Tired of social media?

Maybe it’s time for a change!

If you’re interested in quitting social media, now is the time.

Here are 10 ways to help you quit social media, so you don’t have to worry about this, and you’ll be able to do other things with your life instead.


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10 Ways to Get Paid to Quit Social Media

Interested in different ways to quit social media?

Here are 10 different ways you can make some money by quitting social media, and what types of things you can do to make this work.


1. Try Paid Social Media Detoxes

There are paid social media detoxes that are great for getting paid to quit social media.

These detox programs require you to just pause the social media you have for a bit, and then see how you feel.

These are run by different companies, and it can be a great way to really show the impact social media has on all of us, and the toxic harm that’s there.


2. Write a Blog

One way to make some extra cash is to write a blog that details your experience with quitting social media.

It could be journaling the experience, and then, also writing down some of the aspects of this.

If you’re looking to quit social media and also make money while quitting, then you’ll definitely want to consider these tidbits.


3. Make Motivational Videos

Motivational videos to get people to quit social media are a good way to make some money.

The best way to do this is through a video platform that isn’t social media.

YouTube is technically a type of social platform, but it’s not like twitter or Facebook.

Put the videos up, and you might be able to let people know about the benefits of quitting, and how it helped you.

This is like a blog but telling people motivational tidbits and tips to help them quit can be great for this.


4. Livestream the Quitting?

This can also be a way to get paid.

If you’re quitting social media, you can do daily streams and check-ins.

You don’t even have to promote them, just do it, and let people know what it’s like.

The views will come in, especially on twitch, because this is a different way of doing things, and it could be the answer you’re looking for when choosing to quit social media.


5. Write a Book

Writing a book about the horrors of quitting, and also the benefits of quitting social media is one of the best ways to be inspired to quit.

You’ll chronicle your experience in what happened when you quit, and it can be a bestseller.

Again, this is something unique and different, so if you’re able to write it in a way that gets people excited, and cheering you on, it could be exactly what you need to help push forward, and fully quit.


6. Check Out Apps That Reward People to Quit

There are apps that are  out there, rewarding people to quit.

They want people to look at the hobbies that they’re missing and motivate people to quit.

If you’re able to find someone who is willing to pay you to quit, it’s more than likely that you’ll be able to follow through with this.

Many of these also want you to do other things to improve your well-being, as this can be a good way for you to build those skills that you want to.


7. Become a Motivational Speaker

Okay, it might seem hare-brained that people actually want those types of speakers, but most of us are addicted heavily to social media in some way shape or form.

There are guest speakers for everything, and if you have an experience about quitting and able to continue to quit, then you’ll definitely be a prime candidate for these people.

Reach out and see if they’re willing to take a chance with you, and from there, see for yourself just what quitting social media has done for you.


8. Survey Sites

Surveys do ask about social media presence, or lack thereof.

If they ask you and you say no, this does put you in a different place compared to the rest.

If you’d like to stand out, but also let the world know that you’re not shackled to social media, this is one way to do it.

Plus, you get paid for voicing your opinion, and this can be good for you to definitely get paid to quit.


9. Internet Data Sites

Okay, this may sound weird because tons of companies want social media data.

But, if you do shopping online, you can sell that.

You also can sell the data that you don’t use your social media.

It might seem strange, but it’s one way to get paid to quit social media

And it’s a means to also make some nice extra cash.


10. Achieving Goals

Transformation stories are some of the best ways to actually get paid to quit social media.

You can say that you’re going to do so, quit, then come back and suddenly you’re a different person.

It’s insane just what it can do, and it’ll definitely be a unique way to showcase the worth that you have.

You’ll be able to showcase these goals, and you’ll also want to definitely look at this, and it can be a good way to improve your chances of staying with quitting social media too.

10 Companies That Help You Get Paid to Quit Social Media

Here are 10 amazing companies that’ll help you get paid to quit social media.


1. HowNow

This is a company that actually is an intelligent learning interface that’s pushing for people to quit Instagram and learn new skills.

They pay you to quit, and work on a skill.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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Then you come back and showcase the changes in your performance, and how you feel.

