Yes, if you love playing tennis, you can really get paid to play tennis!

This article reveals the many ways you can get paid playing tennis and some of the best companies that pay or help you get paid to play!


Why Get Paid to Play Tennis?

Why not, right? Especially when you can get the best of both worlds – getting paid doing what you love!

As the old joke goes, what is the noisiest sport?

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Tennis, of course! It’s because they’re always raising a racket.

All right, I’ll stay away from the jokes and stick to writing.

In addition to tennis being a noisy sport, it is also very expensive for an individual to play tennis with the hopes of becoming proficient and even pursuing a professional career.

If one was to analyze all of the costs associated with promoting a young person’s potential tennis career, or any other sport for that matter, it would be an exorbitant amount that most families would find unaffordable.

The expenses include the purchasing of racquets, buying clothes, strings, shoes, etc.

Also, are the costs to travel and enter various tournaments in their area.

Added to the costs is the possibility of utilizing a coach to train the young athlete, providing a fitness regimen, and other related expenses.

All in, the costs can skyrocket to close to $100,000 for a young person’s involvement in the sport of tennis.

Consequently, it is important to offset these costs by exploring ways and that you can earn money while playing tennis.


10 Ways to Get Paid to Play Tennis


1. Make Money Playing Professional Tennis in Tournaments

One of the critical components towards achieving a successful career in tennis is to participate in as many tournaments as possible.

As you excel in these tournaments, you will get maximum exposure for sponsors who are looking for the next generation of exceptional tennis talent.

Also, as you successfully participate in these tournaments your rankings will be affected.

This is a powerful indicator to sponsors of possibly bringing you on through sponsorship opportunities because everybody loves a winner and they want their products associated with success.

Participating in tournaments will increase your visibility with the possibility of saving money through donated items from potential sponsors. Some of those donated items could be rackets, string, shoes, clothing, bags, etc.

This is not a cash payment but will help alleviate the purchase of these items and free up money.


2. Coaching

Another way to get paid to play tennis is by coaching.

You can offer coaching to a variety of age groups to help teach the fundamentals of tennis as well as move that student on in their tennis proficiency.

You can advertise your coaching service through a variety of means.

Some of those platforms could include your social media presence, working with tennis clubs to let them know of your availability, etc.


3. YouTube

Another venue where you can present your coaching skills to a tennis audience is through YouTube.

You could make YouTube videos that cover the basics of the game.

Other topics of the video presentation could include the art of serving, charging the net, fundamentals of the game, conditioning, etc.

Through these well-done YouTube presentations you will gather a following and when you reach a certain level of subscriptions; you may be able to obtain a sponsor to help with your income needs.

You could also offer premium content to your subscribers for additional and more comprehensive coaching tips and tricks.


4. Sponsorships

Many lucrative sponsorships are usually only obtained by professional tennis players.

Unfortunately, the hard-core reality is, that if you are not recognized as a tennis pro with charisma, it would be hard to gain a major sponsor and market you as a user of their product when you are not familiar with the targeted audience.

However, there are sponsorships that you can obtain by simply using the gear or the goods that the sponsors manufacture.

If you are able to obtain any of these tennis products through sponsorship that is less money out of your pocket.


5. Endorsements

Endorsements are a bit different than sponsorships.

An endorsement is a contract in which money or goods are delivered to an individual who specifically states that they use the X, Y, or Z product.

Therefore, the company that is being endorsed benefits from approval of the product, and the company trusts that the marketing in this way will compel others to purchase the product based on your recommendation.

It wasn’t too long ago that endorsements by a student were not permitted by NCAA rule.

However, the rules have relaxed a little bit and there are some schools that are allowing their students and their sports involvement to receive money for endorsements.


6. Private Tutoring

Playing tennis can be an expensive sport.

Being an expensive sport takes a lot of investment resources to teach, inspire, and train young tennis players who want to make a name for themselves either by obtaining a scholarship to go to school or moving onto a semi or professional level.

Therefore, as part of the investment, many families seek out a private tutor to help facilitate those career goals.

