Yes, you can get paid to read audiobooks, especially if you have a good reading voice!

This article explains how it all works and some of the best companies that pay or help you get paid to read audiobooks.


Why Get Paid to Read Audiobooks

For the individual who loves to read there are a number of ways that this pleasure can be indulged in.

One of those ways is to have an individual read to you, another way is to read the book yourself and the final way is for the book to be shared with you through an audiobook format.

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An audiobook is a great way to catch up on one’s reading during times of commute, doing chores around the household, or just relaxing in one’s favorite chair or on their comfortable sofa.

Audiobooks are sometimes read in the author’s own voice, and it is a perfect way to capture the full experience of the book through narration and the different tonal qualities as well as the expressions captured from the narration and writing.

If an individual loves to read what better way to not only read but earn money and doing so get paid to read audiobooks.


Personal Story

The first audiobook that I ever listened to was on cassette tapes.

It was the Living Bible translation, and I would listen intently to the stories from the Scripture in a new and more meaningful way.

The Living Bible translation is a modern version and the reading of the various books of the Bible were read by a voice that was extremely soothing and comforting.

In addition, when there were different voices or characters featured in the verses, a different reader would then provide the narration.

Also, there were a variety of sound effects and sounds that were captured to make the story even more powerful.

For example, when it came to the squealing of the pigs, the actual sound effects of pigs were utilized in the recording.

It is one thing to read words.

It is an entirely different thing to hear words being narrated.

It takes on a whole new dynamic and impact.


10 Best Companies That Pay You to Read Audiobooks


1. Audio Creative Exchange

This platform by Amazon is a powerful place to start utilizing your voice and the creation of audiobooks.

The platforms that use ACX include Audible and iTunes.

There are two types of narrations that can be accomplished.

If you become an audiobook narrator, you would be classified as a producer of an audiobook.

However, if you have authored a book and wish to create that audiobook in your own voice then you would be classified as a right’s holder.

To start the process of being an audio narrator for audiobooks, you simply sign up for an Amazon account or log in to your existing account.

By typing in ACX on the search field you will be returned to the ACX page.

Find the ACX help center that outlines all of the assorted details on pursuing being a narrator on this platform.

You will be asked to download high-quality samples.

A good suggestion is to download as many as you can onto your profile.

If your voice is selected by the writer of a book, right’s holder, you will be offered an hourly rate.

This hourly rate will have been set up in advance on your profile.

In addition to receiving your wage based on the number of hours that it takes for you to read the book you also may earn up to 20% of royalties that are split with you by the author of the book.

Click here to check out Audio Creative Exchange


2. Voices

This platform provides a number of opportunities for anyone who feels that they have the talent to read audiobooks.

Well-known brands that utilize Voices to contact voice talent include Shopify, Microsoft, and the History Channel.

An account needs to be created and you will need to set up your personalized profile.

You will be able to upload a variety of samples that can reflect your particular voice talent and area of creativity.

Once this all has been accomplished, then you can start selling your voice for audiobook narration  jobs.

The salary range can be anywhere from $200 to $300.

This is dependent upon the length of the book that you have been asked to read.

Voices boast of a creative pool of narrators from over one hundred and sixty countries representing 221 languages.

Click here to check out Voices


3. The Voice Realm

This particular audio/narration platform has facilitated over one hundred thousand voice-over opportunities.

It could prove to be a suitable match for you to use your voice to read out loud.

If considering taking the plunge and registering with this platform, it is important that your voice and recordings are of studio quality.

Additionally, the voice-over individual will need to ensure that they provide expedient service with the recordings.

A quality track record will go a long way in satisfying the customer and securing additional narration jobs.

The commitment of The Voice Realm to their clients is to provide quality services with quality voice actors.

Therefore, as a narrator, it is important that your demos are of good quality sound.

Click here for more information.


4. Bunny Studio 

This website is a conduit between voice-over and audiobook recorders with organizations that need audio narrators.

The services that Bunny Studio provides to its customers include individuals who are able to provide audio advertisements, video services, as well as translation.

On this website, you as the voice narrator are defined utilizing the term professional.

Consequently, this term indicates that you will produce audios that are of extremely high quality and have provided this narration with quality equipment.

The narrator sets their own rates based on their experience and level of expertise.

Therefore, if just starting in the business, obviously the price would be lower.

The average earnings for a narrator as a beginner begins with $50 per hour.

The more experienced voice professionals can command up to $200 per hour.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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The exceptional caveat of being involved with Bunny Studio is that even though the voice production that you submit to your client may be rejected, Bunny Studio will still provide payment if the quality control mechanisms are passed with your recording.

Through this website, your email address is your portal to receive jobs that are sent directly to you.