This is pretty competitive, but they’ve found through their studies that most people spend almost an hour on Instagram alone, so it’s a good way to quit the social media addiction.

Click here to check out HowNow


2. Uptime App

This is an app that loves to pay people to leave that social media addiction behind.

This involves people quitting, discovering new information about the productivity and what they did now that they’re not glued to their screen.

They encourage people to actually quit and stay quit to social media throughout this, and it’s an experiment that proves to others the importance of being able to quit social media in a healthy manner.

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3. ATT Uptime

This is another site that’s similar to the last, and they pay you to quit social media.

They give you a bunch of free swag as well to quit, and they want you to stop using social media for about 25 days.

After that, you come back and report the findings from this, and from there, you get rewarded for your efforts.

The goal of this is to show the impact that social media and screen time has on our productivity, and there is a lot that can be said about the different means that are there and some other aspects not normally discussed when one looks at the social media use they have.

So consider this one and look to see if they have openings.


4. All Home Connections

This is another company similar to the last two that’s got an interest in the impact of social media on a person.

They want you to quit for a similar period of time, and from there, you can report the findings.

They also encourage you to look for different goals, and state them as well.

With this, you can grow as a person, and also, you get paid for doing this.

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5. Knaq

This is a tech startup that recently came to the spotlight because they offered the social media challenge too.

Their requirements were pretty similar to the last ones and wasn’t anything too different compared to other platforms.

It offers another means for you to get started on the journey to quitting social media, and it’s rewarded too!

Click here to check out Knaq


6. Kindle

Obviously, we know kindle as a site that allows you to  write books and let others know about your experience.

This includes the experience with quitting social media.

It might take a bit to start seeing an income after you publish a book, but the best part about Kindle, is you can tell your story.

People love motivational books and content, and the great thing about this, is that you can start today, publish a book, and help inspire other people.


7. Bravely

This is a coaching platform for career and life coaching, but one thing you can bring to the table is you’ve managed to quit social media.

In our world, people are distracted constantly by the mere presence of social media, employees and bosses alike.

With your career coaching and experience, you can help other people.

You can build a list of clientele, and market it as a way to boost productivity and overall happiness.

On this platform, you can build the clientele that you want, and start creating the perfect website to start with today, while also quitting social media.

Click here to check out Bravely


8. Wix

This is a blog and website platform that’s free to start with and has a lot of templates.

The beauty of Wix, is you can create a site that you want to, and also market it in a way to quite social media.

They’re free to start, and if you want to inspire people, you can build a blog or site here, create content, and people can pay for some of the items that you sell here.

If you want, you can also start affiliate marketing for alternative things people can do instead of being glued to the social media sites they’re on.

It’s a unique way to sell it, and worth checking out if you’re stumped on what to do.

Click here to check out Wix


9. WordPress

Similar to the last one, WordPress is definitely a lot more lenient on what you can use.

It also might cost more if you decide to add the more technical features.

You can publish whatever you want on this platform, but for those looking to quit social media, a blog about the adventures of quitting, tips and tricks to quit, and other helpful tidbits are great.

This is another great website for affiliate marketing too, because you can contain affiliate links to items that really helped you with quitting social media, and you can make some sweet extra cash.

It’s one way to chronicle your journey and offer this on a website, and you can inspire others to do the same as you.

Click here to check out WordPress


10. Medium

Finally, we’ve got medium, which is a platform that offers a variety of topics, and so long as you have an account with them, you can write on their site.

The thing with mediums that it’s free, and you can get people to a website or blog to read more of your experience, and they do pay you for the content.

In a way, you’re not really building a space, but all of the content is right there for you to work with.

Some people like to use medium to publish opinion pieces.

This is one as well that’s great if you want to have more exposure, due to the amount of people that look at it.

The downside is they don’t really allow affiliate links, so you can use this as a way to get people to landing pages or your blog, to read more information.

Click here to check out Medium & Alternative Websites like Medium.



Quitting social media has a lot of perks to it, and it can be great for your overall health.

There are companies that pay you to do this, different sites that allow you to get the most that you can from your social media quitting.

Check these out today and see if they’re right for you.

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