You can advertise yourself as a private tutor through your social media platforms, posting your availability at tennis clubs, and ensuring that you have a membership in such a club.


7. Scholarships

A great way to get paid by playing tennis is through the attainment of scholarships.

Many schools that have a robust tennis program are looking for highly skilled students who wish to join the team.

In doing so, these schools often offer a scholarship to offset some, if not all, the expenses associated with going to school.

Potential scholarships are addressed later on in this article.


8. Careers

A great way to get paid to play tennis is by finding a tennis coaching job.

These coaching jobs could be available at tennis clubs, schools, or by being a private tutor.

Websites that can be searched to see if tennis jobs are available include or

One actual site, at this moment of this writing, is actually advertising for a tennis coach. That website is


9. Broadcasting

Although technically not playing tennis, being a broadcaster is probably the next best thing.

Being familiar with the game of tennis and having played it yourself, you are in a good position to be a broadcaster if you have the voice, talent, and knowledge needed to bring the tennis game alive to the listening and viewing audience.

Broadcasting jobs can be found by searching the Internet, using job finding sites, or approaching local tournaments and offering your talent to provide commentary on the tennis matches.


10. Make Money Blogging about Tennis

If you have a writing flair and the time to devote to this art, maintaining a blogging site would be a good way to play tennis as it relates to sharing with others your insights and perspective.

Money can be earned by blogging by obtaining sponsorships from tennis-related products, having affiliated advertisers on your blogging site, and making sure that your reading audience is aware of your financial needs.


10 Best Companies That Pay or Help You Get Paid to Play Tennis


1. Babolat

Babolat is headquartered in Lyon, France.

They are the oldest racquet producing company in the world. In addition, their products include strings, shoes, balls, and more.

To inquire and ask about a sponsorship click Babolat.


2. Head

Head is an American-Austrian company that manufactures everything that pertains to tennis racquets.

Those products include balls, nets, protective gear, etc.

Head offers a program called Team Head which is the compilation of current tennis stars with up-and-coming stars of tomorrow.

As a member of this team, you have the opportunity to learn from the likes of John McEnroe or Goran Ivanisevic and be under the teaching expertise of coaches like Bob Brett and Emilio Sanchez.

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Click here to check out this program on Head


3. Yonex

Yonex invites individuals looking to secure sponsorship to make an application.

The application requires the submission of a form and the process for sponsorship consideration takes anywhere from 2 to 3 weeks.

Upon that consideration, the individual requesting sponsorship will be sent a status as to the application submitted.

Click here to check out these sponsorships on Yonex


4. Wilson

Wilson is a manufacturing name that is affiliated with a number of products manufactured for playing and competing in sports.

As it relates to tennis, Wilson is a premier manufacturer of rackets, strings, and other types of gear to help tennis individuals excel at their chosen sport.

Wilson has formulated a team called the Wilson Select Team.

If you are interested in this, you can make an application by clicking Wilson.

The application is pretty straightforward and asks for the individual’s name, email address phone number, postal code, and country of residency.

Once the application has been submitted it is requested that the individual give 7 to 10 business days for a response to be part of the Wilson select team.

The benefits of being on the team include the receiving of rackets, strings, and gear at discounted prices.


How to Get Paid to Play Tennis


5. Adidas

Adidas offers sponsorships and to make an application the proposal needs to be submitted to the sports marketing department. This letter should be addressed to:

Sports Marketing Department
AG Global Sports Marketing World of Sports
Herzogenaurach, Germany



The acronym NJCAA stands for The National Junior College Athletic Association.

This association has available both full and partial scholarships to athletes who have distinguished themselves in their chosen field of sports.

If attending a junior college or community college, the interested individual can make an application through these schools to see what scholarship opportunities might be available in the sport of tennis.

There are 14 annual scholarships that are awarded at the Division I level and another 14 scholarships are awarded at the Division II level.

Criteria include a level of excellence in your sports play, along with an above-average academic record.



This acronym stands for The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics.

Scholarships are available at both Divisions I and Division II levels.