This eliminates the process of having to sort through a variety of multiple opportunities in order to land a project.

Click here to check out Bunny Studio


5. Voice Jungle

This voice-providing website focuses on two particular industries that have a need for professional narration to be accomplished.

Those two industries are the e-learning industry and podcasting.

This website is adamant that all narration should be produced from a quality home studio and that any of the demos that are submitted should be of the highest caliber production possible.

Also, the turnaround time for jobs that are accepted by the professional voice talent should be submitted within a day.

To place your samples as listings on this website there is no fee levied against the voice talent.

Voice Jungle assigns the various recording opportunities to the talent and when completed payments are sent rapidly once the client has accepted the demo.

Click here to check out Voice Jungle


get paid to read audiobooks


6. Backstage

Although Backstage focuses on casting for parts in various roles, employment opportunities, and offering career advice, it’s still a site that can be utilized to find opportunities to read books.

On this site are a number of opportunities that represent a variety of genres of different audiobooks and various podcasts.

Some of those categories include horror readings as well as spy novels.

There is a registration fee affiliated with utilizing this site and it can be done either on a monthly basis at $8.25 for a year, a rate of $16.60 a month if the individual chooses to be billed for six months, or a monthly rate of $19.95.

Once the individual has paid their online subscription, they can start looking immediately for projects that suit their voice narration needs.

Click here to check out Backstage


7. Voice 123

This is a premier voice professional employment website that works with a variety of companies and has successfully fulfilled the narration needs of 250,000 clients since 2003.

Some of their well-known client companies include the brand names of the New York Times, NBC, and Coca-Cola to name a few.

The various categories in which a voice professional can be part of include narration, video games, movies, commercials, cartoons, etc.

There are no fees associated with finding employment opportunities with this website and if a position is taken with a client, the payment is directly made between the two entities.

Click here to check out Voice 123


8. Findaway Voices

This voice platform list opportunities for narration to occur and individuals to get paid to record audiobooks.

Initially, the voice talent creates their profile, and it is strongly suggested that they read through the guidelines provided.

That guidebook is entitled Audiobook Narrator Guide.

This is to ensure that everybody is on the same page and that the qualifications required are being met by the individual.

Your hourly rate is reflected in your profile, but these can rates can be changed at any time.

Also, to keep track of the hours spent in creating the narration, there is a system within the site that captures the hours spent and therefore no manual entries are necessary nor is there any need for invoicing paperwork.

Once a job has been completed and the audio has been approved, payment is generally within two weeks.

Click here to check out Findaway Voices


9. Bodalgo

This audio/narration online company has a listing of over 10,000 actors who provide their voices for a variety of narratives.

The website allows the customer to search for individuals that have the ability to broadcast in a variety of languages.

Specifically, this website boasts of having over 80 languages represented on its website.

12,000 clients are listed as being part of the audio process requiring the need of customers to find vocal talent.

Brand names for this site include Microsoft, IBM, and Gucci.

Click here to check out Bodalgo


10. Spoken Realms

This website advertises itself as a community that is comprised of professional narrators and individuals who are compelling with their storytelling ability.

If an individual joins this website they have the opportunity to be part of a professional union that is comprised of thousands of performers.

Utilizing your talent on this website will give you the opportunity to vocalize novels or narrate podcasts.

Payment is based on an hour of narration as well as the possibilities of sharing in royalties.

The royalty system is based on a percentage and is divided equitably amongst all those involved with the recording of any audiobooks.

Click here to check out Spoken Realms

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What Are the Essential Components of a Home Recording Studio?

Those components include a computer, DAW/Audio Interface Combo, Studio Monitors, Microphone(s), Headphones, Cables, Microphone Stand, A Pop Filter, and ear Training Software.


What Are Some Tips to Create a Demo Recording?

Below are some of the best tips to help you create an excellent demo recording:

  • Be selective in what you create
  • Select the most professional recording method available to you (Smartphone, recording studio)
  • Utilize different formats (CD, USB)
  • Be extremely creative to distinguish and set your talent apart from the pack
  • Be realistic in regards to outcomes and not giving up


You Can Do It

You have a great voice; you have possibly a little drama training, a passion for reading, and the drive to utilize your voice talent creatively.

You can make this happen.



The production of audiobooks is an excellent way of conveying the story of a novel and learning about a variety of subjects based on the writer’s experience.

Add into the mix are a variety of other opportunities.

Those opportunities are voiceovers, the narration of podcasts, commercials, or just about anything that requires the use of a talented voice.

There are a variety of resources for an individual to utilize to showcase their speaking talent and be that particular voice that is needed to resonate with the hearer of the message.

If you have the talent, expertise, and passion for lending your voice to these projects, it’s just a matter of speaking up.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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