tells you exactly how it works.

It also shows you exactly how you can get involved and the companies that really pay.

Naturally, you don’t expect to get paid when you read mails. Except, of course, you are specially employed by a company to do so.

Well, I want to let you know that you can be paid to read emails from some companies even if you are employed as a personal assistant or secretary.

There are many websites online that hire people to read commercial mails.

Some of these emails require your feedback while others do not. You get paid for completing the tasks stated in the mail reading agreement.

The best part is that reading emails is not difficult to accomplish and you easily make money as you read the emails sent to your inbox.

Now, if you desire to know more about reading emails for money, the following details would be useful to you.

Here you will know more about how to get paid to read emails and companies that pay.

make money reading emails


How Reading Of Emails For Money Work

When you sign up with an online app or website, you will receive special emails from advertisers. Once you click on these emails you get paid. Even if you complete offers recommended by the emails, you also get paid.

Reading emails from your inbox earns you cash rewards. Some platforms offer you virtual currencies or points that you can redeem for real cash or gift cards.


Why Read Mails To Get Paid

  • You get paid to read emails because the companies that sign you up to read their mails wants to get your opinion about their products
  • You get paid to read emails because it is one of the popular ways to earn from get-paid-to websites.
  • You get paid to read emails because it is a side hustle you can embark on.


Companies That Pay You To Read Mails

The following are companies you can sign up with to read your mails.

1. InboxDollars

InboxDollars is a popular website which rewards members for completing different tasks. This is one of the best websites where you can get paid to read emails.

Yes, with InboxDollars you will receive emails with special offers in your inbox. Once you click and read them then you earn money.

The good news is that the mails sent to your inbox are about offers you are likely to be interested in.

Besides, InboxDollars will pay you to fill out surveys about your interests.

Other ways to earn or get paid by InboxDollars include filling out surveys, watching videos, playing games, and doing online shopping on specific sites.

Once you confirm PaidEmails from this site, you get paid with PayPal, gift cards, or cash.

Click here to check out InboxDollars

2. Cash4Offers

Cash4Offers is an online platform that accepts users from different parts of the world. You can get paid to read emails on this website if you sign up.

There are other ways to make money with Cash4Offers. These include getting paid to take surveys, play games online, and referrals of new friends.

The reasons you should choose this platform to make money include:

  • You earn cash online for reading paid emails and taking surveys
  • You enjoy top rewards available anywhere
  • There are lots of daily paid surveys and exclusive cash offers
  • You receive a prompt response to member inquiries
  • The platform offers low payout limit and fast payments
  • You automatically become a Gold member and receive payments in less than 72 hours.

Click here to check out Cash4Offers


3. InboxPays

This is another get paid to do website. You can enjoy different ways to earn from this platform. These ways include:

Reading cash mails sent to your inbox daily. You only need to open and read the mails.

Other ways to earning from InboxPays include that you complete offers, play games for money, clip coupons, and refer friends.

InboxPays is a free platform. Once you sign up, you will receive a $5 bonus. After you sign up, you can then start to read emails sent to your inbox. You then redeem your cash and receive your funds fast.

InboxPays processes all paid payments through PayPal, as this is the easiest and convenient way to send and receive money online.

Once you have reached $50 or more in your account you can send a request for payment!

get paid to read emails


4. UniqPaid

UniqPaid is another online platform that pays members for completing different tasks.

Once you are registered with this platform you will be paid real money for reading emails, filling out surveys, doing online shopping, visiting sites, and completing paid tasks.

As a UniqPaid member, you will enjoy different benefits that include:

  • You will receive fast and honest payments as UniqPaid keeps to their words.
  • You choose the payment method you want as UniqPaid allows members to get paid through PayPal, Bitcoins, and by check.
  • You can request for payment on any amount you want. There is no minimum payment amount.


5. Paid To Read Email 

Paid To Read Email is another website that rewards members for reading emails online.

You can join this platform to receive daily emails in your inbox. You get paid for reading these emails. You can also earn by taking daily surveys and by referring your friends.

Paid To Read Email provides some unique benefits to members. These include:

  • You get paid for reading mails
  • Your payment is processed fast and within 24 hours.
  • You enjoy a low payout limit of $15.
  • When you sign up with this platform, you receive a $3 sign-up bonus.


6. Unique Rewards

Unique Rewards is another online platform that provides members with different ways to make money on the Internet.

One of the ways that you can make money with this site is by reading emails.

You will receive 1-3 emails with special offers in your inbox or email address. You can open the email and click on the message to be directed to the advertiser’s website or landing page.

Once you confirm that you have read the email, then you earn cash. You will also earn more by completing offers on the landing page.

Unique Rewards has other ways that members can earn money. These include filling out cash surveys, doing cashback shopping, playing games, clicking ads, and watching videos.