However, fewer scholarships are available through this association.

The criteria of being considered as a candidate include a minimum ACT score of 18 or a minimum SAT score of 860.

Also, the individual must have a GPA average of 2.0 or more. They will have needed to be high school graduates and in the top 50% of their graduating class.


8. Local Brand

Even though an athlete may concentrate on a major brand name that is highly recognizable in the world of sports, it is important not to overlook local sponsors that may be willing to be part of your success.

Local sporting goods stores, other local retailers might be interested in sponsoring you and in return may ask you to identify your sponsorship by placing their name or logo on your attire.


9. NCAA Scholarships

Roughly $1 billion are available to athletes that are either full or partial scholarships.

To meet the requirements of the scholarship you must have a minimum GPA for those who are planning on attending college or already enrolled in a higher learning institution.

To apply for one of these scholarships the student or soon-to-be student needs to work through their athletic department to make an application.


10. College-Based Scholarships

Distinguishing yourself as a top athlete, especially in the sport of tennis, may earn you a full or partial scholarship from a school that you may wish to attend.

The first choice of college or a university would be to make an application to a school that has an outstanding tennis program.

It stands to reason that if they have an outstanding tennis program, they have invested in that program and have been successful in achieving recognition.

Their recruitment sights will be set on young up-and-coming talent so as to continue that succession of excellence in their tennis athletic department.

Check out the following for more information on playing games and earning money:


Personal Story

I admire the athletes that take to the tennis courts and the athleticism and stamina that they exhibit by playing a rigorous set of matches during a tennis tournament.

However, I have never been one to watch the sport or get involved.

With one exception, I remember watching as a young person the match between Bobby Riggs and Billie Jean King.

Although it was a sports competition on the tennis court, the real attraction was that it was advertised as the battle of the sexes.

I guess I was not alone in watching it as it is estimated that 50 million viewers tuned in to watch this tennis match.

This made it to the most-watched tennis match in history.

The result was that Billie Jean King defeated Bobby Riggs and proved that women could hold their own on the tennis court as well as elsewhere in life.

Additionally, it brought the game of tennis to the forefront and actually helped to elevate the women’s role in tennis and give them equal footing.


How to Make Money Playing Tennis FAQs


Can You Really Make Money Playing Tennis?

Of course you can. It’s one of the highest paying sports out there with players earning millions of dollars.


How Much Do Tennis Players Make?

Tennis players make a lot of money, thanks to the many different games and tournaments they get to participate in, all around the world.

It’s very common for tennis players to earn many millions of dollars per year, especially professional tennis players.

Tennis players make a lot of money not just from the game itself, but also from brand endorsements and the likes.

It’s also common knowledge that professional tennis players like Roger Federer, Nadal, Serena Williams, etc, are among the richest sports stars in the world. That’s because of the many millions of dollars they have earned in their careers.


Who Is the Highest Paid Male Pro Tennis Player Today?

The highest-paid pro-male tennis player is Roger Federer.

With earnings and endorsements, he has earned $84 million.


Who Is the Highest Paid Female Pro Tennis Player Today?

Naomi Osaka is the highest female pro tennis player today.

Her earnings are $60.1 million.


You Can Do It

As a tennis player, you are driven to excel and accept the challenge on the tennis court as well as off.

Part of that challenge is to earn money as you continue on that road of excellence.

There are a variety of options and you are equal to the task because of your mental, emotional and physical discipline.



As this article has shown, it’s easy to make money playing tennis, especially if you love the game and are good at it.

Americans and other countries and nations, for the most part, enjoy sports.

We root on our team in the various sports that we enjoy and typically have a favorite player that plays within that sport.

Often, lost in the excitement and focus on the win and loss column, we don’t realize the sacrifice, discipline, and dedication that these athletes embrace to be the very best that they can be.

Additionally, to earn significant dollars by playing the sport, there are significant dollars that are invested.

Consequently, on the journey to that top spot in that particular sport, there is the need to get paid along the way.

Those that journey to excellence on the tennis court has the same need for financial support.

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