You can read books and get paid for it. Yes, this is a fact, and many people are making a living doing this.

This article reveals how it works as well as the genuine companies that really pay those who read books.

Yes, there are indeed lots of companies you can work for to read books and earn money.

You can search and sign up with these companies to get paid reading books they provide. Of course, you must ensure you follow their guidelines to the letter.

This will give you a better chance of approval, and by extent, and a better opportunity to make money.

So, the following is how to get paid to read books. You will also get to learn of some popular companies that pay book readers.


What does it mean to read books and get paid?

Reading books to get paid is not just about browsing through fiction or non-fiction material to understand the message thereof.

It is more about reading, understanding, and sharing your opinion.

Put in another way, what it means to read books and get paid for it is simply to review the book you have just read.

It also means you are doing a critical appraisal of the words, sentences, paragraphs, style, grammar, to the theme of a book.


How to get paid to read books

Getting paid to read books follows these simple procedures:

  • You sign up with a book review company.
  • You are provided with a book(s) to read and review.
  • You may choose from different genres or the types of the book. For instance, you may decide to read and review fiction, non-fiction, classic, or indie books, etc.
  • You are provided with the instructions as to how you submit the review. The word count, style, submission deadlines, payments, etc. are shared in the instructions or guidelines as well.
  • You can read the book and make your review.
  • You submit the reviews and wait for the approval.
  • You receive your payment based on the pre-agreed system with the company.


Companies that pay you to read books

The following are some companies or websites where you can get paid to read books.

1. Instaread

Instaread is a website where you can get paid to read books. It is a community in which readers can summarize key insights into new and classic nonfiction.

After you submitted your summary, they are edited for accuracy and converted to audio.

As a contributor, you are compensated and you can get free app access.

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2. Kirkus Media 

Kirkus Media is a company that pays book readers. You can sign up with this site to review books in different genres or languages. You are expected to read and review the book in 350 words.

You can submit your resume and writing samples before your work is accepted.

Your pay would be based on your experience. You will receive a payment check after 60 days when your review is written and submitted.


3. NewPages

NewPages is a website where you can read and review books and get paid. Although this site is not paying reviewers, for now, it is still a company worth considering as you seek to earn extra money reading books.

NewPages demands that you send flash reviews on the latest book, literary magazine, and individual piece of writing you have read recently. You are expected to resend the review from 100 to 300 maximum.

The review must not be promotional and you are expected to disclose any close relationship you have with the author of the piece of writing you are writing.

If NewPages accept your submission, it will be published on the NewPages blog.



BookBrowse is referred to as your one-stop resource for books that entertain and enlighten.

You can read and review books via this company and get paid. You are expected to sign up by filling the reviewer application form.

You can review both adult fiction and nonfiction, and some books for young adults.

You are expected to read and write at least one review in a month. You will receive a byline and a modest payment for your effort.


5. Writerful Books

Writerful Books is a company that provides affordable manuscript assessment service for authors who want to get an honest and helpful manuscript appraisal.

The company allows authors to hire editors who can provide them with good editing services.

You can become a paid book reviewer with Writerful Books if you are interested in making money reading books.

Writerful Books pays trusted book reviewers $10 to $50 for each review. Of course, this will depend on the depth of the review.

Top reviewers are also rewarded with a $100 Amazon gift voucher.

The type of books you read, review, and get paid for by Writerful Books are contemporary novels from American, Australian, British, Canadian, Irish, and New Zealand authors.

The preferable genres include contemporary fiction, historical fiction, literary fiction, realistic fiction, speculative fiction, narrative non-fiction, and memoirs.


6. Reedsy Discovery

Reedsy Discovery is a company or website that helps you discover the best new books weekly. If you love reading, you can check out this site to discover the best books as soon as they are published.

The best part is that you also get paid for reading books from this company.

You can earn money reading books on Discovery by becoming a reviewer.

According to the reviewer’s page “when readers enjoy your work, they can send $1, $3 or $5 your way. These small thankyous can help you earn money from your reading addiction/passion”.

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7. Booklist Publications

Booklist is an American Library Association’s prepublication review journal for public and school librarians.

The platform also publishes “Booklist Magazine”, “Book Links”, and “The Booklist Reader”, which are its magazine, quarterly supplement, and blog respectively.

The editorial content of this publication consists of book reviews. These reviews provide librarians with selection, collection development, and readers’ advisory.

If you love reading, then you can check out this platform to read books and get paid.

You can read and submit reviews on the book you read. The guidelines stipulate that reviews should be no longer than 175 words.

If a book is outstanding in its genre and the reviewer wishes to recommend a star, the reviewer may, subject to the editor’s approval, write a 200-to-225 word review.

According to this site, the pay is modest. You are paid $15 for book reviews ($5 for rejections and an additional $5 for appended YA recommendations).

You also get paid

$12.50 for blog posts, and negotiated fees for feature articles.


8. Online Book Club

Online Book Club is a free online community of book lovers. Members are provided with the opportunity to access millions of books to read and review.

This platform has over one million members who can actively read, review, and discuss the books they have read or want to read.

You can read books through the Online Book Club and get paid for submitting reviews on them.

You are expected to provide an honest and quick review to earn pay.

Most payouts for reviewers range from $5 – $60 per review.


Other companies that pay you to read books include:

9. Any Subject Books

10. Women’s Review of Books

11. OnceWritten

12. Publishers Weekly



You can read books and get paid. Most of the companies that pay you to read, do so after they have reviewed your submissions on the book you read.

In the above piece, you have a short review of some of the best companies or websites that pay you to read books.